Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 Little "Red Indian" *sigh*

Look at this cute little face...

NOW imagine it with 1 line of blue black on each cheek.....

Right "stripe" - Last Saturday, he woke up from his sleep, still blurry n half asleep, went to the living room, stick to the coffee table, grabbing the remotes, toys etc to play with. Walking to n fro the coffee table n TV while I am watching it, trying to irritate me lah. He walk to his bumper mat, then turn around, wanted to walk to TV, stumbled fell n his right cheeks knocked against the coffee table, he fell backwards n onto the floor. Lucky the bumper mat is there otherwise another big bump on the forehead. He cry not of pain but think more of a shocked. I hugged him for a while n he stopped crying, continue to play with his toys.

Left "stripe" - yesterday at Granny's house. He is always very naughty n does not listen to me when we are at Granny's house, coz he's got Granny as his "mountain" -_- There were some newspapers, 1 yellow pages, magazines n 1 Giant supermarket pamplets (those A3 size n with a few loose pages). This naughty fella open up the newspaper n starts tearing them into pieces, Granny was just in time to save those newspapers when he tore 1 page into 2. So he attacked the magazines; push them all to the floor, attacked the heavy yellow pages; push it down n it missed his 10 tiny toes by mm!!! He was kena shocked but that did not stop him!

He proceed to attacked the Giant pamplets. Taking the pamplets apart by taking them piece by piece and threw them onto the floor. Then he bend to pick 1 in each hand; imagine him with 1 A3 size pamplets on each hand, then he flapped his arms very happily thus making some sound with theh paper. He will show u his naughty face (giek-look) den smile happily. Suddenly, he flapped his arms abit too hard, he sort of become unbalanced n slipped, fell forward n hit the glass coffee table on the cheek real hard.

He cried a little, Granny rushed to him, hugged him, rubbed his injured cheeks. Then this naughty boy wails louder n louder.... Me? I continue to sit at the sofa n laugh at him, evil me ya? But i did warn him, and anyway he has his favorite Granny to coax him.

So now he is a little Red Indian....
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007


This morning Mike text Daniel asking if we are free to pop by his place for a surprise birthday party for Wendy. As he was still sleeping when Mike text, he saw it only in the afternoon. He immediately called Mike n they settled for 4.30pm. I started to text the gang immediately; 4.30pm meet at Wendy's house downstairs then we go up together.

Too bad Adeline, Jessie, Rebecca & Elaine cannot make it; Kayton is having flu, Jessie, Rebecca & Elaine already have prior arrangements.

We were late (ooppsss sorry gang~), the rest were already downstairs together with Mike waiting for us. We quickly got out of the cab n join them to go up. When we were up, the door was ajar, so I pressed the doorbell, Auntie Josie came to the door, I showed her the "shhshhh" sign, then she went in to get Wendy out. When she open the door we sang Happy Birthday to her. She was so shocked n surprised n happy!!!

Once inside the house, we got "scolded" by Wendy for not telling her anything (duhz! If tell u then it wun be surprise ya?). Can see that she is very happy about this.

As it was raining very heavily, we decided to order Pizza & KFC n stay at Mike+Wendy's cosy home, enjoy the food n relax abit. While waiting for the food to be delivered (Mike says takes one n half hours to deliver), we chatted, joked n I did my job, I took loads of pic hee~ Wendy's mum + 2 nieces & 1 nephew came; more pple!! More fun, more noise, more lively!!!

After a while we sang the Birthday song n cut the cake. While cutting the cake, me, Amy & Randy was wondering why there are 2 slices of lemon on top of the cake. It look abit out of place with all the nice strawberries, kiwis n peach. When we tasted the cake, we knew; coz its a lemon sponge cake haha~ We think the cake tastes good, different from the normal vanila sponge cake. Good choice Mike!

