Monday, March 31, 2008

Should I get this?

Was browsing amazon and came onto Bear In The Big Blue House. I have always liked this show, not sure why Playhouse Disney has stopped showing them. I find that Bear is very entertaining with no irritating sounds or musics or character(s). And Bear has got such a soothing, calm look on his face, makes u wanna hug him n bury ur face in his chest *fuzzy fuzzy*

Anyway I was thinking, since Little DinoEgg like bear bears, maybe this will catch his attention. I read one of the reviews from a mummy that her son actually glued to the TV when she play Bear in the Big Blue House.

Anyone of you see this being sold in Bordes, Times, Popular or MPH? How much is it?? Pls let me know~ thanks a lot~~~

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gathering time again~

Its been quite a while since we last gather, with the Loh Family sick, we already missed out a gather @ Diana's house, so sad :( Thus we decided to organise one at our humble home.

Suppose to start at 6pm but Jessie came early, coz after work she went home, prepare the baked macaroni n came down to our house. Gradually the rest arrived, Chua family came with Peking duck, Elaine & Family came with tomato sausages & nuggets, the Loh family prepared chicken rice + chicken & PSS~ *the chicken rice is not very yummy coz too big pot, daddy dunno how to gauge n cook*

Its been a long time since we last meet up wtih Elaine & Family. Wow she is really tanned! And both Shyann n Shane has grown so much! Shyann has slimmed down abit, Elaine says coz she has got ulcers again n dun want to eat anything or eat very little. Poor ger *hugz*, get well soon ok~ Shane is walking, not stable yet but still want to walk every where n touch every thing WITH his cheeky look haha~ Reminds me of Little DinoEgg when he was at his stage.

Everyone is so busy, chatting, playing with kiddos, taking pictures etc... come to think of it, i was very busy BUT i dun recall having long conversation with anyone, only small chats here n there... OR am I too tired so I am having blocked-brain??? ANYWAY, the most important thing IS... all of us have a good time right peeps~?

Pics for all to enjoy and for those who couldn't make it, DROOL ON THE FOOD!!!

PS : Wendy, ur Peking duck is very yummy (thou the pieces are not properly chopped up, go scold tt duck seller haha), the mj khakhi took a break n almost finishes up the food. I was hungry, took a peep at the dinning table n the plate left with 2 duck wings n the neck portion, SO I ate the duck wings WHICH I usually dun eat, see how yummy tt duck is?

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Clap clap clap to a steady beat

Sis made an arrangement with Kindermusic to do a trial lesson this afternoon, since I am dunno the exact location, we took a cab to sis house and we took a short bus ride to the place.

While waiting for the bus, took some photos of Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han

Baby, u are suppose HUG Cousin Han, not do cho-cho train with her~

Ok ok hold hands then...

We reached the school about 10mins early but was told class will start 10mins late as the previous class starts late. So off we went to Mac Mac for some fries as I was famished!

When we went into the class Little DinoEgg was a little bit cranky, did not want to sit down, want me to carry him instead but when he sees that other children are sitting down, he also follow suit with no protest.

The class is very good, mostly on music with actions. They played with the music sticks, scarf and even a big parachute~ Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han enjoyed themselves very much. Little DinoEgg was not happy when its time to put away the scarves, teacher have to ask him to help her put them away then he is ok. Oh there is a new fren, a toy dog name Rover hee~ when Little DinoEgg saw de dog he went "ooh~ oh~ oohh~" When we sang a song about Rover, he was being passed around n when Little DinoEgg hold Rover he was smiling n patting the toy dog.

Little DinoEgg misbehaved nearing the end of the class, instead of sitting quietly at the circle he walked around the class. Not even the big parachute could attract him, I have to carry him back to the circle n make him hold on to it.

Class ended 45mins later, overall its was an enjoyable class. And Little DinoEgg was able to follow at least 95% of the actions. I will sign him up for the class provided sis sign up too haha~ otherwise I will feel so lonely...

