Monday, July 30, 2007

Infant Care, here I come!

Mum complained she is tired again, thus we need to find an infant care centre to put Little DinoEgg in. Went to 1 near Rivervale Plaza on Sat but not very keen on the centre. Maybe its tt teacher's attitude. Went down to another one this afternoon, like tt place though the teachers are mostly Malays. After going back to mum's place, we decided to go for the 2nd one.

Its call The Children's Discovery Centre. Just behind mum's block. Chose this for a few reason; its near mum, so if we cannot make it to fetch Little DinoEgg, she can help us, and also we can still have dinner at her place, she can still see her grandson. The teacher infant ration is 1:3 so not tt bad, there are 4 infant care takers, 2 Malays n 2 Philipinos who are registered nurse (not bad ya, the other child care centres did not even mention whether their staffs are registered nurse or not). The place looks clean with lotsa fans for good ventilation. Outside the centre there is a log book for parents to sign in before they step into the centre to drop off their kids. The main door is on security door with PIN number to release the lock, so sort of safe ya?

The infants are divided into 2 catergory, 1 is below 6 mths n the other one is above 6 mths, in the middle are the child care kiddos. The infant care takers have those nanny look, hmm... how to explain. U know tt auntie is a nanny when u see their face, they have a typical nanny look :) Anyway the above 6 mths area is clean, with padded flooring etc. When we were there, all of them are taking their naps, it was so quiet till think can hear a pin drop. The 2nd time we go there (to pay for the deposit etc), every one was up n about den suddenly so noisy.

Talking about tt, we paid $1380; $850 full school fee as deposit and Aug'07 school fee of $450 (subsidized) and the $80 dunno for wat, maybe its registration fee.

Little DinoEgg starting 01 Aug'07... I will take leave to see how he cope. Lets hope he dun cry buckets of tears... then at night have nightmares...

Stay tuned for updates~

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to the Hubs

Such a busy day today~ Met up with Agnes & Kayden @ TPY HDB Hub Kiddie Palace to collect the LiveWell goodie bag. WOW! Its really a goodie bag with lotsa goodies! It contains *x1 LiveWell Health mag *x1 LiveWell Baby mag *x1 The Protectorate bib *x1 lot brochures on Pneumococal, Robivites multivits, Rotavirus & First teeth Baby toothpaste *x1 Figt Pneumococal with Pneumo Bear sticker book *x2 packets of pocket tissues *x1 pack of 2 Fennel Pad *x1 sachet dee-dee mossie & insect repellent lotion *x1 Ocean's women's multivits *x1 Ocean's children's multivits *x1 pack GAIA natureal baby bath & body wash *x1 pack GAIA natural baby moisturiser *x1 tube 11g Palmer's massage cream for stretch marks x2 pack of Palmer's cocoa butter fomula with Vit E cream *x1 pack of Baby Bites *x1 spiffles baby toothwipes towelette *x1 pack of 2 Pigeon disposable breast pads *x1 NUK sterilized wipes *x1 100ml Kodomo laundry detergent *x1 tube of 50g dee-dee children facial wash *x2 Fitti diapers.

After that we proceed to have lunch at the famous yummy duck rice store ~slurp slurp~ Then off to AMK Hub FOX store.

We stopped at POSB coz Agnes need to top up her cash card (otherwise she cannot pay for her parking). I stayed with the kiddos while Daniel went to the gents. Was playing with the 2 kiddos when i spotted fm the corner of my eyes this particular mummy. She looked fm me to Kayden in his pram then to Little DinoEgg who is in the sling, then back to me and gave a surprise look. She must be thinking "WOW! How did she managed to have 2 kiddos of such young age n best of all bring them out at the same time!!!" I was laffing inside when I saw her facial expression.

FOX @ AMK Hub was so disappointing... its small and boys section is miserable! Did not even see all the sweaters/jackets tt I saw @ the Suntec branch. In the end, both me & Agnes did not buy anything.

We shop around that place, took some pictures in the baby's room hehe~ Both Little DinoEgg & Kayden seems to be enjoying this shopping trip. Little DinoEgg was so excited tt he did not take his nap till after 1pm and its only about 45mins. Kayden is the most comfortable, sitting in his pram, sometimes sleeping, sometimes looking ard. Only once did he kicked up a fuss, guess tts coz he is tired of sitting in his pram and wants mummy to carry him :)

After walking the whole AMK hub, we parted ways around 4pm. I think all of us are tired after the long shopping trip.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crawling is Such Hard Work

Was lazing in the living room after my dinner watching TV with Little DinoEgg. This nottie little fella, as usual cannot sit still on the sofa, keep wanting to go down to the floor n play with his toys. So I have to move my butt n sit on the floor beside him.

