Friday, November 30, 2007

You wanna be a Bully? (Part 2)

When Daniel went to child care to fetch Little DinoEgg yesterday teacher told him Little DinoEgg scratched a friend. REASON - that friend snatched a toy he was playing with, he retaliate by leaving a few marks on that friend.

Today teacher told me Little DinoEgg grabbed n pulled a friend's clothes. REASON - Unknown.

Teacher say when they call out to him, telling him he cannot do that, he immediately respond by looking away guiltily...

Bully in a making???? *sigh* Help ME!!!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 4)

Little DinoEgg is starting his crying spells again!

He will turn in at his usual bedtime of 9pm, latest 9.30pm but will wake up crying n screaming at 1am, 2am, 3am n 4am... This has gone on since Sunday! Luckily Daddy is there to pacify him n try his best to coax him back to sleep. Then I can have my beauty sleep though its not a peaceful one coz whenever Little DinoEgg cry, my mind will be half awake n if he cries too long, mind will be fully awake (even though still lying on the bed). Sometimes if he cries for quite a while I will get up and see how is he doing.

Daddy yesterday asked me whether he was traumatized at school coz his cries n screams sounds like he was having nightmares. I told him I do not have any idea coz the teachers did not mention anything to me nor did they put any remarks in his small blue book.

Maybe, just MAYBE, Clara traumatized him with her deadly bite!

When can we have a good night sleep? Every morning Little DinoEgg goes out of the house with a tired face, even though he is happy n smiling n everything....

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leg Warmers

It was a cold day this morning n I dressed Little DinoEgg up with the leg warmers again~ This time I managed to get some pictures but only these 2 turn out well (hhhmmm... he keeps walking n moving around! So difficult to catch him with my lousy samsung mobile phone!)

In the morning, waiting for the lift (see his sleepy face)

At Granny's house getting ready to go home.

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CSI - TV seires

Today's ST Life! has a report on CSI, which I believe are alot of people's favourite tv series. So which one are your favourite team? Me? I like CSI Miami :)

A team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas is headed by supervisor Dr Gil Grissom (William Petersen). Members include blood splatter analyst Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), audio-video analyst Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), hair and fibre analyst Nick Stoles (George Eads), and materials and element analyst Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), Gregory "Greg" Sanders (Eric Szmanda): Lab Tech, Det. Capt. James "Jim" Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) & the head county coroner Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins (Robert David Hall)

CSI Miami
Set in Miami, the series' team is headed by Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso). Members include Detective Frank Tripp (Rex Linn), ballistics specialist Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter), fingerprint and drug identification expert Eric Delko (Adam Rodriquez), DNA analyst Natalia Boa Vista (Eva LaRue) and Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) and Miami-Dade medical examiner. Dr Alexx Woods (Kandi Alexander).

CSI New York
A team of forensic investigators in New York City, headed by Lieutenant Mack 'Mac' Taylor (Gary Sinise). Members include Detectives Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill)Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap), and formerly a Medical Examiner Dr Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper).

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cod Liver Oil Part 2


Even with the temptation of the icy cold bottle also could not make Little DinoEgg open his mouth n take the oil... Ended up have to force it into his mouth, even so, only managed to give him 1/2 a teaspoon n out of that 1/2 teaspoon, half was being spit out....

so its MISSION FAILED!!! Nevermind, try again tomorrow...

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Cod Liver Oil Part 1

This morning I gave Little DinoEgg 1 small teaspoon of cod liver oil, original flavor.

Hmm... how to explain his expression after tasting that thing... he has a confused expression, guess coz he find tt cold sensation something new but perhaps the taste of that cod liver oil is yucky but when mixed with tt cold cold sensation, he couldn't decide whether its yummy or yucky haha~

The instruction says to give 1 tablespoon for 1 yr and above, I only gave Little DinoEgg a small teaspoon as I want to let him taste it 1st. Tonite will let him take another teaspoon which will make up to 1 tablespoon hehehe~

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You MUST take it!

