Saturday, May 31, 2008

Old Navy Loots

Received the Old Navy clothes I bought recently. Mostly shorts for Little DinoEgg (the red jersey shorts is for Cousin Han) as he has outgrown all his current ones. He only have long pants or long jeans. The rest of the shorts are for his daily wear to school. There is also a white top for me :) Though I think its abit big even though its size S... Nevermind, can wear a tube or something inside.

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Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

We finally received an email from Mother Works (Stokke's local distributor) that our prize is ready for collection. So last week me n daddy headed down to Tanglin Mall to collect it.

While there, daddy saw the price of the chair... woah~~ a whopping S$465!!! And thats not all, the harness is S$79, the baby seat is S$89 and the cushion is S$99... Woah!!! All expensive stuffs!!! Little DinoEgg better appreciate this chair.

Here is how the chair looks like (minus the baby seat and harness) after its been fixed up by daddy :) A pretty chair right??

Its heavy enough and thus does not risk toppling over regardless of how the baby/toddler rocks, shakes n rattle while sitting on it. Daddy did fix the baby seat in but it was so small that Little DinoEgg couldn't fit in *giggle* And the height of the chair is just nice for our dinning table. So now we can train Little DinoEgg to sit at the table and have his meal.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Suddenly... its so quiet...

Every morning when we are outside Little DinoEgg's school, there are always a few pairs of curious eyes peeping from behind Teacher Adeline and a few curious ones walking towards the door to see who has come. Those behind Teacher Adeline will call out Little DinoEgg's name, laugh or giggle etc.

Today... no curious eyes...
Today... no curious kids...
Today... no one calls out to Little DinoEgg...
Today... no laughter, no giggles, no talking...

Not even from the inside of the school... I took a peep from the window and only see 6-7 older kids sitting at the further end from the window. 2 N1 kids sitting at another table...

The whole school is suddenly so quiet....

Where is everybody??? I asked Teacher Adeline and she say "Dunno... maybe they caught the HFMD..." WAH!!! Freaked out manz! And there I saw a notice at the door, the school has 3 HFMD cases since 18 May 2008!!!!

I seriously hope that those kids are away on holiday since its school mid year holiday now.


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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok ok Sunday there were spots n ulcers, Monday morning the spots were either gonez or not as red n swollen as the day before. Ulcer on the tongue seems to have disappeared, there were still some sore spot on the one on the inside of the upper lip. Red bumps on the butt were gonez too~ All those spots n ulcers miraculously disappeared!!!! On top of it, he did not developed fever, still plays, shout, irritates, screams like his own usual self.

However, not wanting to risk it, Little DinoEgg stayed at home for a day yesterday. Calls back to Granny's says no fever, no diarrhea, no red spots, no point to the mouth n say "pain pain".... so is it a good news or bad news?? I am totally confused.

So to set my heart at ease, a visit to Doc yesterday night. I told Doc (sorry I forgot the doc's name) what has happened and my concerns. She took a look at Little DinoEgg's feet, legs, elbows n arms and found nothing. Took a torchlight with a strong beam n try to peep into Little DinoEgg's mouth; initially unsuccessful as he refuse to open or stick out his tongue, then I have to trick him by saying "stick out your tongue n do bblleeaaahhh". Bad habits dun follow ok haha~ Doc din see the ulcer supposedly that is on his tongue, only see redness on the inner of his upper lips.

Conclusion :
1. Doc says it could not be HFMD as spots dun go away over night.
2. This is after I told Doc that he got HFMD few months back; she says maybe his body already has the antibodies from the last attacked so was able to fight against it this time.

So is it HFMD?? Doc did not give me a confirm answer coz I think she is not sure too since early stage of HFMD is difficult to detect. She also did not request me to put him on house arrest for a week. SO~ I sent him back to school today :(

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I can put on my shoes

We were going shopping at the nearby mall, Little DinoEgg was impatient and couldn't wait for me to get ready. He starts to take his new shoes out and want me to put it on for him. When I did not (coz I was busy packing our bag), he took the matters into his own hands and put it on himself!

I'm trying... trying... trying....