We went to pack lunch and headed back to my home for a party later that day.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm in good mood today

I woke Little DinoEgg up for his milk at 6.30am, he stretched, open his eyes n say "allo mummy" with a little wave, so sweet of him~~~ Gave him the milk and I went about doing my things.

A while later we are out of the house, we were slightly early so decided to catch a bus instead. When we were near the school he saw grandma and broke loose of my hand n ran up to her. Grandma was so happy~ Hmm... he is still not talking to grandma, only touch, sayang, wave n flying kiss. Wonder when will he open his golden mouth n call "Ah Ma", then grandma will be super happy lor~

We continue to walk to school. Teacher Adeline was inside with a screaming baby, she was frowning... I have saw this baby when I fetch Little DinoEgg, he was crying n screaming his head off either with his water bottle in his mouth or sitting on the chair alone. Teacher Adeline says he jus got promoted from Infant Mobile class to playgroup. Its been a week plus and he is still crying his head off! Even when the teachers carry him, he will not quiet down. I asked her if he has got pacifier or smelly pillow, she says NO... like tt sure cry coz no security mah.... oh my oh my....

Then this Little DinoEgg, so KPO. I told him to go and sayang di-di he look at him, turn around look at me, then point to that baby n smile... as if telling me "mummy u see tt baby is crying... so funny, y he cry??" Hello son, u forgot u were also crying when you just join the playgroup?? Dun laugh at others ok........

I say bye to him, caught a flying kiss fm him and off I went to work :D

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Stokke Highchair on the way

After waiting and waiting and seeking Mothercare Singapore's assistant, I finally received an email from Stokke regarding my prize. Yippeeee~~~~

Dear Ms. Lim,

Congratulations, you have won one complete Tripp Trapp set for your photo.

We recommend Motherswork in Singapore (our official retailer) will provide you the following items for both convenience :

- Tripp Trapp (white color)
- Babyset (orange color)
- Cushion (Orange cord pattern)
- Harness (beige color)

However, they do not have stock right now, but they are email copied above, and you will be able to collect from their store in a few weeks time. They will contact you on stock arrival (should be on or before end of April) soon.

Thanks and regards,
Carmen Cheng
Pacific Bright Holdings Limited, Hong Kong
(Stokke Southeast Asia Distribution Agent)
Tel: 852 - 2106 1537
Fax: 852 - 2106 1539

Here is how the high chair look like.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ah Maaaa~~~

Since Little DinoEgg started child care, while walking towards his school we will see this grandma every morning, she stays at the same block as the school and most morning she will come down for morning exercise.

Whenever we see this grandma, we will have a short chat, I will ask Little DinoEgg to call her "Ah-Ma" (grandma in dialect), and will ask him to say hello, sayang, say bye bye n give flying kisses to her. When we did not see grandma I will ask him "Where is Ah-Ma? Mummy dunno.. maybe Ah-Ma woke up late so did not come down at the usual time" etc etc... Last week, we did not see grandma and Little DinoEgg blurted out "Ah-Ma?" then do the "No-More" action. So surprise, coz usually when he interacts with grandma, he only do action, never vocal.

This morning we did not see grandma again, we reached school and did our "peep-at-the-baby" routine, we saw grandma at a distance away, walking slowly towards our direction. I put Little DinoEgg down n he started walking very quickly, I thot he was heading for the school's gate, instead he walked pass it and straight to grandma!!! Surprise surprise~~~!!!! He went up to her with arms stretched out as if wanting her to carry but she has no strength. Little DinoEgg sayang her then wave bye bye and walk back to the school gate.