Yesterday Little DinoEgg was at home with Daddy.

In the afternoon, Daddy was lazing on the sofa watching tv while Little DinoEgg was playing with his toys. Then suddenly he took the tv remote, walked to Daddy, pushed the remote to his face n say "eerrr-errrr", gesturing Daddy to take the remote control.

Daddy told him "No I dun want the remote control." then went back to the watch the tv. Little DinoEgg still does not want to give up. He pryed open Daddy's hand n shoved the remote control into it, then he proceed by closing all the fingers onto the remote control. Its as if telling his daddy "I asked u to take the remote, you MUST take it!"

hahaha~ this nottie little fella... so young and already so bossy.

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Heat Monster gone for good!

Yesterday afternoon Little DinoEgg do not have fever, we were keeping our fingers crossed lest the Heat Monster decided to do a U-turn and come back again.

Well this morning, he feels ok, so off he went to school. He was in extreme good mood, smiling n grinning while on the road, when he saw his teacher he was so happy tt he starts giggling :)

Oh i keep forgetting to mention, remember tt FISH hand gesture? Well turns out that its Daddy who taught him n not the teachers :D Daddy taught him when they were standing in front of Daddy's fish tank n watching the 2 fishes n many red shrimps swimming in the tank.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

A typical Night at Granny's

We usually goes back to Granny's house for dinner, and during these nights, Little DinoEgg finds ways and means to irritate Granny. Here is an example.

Granny is keeping the clothes in the kitchen, walking in n out, Little DinoEgg practically follows her every move!

Here's whats happening in the kitchen... he knows jolly well that the floor mat is very dirty and he is not suppose to play with it. And here he is... bringing the floor mat walking in n out of the kitchen and even throwing it over his head!!!

Anyway, these videos were taken a week plus ago, and u know wat? Last Friday while at Granny's house, he played with the floor mat again BUT this time he says "dity dity" which means DIRTY. We have been tell him the floor mat is DIRTY (both in English n Mandarin) and he learn how to say that word~ so happy for him. This little fella is fast in learning things, can foresee him to be a chatter-box :D

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Heat Monster Came to Visit

The "long awaited" arrival of the Heat Monster is finally here.... This afternoon felt that Little DinoEgg is abit warm, took his temperature; 38.4Deg.... No wonder he looks so listless earlier on. Gave him med.... and he walking, running, playing, irritating us like normal.

Hopefully Heat Monster is here for a few hours only.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Once I Caught a Fish Alive~

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on the right.

count 1 to 5 with fingers
(ok this is abit tricky) hold on to imaginery rod, throw the line when u say the word ONCE, fling it back when u say the word CAUGHT, then do the fish tail action when u say the word FISH (got it??)
count 6 to 10 with fingers
do the outward sweeping action with hands

do the "why" gesture
pretend leftt hand is the fish mouth, "bite" right pinky
do the "why" gesture
hold up your right pinky

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clara AGAIN!!

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg, the caretaker led him out n I saw traces of tears in his eyes. Caretaker showed me his left arm... a clear teeth mark on it!!! CLARA HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!!

Auntie say Clara just bit him on the hand, n at this moment Clara came out with traces of tears at her eyes too. I was unhappy, so I spoke to the child "Oh Clara u bit Ah Zheng again arh?", then from the corner of my eyes I saw her dad, then I quickly add "Y? This is the SECOND time already u know?". Auntie says "Oh izzit???", teacher Nita "Oh Mummy is countying ya??!!" I replied " Ya!! the FIRST time was ON HIS BACK!" I hope the dad heard me, apparantly he DID, coz he wagged his finger at Clara n scolded her. BUT he did not even offer an apology to US!!!

Auntie says "oh.. this time he went to provoke Clara tts why got bitten." I was like "Ya so wat? can anyhow bite pple?" #%U&%$^**(%^$#_+*(!$%^^

While walking home, I have a talked with Little DinoEgg, told him not to go near Clara lest she sink her teeth on him; any parts of him, not to play with Clara, not to talk to Clara... KEEP A DISTANCE AWAY FROM HER!!!