Time passes very quickly n before we knew it, the Pizza delivery guy was at the door. And WOW!!! Mike ordered ssooooo many pizzas!!! We start digging in the pizzas. Auntie Josie cooked a pot of clam chowder soup n I took 3 bowls; yummy~ A while later the KFC delivery guy came with our chicken, whipped potato, colestraw, popcorn chicken n nuggets!! So much food!!!! Lucky we have Romi around, who (according to him) finishes 1 n a half pizza, woah~~

I ate so much that after that I was feeling sleepy n couldn't even concentrate what the gang were chatting n discussing. Anyway Daddy around, any important things to note he will tell me later hee~

Its such a fun time, as usual, the adults n kiddos all enjoyed themselves; though there were a few fights over toy cars n stool, but kids are just kids :)

Diana+Randy+kiddos left around 8plus as they need to go some where. We stayed for a while then we left with Romi+Amy+Manfred. ~THANKS ROMI N AMY FOR THE RIDE HOME AGAIN~ Little DinoEgg fell asleep during the car ride, did not even wake up when we reached home, missed his night time milk too. Guess he is very tired after playing with all the kor-kor n jie-jie.

PS : Wendy's text after we left "Thanks so much for the surprise birthday celebration for me. i m really so touched n happy. When all of u sing the birthday song before coming in my house, I was so touched n tears almost drop liao. Thanks again for coming all the way to my house just to celebrate my birthday *muack*"

Allo Ms Wendy, no need to thanks us, thanks ur hubby who made this arrangement. And its not JUST a birthday, its our FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY!!!


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dinner @ Bedok

Last minute call for dinner @ Bedok as Mike's fren recommends a new place n suggest he try it out. So he called us along, but only us n Jessie can make it :)

The western food stall in located at Bedok Blk 218, in one of the coffee shop. The place is not too difficult to find. The coffee shop is not too crowded, Mike told us that this coffee shop usually have large crowd when there is a soccer match. Well tonite has a match between ManU n some other team (hey I m not a soccer fan so can only remember the famous ManU name).

The food looks delicious and the taste is good too, price is not too expensive. I had pasta to share with Little DinoEgg, Daniel have the chicken cutlet, Mike's having lamb back, Wendy have errmm... i think pork chop, Jessie have fish n chips to share with Denise & Zenson n Auntie Josie have chicken wings. I ordered extra plate of garlic bread for the kiddos to share.

All of us have a good time eating the yummy food. Our kiddos have a fun time mixing, mingling playing together.

Wendy bought Little DinoEgg's first Crayola crayons ~THANKS WENDY~ I've been trying to look for these for soooo long, finally got it! Now to find the appropriate time n let Little DinoEgg use it, BUT 1st must buy drawing board :)

We went home after the dinner feeling satisfied n full hee~ Next time can go there again

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Teow Chew Porridge

This is the 1st time we have our supper gathering at a teow chew porridge stall, previously was prata n food courts, so try something new.

Went to mum's place after I fetch Little DinoEgg from his school n had our dinner there then made our way home around 830pm. Reached home at 8.50pm, gave Little DinoEgg his milk and made him sleep for a while.

At 10pm we were out of the house, took a cab to there. We thought we were early but mins after we arrived we saw Bec then Diana+family. As we have more then 10 pple coming we have to wait a while before we managed to get 2 tables side by side. After settling down, Wendy+Mike arrives, we chatted while waiting for the rest to come, then Amy+Romi arrives, more chatting (hahaha~ catching up on things lah) then Diana suggest we order our food as she is hungry heee~ actually I am also hungry but all these chatting sort of made me forget about that.

The men went to order the food while we ladies sit back n continue chatting. so much things to talk about! There were catching up with Diana coz its been donkey years since we last met up, then Amy's pregnancy, Wendy's BKK trip, Bec's swollen eyes (again!) etc. Hey how come no one ask me about me n Little DinoEgg??? Demi is such an angel~ She really looks like an angel, with her chubby cheekc n big round eyes. Melts ur heart when u see her. And wow~ think she is chubbier then Little DinoEgg when he was at her age.

