Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Toast Bread & Eggs

Met up Jessie for breakfast as she is attending a briefing around my office area. We had toast bread n eggs; kaya butter toast for me n butter sugar for her, plus coffee for me n tea for her.

We had a pleasant breakfast, chatting n joking plus of course gossiping... heheh~ who can resist that :P

After our yummy breakfast, we took a slow walk towards my office, where she proceed to her destination from there. When I stepped into the lift, took a look at my watch n it says 9am!!! Wah I am so late today hehe~ However its ok since Elizabeth is in the office today.

Jessie, next time if u are around here again we meet for breakfast/lunch ok :D

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My Little Chatterbox

Little DinoEgg is getting more n more chatty, though most of the time its still baby language.

Sometimes he will look at me with his big round eyes n talk to me with his baby language. Sometimes pointing to somewhere/something, seems like telling me about his view about that thing. Though I do not understand him or do not know what is he trying to tell me, I still respond to him. Sometimes in baby language sometimes in proper words. Most of the time he looked at me, then turn his attention to other things, as if thinking to himself "Mummy dunno what I am talking about, dun waste time with her" wahahhaa~

He knows his LEFT n RIGHT. For the pass few months I have been teaching him LEFT n RIGHT. Sometimes I will say "Where is ur left leg? Give mummy ur left leg to wear socks/shoes" No reaction except looking at me with a confused look. Few days ago while walking to school, I asked him "baby, where is ur left hand?" And he raised up his left hand. WOW~ Tried asking him about his right hand n he raises it up too. Being a proud mum, I asked him about his left n right leg which he promptly lift them up correctly.

Little DinoEgg also knows his fingers and can say the word Fingers too, since he was about 15-16mths old. I taught him the word coz at that time he freaks out whenever I try to put on either his long sleeve pj or his jacket. Why did he freak out? Coz he cannot see his arms n hands *duhz* Thus I have to think of something to make him less fearful. Whenever I am putting on the jacket or pj on him, I will ask him "Where's ur fingers? Oh~~~ heres ur fingers~~" A few days later he will say "Finger" whenever I put the clothes on *grinz*

Yesterday when we were on the cab back home from school, I took out my mobile phone to call Jessie. Little DinoEgg look at me, put his hands to his ear n say "por-por" (Granny), I told him "No darling, mummy is not calling por-por, mummy is calling auntie Jessie." He looked at me, a little bit confused. After my short chat with Jessie, I taught Little DinoEgg to say Auntie Jessie, 1st try "AAANNN-TEEEEE" then softly "J-ssiii~" I asked him to repeat a few times coz the pronunciation is not accurate n it ended up as "Or-TEEE SI-SIIiii~" *faintz*

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dinner @ Ichiban

We had a short dinner at Ichiban, had a good dinner and a wonderful time.

See all those yummy food! Ms Bec only managed to take some of the food. The 6 of us spent $100+!!!

Looking forward to Amy's discharge n much needed rest, after that we can go makan again!!! Woohooo~~~

Anyway too little photos coz no one brought camera... the pictures were taken using Ms Bec's handphone camera. Thanks~ Ms Bec~~~

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A Visit to KKH

A few of us went down to KKH to visit Amy. She looks well, tired but mainly I think bored hahah~ Romi looks tired, heard he spent a nite on the bench at the taxi stand. It was such a freezing nite and Mr Mossie wun stop bothering him. *aawwww~~~ poor fella~~*

We chatted n gossiped n laughed, treat it as our usual gathering, we made so much noise that the nurse have to shh-ed us hahaha~ No respect for other patients ya, so bad of us.

BUT, cannot deny that we cheer Amy up alot. She looks better by the time we leave her.

Have a good rest Amy, after that we go cheong!!!! Cheong Wendy's house for baked macaroni ok hee~

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Feeling under the weather

Yesterday when I fetch Little DinoEgg, I felt that his body was abit warm. I should have walk back to the school to ask the teacher to measure his temperature but I did not. So we (or rather ME since he refuse to walk) took a slow walk to the nearby mall to get our dinner then took a cab back home.

Once home, I took his temperature; 37.4deg, low grade fever.... after that its crankiness all through his dinner n milk. Took his temperature just before he sleeps n its 36.6Ddeg, fever gone? Our guess is, it just went away for a while.

Little DinoEgg woke up at 11pm crying... then refuse to sleep but keeps whinning n coughing etc. Daddy in the end gave him the pacifier (which he did not have for the pass few days). That quiets him down but his eyes are still wide open. Daddy have to bring him to the living room n sleeps on the mattress while I continue to sleep.