Did not tell Granny otherwise she will sure be feel heart pain... her little grandson got bullied again at school....
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I'm Amazed

A few hours out with Little DinoEgg really amazes me.

On Monday 19 Nov’07 we went out to attend to Simon’s ROM, while walking towards the LRT station, he saw the LRT train approaching the station n suddenly wave n say “bye train”. Whenever I see the train approaching or leaving the train station from the streets, I will tell Little DinoEgg “oh dear, there goes the train, we missed it. Say bye-bye train~” Most of the time he will either look at the train, ignore it or simply ignore me. But that day, he saw the train 1st and said bye plus a slight wave. So now he knows how to say the word TRAIN.

We proceeded to Plaza Singapura as I need to go to bank, after which we walked around for a while since its still early. We walked pass the shop that sells fishes, there is 1 row of fish tanks n we stopped by to admire the goldfishes swimming in the fish tanks. Little DinoEgg was very excited to see these little golden thing swimming around the tank, keeps laughing n giggling. Then he did something….he put his hand together n did the fish action, then he smile n say “FISH FISH”. Wow~ I am so surprise! Not only can he say the word “fish” but to do tt action… really must thanks the teachers in the child care.

I have been singing the “caught a fish song” since he was 11mths old but till now he did not try to say the word “fish” or even count with me, was sort of disappointed BUT his sudden burst of word FISH gives me confidence again! I believe if I continue to sing or read to him, one day he will start to chatter non stop.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feed Thy Food

Ok looking at tt spaghetti post n tt small picutre of a messy boy lead me thinking. Maybe I should let Little DinoEgg feed himself, using his hands (since he still does not know how to hold on to a spoon yet), making a mess n enjoying his food.

HOWEVER, since now he has a habit of spitting out n playing with his food... I am contemplating.... should I or should I not?

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On Top of Spaghetti

Was chatting with Adeline, then we were discussing about food which leads to pasta. Suddenly remember this silly song.

On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed
It rolled off the table, it rolled on the floor
And then my poor meatball rolled out of the door

It rolled in the garden and under a bush
And then my poor meatball was nothing but mush
The mush was as tasty as tasty could be
And early next summer it grew to a tree

The tree was all covered with beautiful moss
It grew great big meatballs and tomato sauce
So if you eat spaghetti all covered with cheese
Hold on to your meatball and don't ever sneeze

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Little Peter Rabbit

Little Peter Rabbit
Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose
Peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose
Peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose
And he flipped it and he flopped it and the fly flew away

Floppy ears and curly whiskers
Floppy ears and curly whiskers
Floppy ears and curly whiskers
And he flipped it and he flopped it and the fly flew away

rabbit - do rabbit ears with fingers
fly - flap arms
nose - point to ur nose
flipped & flopped - use left/right hand to do sweeping action near nose
floppy ears - do rabbit ears with fingers
curly whiskers - do curling action with index fingers near cheeks

To turn this tune into a singing game, sing the song four times. Leave out the word rabbit on the second verse, but do the motions. On the third verse, leave out rabbit and fly, but do the motions. On the fourth verse, leave out rabbit, fly and nose, but do the motions.

Happy Singing~
If you still do not know how to sing, ask me when u see me :)

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Tuzki and Q

How do you Q?

Tuzki believes blogging is the next best thing to long walks on the beach and late night snack runs. With a life as rich and eventful as his, he loves the way he can quickly upload entries and photos while he's away from home. With the Moto Q, you can blog from anywhere by uploading your most spontaneous photo and text entries to an MSN Spaces account. Broadcast your hijinks to the whole world without a second wasted!

With Windows Live(TM), MOTO Q makes blogging a cinch: upload your photos and text entries to your MSN Space anywhere. MOTO Q comes with a 2 megapixel camera which lets you take clear and sharp images. You can browse your friends’ blogs directly through Windows Live(TM) Messenger and be the first to respond. You can express yourself anytime, anywhere without using a PC.

