Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm a FOX Fan!!!

Ok ok, I admit, I am a FOX Kids fashion Fan!!! Who can resist putting on these smart clothes onto our little princes? I definately could not!!! HOWEVER, I am only fan when they are having great sales like 50% discount, 2 for 1 free, buy 2 n get 20% discount etc haha~ otherwise the clothes are abit on the high end. Regardless of that I still love their clothes!

Do you know how difficult it is to get BOYS clothes?? You go into a shop or departmental store, almost 95% are GIRLS clothes (n pink all over!), poor boys, not much choices to choose from. So I have to hunt high n low for smart clothes to put on my Little DinoEgg, so far only found FOX n GAP, which are both X clothes *sigh*

Anyway, share with you what FOX clothes Little DinoEgg has so far. Toegether with the 2 sets of clothes I bought for him last month, he has 2 shorts, 1 pants, 1 sports shorts, 1 muscle tee, 2 tees, 1 overall n 3 shirts *grinz*

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Trip to Kiddy Palace

Popped by Kiddy Palace earlier, cannot imagine I just spend 2 hours inside tt small shop! And only bought 7 items, totalling $37+, thank god for 20% discount!!

Little DinoEgg is very excited. He wanna get his hands on the things I took to read or examine before deciding whether to buy or not, and also ANYTHING he can get his hands on! He missed his morning nap but is not abit tired though he keeps yawning. Finally after 2 hours, he "give up" and suddenly close his eyes n dozed off immediately

Later Daniel came to meet us and off we went to BK for late lunchie~
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Can't Sleep.... Oh Dear!

Its 2.37am, n here I am, sitting in front of the pc, surfing n reading friends' blog. Dunno why I can't go to sleep even though I am sleepy. Maybe its the tummyache :( Ran toilet twice....

Hmm... just thinking to myself, should I get another sling? The current one have lotsa "bumps" on it; hehe~ cloth have pimples :P Maybe I surf through the net and see who is selling it real cheap.

My glasses is gonez... after falling asleep with it since Little DinoEgg was born, it is now officially SLANTED. I have to go down to the optical shop and get them to adjust it for me, BUT I am lazy coz the shop is @ Hougang Mall! So out of the way *hhrrmmpphhhh*

Have been joining quite a number of sprees fm SMH, everytime have to tell myself to STOP BUYING!!! BUT I just can't!!!! However I only buy essential things for son n Daddy hee~ so far did not buy anything for myself.

Well I will be soon! Coz 2 days ago, while going down the escalator, I saw another lady wearing the same skirt as me!!! How I wish there is a hole for me to hide!!! I tried to avoid walking too close to her BUT alas, it was too crowded n I ended up walking 2 person away from her. And when the chance came, I quickly walk the other direction. Thus, I will start to see any clothes spree then start to buy them. Its so embarassing to see another person wearing the same clothes as myself!! This has already happened to me TWICE THIS YEAR! *ggrrrrr*

Another thing I am going to buy via spree is shoes! Its so difficult to find nice low heels cheap shoes here! All are so X or not worth the price. And the designs... looks almost the same in every different shops!

So I will slowly build up my funds since currently there are no clothes n shoes spree. Waiting waiting waiting patiently...........................

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Daddy Not Home

Today is the 1st night after Little DinoEgg was born that Daddy is away from home. He has team building chalet @ Sentosa, only coming home Friday afternoon.

Its 2.13am, so far so good, Little DinoEgg only woke up for a split second twice. Guess the weather is really too humid n warm for him to have a comfy sleep.

Nevermind, I will put him on the bed shortly, on the air con and hopefully he will sleep till dawn.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

My 1st Word

Yesterday went out with Little DinoEgg, while in the cab, he was so excited n was looking around. Then he saw some vehicles n pointed to them n say "aahhh.. arrhhh...." Daniel told him "thats car, C-ARR~" He looked at daddy then say softly "car". The minute we say "ya tts very good, its a CAR~", he was so happy n said tt word REAL loud.

Then its broken record time..... Whole cab journey, WHOLE DAY, regardless of whether he sees a car or not, he goes "CAR CAR CARRRR"

Well this is a new word, besides "mmaaaa maaa" n "paaa paaaa", he learnt so far. Lets wait n see when he will learn his 2nd word :)
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food Glorious Food!