This morning fever is back, did not take his temperature but my guess is its a mild one. Brought him to school and forgot to tell teacher he is having fever -_-" Anyway daddy will be picking him up in the afternoon to see Dr Koh. Hopefully Dr Koh can give him something for the cough n blocked nose.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

1st Simple Conversation

Little DinoEgg was enjoying his butter cake, while we enjoy the tv programs. Suddenly...

Little DinoEgg "Ma-ma 給 (aka give) tissue."
Me "tissue? ok u take it yourself there (under the coffee table)"

Little DinoEgg went to the coffee table, pulled out a tissue, clean his mouth then use tt tissue to wipe the table THEN clean his mouth again *faintz*

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Friday, February 22, 2008

D.T.P Project

*sigh* my D.T.P. (Ditch The Pacifier) Project took a standstill ytd. Little DinoEgg woke up crying at around 11pm, think he got scared as we left him in the room with only 1 night light plus bed room door was closed.

We did not managed to calm n coax him, thus daddy says give him the pacifier. It did calmed him down and within a matter of 15mins he went back to sleep.

Hopefully D.T.P. Project can continue tonight.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time to ditch the pacifier

Yesterday was the 4th night Little DinoEgg went to bed with his pacifier~

Yupe, I am weaning him off this thing. 1st 2 nights he was looking for that pacifier but I ignore it, then he was too tired to protest any further so he fell asleep with his mouth moving as if sucking on a pacifier. However I still put the thing within his reach lest he wakes up in the middle of the night n looking for it. True enough, next morning I see that pacifier in his mouth.

Thus yesterday I kept the pacifier, Little DinoEgg sleeps through hee~ YIPPEE!!!!

This morning told the teacher about it and say they can try let him take his nap WITHOUT the pacifier. Lets see how it goes :)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Its Macaroni Time again!

Who can resist those yummy macaroni auntie Josie bakes? So our gang flew down to TPY on 17 Feb'08 hahha~ As I am typing I can still feel the cheese, bacon, macaroni etc melting in my mouth~ gosh feeling hungry right NOW!

Party starts at 3pm but we were late coz daddy went out around 1pm to run an errand and came home around 230pm. He has to bath Little DinoEgg (as mummy dun feel like bathing him) n get him to change. By time we left home, its pass 3pm.

Jane, Jessie, Adeline & Stephanie + all their DH/kiddos was already, but luckily we are not the last one to arrive coz Ms Bec still not there yet. We attacked the macaroni almost immediately, Little DinoEgg also loves it that he has 3rd helping altogether. We stayed till dinner and had macaroni as our dinner, no one complains as its was simply delicious~

After that we played blackjack and the Loh Family lost $120 to the gang, but its ok :) Most important is everyone's happy so we are too.

Left Wendy+Mike's humble home around 10pm, all super tired but definitely enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Wendy & Mike for organizing this CNY cum macaroni gathering!

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Photo frame

Few weeks ago I ordered some foam stickers etc from a BP, it finally arrived on lunar new year eve. So I put my artistic genes into use hee~

A plain photo frame I bought few months ago

Stick here n there...


I bought so many of these arts n craft things, dun really have time to sit down n do it... will try to find time as n when :)

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2nd day of Lunar New Year

Its off to 6th yee-por's house today~ Little DinoEgg is in his Urban cap, Old Navy strips collar tee, Old Navy jeans, no brand socks and Bubblegummers shoes. Handsome right??!!!

If that picture on the right he was making some funny faces which I did not managed to catch the expression. The camera caught the image when he just done the funny face, thus his eyes look so weird...

We stayed at 6th yee-por till 9pm, daddy playing mahjong while Little DinoEgg walk around playing with the older cousins, irritating grandma, daddy, mummy etc etc Plus his frequent trips to the kitchen to get some food from 6th yee-por or anyone sitting in the kitchen eating *faintz*

He simply enjoy himself to the max, knocked off in the cab during our 10mins ride home.

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1st day of Lunar New Year

Little DinoEgg woke up early; around 630am, but I pat him back to sleep coz its holiday and he can sleep late. 2hours later he is up and about. We gave him the red packets, he is still too young to understand the significant of this. He took it, study it then decides to crumple it *faintz* Lucky I "rescue" then red packets fast enough.

Later that day, we are all dressed up to go Granny's house. See Little DinoEgg in his new Old Navy polo tee, long pants, Smally socks, Twinkle Toes shoes n Urban cap. Isn't he simply handsome and adorable?? Hahah~ 1 proud mum talking hehehe~

We proceeded to Great Grandpa's house where we meet up with all the yee-pors n jiu-gong (its daddy's auntie n uncles). We have a great time there, daddy as usual play mahjong while me n Little DinoEgg busy ourselves with the food, tv n walking around the house or watching them playing mahjong.