Learnt a trick of two from Diana on how to control kids, yupe Ryan was being naughty and got the warning from his Dun-Mess-With-Me Mum. Her method works! Record in my little book, next time can use on Little DinoEgg when he is naughty. Maybe send him to the walls too like Ryan wahahaha~

The food came n its was delicious just by looking at it! Too bad I dun have camera with me, rushed out n left it on the table :( There were the duck, the pig's trotter, peanuts, crispy some kind of small fish (like ikan bilis), jiu cai, chilli minced meat with mushroom, spicy la-la n chilli clams. Yummy!! Everyone enjoyed their porridge, even Little DinoEgg. While eating, Adeline called, they were lost.... She called a few of us a few times but we did not hear our phone rings as it was too noisy at the stall. Sorry Adeline, it was not our intentions to missed your calls for help. After several calls n directions given, she & Willie finally made it, YEAH!!!

While eating, I text Elaine, asking her whether she is on the way, no respond... thought maybe she did not hear the phone. Some time later, she replied... "sorry we fell asleep, now on our way.." *faintz* I brought her loots, if she dun turn up I am going to sell her loots in yahoo wahahha~ A while later she+Shawn+Shane finally showed up, follow by Jessie. They sat down to enjoy their porridge while chatting with us. Woah, eating n chatting at the same time? Indigestion!! But who cares~~ hahaa~

Diana left early as both Ryan n Demi are tired, Ryan is cranky n is getting alot of warnings from her. So better leave before Ryan fall asleep on the chair.

Little Shane has grown n change so much~ His face looks so different from that day we saw him on 15 Sept, Shyann's birthday party. Looking more n more handsome, sure gonna attract alot of girls when he is old, watch out Elaine hehehe~ A few of us carried him while Elaine enjoys her porridge, then when Adeline carried him, he fell asleep~ he must be feeling so comfy in Adeline's arms that he decides its safe to go to sleep.

We continue to chat n Jessie left at 1am, after a while we also decided to break it up as its really late plus Amy has got to work tomorrow. Oh ya, some of us brought some fish balls+fish cakes back, compliments from Andy ~THANKS ANDY, NEXT TIME SHARKS FINS OK??~ We took Romi's car as its on their way (according to them, i also not very sure) ~THANKS ROMI+AMY FOR THE RIDE HOME~

Reached home around 2am... quickly give Little DinoEgg a towel wipe as he prespired alot, change clothes n pat him to sleep.
More gatherings and I promise (again) that I will remember to bring my camera!!! Good nite everyone~
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

12th to 14th Months Milestones


Words that he can speak n associate the things with;
- pa-pa as in Daddy
- ma as in Mummy
- bird
- ker as in motorcycle
- mum-mum (can say it real fast if he is really really hungry haha)
- book
- duck
- dog or woo-woo (barking sound)
- meow for cat
- car
- post for lamp post
- take
- pick
- put
- give
- keep
- star

Things/people he understand but still cannot speak;
- hanky
- sit down
- no-no-no
- diaper
- socks & shoes (he can sit down n take off his shoes n socks on his own)
- train
- mattress (where he lies down for his nap or drink his milk)
- window in this case LRT train's window where he likes to look out n watch the things pass by.
- keys
- door
- bag, in this case his bag which he brings to child care. When teacher ask him where is his bag, he will point. Daniel say once he did attempt to drag the bag to the door when he sees him.
- teacher
- gor-gor/jie-jie (he simply love to be around them, always trying to play with them when ever we chance upon older kids in the shopping centres etc)
- lift
- school aka the child care centre he attends
- Por-por aka Granny (he love her to bits)
- open; if he wants something to be open he will push tt thing right in front of u n say "uh uh".
- bread; he is a bread lover~~ simply love gardenia bread, can eat 2 slices at 1 go after his milk milk
- taxi; ask him where is taxi he will flap his hand as if hailing down a taxi
- handphone
- remote controls
- water bottle
- orange

Favourite games
- peekaboo~ he will cover his face n peeping through his fingers, blinking his eyes n smiling
- play "dar~" with us. He will go to the opp of the coffee table, squat down den suddenly spring up n say "DAR~" loudly, den he will giggle n giggle.
- my "eh~ Mumbai lah~ INNNnn-DDiaaaa~" game with him

Thats about all I can think of now hee~

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Long Walk home

This evening Little DinoEgg walked from his school to Granny's place~~ *applause applause* I am so happy with him! Usually when he sees me, he will want me to carry him n will protest when i wanna make him walk. Today, he did not. When teacher Nita open the door, he walked out smiling happily, asked him to wave bye-bye to teachers, he gave a small wave without even looking at the teachers (rude boy...) and walk away.