Well what do u know~ We have another food munching, juice gossip n relaxed chatting last Friday 22 June 2007. This time round, its a small group, there were the Loh Family, the WonderBaby Family, the Romi family, the Guni family, Ms AJ and Ms Bec. Too bad Ms Bell & Ms Wendy couldn't join us.

I had a bowl of yummy Penang laksa, and Daniel ordered chicken chop. Wow then there were the stingrays, sotong, chicken wings, cockel!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

I did not eat alot, was busy with Little DinoEgg who is feeling cranky n tired BUT still refuse to zzz. Even I sling him and walk around the shops at a quieter corner fail to calm him. So in the end, both me n Daniel have to take turn to carry, pacify n entertain him.

We left at mid nite, did not even realised it was already sooo late!! But the 3 kiddos still so wide awake, eyes tired but sure is wide awake. We hitched a ride fm the Romi family, Little DinoEgg KO during the ride home n did not wake up till the next day.

Woah~ looking forward to our makan together *slurp*
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More Teeth!! Teething Gel to the rescue!!!

Just when Little DinoEgg managed to get over the ordeal of having his 2 lower teeth popping out at the same time, the upper teeth decided to join in the FUN!

Last Wednesday, Little DinoEgg was cranky n kept putting his fingers into his mouth. Looks like he is digging or scrapping his tongue but actually he is chewing them. Initially I thot its the 2 lower teeth tt is causing him all this discomfort. So as usual i gave him the teething gel n jus by chance I decided to apply on the upper gums thinking tt it will make him feel more comfy. Lo n BEHOLD!!! I felt 1 tiny teeth on top!! GOSH!!!

And few months ago, after getting fed up with Little DinoEgg's constant drooling n still no sight of any teeth, now all 4 teeth decided to pop out almost at the same time!

Well, he will finally have his 2 front teeth this x'mas! woooooohhhooooooooo~!!!
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Friday, June 15, 2007


Ok decided to put 2 gatherings together hee~ lazy lah :P

14 June 2007 8.30pm Swenson, Compass Point

This is a last minute thing. A few of us decided to meet up and chill out. Suppose to meet at Starbucks but the sitting around outside was cramp n very smokey coz the smoking area is jus next to the non-smoking one. On top of that it was a hot n humid night, the air was stale, dead n heavy. With the comfort of our litt'uns as top priority, me and Erin (we were the 1st to reach CP) decided to move the meeting area to air con place.

We decided on Swenson, nice n air conditioned, n not forgetting having some nice, yummy cooling ice cream~~ After waiting for a while, we finally got a table for 10 people; yupe TEN PEOPLE!! Coz we really do not have any ideas who will come, n plus the kiddos.. think will be that amount of people :D

Finally abt 45mins later all mummies arrived; there were Eunice, Charmaine, Ailian, Erin n me together with our kiddos, hey tt makes 10 people hahah~ We have ice creams while Charmaine n Adel enjoy their food coz they have not had their dinner. Wow its been a long time since I last had Swenson ice cream! Yummy!!! Little DinoEgg as usually was watching me enjoying my food n wondering whether he will have a share or not. Haha~ next time kiddo!

We had such an enjoyable time, chatting, good food, good desserts n good environment for us to relax. THOU Little DinoEgg was cranky; he refuses to finish his milk n as he took his medicine before he came out of the house, he was feeling drowsy but didn't wanna fall asleep n miss out all the fun. Eventually after 30mins or so, he succumbs n dozed off :)

We left the place at 10.30pm, heading home to rest n settle our litt'uns.

Think the highlight of tonight is, its the 1st time Erin n Shannen joined our gathering! YEAH! And also the 1st time she uses the sling to carry her little monster (tts wat she call her princess) out. DOUBLE YEAH!!! Well, more gatherings to come dear Erin, so make sure u attend ALL of it. And please! start using the sling n throw away tt baby pouch or sling tt u r using now!


15 June 2007 10pm Jalan Kayu Prata

Its Prata Time AGAIN!!!! whooooo-hhooooo~~~!!!!

This time, more pple join us! Even the "secretivt" Mrs Gunners is here wahaha~ Well she look good n well. Wow the last time I saw her was in Jan'07 at Adeline's house! And that was the 1st time I see her after like 18 years!! OMG!! Its such a long time????