Tuzki divides his free time between entertainment and food. The MOTO Q, unfortunately, is only able to help with the former. (At least it does so with brilliant ease.)
You may have spotted this little bunny running around on the web or attached to your instant messages as a lively emoticon. He's got charm, he's got wit and now he's got the new Motorola Q. Get a closer look at the features of the Q with Tuzki as your fearless guide. The website is chock full of exclusive downloads and fun extras that will bring Tuzki to life! Log on to now!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You wanna be a Bully?

Today went off work on the dot as I want to reach Little DinoEgg's child care centre slightly early so that I can catch hold of any of his teachers. Wanted to find out whether he has been spitting out his food to play with them since he has been doing it quite often at home.

To my surprise teacher say he did not, ALWAYS finishes his meals, sometimes cry if he wants more BUT NEVER spit n play with food. He also ALWAYS finishes his 240ml of milk. The teacher told me that whenever they are preparing for food, Little DinoEgg will be the first be at the pantry area, calling out "mum-mum mum-mum!!!", teacher have to tell him to WAIT WAIT WAIT! Meals time are peaceful too, he will sit down n finishes all his food till teacher gives him the water, after which he will walk away to the play area. Milk time too! Finishes his milk and sometimes will stretch out his hands with the empty milk bottle to the teacher expecting them to take the milk bottle from him. However teacher always tell him to get up and put the milk bottle on the table himself, which he does.

Its a totally different scenario at home!!

Of course he will still come running if he knows or sees that I am preparing his cereal/rice/porridge. But he cannot sit down and finishes his food! He always stand up and walk around the coffee table after a few mouthful of food. We have to keep pulling him back to sit down, but off he went after 1-2 mouthful of food. Milk time is a "better-keep-an-eye" on him mode lest he plays with the milk bottle by turning it upside down n letting the milk drip onto the mattress *aarrrgggghhhhhh* Or he will shake shake the milk bottle, sometimes shake too hard milk also spill out *faintz*. One thing that is the same as in school is he will bring the bottle and put on the coffee table, then he will insist on putting the milk bottle cap on. And if our hands are not fast enough, he will grab the milk bottle n run away. Then it will be the start of some wresttling game; wrestle the milk bottle out of his clutches.

Teacher tells me that some of the other mummies also commented that their child is a monster at home; never sit down quietly to finish food, dun finish milk etc etc... She says perhaps the child see that all his friends are eating n drinking together so they behave themselves and do the same too.

If thats the case then what am I suppose to do at home??? He is bullying us at home while being an Angel in school!!! Any attempt to restrain or prevent him from moving will result in some protesting cries. Maybe I should record down their meals time then when Little DinoEgg is eat or drinking, I play the CD hahaha~

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And they all fall down~

Yesterday after Simon+Ya-ya's ROM, sis, me n mum went to Funan for some food as Chu Farn says he is hungry. We decided to have Ya-Kun toast bread. While sis went to buy the food, mum took this chance to go toilet n I am left with 3 kiddos; Chu Farn, Han-han n Little DinoEgg.

Little DinoEgg was in happy mood dispite the fact tt he is badly in need of his afternoon nap. He was walking around the shop smiling to everyone. Cousin Han-han was standing there, stoned, too scared to move. Then suddenly Little DinoEgg saw Cousin Han-han, walked up to her n decided to give her a bear hug.

His sudden move caught Cousin Han-han off guard, she gave him a blur look then she lost her balance. 2 babies fell down... and knocked their head on the floor *OMG*... ... and both cry very loudly... ... Everyone was looking at ME!!!

Anyway, this is the 1st time Little DinoEgg hugged his Cousin Han-han. Usually he is very jealous of her, he will push her away when she is in his way; or when Granny wanna feed Cousin Han food/drink, he will purposely cry n ask Granny to carry OR sit in between Granny n Cousin Han, or he will snatch toys fm Cousin Han.