He was walking so happily, stopping occasionally to point at the things found on the floor, or something tt caught his eyes far away. He even climbed up n down the curb with my help.

I carried him to cross the road n was wondering to myself whether he will still want to walk when we reached the other side. I tried n surprisingly he waddle off happily. We were walking towards 3 men chatting underneath the multi storey carpark, 1 of them were playing with a football. Little DinoEgg saw the ball n walked very quickly towards to, pointing to the ball n make a "uh-uh" sound. Think he wanna say the word Ball but could not.

He was so target-locked at the ball that it takes me a few tries before I could lead him away from it. This time he did not cry or scream in protest *phew*.

He continue walking towards Granny's block, to the lift lobby, into the lift, out the lift and all the way to Granny's door step. He even could not wait for me to open the door, standing with his hands on the door, looking at me as if saying "hurry mummy!" Once the door was open, he stepped in n walk straight to the kitchen where he know Granny will be there.

Well done son! Great accomplishment! We are proud of you!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our shopping at PS!

We finally went ahead with our shopping at Plaza Singapura dispite some cough n running noses fm a few of us. I was so excited, Little DinoEgg woke up slightly late today, gave him his milk n bread then around 10am make him take his morning nap so that he can have 1hr of nap n be ready to leave the house at 1130am. I planned it so nice, and when its about time to leave Jessie texted me tt she will reach around 1pm, a while later Adeline text that she will be late too :( So there we were, all dressed up and stuck at the house....

Nevertheless! It did not dampened my spirits! We left the house at 12pm, took the LRT n then the train. I had a very bad experience with a family of certain race *ggrrrrrr* shall not tell it here lest some pple think that I am a racist.

Anyway, arrived PS to find Adeline & Kayton already waiting outside Carl's Jr. But its crowded n cramp so we decided to look for other place for our lunch. After searching for a while, we decided to go to Yoshinoya (or watever the name is, forgotten about it). Hmm... its really difficult to have a peaceful meal when u are out with 2 boys!
There seems to have ants in their pants!!! Cannot sit still n be quiet for a while.... Look at them, walking here n there in the restuarant, playing with the cushioned stools n chairs, getting into everyone's way etc And the noise they made!!! OMG!! Such hugh din!!! Thank God the restaurant manager did not ask us to leave haha~

We proceed to Marks & Spencer where Adeline need to buy some toiletries for Willie. It took us quite some time walk from the baby changing room to Marks & Spencer. Not when you have 2 happy children walking here n there screaming their heads off n ignoring all your calls for them to follow u or to come back. This Little DinoEgg saw the auto door tt leads to the car park n actually walked towards it, finding it amazed n everything! I have to run n grab him before he have the chance to meet tt auto door. See how happy Little DinoEgg is, he is playing peek-a-boo with Adeline.

To prevent precious time from slipping away, we have to carry these 2 noisy boys n quickly made our way up to Marks & Spencer. Even then, they made a din n scene in the shop. 1st its hide n seek amongst the racks n racks of clothes, playing peek-a-boo with the customers n sales assistant. We made a mistake of letting the boys near a rack of biscuits.... They touched, grabed the ones at the bottom n a few came tumbling down *un-oh* We have to quickly put the biscuits back n led our boys away.

While Adeline queue to pay for her purchase, I look after the boys. Little DinoEgg was walking AWAY from us, ignoring my calls etc. Kayton did not want to follow us n keep calling "ma-mi, ma-mi". Left with no other choice, I carried Kayton n chase after Little DinoEgg. This nottie boy thought I am playing with him n walked even faster!!! *GOSH*

After Marks & Spencer, we went to Daiso to look for some heart-shaped frying pan but too bad, they dun have it. Only stayed there for a while as it was really very crowded, too crowded n dangerous for 2 mummies carrying 2 active boys. Better leave before they break anything hahahaha~

Shortly after that Amy+Romi+Manfred+Amy's mum and Jessie+Denise+Zenson arrived *FINALLY* They went to Diaso again to buy some stuffs then we proceed to Mac Mac for a drink n some food. After some yummy food n drink the hunt for shoes start... and half accomplished, Amy got her shoes but Jessie did not managed to get hers.