Guess he already think that seeing grandma is a routine and something he has to do every morning hehe~

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friends came to visit for a short while

Had a visit from Diana+Randy, Amy & Jane plus their kiddos. Actually was only expecting Diana & family coz she wants to pass something to me n at the same time collect some clothes from me. But when I open the door at 9pm+ I was met with ssooooo many pple haha~ I only tell Little DinoEgg that "later Auntie Diana, Uncle Randy, Ryan kor-kor and Demi mei-mei will be coming over to our house later." He was delighted to find sooo many pple instead :D

Diana packed dinner to eat at our place and we pinch some food too hee~ yummy yummy~ Thanks Diana~ You always buy such yummy food *kuey chap kuey chap kuey chap*

After dinner, the kids play among themselves (actually the boys were interested in the small train set) n we sat down gossip gossip.

OMG!!! Little Demi slim down A LOT!!! Her chubbiness all gone gone gone!!! According to Diana, she is teething and for the pass week was having fever & having bad appetite. *hugs hugs Demi* Now that your teeth is not bothering you and the Heat Monster has left, eat more n get ur chubby chubby cheeks, arms, legs etc back ok~

And Manfred... so dark! Must be the swimmings Amy has been bringing him to. Better lah, he used to be so fair... cannot cannot! Boys must be darker abit n action abit rougher. Amy, time to combat train ur boy le~

Little Lecarde can sit up le~ but still not stable, occasionally will either fall backwards or forward hehe~ reminds me of Little DinoEgg when he was at his age. Jane complain that he has a habit of leaning forward n bitting whatever is in front of him, be it a knee, hand, bag, toes, toy etc wahahhaa~ naughty boy~

When it was time to go back, Manfred didn't want to leave, coz he want to play with the toy train, keep whinning and did not want to wear his shoes even though Amy already carry her bag and standing at the door. After some persuasion from Amy, he finally give in and went to wear his shoes. Manfred boy, dun worry, you will come back to yee-yee's house this Saturday ok~

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New FOX Clothes

Its been ages since I last bought FOX clothes, cos I do not like their clothes series. Today went to FOX and saw new series n a few items that I like BUT as its NEW ARRIVALS thus its consider expensive to me haha~ cheapo mummy.

Luckily they are having sale too so I bought 2 sets of clothes for Little DinoEgg and Cousin Han.

2 sets for $29

2 top for $10 each

BTW, the 2 sets of clothes are both 18-24mths but look at the size~~~ so much different....

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New Train Set

Was feeling bored so decided to bring Little DinoEgg to CP for a short trip n to see if I can find any toy train at Kiddy Palace.

However first we headed to Delifrance for some lunch... Little DinoEgg's lunch. I ordered a chicken crossiant set. Ended up I finishes the mushroom soup, the chicken n half the crossiant. Little DinoEgg only have the piece of garlic bread that was suppose to be eated with the soup n half the crossiant. He was enjoying himself at Delifrance, munching the crossiant, watching the people walking pass the restaurant n shaking his leg while sitting on the sofa. We left Delifrance a full hour later... gosh... sort of set my schedule off a little.

Headed off to FOX first as they were having sale. The minute we walked into FOX, Little DinoEgg start shaking his bum bum to the music, amusing everyone in the store. I was browsing the clothes while Little DinoEgg entertained himself by sitting on the few shelfs n shaking his legs, with the huge piece of mirror, dancing n making funny faces in front of it, running thru the clothes racks. I was able to shop peacefully while peeping at him occasionally. Then he went overboard.... I was making payment for the clothes when he went up to a rack of clothes and with 2 or 3 sweeps of hands, swept the clothes onto the floor!!!

Another heart attack!!!! The sales assistant auntie n me quickly went up to him n started to pick up the clothes. After that I scolded him n smack the back of his hands. He look sad but did not burst out. I raised my voice and told him to stand there n think over his action n I walk back to the counter to finish paying for the clothes. Thats when he burst out to tears. The sales assistant auntie starts to console him, the next minute Little DinoEgg hugged her leg n bury his face in between her knees n cry louder *faintz* After I paid for the clothes I walked up to him n told him to shushed n off we went to Kiddy Palace.