Today is also the day the toys was delivered to my office. I did not know it will end up in such a HUGE BOX!! Have to take a cab back with the toys so that I can give Wendy, Charmaine, Eunice & AJ their toys. Lucky Eunice offered to send us there otherwise we will have some difficulty in carrying tt huge box, the 2 bags of things for Jessie n 1 pack of Drypers for Meow to the prata shop. Hmm... it seesm like our gatherings are also exchanging or passing of things from one person to another, hahaha~ so cute :P

It was another warm day, no sooner have we settled down, Little DinoEgg & Reiko was prespiring. Woah~ they looked like they just had a bath. Seems like the kiddos all gang up decided to be cranky; 1st it was Kayden, but tts coz he was sleepy, after patting him a while he was dozing comfortably in his pram. Then Little DinoEgg starts his nonsense, think he is tired n the medicine makes him drowsy. I have to carry him n walk around to make him zzz.

Anyway its good food n good company again. So many people turned up. There were the Loh Family, the Gunners family, the WonderBaby family, Meow & family, Rebecca & family, AJ & little Kayden, Eunice & Reiko, Ms Apple Pie & hubby, Amy & hubby, Ms Bell & hubby (thou the hubby was sitting outside with his friends) and finally Wendy & hubby. Sorry Wendy, you just came and Eunice & us have to leave, our kiddos are cranky n its nearing mid nite!! Way way way pass their bed time. We had a good n enjoyable time, its really good to have such small gatherings for us to meet up n exchange things/news. Although we chat everyday in msn or email but nothing beats meeting up n gossip n chat.

Little DinoEgg knocked out in Eunice car while Reiko immediately become wide awake when Barney CD was on haha~ she is really a BIG Barney fan.

Looking forward to our next gathering!!!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sick... ahh~~ cchhooOOooooooo!!!

Little DinoEgg is sick!!! Down with flu n cough :(

It started Sunday afternoon when I noticed tt he's been sneezing. Initially I thought perhaps its the dust as we were doing the weekend house cleaning. But even hours after we are done with the chores, he was still sneezing, thus my guess is he is having cold.

The next morning while on the way to granny's house, he sneezed a loud one and a green mucus hang on his nose.... gosh.. he is definately sick... on top of that he started to cough a little bit. Left him at mum's place, told her he is having running nose n asked her to monitor to see if fever develops then I went to work.

At night he was sleeping well till 1am+. He starts getting uncomfortable; sneezing n coughing, and i guess his nose starts to get clogged coz we can hear him trying to breath thru his nose but can't. After tt he started to cry coz he can't breath!!! In the end we have to carry him out to the living room and let him play with his toys, at least he is not crying. So there we were, 2 zombies staring at 1 little energetic Little DinoEgg who is busy walking from the coffee table to the sofa and back.... this lasted till 4am+, by then me n Daniel are already ssooooo tired..... I couldn't take it n dozed of on the sofa. Daniel put Little DinoEgg into the sarong n finally he managed to settle down n start snooring; yupez snored coz his nose is still blocked.

This morning Little DinoEgg was listless, din even wanna smile to those friendly aunties in the LRT. Simply just lean on my chest n look around. I've decided to take urgent afternoon half day leave as I feel him a little bit warm, so worried tt he may have fever.

Took him to The Kidz Clinic at Rivervale Mall, not too bad waited for about an hour before its our turn. Came out from the clinic $73 poorer!!! OMG!!! SEVENTY-THREE DOLLARS!!!! The most expensive medical fee I have ever paid!!! PD gave him 4 syrups of different color; pink is for fever (just in case), green is for cough & running nose, white is for phelgm n finally orange is for running nose. Lucky thing is tt orange syrup causes drowsiness so Little DinoEgg slept after taking it.

BUT its REALLY no fun trying to feed those yucky medicines to him. I have to syringe feed him n he hates it!!! TOTALLY HATES IT!!! 1st time is ok, maybe he was wondering what yummy things I am giving him. The 2nd time i try to give him, he cry like no tomorrow!! Keep using his hands to block the syringe, clenching his mouth up tight n moving his head left n right. I have to use my left arm to secure his hands, then pry open his mouth n right hand with the syringe squirt the medicines into his cheek before he gets loose.

*sigh* Heart Wrenching!! But its for his good. Hope he gets well soon and I do not have to do this again.
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