We proceed to Carrefour for some groceries shopping plus I wanted to look around for some toys. We happen to meet the Milo mascot walking around Carrefour giving out the milo button. We bring our kiddos near the mascot but guess its just too much for them, all of them tried to wriggle away from tt "monster". Adeline joined us for a while then she went home due to bad backache. Me n Jessie walked aimlessly around since we are not the one doing groceries shopping hee~ I bought 2 packet of some cream rolls. About an hour later we ended our shopping at Carrefour n proceed to Marina Square for Shoe Hunting Part 2 plus my hunt for some gifts.

Well Jessie managed to get her shoe n I bought 2 tees for $10 (cheap ya), walked around did not see any nice gifts n we left that place in 30mins time since we got all our stuffs.

Romi sent us home ~THANKS ROMI~ and through the journey I played with Zenson. He was getting cranking as its near his bed time, so I tried to entertain him with songs n some tickling. Then I realised if I scratched his botak head, he finds it ticklish n will giggle. Then he will want more, think he like it. So Jessie, can try this at home arh hee~

Anyway fun, enjoyable n tired day, my back feels like its going to break into pieces. Little DinoEgg knocked out not long after his milk. We should do more of these shopping hee~ and I promise I will take more photos ok *wink wink*

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Hate them Tactiles!

I hate these Braille tactiles that are installed around the train stations, platforms and at road junctions. I know they are suppose to help the blinds to get around easily but it is simply something that driving me up the walls!!!

Reason? It has damaged 3 pairs of high heels; my fairly new shoes!!! This afternoon went to repair the soles, cost my $6.90 a pair, that will be $20.70. And God knows how many $6.90 I have to fork out *ggrrrrrrr!!*

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Teeth eruption = Whinning baby

Well the Heat Monster came back in the evening... temperature 37.4Deg, gave Little DinoEgg the med and the temperature hovers around that deg. He did not finish his 180ml of milk, left about 70ml. After that it was hell for us... he keep whinning n crying n is so cranky! He keeps chewing the pacifier n drooling non stop.

We did see abit of the lower right lateral incisor so guess its really making his gum feel very uncomfortable. When I tried to apply the teethign gel, this little rascal bite hard onto my index finger!!! I was so pain n it really felt like his is going to bite it into half!

After crying for 3hrs plus, I was so fed up coz he whinning can really gets into your head. I bring him into the room, switch on the aircon, stick his milk into his mouth n try to calm him. He drink about 40ml of milk then started to be cranky again. Then I remembered a calming baby CD in the room n quickly switch it on. The minute he heard the soothing music, he stopped his crying, sat up n starts swaying to the beat. I took this opportunity to give him the pacifier, make him lie down n pat him. In less then 10mins, he was in slumberland *phew*

I hope tomorrow he will not be giving the teachers alot of problem, must pack his teething gel in his bag....

Alright, good night everyone~

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Has the Heat Monster left?

This morning checked on Little DinoEgg, no fever, so has the Heat Monster finally left him?

Yesterday Little DinoEgg started to cry at 11pm... nothig seems to stop him, not even his pacifier and smell bolster. He just lie down in his cot n whine n cry... on n off all the way till 5am this morning!!!!

I was awaken by his crying at 7am... went to check on him, no fever, nothing! I applied the teething gel on his gum, gave him the pacifier n shortly after he fall back to zzz... think the gum is irritating him.

Lets hope later he will be feeling better n less cranky.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Feeling Tired n Sleepy

The fever is really affecting Little DinoEgg. He is not as active n playful as normal. He walked around sort of in a dazed, carrying his smelly bolster, or he will lie down on his small mattress with the bolster n his pacifier n rest. After lying down for about 30mins, he finally dozed off. I did not want to wake him up for his milk, just let him have more rest.

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Fever Again!

Yupe, yesterday when I fetch Little DinoEgg he was feeling kinda warm, thot its just my hands feeling cold as I just got down from the cab. Went home, he still feel warm, but he was running around happily. Sis+family came, he even play with Han, can snatch toys with her... Later I measure his temperature and its shows 37.4Deg, mild but I still give him med.