As usual we headed off the the toys section where he immerse himself with the musical toys, happily pressing n turning all the toys. I took the chance to walk around the section. Can you believe that its such a big toys section and I can only find 1 small pathetic train set??? Of course we dun consider Thomas the Train (which has its BIG corner), its too expensive to buy that for him, coz I know he will start banging n throwing them... He has already broken the only Thomas Train which Ms Bec gave, I have to use super glue to stick the part back.

Anyway I took the train set box and showed it to Little DinoEgg who shouted "Train train~~" We proceed to the cashier, paid for it n headed out. Walked pass Popular bookstore and went in to see if I can see any interesting books for Little DinoEgg. Did not see any, so went to buy lunch for daddy n headed back home.

PS : Later that night, daddy took a look at the train set and says its only suitable for 3yrs and up *duhz* Never mind lah~ so long he is enjoying the toy I am ok with it.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dinner at Granny's

The sky was really dark when we set off at Expo to Granny's house. Along the way it started to drizzle n when we reach Granny's house it was pouring! Lucky there are shelters where we can alight the cab without stepping into the rain, we reach Granny's place dry n happy.

As soon as we are in the house n after the usual greetings etc, I put Little DinoEgg down on the mattress for his over due afternoon nap. However I think he got too excited at the Expo so he does not want to sleep, but i persist. After 30mins of coaxing n scolding, he finally fell asleep n I took this opportunity to catch some zzz too... BUT barely 45 mins later he is awake *duhz* So I have to get up too to accompany him. Luckily Bro n SIL came home, they help me to look after Little DinoEgg while I relax abit hahah~

Bro & SIL went back to China during CNY and SIL just came back recently, she bought some small gifts for us. Nice~ Its a set of bookmarks of Beijing 2008 Olympics mascots, a nice mask keychain and a Beijing 2008 Olympics gold coin.

Then its dinner time~~~ had a yummy dinner, always love Granny's cooking *rub round round tummy* We were resting n relaxing in the living room watching tv n chatting. All were well, peaceful n everything, the kiddos are playing with the toys,of course there are occasion fights for toys. Suddenly Granny called out to me to follow Little DinoEgg who has walked into the kitchen. Reluctantly I moved my butt, walked to the kitchen and see NO ONE!! He was not in the kitchen!!!! Then I heard splashing sound in the toilet, turn n saw this naughty boy, with his 2 hand INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL PLAYING WITH THE WATER!!!! I almost have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was boiling mad! Grabeed his hands, scolded him loudly for doing that n hit the back of the hands with all my might several times. When I stopped his hands were swollen n red, but I don't care! He did not shed a tears or cry out coz he knows jolly well that he has done something wrong. Washed his hands several times with soap to ensure that no bacteria stays on it and ordered him out of the toilet. All this while he was quiet, did not even protest or anything.

The minute he sees Granny, Cousin Han n the toys, he totally forgets about everything n enjoys himself with the toys *duhz* So its back to the toys n to the tv till its time to go back at 8.30pm.

Back home, changed his diaper, change into his pj, gave hime milk n he say Good Night to daddy. We went into the bed room for milk and he fell asleep soon after that. Me... I dozed off shortly after... Its been a tiring day.

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Off to Expo

Its a long weekend, since we stayed home yesterday plus I am feeling better; no blocked nose and only occasional cough, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg out. Heard from Ivy that there is a baby fair at Expo so I asked sis if she is free to go. She says ok so we arranged to meet up at 2pm later.

In the mean time, quickly pat pat Little DinoEgg to nap, told him when he wakes up later we will go gai-gai aka go out. He nodded his head n is in his dreamland in a couple of minutes. I quickly take my lunch, cook his lunch n pack his bag etc.