And you know what is the best part??? The best part IS, Cousin Han dun fight back wahahaha~~~ I always tell sis, its coz Cousin Han keep bullying Little DinoEgg when they were younger tts y now Little DinoEgg is taking his revenge hee~

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This morning told Little DinoEgg's teacher that he had MMR jab, so have to look out for any fever signs. Plus told her Little DinoEgg got the flu n cough again *sigh*... then I casually say"hope none of his friends in the group is sick." Teacher says "OH~! They are getting better!!!"

In my heart I was thinking... ya they are recovering coz they pass the virus to MY SON!!!

I really have to find some ways to boost Little DinoEgg's immune system! He keep getting sick every 2 weeks or so... This time with his MMR jab, even higher chance of getting fever again...

BUT NO FEAR!! I am armed with some stuffs I bought in spree, some cooling patches n cooling blankets. Hopefully it will help bring the fever down down down n gonez!

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Return of the Flu n Cough Bug ~aarrrggghhhhhh~

- it started with a few sneezes throughout the day on Sat;
- it escalate to sneezes with running nose on Sun morning;
- finally it erupted to sneezes with mucus flying out of nose on Sun afternoon;
- then came the cough on Sun evening;
- the starting of sneezes n cough whole of Mon;
- it was no peaceful sleep on Mon night;

And thus our sleepless nights starts too…..

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Monday, November 19, 2007

An evening @ Sis' place

Pop by sis' place after Simon's ROM. Wanted to take a sneak of some goodies hehehe~ Little DinoEgg totally enjoyed himself, playing with Cousin Chu Farn's heaps n heaps of toys, and of course Cousin Chu Farn's great company :) Most importantly, I can leave him with Chu Farn, laze on the sofa n watch TV~

Cousin Chu Farn have a BIG dolphine balloon, Little DinoEgg was so amused by that "blue flying thing" in the air. Keep staring at it n trying to grab it. Noticed the pictures do not have Cousin Han-han? Coz she is having her beauty sleep in her room :P When she woke up, both the babies have a fun time with that Dolphine.

After lazing at sis' place for almost 3hrs we headed home. Little DinoEgg kept yawning while on the ride home, he missed his afternoon nap again....

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Simon's ROM 19 Nov 2007

Happy day happy day!!! Today is my younger brother's ROM day!!! Even Little DinoEgg also feel the mood. I was moving around the house getting his bag ready when he suddenly took his shoe from the shoe rack, then with 1 shoe in each hand, he follow me EVERY WHERE!! From his room to our bedroom to kitchen to living room n back to his room.... waving his shoes in the air and blabbering... as if asking me "MUM!! Are we leaving yet?? Can I wear my shoe now???" GOSH... I have to keep telling him "Baby, we are not going out yet, pls put ur shoes down." or "BABY~~ put ur shoes DOWN! You have not bath n change clothes, wait a while, mummy have to pack ur bag 1st!" etc. Apparently he does not understand me... a while later he lost interest, threw his shoes onto his mattress n went to find some toys to amuse himself with.

Here are the pictures~~

As I said, its a happy happy day~~

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FOX Factory Sale!

Last Saturday went to FOX factory sale with Elaine+Shawn. Was expecting a HUGE crowd since its a weekend, surprisingly the crowd were just nice, not sardine packed, a daddy can carry a newborn n still hover behind the mummy with ease. Alot of the parents brought their kiddos along, I saw a few newborns too. However, when mummies are inside grabbing stuffs, daddies are outside waiting with the kiddos :)

Once in, Elaine n me went our separate ways, hunting n hoping to grab good clothes. I searched n searched but could not find anything nice for Little DingEgg *sob sob* The size is either too small; 0-3 or 3-6mths or its old designs which I saw earlier this year. And 99% are for gers!!! When 1 of the staff took out some new stocks to replenish, I asked her if there are any boys' clothes, she say "sorry, we dun have alot of boys' clothes." So sad!!! Hey! Boys do not need to dress up too izzit???!!! SO UNFAIR!!!