This morning temperature is 37Deg... oh dear....

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1st visit to Ikea & Giant Tampines

The Tampines Ikea & Giant was opened last year, even though the place is near us, we never have a chance to go down n take a look at it. All we did is to hear bits n pieces of info about that place; how the car park parking space is big, how Ikea is so big, how Giant is so big etc etc. Most of the info we receive is big big BIG!

Well we got a chance to go down that place on 07 October 2007, with Wendy & Mike. The 2 places is really BIG! Even the cafetaria is huge! We had their famous meatballs and chicken wings before heading to Ikea. Walk quite a far bit as its BIG, bought a tool set n some Ikea batteries for Little DinoEgg's toys. Then we proceed to Customer Service section as Wendy & Mike need to replace some faulty furniture.

While waiting, Little DinoEgg walked around the area, chasing his Daddy, he was so excited that he giggled n laughed so loud. Everyone sitting at the waiting area laugh with him when they see him laugh. Well laughter can truly spread, makes a person feels like laughing when you see another person laughing. Little DinoEgg entertained all of us with his smiles, laughters n some of his tricks.

We proceed to Giant after that, its HUGE! So much things to see... so little time (we need to head to East Coast for dinner)... I told Daniel we will come back n shop till our hearts content 1 fine day :P Though we were only inside Giant for about an hour, we bought quite alot of things; yogurt for kiddos, shower foam, baby's detergent, maggie noodles etc etc... then we threw all groceries into Mike's car and head down to East Coast for our dinner.

Though it was only just pass 6pm, the place were already quite crowded. We managed to get a table and we headed off for our "missions"; Mike to queue for duck rice, Daniel to queue for satay bee hoon, me & Wendy sit at the table n relax haha~

Little DinoEgg entertained himself on the bench while me & Wendy eat n drink n the men queue up for food. Everything was OK till Daddy came back... Little DinoEgg, as usual wants his dad, so I have no choice but bring him to walk around while Daniel have his dinner.

We took a walk outside the food centre, I saw water and headed that direction thinking its the beach. Well it turns out to be a huge enclosed water area when you can learn how to water ski or wake board. There is this cable that goes around the area, u just attached the rope to the cable and let the machine pull it. U can even learn how to jump too hee~ Little DinoEgg was so amazed with these uncles "flying" on the water. He even imitate their skiing action hahaha~ He was so engross with it that he did not want to leave, I have to carry him.

When we went back, Ms Bec+family just came (after contemplating n thinking for a long time whether to join us or not *piakz Ms Bec*). She suggested going to Geylang to shop around at the pasar malam to see if have any good n cheap things to buy. However we were there for a short while then we went home as Little DinoEgg was cranky n its way pass his bed time. Mike offered to send us back ~Thanks Mike + Wendy~
Here are some pictures I took in Ikea & East Coast.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Nose Bleed

Child care centre just called, told me Little DinoEgg had nose bleed. Teacher say they dunno what happen, he did not fall down or knock into something. The children were sitting down eating their meals when 1 of the teacher saw something dripping out of his nose. When she saw its blood, she quickly stop the blood from flowing n apply cold compress on him. Teacher say blood is not a lot, but maybe it irritates Little DinoEgg’s nose so he digged his nose *faintz*

Haiz… how come this kind of thing happen? Teacher say perhaps its due to heatiness… so means I have to dilute his milk? Boil barley water for him?


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20 September 2007

Ok doing some back dated events hee~ dun scold me, have been so busy n tired lately that really no time n no mood to update blogs.

This day went to NTUC for groceries shopping and let Little DinoEgg sit in the trolley. He had sat in it once long long time ago but he did not like it, cried n screamed but that day he totally enjoyed it and had the greatest fun. He find fun, pleasure and amusement from a simple thing like the trolley's "lock".

Though he was enjoying the view from the trolley, we still have to give him a packet of barley to keep him entertained n occupied.

