Sunday, April 29, 2007

WHAT A DIN!!! On a quiet Sunday Morning...

Its 915am on a Sunday morning. Dunno wat the CC in my area organising today, at ard 845am heard some soft music coming up fm below. At first thot its tt KaraOKE-King trying to torture us in the morning but then after tt heard a lady MC talking on the mic.

Seems like there is an event mainly for the children wat balloon sculpturing plus a goodie bag etc BUT u have to buy coupon which costs $4 lor

I started to worry when tt lady MC talk so loud in the mic, after she blah-blah for abt 15mins, music starts to play!!! Its blasting some hip hip music (which normally I will dance with the music) BUT my Little DinoEgg is SLEEPING!!!! OMG!!! If he wakes up due to the music i will be dam pissed off!!!

Now waiting n see wat happens next... dunno how long this event will be.... *ggrrrrr*

DUHZ! jus barely 5mins i posted this, Little DinoEgg is awake....

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bum bum down pls~

So happy today! Little DinoEgg know how to come down fm the sofa bum-bum down 1st!

We were getting ready to go to Ryan's baby shower this afternoon, put Little DinoEgg on the sofa while i get ready the sling. As usual, he cries when i put him on the sofa, then from sitting position he'll slide down to be lying down. I was standing at the sofa, anticipating his stunt, lest he decided to roll down the sofa. He wriggle n flip on his tummy then continue to wriggle wriggle till his feet are over the sofa. After tt he simply just gave himself a small push n slide down the sofa n landed on his feet, in between me n the sofa. Then he looked up at me n gave me this wide big grin as if telling me "hey look mum! I know how to come down the sofa!"

Gosh, i only taught him this bum-bum down technique once, JUST ONCE a few days ago, and he can remember. So proud of him!!

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BYE-BYE baby Goodbye~

Cannot remember when did we start teaching Little DinoEgg to wave, but he picked it up very fast. Sometimes he will do the waving action when he is playing with his toys or lying in his sarong.

After that we teach him to wave Bye-Bye to pple. As usual, whenever we leave a place or part with pple, we will say "bye-bye" then take his hands n wave at that person. Well it was not successful initially as he still does not know what this action means. Slowly but surely he is learning.

Every morning I will make him (means i take his hands n wave) wave Bye-Bye to his dear-old-dad (who is most of the time still sleepy), then in the night will make him wave Bye-Bye to his Grandma. Gradually as time passes, I noticed tt most of the time he will only wave to Grandma on his own AND that is sometimes only. He will not wave to anyone else, not even his dear-old-dad.

Well glad to say tt he has shown improvement in the Bye-Bye "job", he can wave to Grandma almost every night when we leave her house for home. BUT he still wun wave to dear-old-dad haha! Then yesterday when we reached home and was about to alight the cab, Uncle say bye bye to him, so as usual I will say to Little DinoEgg "wave Bye-Bye to uncle lah, how u wave? Bye-Bye" AND surprisingly he actually waved whhoooooo-hhoooo-hooo~ Thats a great improvement, at least he is responding to the Bye-Bye request hehehe~

Lets see when he will do it to his dear-old-dad :P
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daddy's Birthday~

Today is Daniel's birthday. We did not celebrate coz Daniel is busy with work. I did not have time to shop for his presents coz have to take over Mum in looking after Little DinoEgg so she can rest.

But today after i knocked off, i went to Plaza Singapura to try to look for a gift for him. Walked around, wanted to get either a shirt or a tie but did not see any tt caught my attention. Ended up i bought some new briefs for him hahaha~

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Little DinoEgg's progress

How time flies~ Little DinoEgg is 8mths n 2 weeks old. He is getting more n more nottie n impatient. Always want to stand, dun wanna sit still. Wanna go onto his hands n knees but dunno how to crawl.

He have finally mastered the skill of Walker Walk haha~ ytd put him in the walker n he zoomed the whole living room... but BACKWARDS!!! *faintz* Well at least he is moving n not sitting there dun dare to move n keep crying n whinning n wanting me or mum to pick him up.

Oh another thing I am very proud of him is; he knows how to pick up his tiny star biscuits with his pinkie n thumb n put it into his mouth. You shld see his happy face when he managed to put tt tiny biscuit in, melts my heart away~

He's a big bully BUT he only bully his granny aka my mum. My mum cooks, he wants to be carry, put in walker he dun want. Keep pulling my mum's pants... duhz.... how to cook n carry him at the same time??? My mum literally left all the housework not done just to "entertain" him....