Look mum! I put on the shoes MYSELF! *so proud*

Actually.... he play cheat wahahahahaaa~~~

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kuay chap it is then ^.^

And yupe, we really have a nice yummy kuay chap breakfast, woohoooo~~~ Thanks to Diana & Randy~~

Was sitting in the living room watching tv with Little DinoEgg when we suddenly heard some loud hard knocks at our door. Its Diana & Randy plus kiddos!!! With our yummy breakfast *slurp slurp* We were eating at the dinning table while Little DinoEgg and Demi happily walking around the table trying to engage us in wat ever they are interested, of course most importantly, trying to get a taste of wat we are eating hee~ Well Little DinoEgg got what he wants and got to taste the kuay.

After a good breakfast, we all sat down at the living room watching tv n reading newspaper while the boys play among themselves and Demi climbing all over Randy.

Around 1130am Demi starts yawning and gets clingy to mummy n daddy, so Diana decides its time to head for home for a good nap :)

Thanks again Diana & Randy for buying the yummy kuay chap upon my request, hope its not too troublesome~

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Walk Walk

Recently if Little DinoEgg wants to get something or go some where even if its in the house, he will stretch out his hands, say "牵手 a.k.a Hold Hand" to who ever is near him or he fancy; currently daddy OR granny, mummy always last choice :( then will lead u to where ever he wants to go; play area, kitchen, room, see Popy (my mum's dog).

I remembered Mirabel also have this "habit" the last few times we were at Wendy's house earlier this year. She will come to me or any one who she suddenly feel like asking then will insist holding on to your hand and lead you back to the play room hehe~

So this is a phrase ALL kids will go through?

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

First visit to T3 on 03 May'08

Yupe, for Little DinoEgg and mummy, did not have the chance to go as Little DinoEgg was still young and could not appreciate the trip.

Arranged to meet Jessie & her kiddos at 2pm, we were early as we took a cab. Miscalculation from my part, Little DinoEgg napped till 1pm and I rushed like mad to give him milk, bath n change him. Luckily he was cooperative thus we were out of the house around 1.30pm, cab ride is about 20mins (I keep forgetting we are staying so near the airport). Tried taking photo of son n myself but failed... still have not master the act of self photo taking :( Never mind, practice makes perfect!

This is the first time Little DinoEgg went to a place with so much empty spaces, so huge building and ssooo quiet.... perhaps its becoz its a Saturday afternoon so not much flights during this time. We walked around for a while and suddenly something caught Little DinoEgg's attention. He was pointing to something excitedly and walking briskly towards it.

Turns out to be a kind of structure, like the fan in the plane's engine minus the outer cast. The fan turned slowly and in every direction randomly. Little DinoEgg shouted "FLY FLY FLY~~!!!" and starts was mesmerize by it. We were there for a good 10mins before i urge him to walk on as I got bored haha~

Jessie n kiddos finally arrives and we headed off to SWENSEN'S for our late lunch~ Every one enjoyed the food~ oh ya forgot to take picture of the food... After the heavy lunch we walked around exploring T3. So many shops but sell such x things :( The kids started to warm up with each other and soon are running and chasing each other or jus plain running aimlessly.

And guess what?? We walked back to FLY-FLY~ haha~ the kids ran n ran n ran, round the huge pillar, round the rows of seats, run everywhere! Me & Jessie relax on the seat n auntie Gina? Chasing after Zenson lor hahah~ A while later we went to basement, shop at the small NTUC then we headed home.

It was an enjoyable trip, except when Little DinoEgg misbehaves once in SWENSEN'S, once while shopping around (he lie down on the floor!!!) n once in NTUC (keep wanting to take something which GOD knows what is it!). Turns out that he is feeling tired, I asked him if he wanna sleep he nodded. I took out the sling, put it on him and minutes later he zzz all the way home. In fact all 3 kiddos hit the sack the minute we are on the road. Guess all those running n excitement truly tires them out.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lunch @ PS

Meet up with Elaine & Shawn for lunch at PS, actually it was not pre-arranged just that they were there to eat so I join in lor hee~ Anyway passed Elaine her loots and she passed some loots to me too (wah! gift exchanging??) ooooo~~~ found out that Elaine also dun like tt "smelling" green veggie to be in her soup haha~ She was patiently picking every single one of them out when I sat down with her at the food court.