When we got home, as usual we let him play with his toys. Now he knows to ask me to open that dome toy, at times when we are not there to do it for him, he will simply drop it on the floor which causes the toy to open up thus spilling all the small blocks onto the floor. After that he will take 1 in each hand n knock them together. Sometimes he will try to fit the blocks into the correct shape.

The following video clip shows his eagerness to learn new things. He saw us putting the blocks back into the dome n closing it and he wants to do the same too. He tried n tried but could not, though a couple of times he did seems to fit it back but u can see from his face that he knows something is not right. After a while he loses interests... Its ok, there will be some other times when he can try again :)

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Bad Day!


Yupe this was how this morning to school is… The reason?? Little DinoEgg woke up at 3am+, wide awake n wanting to play with his daddy. Daniel tried to pat him to sleep but failed to do so after 45mins. I have to take over n it took me 35mins to finally make him go back to sleep.

4.30am till 6.30am, merely 2hours n Little DinoEgg have to wake up for his milk n get ready to go school. He was ok during n after his milk but got cranky after that, did not even want me to brush his teeth; something which he enjoy n love. Threw himself onto the floor crying n screaming… Managed to coax him to change his diaper, clothes n wear his shoes. He still willing to walk fm his room to pray pray to Buddha then proceed to the door waiting for me to open it.

Still ok when we were on the way to the LRT station, ok while we sit on the train to Renjiong BUT started to scream n kick his leg, then kicked the man sitting beside us. I apologized to him and told Little DinoEgg to keep quiet, I even get him to put his pointing finger to his lips. That keeps him quiet for like 30secs and he starts again. Luckily we are about to get down the train n that distracted him for a while.

Train ride to Rumbia is ok, peaceful… walk to the school also ok. Then when we are near his school, as usual I will let him down and walk to the school himself. Today he totally dun wanna walk! Become a koala n cling onto my leg, when I try to hold his hand n walk, he went limp n threw himself onto the floor cry n cry … I have to calm him down before getting him to stand up, and when I try to walk again he cry again…

I have to leave him sitting down, head down onto the dirty floor and walk away from him. Then I walk back to him, told him calmly to stop crying and hold my hand to stand up. He listen to my instruction and walked unwillingly the remaining few steps to the school.

I think the whole school can hear him screaming n me speaking to him sternly outside coz when we were finally at the door, the teachers came to the door n all want to carry n saying Little DinoEgg.

That short 100m walk to the school took us 15mins to finish!!! And I left the school with Little DinoEgg crying loudly in the school…

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baked Macaroni

On 06 October 2007, we decided to have a last minute food gathering at Wendy's house. Why? Becoz we miss Auntie Josie's yummy baked macaroni~~~

We were suppose to reach Wendy's house before 2pm but just when we were all ready to go out, Little DinoEgg was cranky as he did not have enought morning nap. Thus we have to let him sleep for another hour before heading out.

It was not a potluck, just the macaroni and us to get the famous Toa Payoh fried hokkien prawn mee. Then while walking to the main road to take a cab, we spotted some tasty looking roast duck in 1 of the coffee shop. Just couldn't resist the duck, but since we never buy from this stall before we were afraid that the duck will not taste up to our expectation. Luckily we happen to buy from a famous stall so the duck was great! Not enough to go around though as we only bought 1/2 a duck. Never mind, there is always a next time n when tt time comes, we will definately buy 1 whole duck n eat till everyone's heart content!

Jessie & her kiddos; Denise & Zenson was the 1st to reach Wendy's house. Ms Bec was late too coz Ms Amber needs her beauty sleep, they were the latest... till Andy decided to join us after his work.
Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Little DinoEgg love the baked macaroni. He had his 2nd helping after his afternoon nap. We even took back some macaroni, just can't get enough of it.

I did not take alot of pictures as I was busy feeding n later patting Little DinoEgg for his afternoon nap. He had so much fun that you can clearly see that he is tired but he just do not wanna go to sleep. Managed to make him fall asleep after 30mins of patting... and he slept for 2 hours straight!

We left Wendy's house around 6pm+, made our way back home n was feeling exhausted. Luckily Little DinoEgg did not kicked up too much fuss during his bed time. We were able to turn in early too.

It was definately a good day, too bad Amy n Amanda couldn't join us. Well, next time then :)
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