Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shopping Shopping

So excited! Tmr is shopping day! Took leave to take care of Little DinoEgg (so dear ol'mum can rest) and go shopping with the mummies!

We are going Mothercare, Robinsons, Toys'R'Us jus to name a few. The Great Singapore Sale is on, check out the FOX clothes I bought for Little DinoEgg BEFORE the GSS! 50% discount!! I was elated when i left the shop $62+ poorer but with 5 pieces oc new clothes for Little DinoEgg. Hopefully tmr's shopping trip we'll be able to pop by FOX again. Just couldn't get enough of their clothes!
Think i will be dead tired at the end of the day; slinging Little DinoEgg n carrying a big bag of his stuffs.
Ok gotta go *yawnz* Nite nite~

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Manfred's Birthday 19 May 2007

This is long pass due for uploading in the blog.

Went to Manfred's birthday on 19 May 2007, so much good food, so many friends n so many children!!! *see the group photo* Had a good time there chatting with all the mummies n playing with the kids.

Little DinoEgg enjoyed himself very much thou he was very unhappy when Charmaine carried him to the playground, screamed n cry for daddy *sorry for tt charmaine n sam* Surprisingly when Darren wanted to carry him, he leaned forward! Seems like he remember Uncle Darren, and Darren was sooo happy about tt all the kids still remember him, even Adel also let him carry.

Today is the 1st time Little DinoEgg seen balloons *uh-OH!* keep wanting to touch them, and dunno who gave him a red balloon. He was holding n squeezing it, i was so afraid tt it will burst.... dare not even stand close to him.

Every kid took some gift home too, the gers have a goodie bag while the boys have a toy ball. Little DinoEgg LOVE his ball with bells inside. He keep playing with it n wun let it go.

Its such a fun time! Hope it will be as much fun when its Little DinoEgg's birthday bash in August.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

9th Month Milestones (Part 2)

Since my last post on his 9 month milestones abt 2 weeks ago, he had made some progress. He now knows how to;

1. wave bye-bye
2. clap hands
3. still learning how to wave Hi-Hi
4. stand unsupported for a min or so. Ytd he attempted o walk with us holding to him too. He kept wanting to lift his feet but he was unsure.
5. now he can move up n down sideway along the coffee table instead of station at 1 spot.
6. ytd was the 1st time he pulled himself up using the sofa as support. He did it while elder brother n family was here, all of us were busy chatting but I noticed tt, thou I din praised him coz was talking haha~
7. do Hi-5

Oh there is this small incident. I was playing with, opening up his hands n tickle his palm, did a few times. Then I asked him to do Hi-5, instead of doing tt, he tickle my palm!! Wow! I am amazed!!!

Ytd was the 1st time he was at the coffee table, walked n turn to walk the width. Then the walker was next to the table. He stretched out his hands to touch the walker, wanted to move over but when he put his weight on the hand tt is on the walker, it moved, he was unsure, so he try again n the walker moved again, then he give up, probably thinking its not safe hahaha~ then turn n walk back to the length of the table n continue his walk up n down :P

So far we have given him to a few kinds of food since he started to eat porridge.

1. small bits of bread
2. new potatoes (ytd gave him 1 n half of it)
3. half a hard boiled egg yolk
4. minced meat
5. minced carrot
6. yogurt for kids

Thinking of cooking pumpkin, broccoli n adds into his porridge. Sis was saying can add into the instant cereal but I think it will taste funny. Have to slowly add new things to his diet. He is already not eating the cereal, maybe due to teething, so its quite difficult to add new food into his diet.

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Screaming n wailing NON-STOP!!!

Little DinoEgg was sooooo cranky this 2 days!

He is teething so understand tt his gums are feeling swollen n itchy. However he suddenly is very sticky to Daniel. He kept crying n seeking Daniels’ attention. If he leave him even for a min to go toilet, he will scream n cry till he come back. That’s not enuf! He has to carry him otherwise he will not stop screaming crying. These 2 days he was almost in tears the whole day. Even meal times n play times also will be teary, cannot raise voice a little bit loud otherwise he will be in tears again.