I managed to grabbed 1 tee @ $5 n 2 pairs of socks @ $2 each (the socks are real big but hey, its really cheap so grab first lah!) The tee size is 6-12months but i see its kinda big n maybe can fit Little DinoEgg so I bought it anyway (cheap things hard to let go haha~) Elaine grabbed alot of clothes woohooo~~ but she is buying for a few people too so its ok :)

After an about an hour @ FOX factory sale, we headed home. ~THANKS ELAINE+SHAWN FOR THE RIDE TO & FRO FOX!!~

Below is a pair of socks I bought in Oct'07, cute rite~~!!!! Its big though BUT I just couldn't resist!!! I got the FOX poison... too deep... uncurable.....

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My younger Brother is getting married!!!

Wedding Wishes

May Your Wedding Day Bring Forth, New Memories In The Making
As You Give Your Hearts With Love, All Others Now Forsaking

Many Years Will Follow As You Share Your Lives With Love
Blessings Within Your Marriage, Given By Our Lord Above

May Your Love Be As Lasting As An Eternal Flame
As You Become As One, Within The Sharing Of A Name

May Happiness And Joy Fill Your Lives In Every Way
As You Join As Man And Wife On This Your Special Day

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baby Sean's baby shower~

From SingHealth to Compass Point for breakfast to Eunice+Lee Huat's little Prince's baby shower. We walked over to their house which is opposite Compass Point. Though the sun is glaring but it was not as hot as I imagine. As we did not see the map to locate their house direction, we simply just walk towards the block of flats, thinking it should not be too difficult to find their block.

We walked pass a playground and Daddy let Little DinoEgg sat on the slide. This was not the 1st time he played the slide but he love it very much, actually wanted to climbed up the slide after he landed at the end of it *silly boy*

We found the block and proceed to Eunice+Lee Huat's house. Woah~~ we were the 1st to arrive, the caterer just done putting up the food etc too heee~ Luckily I told Eunice yesterday that we probably will pop by early, straight after the MMR jab. Chloe was so happy to see us, greeting us at the door, wagging her tail so excitedly. Little DinoEgg is also delighted to see her! This is the 1st time he is so up close and personal with another dog other then Kiroe. He keep wanting to touch Chloe but when she walk up to him, he turn and "run" away hahaa~ See the pictures below; he was "kissed" by Chloe :P

Baby Sean has grown so much since I saw him on his birth day, looking more n more handsome ya *grinz* Hmmm... so who does he look like now?? Dun ask me, I am very bad with this.

We had a wonderful time there, when Snoopy arrives, he immediately arrow Chloe, smelling her butt *eeeewwwwww~~* He got interested in Little DinoEgg too, smelt his diaper haha~ A while later Jace+hubby arrives, she almost could not recognise me hehe~ Well the last time we saw each other was ages ago!

We stayed for almost an hour before deciding to set off for home as Little DinoEgg was getting cranky. Thats coz he did not have his morning nap and its almost time for his milk plus he badly needs a shuteye. Since we are able to see our block of flats from Eunice's place, we decided to walk home. Took us about 25mins, the weather was cooling and we were home faster then we thought it would take :)

Little DinoEgg knock out almost immediately after his milk. Below are a few pictures I took today.

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Today is Little DinoEgg's MMR jab, his appointment is at 9.45am. I woke up at around 7am to start the day slightly early, washed up, take breakfast then awhile later Little DinoEgg woke up. Fed him milk then I proceed to do some washing. Luckily today is a sunny day so my piles of clothes will be "kiss" by Mr Sun instead of being hang inside the house risking having those damp smell.