2 n a half hours later we are on the cab to Expo~~ So excited! Reached Expo at around 2.15pm, wow~ so many pple~ there are a couple of events going on that day besides the baby fair. There is also the book fair! Which I sooo much wanna go but can't coz I am with Little DinoEgg. It will sure be very pack n how to carry him plus the books that I wanna buy at the same time?? *sob sob*

We waited for a while and sis + kiddos were here, Little DinoEgg was happy to see Cousin Farn that he even hug him :) Cousin Han was in this cute little FOX layered skort, she even tied her hair, oh my! so sweet~~ Too bad I did not bring the camera with me.

We took a slow walk to the baby fair exhibition hall and were surprise that it is not as crowded as we anticipated. Its Saturday and the hall looks kinda empty.... good for us lah~ coz we can let our kiddos walk without fearing they will be trampled on. There were nothing much to see, perhaps coz most of the things are for NB or babies, ours are toddlers so dun really need those things. We were done walking the whole hall in about 35mins. Sis bought tickets for Cousin Han n Little DinoEgg to take the Merry-Go-Round, as they are still very young, we have to accompany them. So both of them each sat on the "horse" while me n sis stands besides them. Both of them were so excited when the ride started to move, but sis got dizzy a while later coz it went round n round n round haha~ When the ride ends, Cousin Han refuse to come off the "horse" and protested by starting to cry as she does not want to get off the ride.

We took a seat at the main stage to listen to some PD talking about something (not really paying attention, just wanted to rest our tired feet), Cousin Han was still unhappy, so I took out the biscuits and let the kiddos eat, this sort of pacify her a bit... hmm.. food lover ya? hee~ I went off with Little DinoEgg to walk around while trying to find a place where they sell drink... and could not find any *grrrrr* ended up bought 2 boxes of biscuits for Little DinoEgg, of coz sharing it with Cousin Han, wats the fun of eating alone?

After a while we decided to proceed to the Branded Sale event. Its a very small scale event, on 2nd level at the taxi stand area. There are clothes for adults n kiddos, bags, shoes, swim suits for adults n kiddos and even snacks. We saw Sesame Street kiddos tees, saw an Elmo tee and immediately I wanted to buy for Little DinoEgg n Han. Dig through the pile of clothes and the smallest size I could find is 3, which is rather big for Han. So I only buy it for Little DinoEgg. The minute he sees Elmo, he shout "Elmo~ Elmo~ elmo~~", I told him "yes darling, mummy's buying this for u ok". We left the place with an Elmo tee and 2 shorts for sis.
Headed to Granny's place for dinner~ Granny only get to see Little DinoEgg once last week as compare to the usual twice a week, so decided to go back for dinner. Plus since out with sis and its her weekly visit to Granny's place so I just go along with her.

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Cho-cho "train~"

Since few weeks ago Little DinoEgg is fascinated by trains, of course it started with Thomas the Train (ain't it ALWAYS started from him???), also in Playhouse Disney during the interlude there will be a train going across the tv screen telling u what to expect for the next programs.

Few days ago he starts doing this....

And after he makes a "train" out of the remote controls he will clap his hands happily and say "CHOO-CHOO TRRAAAIIINNNNNN!!!!"

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My 1st Art & Craft

Tomorrow is Easter Day, teacher requested us to make 3 hard boiled eggs for the kids to bring to school. They are going to help the kids paint them and then hide the eggs to let them find it.

So Daddy made 3 hard boiled eggs yesterday morning and Little DinoEgg brought it to school. Today they will be doing the painting etc.

Daddy went to fetch Little DinoEgg today, I was home earlier with our dinner. When they reached home, Little DinoEgg show off his 1st piece of craft; a basket with eggs inside~ There are shreds of paper to act as the nesting for the basket haha~ 1 red egg and 1 pink toy egg.

He loves this basket so much that refuse to let it out of his hand or sight. Even wanna hold it while having his dinner.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling lousy :(

The boys have recovered but I have not! Today went to see doc again to get medicines for my cough and flu. My blocked nose is getting worst :( Now the inside of my nose is so sore...