Little DinoEgg can stand unsupport for few secs but more frequent. Last week if u make him walk here n there he will squat down n take a rest. Now he can walk longer distance :D

hhmm... ytd was giving him the star biscuits, he was going ma-ma-maa... mum-mum-mummm... Initially i was so happy tt he finally can call me but alas.... i was wrong, instead he wants his star biscuits.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 3)


Little DinoEgg is up to his tricks again... from 1am till finally zzz at 430am *yawn~* By the time he zzz... i am already fully awake n feeling hungry. So I did some work, surf the net then ard 630am put our clothes to wash.

Was feeling real happy coz if the washing is done by 730am, i can hang it out to meet Sun Gong Gong. WHO KNOWS, the idiot neighbour at 13th storey burst my bubbles AGAIN!!! Dam angry with her!!! She hung out her washing DRIPPING WITH WATER!!! I have an urge to go up n knocked her door but thinking 7am+, dun wan lah, wat if she find things to quarrel with me? I am in no state to quarrel with pple *yawnnn~~~*

So i have to put 2 bamboo of clothes inside. *hrrmmpphh* Dunno when the water will be all dripped out from her clothes... I have to constantly check my washing lest she hang out more.

Now waiting for Little DinoEgg to wake up n start his day... dunno whether later am i able to catch some shut eyes or not *yawwwnnnnnn yyaaawwwnnnnnn~~*

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Friday, April 20, 2007

My 1st few Steps

Little DinoEgg knows how to walk!!! Jus barely a week after we put him in the walker, he knows how to move n maneuver his little feet to walk. We are so happy!

Jus now Daniel let Little DinoEgg hold on to his fingers n walk together with him. This little fella knows how to lift up his leg n place his feet in front of the other to walk n look for me. On top of that he can stand with no or little support from us.

Wow, this little fella, wanna be like his dad, dunno how to crawl but know how to stand & walk. However he still does not have strength in his feet n legs. After standing or walking for a while he will sit down to rest, but 30secs later he will struggle to stand up again.

Now waiting n anticipating the day he can walk steadily without any support or assistant.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yesterday morning, left Little DinoEgg on the mattress alone while i went to the kitchen to wash his bowl. Was talking to Daniel when Little DinoEgg made some excited noises. He have found something tt caught his attention and wanted to laid his hands on it. So this silly boy simply just leaned foward n fell on his face on the hard cold floor!! Luckily he did not injured himself, just got some shock of the sudden lurge forward.

A while later I teach him how to lean forward abit, move his knees n feet back, then use his hands to support himself so tt he wun fall forward again. I only showed him once n he managed to do it on his own the next time.

Above is the video clip :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Came back from Mum's place n Daniel is still not home. Put Little DinoEgg in his cot with all his toys while i have a quick bath. He is alright when i came out of the bathroom, happily playing with his toys. However the min I stepped out of the room to prepare a basin of water to wipe him, he starts crying.

I told him tt I am preparing the water n quickly went into the bath room. When I came out, Little DinoEgg hands are at the cot railing, he managed to pull himself to the kneeling position. Think he is trying to stand up but either hands not strong enough to pull himself up or the legs not strong enough to stand up.

In any case, i think i have to be careful when i leave him inside there. Wun know which day he is able to stand up, the wobble abit n fell over the cot railing. Then it will be a REALLY REALLY BAD FALL *pray it wun happen*
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Reaching 8mths, another milestone

Another 3 days and Little DinoEgg will hit the 8th month milestone. So far;

1. He still does not know how to crawl forward. Even his backward crawl sometimes also fail.
2. He prefers to sit then lie down. However now he can sit unsupported and play with his toys without falling backwards uncontrollable, i can just leave him either on the mattress or in his baby cot. He will entertain himself for a while, then i quickly do some cooking or washing.
3. Last week end he learnt how to stand by himself for a short moment. After tt its ALL STANDING N NO SITTING.... I can put him at the coffee table, he will place his whole arms on it, trying to grab things within his reach, I can let go of my hand n VIOLA~ he stands but wobbling.
4. He have a super duper BAD TEMPER!!! (just like mum n dad haha~). He managed to get his hands on the tv remote. Was happily studying & starting to taste it when I abruptly took it away from him. He screamed at the top of his voice n keep stretching his arms out towards the direction where i place the remote control. Ended I have to hide it, away fm his, distract him with his toys THEN he will quieten down.

hmm.. with his standing up n still not able to have full control of his body n limps, he knocked his head on the coffee table a few times hahaha~ He cry but i din care abt it, simply tell him "its ok" then brushed it off. Dun wanna make huge fuss whenever he knock his head on things otherwise in future any small knocks n fall he scream n want comfort, then I will be very busy. I'd rather he learn to be independent then keep on holding to my apron strings.
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Friday, April 6, 2007

My 1st encounter with BOOKS

Earlier after Little DinoEgg had his milk milk, i put him on the mattress n let him play with his toys. Suddenly i remembered all those books i bought for him, so decided to bring some out n read them to him.