We were all ready and out of the house by 9.30am, took the LRT to Seng Kang and walked to SingHealth. As usual there were already alot of people in the waiting area. We quickly got out queue number and proceed to 2nd floor and wait for our turn. The waiting area outside the MMR & DPT rooms were as crowded as usual; kids running around, babies crying or making noise, prams all over the place etc. We found a spot and sat down to wait patiently, preparing ourselves to wait for at least an hour before its our turn. Took some pictures while waiting :)

* Little DinoEgg trying to grab the camera*

*Little DinoEgg lying cozily on my lap*

Surprisingly, we did not wait for very long, about 45mins later our number was called and we went into the room. The nurse weigh Little DinoEgg; 10.94kg... hmmm... still have not hit the 11kg mark, seems like he has not been gaining much weight for the pass 1mth+.

A while later, the nurse prepare the necessary things for the jab. I asked Daddy to sit n hold onto Little DinoEgg as I am really scared of needles!! The nurse jabbed Little DinoEgg on the left arm (I thought it was suppose to be on the butt/thigh as I heard some of them mention it, hhmmm....). When Daddy held Little DinoEgg tight n restraining his movement, he was not happy n starting to struggle n make noise. The nurse quickly gave him the jab, Little DinoEgg was staring at the nurse when she held his arms with 1 hand n the needle at the other hand. He actually saw the needle went into his arm n out *faintz* Of course he wailed n wailed so loudly!

We tried to coaxed him by giving him the pacifier, no use; still crying with the pacifier in his mouth. So I showed him the wang-wang biscuit and he immediately stop crying -_- Greedy boy....

The nurse told us that not all babies will develop fever after the MMR jab, and it does not affect the babies immediately. Fever will only come between 5 to 10 days after the jab. So I have to be very careful and monitor him, will need to inform Little DinoEgg's child care centre about this too.

After this we proceed to Compass Point for a Burger King breakfast before heading off the baby Sean's baby shower.

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Supper Time!

Went to Jalan Kayu for prata supper, but this time I went alone coz Little DinoEgg was very cranky. Reached home around 9pm+, fed him milk n had a hard time making his to sleep. He slept for a while then suddenly woke up screaming n crying, unconsolable. He finally quieten down when he lies on Daddy's chest, trying very hard to go back to sleep. After much consideration, we decided that Daddy will stay home with him while I go supper alone. Actually wanted to tell the gang we wun be going but i need to pass some stuffs to Jessie & Elaine.

Anyway, Mike+Wendy with Bec & Jessie in the car came to fetch me at around 1115pm, when we reach Jalan Kayu, Adeline+Wille & Elaine+Shawn+Shyann was already there. Didn't know that Willie is able to make it as Adeline was saying he has been working late pass few days so may not join us.

It was fun time chattering, eating, gossiping, playing n laughing at the supper (now I know who is that KPO lady Adeline is referring, n wow she really do it so openly ya?). We ordered mostly prata; lets see there were 10 plain ones n about 4-5 cheese pratas, I only ate 2 plain pratas, Willie order a special nasi goreng but dunno what is it call, my Malay cannot make it de lah hehehe~ Ok today we finally learn in detail what Ms Elaine's company is doing/selling AND Ms Adeline learnt a new word; Hanger. hehehe~ shall not elaborate further on the Hanger issue lest i get hantum by someone :P

Time really passes real fast!!! When we left it was alread 2am!!! I packed bee hoon goreng, kambing soup n lime juice for Daniel. Willie offered to send me back since its on the way. So we parted our ways. Was still chattering with Adeline in the car when I sort of notice we have made a "new" turn, thought its a new way or perhaps I seen it wrongly (I dun drive n I am really bad with roads haha~), few minutes after that Willie says "hmm.. think we are on the wrong road..." just then Wendy called and she say "Hey, Willie trying to give u a sightseeing ride home izzit? *hahaha~* We were wondering how come he turned into that road"

Its ok lah Willie, since its the 1st time I sit in your car, then I take it as you wanna let me enjoy it for a longer period of time ya? hehehe~ Reached home after 2am, did not see the time. ~THANKS WILLIE+ADELINE FOR THE RIDE HOME!!~
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