Gosh it was a nite mare to us!! Worst is Sunday I have a nagging headache n Little DinoEgg’s constant screaming is adding pain to it. I was going bonkers!!

Others have been telling me babies will be difficult during teething time, I thought I could handle it, but I was in for a surprise when it happen to me. OMG!!! Can make me have a mental break down!

I have given Little DinoEgg the teething gel, it helps a little, but when the effect is gone, he will feel uncomfortable and will start his wailing again…

And this is only the 3rd day since the teeth starting to come out. Wonder how long will it take for the teeth to pop out thus putting an end to this ordeal for everyone. *sigh*

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Saturday, May 26, 2007


This afternoon, touched Little DinoEgg's lower gum n felt 2 bumps, its his 2 lower teeth!!! Not out yet but u can feel them.

That explains the recent rejection of his fav brown rice cereal, mixed grain cereal n wheat with ikan bilis, on top of that he has not been finishing all his milk. Then suddenly he likes to chew on anything n everything, even our fingers!

Now that I know its his teeth tt are causing all the above, i feel relieve. I was so scared that he suddenly do not want any solids *phew*

So excited!! dunno when the teeth will finally pop out. Little DinoEgg has been drooling alot. Guess have to bring an extra hanky when we are out :D

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

All ready to tackle PORRIDGE

Ytd got the food warmer which i asked a colleague to buy fm Isetan sales (UP $109, now selling $39, good deal ya *grinz*), after work went to Carrefour to buy a slow cooker. Gosh so excited!!! Intend to cook a pot when i reached home to test n to see how long it takes for the porridge to be ready.

Daniel did all the preparation while i attend to Little DinoEgg. He put Guo Ji Zi (a chinese herbs)& dried ikan bilis to cook with the rice. After waiting for 3 LONG hours, the porridge finally reached the texture which we want; fine n yummy. Daniel threw in an century egg n we sat down to enjoy our porridge at 2am in the morning wahahahaha~~ Luckily today is a weekend otherwise we will definately be dozing at work.

This morning ard 8am i prepare to cook porridge for Little DinoEgg. After 3hrs, wanted to feed the porridege to him BUT he is not in the mood... he was rubbing his eyes n making noise a while ago, well i thot i could make him finish his porridge before heading off to slumberland. Too bad :( He took a mere 2 mouthful n refuse to eat any more! So Daniel put him in the sarong n within secs he is asleep. Guess the porridge have to wait till he wakes up later.

Oh ya, just now Daniel cook a hard boiled egg n gave half egg yolk to Little DinoEgg. His reaction to the initial few small bite are "weird, wats tt taste", but after tt he enjoys the egg.

Ytd Daniel cooked barley water n save a flask for Little DinoEgg, his portion is without any sweetening, jus plain bland barley water. This morning i put 125ml in his milk bottle n fed to him. Wow he kept drinking n wanting more. Within an hour and a half, he already finishes half of it. So glad tt he likes it. Later will continue to give him some more.

Ok tts all for today....

Later we are going shopping and Manfred's birthday party!! So excited!!! More frens for Little DinoEgg :D

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

This morning was raining... bundle Little DinoEgg in his long pants, put on his "slow as a snail" cap, use the sling tail to cover him and brave ourselves in the rain. It started drizzling, tts y decided to take train instead of taking cab. Who knows by the time we reach the LRT station it was raining heavily with strong wind blowing. I tried to cover Little DinoEgg’s face to prevent it from getting wet, this nottie boy keep struggling, curious about the umbrella which I held over our heads.

Made it to mum’s place with him almost dry except for his feet, luckily I put on the socks for him so he is basically dry. Me, wet skirt, wet feet n wet shoes. My small umbrella cannot provide much protection hahah~

Anyway freezing cold in the MRT… luckily I took the shawl, covered myself n dozing in the train when suddenly someone stepped on my feet!!!! Woke me up fm my cozy zzz… n after tt couldn’t go back to sleep as my toes hurts! Stupid man! Stand dun stand properly, lean on the railing n when train jerk he lost his balance.

Well, as expected late for work, abt 5mins late, but its consider as not bad since it was raining haha~
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

12th May FINALLY!!!

The much talked, yakked, discussed about Gathering has finally reached!