And wow~ when was the last time I see Ms Elaine?? Earlier this year or was it late last year? OOooooo~~ she slimmed down so much~ Both she n Shawn dun believe me *duhz* My eyes cannot be playing tricks ya? Her face slimmed down n her arms... no more butterfly arms wor~ So Ms Elaine, how did u do it?? Share your tips~~

I went with a medium bag and went off with a BIG bag! And its mainly not my stuffs... Ms Diana~~~ if you are reading this, please pay a "ransom" of 1 yummy kuey chap breakfast enough for 4 adults and 3 kids before u come and "redeem" your loots wahahahaha~

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Complained to Town Council

I wrote to town council yesterday... my long long long long mail....

From: Lim Jennifer
Date: 06/05/2008 05:34PM
Subject: Lifts at Blk 310B Anchorvale Road

Dear Sir,

I wish to bring your attention to the 3 lifts at block 310B Anchorvale Road. Since we moved into our house in May 2005 we have been getting problems with the lifts which are causing us all the frustrations and inconvenience. Something happened on Sunday afternoon 04 May 2008 which has caused me to lose what little faith, tolerance and patient I have for these lifts.

I was coming home with my 20 month old son, we took a lift up to our house on the 11th floor. When it reaches, the lift door opens and both of us starts to walk out. However my son suddenly stopped short in front of the door while I continued to step out. I turned to press the "down" button to hold the lift, but instead to my horror the doors starts closing! I thought the buttons malfunction again so I immediately pressed the "up" button. It did not work and the door closes with my son still inside the lift. My son screamed and cries the minute he saw the door closes and while I watched on helplessly, listening to my son's scream getting softer as the lift travels down. Imagine the panic and fear I am experiencing at that moment while I race down the stairs.

Thoughts starts racing through my mind as fear of the lift door did not open when it reaches 1st floor or it starts to travel up again when it reaches 1st floor. I would be left to chase the lift with no one to help me since its a Sunday and most of the neighbours are out of their houses. 3 minutes later, to my relieve I found my son crying at the lift landing, apparantly he has walked out of the lift when the door opens to look for me.

Thinking back, what if initially my son has started to take a step out from the lift and the door closes? He would have been caught by the doors! Normally lift doors will open automatically when they sense something obstructing their way but with these 3 lifts I have no confidence that this will happen. And if the door does not open, will it still travel down with my son caught at the door? I dare not even want to venture into the "what-if consequences" zone. That was the worst 3 minutes of my life!

This unhappy incident has made me lose my sleep for the pass few nights. Logically speaking by pressing which ever buttons outside the lift, the door should hold/open, in this case it did not. It seems that the lift have a mind of its own. I am determined that from now onwards I will always hold my son's hand or carry him when we are taking the lift. If that is not possible, I make sure I am standing at the door blocking and preventing it from closing.

Lifts are suppose to provide convenience to the residents, not to terrorize, cause problems and harm. There are a lot of problems with the lifts and I hope you will do something to it to prevent any mishaps from happening in future.


Jennifer Lim


And I got such a short short short short reply from them *duhz*

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to write to Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council.

We are indeed sad to hear of your experience.

Our officers have been alerted to look into the matter immediately.
In the meantime, we apologise for the incident and will take whatever action available to prevent its reoccurence.

Thanking you sincerely.

Warmest regards,

Public Relations Executive
Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council


Anyway daddy told me yesterday that 2 lift guys were at the lifts checking this and that. Turns out that daddy also wrote a complain letter to town council about the conditions of the lifts. They replied him yesterday and also despatched some guys to "look at it". Not sure what did the 2 guys did.... I hope they will overhaul the 3 lifts and give us a more intelligent lifts... *sigh*

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HFMD Again

Copied this from Straits Time online.