I feel so lousy that I just gotta take medical leave and stay home to just hopefully sleep it off. Daddy was nice to accompany me to send Little DinoEgg to school and to see doc.

Came home, took my cough med and knocked out for 2 hours straight! Woke up feeling terrible and went back to sleep. 5 hours later I am still feeling lousy. Body feels so weak n tired. Thats the reason why I do not want to take the cough medicine coz it makes me drowsy and body so weak.

Wish I could take medical leave tomorrow but I have got stuffs to rush :(

Ok going to fetch Little DinoEgg from school... bye~

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to school today

We took a cab to school today, coz Little DinoEgg took a million years to drink his milk!!! In the end I took away his milk as we were running late... VERY LATE! He only manages to drink 80ml... well, enough to last him till his morning snacks at the school.

Took our usual slow walk to school after alighting from the cab, saw a maid with a little girl waiting for the school bus sitting on the chair. The minute Little DinoEgg saw them, he uses his right hand to cover his face (left hand holding to my hand), i was like "uh-oh...." coz he has never done this before... maybe couping up at home for a week has make him become shy n wary of strangers? And I started to fear the worst when we are at the school.

We walked towards school, met the Ah-Ma and Little DinoEgg was not shy with her, even wave hello, let Ah-Ma sayang him and wave bye-bye to Ah-Ma.

We proceed to our daily peeping of the babies at the window. He was happy to see the babies, when I put him back down he was walking very fast towards the school door. However when we are at the door, he suddenly freeze.... pulling my hands back when I wanted to go nearer to the door. When he sees Teacher Adeline he froze... I tried to distract him, the kids are playing with some stack-up blocks and I move his attention there. "wow baby~ what are all the kor-kor n jie-jies doing? What are they playing??" Then I led him into the school while his eyes stick to the kids. Teacher Adeline sort of gave him a small nudge to make him move a step forward.

Was so afraid that he will cry anytime... I wanted to quickly turn and go but Teacher Adeline says to him "Zheng, good boy, say bye-bye to mummy lah!" I was cringing inside.. what if he decided to cry there n then??? BUT I still look at him and say "bye darling~ I see u tonite ok?" *muacks n flying kisses* Well no tears, no tantrums... *phew* And off I went, a happy mummy grinning from ear to ear.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Little DinoEgg has recovered

Little DinoEgg is well!!!

I return home to a cheery chirpy chatty him. Saw me and came to the door to give me a big hug n kiss (by daddy's instruction lah haha~) He is even dancing to the beat of dunno what program at Playhouse Disney... Heat Monster has left, though he still have the cough and running nose. The skin just below his nostrils are red and sore... all from the constant cleaning of nose, rubbing tissues on the nose.... A few times when I clean his goo-goo (aka mucus) he will say "pain pain"... haiz... poor thing....

Anyway decides to send him to school tomorrow. Was afraid that he will scream and cry as he's been away from school for about a week. So while watching tv n playing at the living area, I asked him "baby, tomorrow go school see Teacher Gina ok?" He whisper "ok" "See all your frens like Nicholas, Clara (ya even dreadful Clara lah since I dunno his frens' names), Jason (this one I made it up, hopefully he really has got a fren name Jason) ok?" "ok" "See Teacher Adeline, Teacher Siti too ok?" "ok"

So lets see how and what will happen tomorrow....

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Loh Family is DOWN!

It started with a itchy throat on Friday, followed by cough on Saturday then high fever on Sunday.

Went to see doc, gave me some medicine for cough n fever, 2 days MC. Monday fever linger between 38-39Deg. At the same time Little DinoEgg & daddy was coughing, think got the virus from me. Today came back to work as need to rush things, fever still lingers at 37-38Deg... doesn't seems to be improving...

Later going home to rest... If both of us not feeling well, maybe have to put Little DinoEgg at Granny's house for a day or 2. We really do not have any energy to take care of him.


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Friday, March 7, 2008