Its such a busy day for us The Loh Family!
9.30am wait for Charmaine & Adel to go Compass Point BK for breakfast
10am At Compass Point BK waiting for Eunice, Johnson n little Reiko to join us. We had a messy but enjoyable breakfast hehe~
11am At SingHealth queueing for Little DinoEgg's turn for his 9th month assessement & Adel's 18th mth 1st booster jab *ouch*

After collecting food from Compass Point, Charmaine dropped us back home to get ready to go to the gathering. At abt 230pm she was back at our hse picking us up n ALL of us, The Loh Family & Charmaine + Adel made our way to Wendy's house.

There are already SO MANY pple at the house!! wow!!! So many children too!!! A few new faces which i did not have a chance to ask for their names/nick. Anyway Diana finally decided to gave us a name tag, use a marker n write our names on the masking tape hehe~ the 1st "victims" are the children hahah~

We finally get to meet little Demi, woah~~ she is such a beauty! Her cheeks are 100times more chubby den Little DinoEgg ahha~ I couldn't recognise Manfred with his new haircut; the last time i saw him was in April 2007. Then there is Janine, Alexxy, Adel, Ryan, Denise, Zension, Ailian's DD and and who else did i missed out??? OH and of coz Mirabel!!!

Who can forget about those yummy food!!! There are otahs, baked macaroni, cottage chicken pies, swiss rolls, braised duck/toufu/egg, sandwiches, pizzas, jellys, sushis, the all time favourite chocolate foundue and many many more!!!

Then there is the Balloons from WY, wow the flower balloons are perfect for Mother's Day haha~ the older boys simply love these balloons, start using the balloon sword to have a duel :P

Then there was a round of milk feeding, diaper changing, nap times. Seems like the kids gang up n decided to ALL do the same thing at the same time ahah~ makes all the mummies so busy.

Party ended ard 730pm with pple starting to leave ard 4pm+. It was a good n enjoyable gathering. I think no one felt left out; well ok ok MAYBE 1 or 2 daddies lah BUT there is always the TV to entertain them wahahah~

Oh and when Little DinoEgg came home, dun wanna sleep... think he is still excited. See his sleepy eyes n face, threw him into the sarong but he wriggle here n there... had a hard time putting him to sleep, finally dozed off close 11pm, way way pass his usual bed time.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

9th Month Milestones

Today marks an important day for Little DinoEgg, coz its his 9th month assessment!!!

Went out early with Charmaine & Adel for breakfast at Compass Point Burger King, then wait for Eunice & Reiko to join us. Seems tt today is a busy day for children too coz Adel having her 18th month booster shot and Reiko having her MMR jab :P

Had a very good breakfast at BK then proceed to SingHealth to queue for Little DinoEgg's turn. While waiting Charmaine took the above pictures haha~ see his sleepy face.

After waiting for a while, its finally our turn.

1st the nurse ask Daniel to sit down coz he is carrying Little DinoEgg, then ask me to stand at one corner behind Daniel where Little DinoEgg wun see me thus causing some distractions.

1st of all, the weight, height and head circumference; 10.38kg, 72cm and 42cm, wow no wonder Daniel also have problem carrying Little DinoEgg haha~ I jokingly told the nurse he weighs the same as a pack of rice :P

2nd is to check hearing. The nurse use a red furry toy to catch Little DinoEgg's attention, threw to his left n while he look towards tt toy, the nurse pressed a device n there was a high pitch sound, Little DinoEgg turned around n look at tt thing. She did this for the other side and also for the lower pitched sound. Well hearing aye-Okay!

3rd, check eye sight. She hold a pencil with a Mickey Mouse toy on the top of the pencil n move left n right. Little DinoEgg followed the toy, hands wanna grab it n mouth open wide wide... must be thinking tt thing can be eaten *faintz*

4th, check his balancing. Nurse asked Daniel to sit Little DinoEgg down on the bed, den nurse gave him a little push see whether he can balance himself or topple over. He sort of "bounce back" when nurse pushed him, so PASS!

5th is standing, nurse wanna see his feet placement, good, feet flat on the ground so also PASS!!

Overall a PASS in his assessment! YEAH!!!

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