"May 7, 2008
Virulent strain affects 1 in 4 sick children
Rise is worrying, but Health Ministry says not necessary for all pre-schools to close
By Salma Khalik

ONE in four children who came down with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) this year was infected with the virulent strain EV-71, said the Health Ministry (MOH) yesterday.
This is a jump from the 16 per cent reported in mid-April, and a potential cause for worry.

Batch tests conducted by the ministry showed that 26 per cent of the 10,490 children infected so far this year contracted the EV-71 virus, which was responsible for more than half of the seven deaths here in October 2000, when Singapore had its first major outbreak of the disease.

No fatalities have been reported in the current outbreak here, but the EV-71 virus has already killed 26 children in China this year.

Just two weeks ago, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said the re-emergence of EV-71 was worrying.

Noting that the strain does not surface every year, Mr Khaw said its appearance was the reason his ministry had been enforcing stricter measures, such as mandating school closures, to stem the spread.

However, the ministry told The Straits Times yesterday that it is not considering repeating the drastic step it took in 2000, when it ordered all the 1,000 or so pre-schools and childcare centres to close temporarily.

But it said the number of such centres which have been told to close or were urged to do so voluntarily is escalating.

As of Monday, 17 centres have been told to shut down.

Forced closure of 10 days is ordered when a centre has 13 sick children and transmission of the virus has not been broken after 15 days.

The ministry also wants 48 pre-schools and childcare centres where transmissions have been occurring for more than 15 days to close voluntarily.

Meanwhile, the number of infections shows little sign of abating. Last week's figure of 1,465 new cases was just one shy of the record set the week before.

The 285 new cases on Monday was higher than the one-day peak of 258 cases in 2000.

By 3pm yesterday, there were already 125 new cases.

So far this year, 130 children have been hospitalised because of the disease.

Said an MOH spokesman yesterday: 'We expect cases to remain high for a few more weeks till the mid-year school holidays.'

Regionally, infections also continue to climb.

In China, state media reported yesterday that the number of EV71 cases had risen to more than 12,000, with 26 children killed so far.

Taiwan has also seen a spike in the number of EV71 infections this year, while doctors in Vietnam say they are treating far more children this year for symptoms of HFMD.

Despite the rising numbers here, Madam Halimah Yacob, head of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Health, cautioned against rushing to close affected childcare centres and kindergartens.

Saying such a decision has to be ' very carefully considered', she added: 'This would cause tremendous disruption to the children and working parents, and may unwittingly also cause panic and alarm among the public.'

Fellow GPC member Lam Pin Min agreed, but said that if the situation worsens, Singapore might need to take tougher action, such as closing a centre the moment it has a confirmed case, he said.

The closure of pre-schools and centres in October 2000 resulted in a dramatic drop in cases, but also caused an uproar among parents, who were forced to scramble for alternative childcare arrangements and later criticised the Government for acting too hastily."

Reading the last 3 paragraphs I feel that we should work hand in hand with the government or the child care centres to fight together against this outbreak. Instead of showing your frustrations and anger for disruption of work or routines caused by centres closure, you should at least seek understanding from your bosses/superiors to take emergency leaves, or to arrange for alternatives family members to take care of your child etc. Since this is an obvious outbreak in Singapore and in other parts of the world, your bosses/superiors should know that it is not a "scam" or an excuse to get an extra day off. If they are in doubt, slap the MOH press release on their tables.

Regardless of the weekly updates from MOH, I still see alot of parents bringing their kids (ok I am one of the guilty one as I bought Little DinoEgg to T3 for a short outing *ooppsss*) to crowded places like shopping centres, playgrounds, airports (haha! me lor!) etc. We should all try to minimize this kind of family activities and try to stay at home instead. You never know where n when your kid may get infected by the virus. I am not exaggerating, I am speaking through experience. Little DinoEgg caught the virus from God knows where and spread it to his schoolmates. I am still feeling guilty and apologetic towards the teachers, parents and especially the kids for causing this.