Daddy wanted to play another round of mahjong so I went home with Little DinoEgg too. As he's been out of the house since 1pm+ and no afternoon nap, he knock off within minutes in the cab... even did not wake up when we alight the cab, change his diaper, clothes n put on his pj... see how tired he was....

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Lunar New Year Eve 06 Feb'08

Was on leave today and Little DinoEgg's school opens for for half day only. Before I went to fetch him, made a quick trip to Rivervale Mall to grab some last minute items. Saw this pretty deco and decided to buy it though it cost a hefty $4.80 per

While at home, I was fixing up this deco n Little DinoEgg was engrossed with his Playhouse Disney. He happens to turn around and saw this deco just when I was finishing it, he suddenly shouted very loudly "美美!!!" (Pretty!!!), guess he was captivated by the bright red color with the many small small items on it. After we hung it up, he will occasionally point to that deco and shout "美美!!!" (Pretty!!!)

We went to Sin Flora and bought some flowers n a pot of orange. Flower (I dunno the name) and baby breather cost $10 each for a big bouquet, small pot of orange cost $15

The school gave Little DinoEgg a Red pack with 2 "gold coins" complete with 2 mandarin oranges and a carrier.

Reunion Dinner at Granny's house!

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Molars Blues

Last week I wrote that I should be expecting Little DinoEgg's molars to come out. For the pass week, he has been chewing his fingers, pacifier, straw... ANYTHING that he can get it into his mouth. Yesterday I felt his gums with my fingers n could feel something protruding from the back of his gums, BOTH SIDES!!! Gosh... dun tell me 2 molars erupting at the same time?? Good or bad news??

This morning told Teacher Siti, she say may develop fever, will instruct Little DinoEgg's teacher to monitor his temperature.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Such a sweet little boy

Its hold-my-hand-n-walk-walk morning again :)

He stopped at the window, look up at me as if telling me "mummy, i wanna see babies~", so I carried him n let him peep at the babies. After that he made a bee line to the school door. Teacher Adeline was talking to a parent, he walked in n look around, then as if he suddenly remember something, he turned around and gave me a flying kiss~~

I'm flying awayyyyyyyy~~~~~~~

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

And we walked hand-in-hand

Yupe, me n Little DinoEgg.

From school to LRT station; abt 10mins
From LRT station to home; abt 15mins

ok ok he decided he have had enough holding my hands when we were at the multi-storey carpark n struggled to let go of my hand. I did not want to let go coz we were standing on a flight of stairs, NO WAY!!! So he cry, scream, squat, and I am still holding onto his hand. Lucky the steps are those broad ones for slopes otherwise this little rascal would have fallen backwards pulling me along.

Anyway, walking finally, at least no more carrying a pack of rice (as Eunice have said of a 10kg+ Reiko LOL) n aching arms :)

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3rd day at Playgroup

Reached school slightly early then usual, Teacher Siti saw me n gather Little DinoEgg; who has got his pacifier in his mouth n smelly in his hand -_- Not sure what Teacher Siti told him when she took his bag, but he whine once, put the pacifier n smelly into the bag (maybe told him that I am here n he is going home so keep his pacifier n smelly) then was led to the gate. He sat down at the gate while Teacher Siti put on his socks n shoes. He saw me, he stretch out his hands to indicate "carry me" but I signal to him "wait". He nods n do the "wait" hand gesture. Not a cry, whine or any sign of impatient from him, I am so happy!!

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Walking walking

I am very happy with Little DinoEgg today :)

I did not carry him except while we were waiting for the bus as I was afraid he will run towards the road (we ended up taking a cab coz the bus was crowded). Yupe, he walked from our house to the bus stop. Then also from the minute we alighted the cab all the way to school *yippeee!!* On the way I picked him up to peep at the babies as our usual routine then he proceed to walk to the school's gate.

Then he played peekaboo~ with auntie (he remembered ytd's peekaboo game with Teacher Adeline :D). When he walked in n saw Teacher Adeline, he laugh, giggle n starts dancing making Teacher Adeline, auntie n Teacher Halifah laugh.

Oh Oh and 1 thing I am especially happy; I even got a kiss n bye from Little DinoEgg before he walk into the school!! Isn't that something great???!!!! I was in cloud 9 this morning!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally, BU-SSSSS

Chatty Little DinoEgg have been picking up words so fast, but pronunciation is still not good enough. He has learn the word BUS n can associate tt BIG purple & white/yellow & cream vehicle as bus, he can say "Ba" or "Ba-cciiii". Just now on the way back in a cab, he say it and said "BA-S", at least sounds closer to the actual pronunciation right? He is starting to learn how to say the letter "S". Good! No more "orry" for Sorry hahaha~

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