He was playing with his toys by himself for a while until he decides to find Granny who is busy in the kitchen. So he turn, went onto his hands n knees n start his long long journey to the kitchen.

As he just starting to learn to crawl on his hands and knees, he is still quite a greenhorn. 1st, he did not lift up his knees, rather he dragged them along which create lots of friction. After crawling an arm length, he stopped, take a rest n at the same time complain loudly hahaha~ I ignore him, told him to continue to crawl to Granny. After rest for a short while, he continue his crawling, fm the TV to the store room then to the dinning table n finally reach Granny in the kitchen.

Granny was so amazed! He actually crawl all the way, coz he is a very lazy boy who will not persist for so long. By the time he reached kitchen, we can see tt his hair are abit dam. Hahaha~ good exercise for him!

I rewarded him with a kiss n by bringing him back to the living room n letting him watch tv with me. He must feel very frustrated as he ended up back to the starting point wahahah~

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Monday, July 23, 2007

I walked!!!

Since the 1st time he walked without any support from us a mth back or so, Little DinoEgg have not been brave enough to walk on his own. Its always holding on to something OR he will sit down, move his butt OR he will go down into his crawling position and crawl to get closer to the next object tt he can land his hands on.

Well tonight, he walked 2 steps!! He wanted to look for Daddy, so I let him walk to him. My hands were at his waist but not touching or holding on to him. I think he thought I was holding on to him then he took 2 small steps. After tt he stretched his hands out, wanting Daddy to hold his hands n refusing to move an inch till he hold him.

Well, a teeny weeny bit of improvement :)

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I did a FOX Trot today

FOX is having up to 40% discounts on all items~~ and if you buy 3 items or more, additional 10% discount will be given~~~
How can I let this opportunity go by without even flying down to FOX to shop wahahaha!!!

So I made a mad dash to FOX @ Suntec during my lunch time, took a bus and walk to FOX as fast as my feet can carry me. Thought of having a quick browse, grab some clothes for Little DinoEgg and go back office within tt 1hour. TOO B AD!! How wrong I was!! I was stuck inside there for more then half an hour!!! SO many nice clothes to buy!!! SO little time and most importantly SOOO little VitM!!! How I wish I can buy the whole store down!!!!

After chosing n re-chosing n changing my mind about some of the clothes, I decided on 2 tops n 2 bottoms. Guess how much they cost??? $56.70!! Cool!!! Way below my budget or expectation, I was thinking maybe I will be spending $100. DARN!! Should have get tt white long pants then! *ggrrrrr*

Nevermind, since our dear AJ will be popping by maybe I'll get a chance to go with her heheheh~ THEN maybe I will get tt white long pants *rubbing hands together* muahahahaha~~~

Too bad I did not managed to find any nice jacket for Little DinoEgg. The cold weather is just round the corner. Hopefully after the Great Singapore Sale, FOX will bring in new designs n this time a nice handsome jacket.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

My 1st Chinese Word 汤 (Soup)

Last Saturday, Daniel was prepared the famous pigs stomach soup for the gang. On one of his trip to the kitchen to check out the soup, he carried Little DinoEgg with him. As he open the lid to look at the soup, Little DinoEgg also peeped in. Daniel said "汤" a few times and then Little DinoEgg follow him.

And through out the day we practised the word haha~ and even now occasionally he will blurt out 汤~汤~
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Toys!

Few weeks ago, i gather the gang again to order some toys etc from a local toy supplier. They just delivered the items today.
This time I bought more things for Little DinoEgg. 3 toys to entertain him, 1 bathing mittens with 2 squeaky float n 1 utensil set.

This little fella is only interested in the fish spinning toy, keep "slapping" it to make it turn round n round.

He was very curious with the handphone to... till he gets bored with it later. Start dropping it on the floor, think its too heavy for him. Anyway, he dropped this toy onto Daddy's ankle TWICE and on the same spot!!! Daddy cried out so loud *oh dear* He even dropped it on his own toes but no reaction fm him... duhz....

Now the coffee table is Sssoooooo messy! Full of his toys n pacifiers n wat-nots... Auntie Wendy!!! Have to get tt box from you soon!!!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

New Apple Piano toy

Yesterday I was being chased back home by my boss as I was coughing badly, he is afraid tt I will spread the virus to the others (duhz..)

Anyway met up Charmaine for a nice yummy lunch then pop by the Popular Book Store @ Orchard. Hey it says closing down sales since 2 months ago, and now its still not closed down yet?? Hahah~

Anyway, went in to see if I can get any good deal for books n toys. Came out with an Apple Piano, before discount it was $9.07, after the 20% discount its only $7.25. Good deal ya? But mum say "so expensive" -_-

Well this little toy can play alot of tunes. If you press the fruits button, it will tell u the name of the fruit, the the piano keys play 1 note a keystroke of the musical children songs. Then when u press the purple love shaped button once, the fruits buttons plays musical children songs and the piano keys plays a full musical children songs each. There are at least 10 different children songs in it.