SO dun be ignorant, play a part and please complain less on your inconvenience, of your disruptions of work, of your time loss blah blah blah. Its not about I, ME, MYSELF, MY, MINE anymore its about WE, US, EVERYONE, OUR!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

HFMD - Update

Quote from MOH website;

"The number of HFMD cases notified to MOH increased by 18% to 1466 cases in the week ending 26 April 2008 from 1245 in the previous week. This brings the total number of notified HFMD cases to 9026. MOH has tightened the assessment criteria and lowered the threshold for recommending or mandating closure of institutions with HFMD clusters, so as to stem the spread of HFMD in view of EV71 strain being the main circulating strain.

Please click here for the latest update on daily number of cases and list of Childcare Centres/Preschools that have reached mandatory or voluntary closure." unquote

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The Damned Lifts

You must be wondering what did the lifts at my block does to me that makes me so damn fed up with them. There are 3 lifts in my block but each does not "cooperate" nor "communicate" well to each other.

  • the buttons always gets stuck either half way or all the way, so u either have to press real hard on it or your lift will stop at tt floor which the stuck button lights up. There was once the door closing button at the handicap panel was stuck. I was in the lift and it stops at a lower level, I pressed the door open button but the door closes when the uncle steps in! And he glared at me thinking that I did not pressed the button properly *sigh*
  • the lifts buttons always have problem, not in this lift then it will be in another lift. The door closing button also causes a problem; pressed and no reaction, you will have to press REALLY hard then the door will close.
  • for 1 of the lift sometimes the door closes but it does not move... you have to either press the door open n closes another time OR you try to close the door by pushing the 2 heavy panels together....
  • whenever I press for the lifts, its a guessing game on which one will come to my level. Sometimes the one at 18th floor will come and pass my level, then the one at the 1st level will come up... OR the one at 18th floor shoot pass, 1st floor starts to come up BUT stops at 6th level and the other one at 1st floor will come up after that and shoot pass my level and went all the way up to 18th level.... Results??? Me pressing hysterically on the down button plus some cursing and swearing!
  • whenever you are at the lift lobby and sees the lift available, you will naturally goes to it n press the button, NORMALLY the lift door will open. Not the lifts at my block. Same scenario but instead the door of ANOTHER lift (its always another lift) opens OR the lift went up instead of opening the door, then you have to wait patiently for another one to come down.
So you see, how frustrating it is to live in a block with such a "problematic" lifts! They are suppose to make our live easier but I do not see it happening to me for the 3-4yrs I have been staying here. And then it leads to such an unhappy incident yesterday!

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Worst 3mins of my Life

I am soooooo~ going to complain to the relevant parties about the stupid lifts in my block. Yesterday I had such a bad n horrific experience that it made me lose my sleep!

Me & Little DinoEgg was coming home, took the lift and up to our house at the 11th floor. When the lift door opens, we starts to walk out but Little DinoEgg stop short at the door, so I went out first. I turned around to urge him to come out of the lift, then stepped forward to pressed the lift button to hold the lift door.

Little DinoEgg looked at me and hesitate, and the door... starts to close even though I have pressed the "down" button. And to my horror it closes and Little DinoEgg starts screaming "MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY" at the top of his voice BUT I simply cannot do anything! You can hear this poor little boy's voice getting softer as the lift goes down. I quickly head for the stairs and wishing my fat legs can carry me faster to the 1st floor.

Horror, panic, fear starts going thru me and in my mind flashes some bad thoughts... What if the lift door does not open and it keeps going up and down with me forever chasing after it???? What if the door opens and Little DinoEgg is too scared to stepped out?? What if he hesitate and wanted to step out and get caught by the doors???!!! AARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily when I was at the 4th floor, I heard him calling out to me and I shouted out "YES DARLING! MUMMY IS HERE!!! BABY, MUMMY IS COMING TO YOU!!!" not sure whether he can hear me or not but I shouted all the way till I see him and have him safely in my arms. By then I was already shaking uncontrollably. And the whole bad accident is only 2-3mins!

That night tired as I am, I could not sleep, I lie down beside Little DinoEgg and whisper my apologies to him, for making him have the greatest fear in his life, for letting him went through such horrifying experience.... I keep looking at him, stroking his head and hearing his peaceful breathing... till I finally dozed off hours later.

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