I took out the pocket nursery rhythms given to me by sista, opened it started reciting "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty.... .... ...." At first he was still playing with his toys, when he heard me say "Humpty Dumpty", he looked at me then saw the small book. Then comes his hands trying to grab the book, which was of course unsuccessful. So he went back to his toys, TOTALLY ignoring ME n Humpty Dumpty *ggrrrr* Next on is "Jack n Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water~" Tt caught his attention too, comes his hands again trying to grab, when he can't get hold of it he screamed in protest. So i gave it to him n went on to another book n started "Polly put the kettle on... ..." While reading, watch Little DinoEgg put Humpty Dumpty n pals into his mouth n chew *faintz* Luckily it was a hard cover book otherwise definately will be totally destroyed.

Regardless of his ignorance n his interest in tasting the books then listening to me, i faithfully finished all small books of rhythms, even pointing out the butterflies, flowers, spider, cow, spoon, dish, moon etc to him.

Well today is a good start, lets hope i can get his attention the next time.
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My 2nd Fall

Just now Little DinoEgg had his 2nd fall, this time from my higher Queen size bed :(

Came back from Mum's house, put him on my bed, played with him for a while, saw tt he is abit althergic n not very interested in playing, so i decided to prepare the water to clean him. Put him in the middle of the bed with bolsters besides him, went into the toilet (which in only next to my room), turn on the tap n heard a loud "THUD", follow by Little DinoEgg's cry!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Rushed in n saw him chest down lying the floor crying. Picked him up, gave him lotsa kisses n hugs, keep telling him "its ok, its nothing, mummy love love". Daniel oso rushed in, checked his head, found a huge red patch on the back of his right side head. Daniel carried him n after a few secs he stopped crying.

While waiting for the hard boiled egg to be cook, Daniel fed him milk milk, *phew* he's drinking well n not throwing up etc. I used the hard boiled egg to rub DinoEgg's head, rubbed till the egg become flattened hahaha~ Guess i used too much force.

After his milk milk, checked his body and did not find any big bruise except for a small red patch on the right knee, think he knocked it when he landed, but its nothing serious.
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

A small private lunch

We had some frens over for a simply lunch, Daniel cooked all the dishes, there were Daniel's "famous" pigs stomach soup, sweet & sour pork, shitake mushrooms with pork & steam garlic cod fishes. A fren bought some otahs over. The lunch was yummy and everyone had a good meal, especially the soup & the cod fish. Everyone praised Daniel for his yummy food :-)

After meals, R&R with mummies chatting with their babies in the baby room while daddies sit in the living room stare at the tv hehehe~ We mummies exchanged a few tips on handling n teaching our kids. Little DinoEgg had a good time playing with the other jie-jies & gor-gor. He was doing his happy dance all the way. Now tt he is older n can interact with others think must let him play with other kids otherwise he will be too lonely.

The gang left around 5pm+ n we clear & clean the hse, finally put Little DinoEgg to sleep. I wanted to catch up some sleep but Little DinoEgg was cranky. I dozed off for 15mins n heard him cry n scream outside in the living room. Thot Daniel has fallen asleep n din attend to him, rushed out n found them together but Daniel was wide awake watching tv.

He kepe crying n screaming, unconsolable!! Even when i wipe him with towel to get him ready for bed, he wasn still cranky. Drank only 80ml of his milk n refuse to drink, keep crying... in the end Daniel took over n managed to coaxed him to drink another 40ml of milk. Then i remembered, he haven't poo for 2 days, maybe tummyache. Luckily i put some prune juice in his milk just now.

Anyway after he refuses his milk, threw the crying DinoEgg into sarong, hoping he will fall asleep. He did rubbed his eyes, indicating he is sleepy, closed his eyes n dozed off for a few mins den suddenly cry loudly. Finally i decided to give him gripe water, coz cry too much scared his stomach have wind. Feed him 10ml n he cry cry cough cough n vomited some of his milk out.

However good thing is after he vomitted he is no longer crying. Become very calm n quiet. Put him on the bouncer with his bolster, Mr Elephant & pacifier he just quietly play with them. Daniel pushed him to the side of the sofa n this nottie boy took the remote control from the sofa's side pocket. Swing the remote here n there n hit his forehead... A while later he was doing his BIG business... after tt can see tt he is super happy, dropped his leg over the edge of the bouncer n swing it then started to smile n laff. Phew! I thot its going to be another tough nite for us.

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