Little DinoEgg was very facinated by the sound n lights. He keeps turning the Apple around to find the source of the sound. Well seems like I've bought something which is useful for him *grinz*

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

10th & 11th Mth Milestones

Well have been missing his 10th month milestones update coz was really busy.

Little DinoEgg has grown more confidence in moving around, thou he still needs to hold on the things. Now he can walk fm the coffee table to the sofa, then from the sofa to his walker parked beside the sofa. There was once he was standing on the wheels platform n holding onto the seat, trying to lean forward n peeped into it. Was curious why he did tt coz it was really dangerous, then found out... his Mr Elephant in on the seat :D

He can now walk faster; of course still holding on to our hands. However sometimes in the midst of excitement, he will try to shake off our hands. Which of course is impossible as he will most definately fall down.

We are looking forward to the day he finally can walk without our assistance.

He can now point; either with his pointing finger or all of his fingers ~haha~ He can point to lamp post, pa-pa, granny (por-por), Kiroe, fan, window, light, car and train. When u tell him "train train is here~" he will turn to the direction the train is approaching, stretch out his arms n say CAARRRR~~ *faintz*

The words he knows are car, fan, lamp post (thou only say lamp), pa-pa, ma-ma, duck. We are trying to teach him to say Milk Milk.

And finally, he has shown us tt he has a very bad temper! If he dun get what he wants he will cry n scream. Ok maybe tts what ALL babies does, BUT he is so naughty tt he will throw his toys across the room! This is one thing that both me and Daniel cannot accept and trying very hard to correct him. Hopefully he will learn it soon and will try to control his temper.

We all know tt Little DinoEgg started to stand n walk without going thru the crawling stage right? Well recently he started to crawl, 1st on his tummy then lately tried to lift his weight up n use his knees n hands. However he still have not master the technique, can only go on his knees n hands n not moving forward yet. But hey! tummy crawl is fine with me, for now :D

Then there are his "throw this on the floor so tt I can bend down n pick it up" stunt. He simply loves to throw his toys, hanky, pamplets etc onto the floor then he will either bend down fm his waist (tts only when we have our arms around him) or he will try to squat down/sit down to pick the items up then try his best to stand up again. Tiring job ya? But does not seems tiring to him thou. There was once he bend fm his waist when we were not with him and he spin around n fell, hitting the back of his head onto the floor HARD! We thought "tts it, he will not do tt again..." but we were wrong! Initially he is afraid but then the next few minutes he start doing it, forgetting his bad fall earlier.

Oh ya, Little DinoEgg also likes to squat. Daniel taught him tt, so tt he can ask him to squat during his bath time n let him wash his bum bum. He can squat while reaching out to pick up things fm the floor.
He has 4 teeth! 2 on top n 2 on the bottom and boy~ u won't wanna put ur fingers into his mouth now.

And he is a bread lover! He could finish 1 piece all by himself, even half n hour after his milk of either 180ml or 210ml. Big appetite?

Next month he will be 12 months old, we are planning to do his 1st Birthday, definately will be a big n crowded one as both of us have lotsa friends and relatives. Can't wait for the day to arrive!!!
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Janine's 1st Birthday 01 July 2007

Went to Janine's 1st Birthday on 01 July 2007 :) Also the 1st time we visit Meow's humble home. Feeling when we 1st stepped in?? "Wah~~ child care centre~~~" hahah~ coz the living room is almost empty, except for 2 small box cabinet, x4 $500 tatamis n a small fan blowing near the window. However we felt very comfy the min we enter the house.

So many friends turn up for the party, look at the photos I loaded up, all 69 photos and its only from my camera, have not added those from the rest's camera.

I shall not say too much, let the photos tell the day's event :)

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Aunt Mae's House Warming & Alexxy Birthday Party

This is LONG LONG OVERDUE!! Blame it on TIME! Plus the pictures are in my office computer thus not able to do it when I have time at home.

Well its a double celebration for Mae *grinz* She just moved to a new house so its a house warming party plus the birthday celebration for her little precious Sophia on 02 June 2007.

There were so many wonderful food! Too bad I have forgotten to take a pic of all those yummy food ~slurp slurp~ I especially like the mushroom with something n mashed potato, simply delicious!!

As usual, all of us have a good time, it was a noisy, happy n fun gathering. See the pictures and you know it. All the kids are enjoying the food, the balloons, the company. Same goes for the adults :) Too bad we have to leave early as the sky turns dark n looks like going to rain. Hitched a ride from Eunice though hee~

Must ask Mae how to make tt mashed potato with mushroom dish.

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