Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excuse me~ Wats tt You are Saying?

In the food court, daddy feeding Little DinoEgg;

"Pa-pa, see~ many people"

In the lift after dinner, we were the 1st few to walked into the lift. As more people walked in, we moved to the back;

"Oh~~ many people~"

At home during 1 of the week end. Little DinoEgg was pointing to something n trying to tell me about it;

"mummy~" *then look at me with his big round eyes*
"Yes darling"
"see! F**K" *I was shocked*
Look at him, eyes wide n stunned "wat? say again baby"
"f**K, see mummy f**k"

Ok, i am VERY SURE that he is not saying the F word coz he was pointing to something up in the ceiling though I have NO IDEA what he is pointing at...

At home playing with his toys...
Being a boy, he tends to be very rough, will definately use the toy to bang the floor or table...

"pa-pa~" *show daddy the toy fire engine with its ladder detached from the vehicle*
"pa-pa, fer-engine faulty, help pls~"

On bus to school on one morning.
I think some part of the bus need oiling coz its making such a din whenever it moves off.


"MUMMY!" *points to the front of the bus*
"Yes darling?"
"Bus noisy!" *then covers his ears*

The above may not seems surprise to some but to us it is as we are not sure whether it is normal for a 23mths old boy to say such words (Ok except for the F word ya heheh~), just thought I share with you pple *grinz*

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look what came in the mail today

Daddy sent me these photos~ Its 2 set of complimentary stickers from Playhouse Disney; 1 set Little Einsteins & 1 set Tigger & Pooh. I have sent in his photo to the Birthday Book and look~ we are selected~ Yippee~~ And hor sista~ Han Han also have one too~

So~ remember to catch them at daily time slots of 11.25am, 3.25pm, 6.25pm & 10.55pm on Playhouse Disney Channel~

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Monday, July 28, 2008

See Dr Sharon again

Yupe... its a trip to Dr Sharon's coz Little DinoEgg has finished his phlegm medicine and still alot of phlegm stuck in his throat.

Was talking to Eunice in MSN coz she was asking about Dr Sharon after reading about her in my blog. She would like to bring her ger to see her coz Reiko has been coughing on off n her medicine does not seems to be working. So we agreed to meet up at Dr Sharon's.

This is the first time I am going there so early... 7pm... and the clinic was not open. So we stood outside the clinic and chit-chat, about 715pm the nurse came n we all went in. A while later Dr Sharon walked into the clinic n Little DinoEgg look at her n say "Dr Sharon Dr Sharon..." but she did not hear him ^.^

Eunice & Reiko went in first, then its our turn. I told Dr Sharon that he is still having cough n phlegm n the cough syrup is too yucky for him to eat... every day must fight with him n force him to take tt. Dr Sharaon says no choice have to give anti-biotics WHICH Little DinoEgg loveeess~ so much, called it Banana as it has a nice flavor. Not sure if its banana flavor but my guess is its vanilla as i smell this when I put it near to my nose.

After listening to Little DinoEgg's lungs, Dr Sharon is satisfied as there were no phlegm in them. As I was getting ready to go, Little DinoEgg (sitting on my lap) stared at the sweet container on Dr Sharon's table n say "Sweet Sweet~" *faintz* Dr Sharon has to give him 1 sweet. Of course he gave Dr Sharon a kiss on the cheeks and a hug, she was so happy and say "ok lah, you better leave otherwise I will have to kidnap you" hehehhee~

We came out and Eunice is still there waiting for Reiko's med, we bid good-bye after they got their med. Little DinoEgg burst out crying when we were exchanging good-byes n jump up n down crying when they walk out of the door. He always have this habit of crying when seeing his frens leave before him, even in school also the same... dunno wat to do with him...

Later that night, no more fighting with him to take the med coz the cough syrup is cherry flavor~ AND of coz have to use Banana to coax him abit.

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Mummy, pui pui pls~

Little DinoEgg is still being bugged by the cough accompanied with lotsa phlegm. Recently whenever I heard him phlegmy cough I will ask him if he wanna pui pui aka spit out the phlegm. If he nods his head I will put a tissue at his mouth n he will spit.

Sometimes its only saliva, sometimes can see a little bit of yellow phlegm. Now when he cough sometimes he will say "Mummy, pui pui pls~" To prevent this from getting into a habit; have or dun have phlegm he also insist on spitting it out, most of the time I will say No-No. He did not protest too, so i guess its fake, just wanna "play" only.

This morning I have written in his child care communication book about this and asked his teacher to look out for this. Also to make sure he dun start spitting on his hands, the floor or worse his classmates. Hope I wun get any complains on this *keeping fingers crossed*

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A short trip to library

Went out this evening as I need to pass some thing to a friend staying nearby, took Little DinoEgg with me. Decided to stop by library to return his books and maybe borrow some back, though not sure what time library closes.

We took a slow train ride to Compassvale and a slow walk to my friend's house, then train ride back to Compass Point. Was contemplating where to eat dinner, n was heading to Yoshinoya when suddenly I remember this little cafe inside the library. Maybe just have something there the walk over to the books section after that.

Ordered an Ocean something Dowry with macaroni to share with Little DinoEgg, came out it look ok but taste yummy. Little DinoEgg finishes 3/4 of the meal~ wow~ and poor me, only ate 1/4 of it hehehe~

Anyway, Little DinoEgg took forever to finish his meal that I have to hurry him when I heard the announcement saying that library. But you know, its so difficult to hurry a kid when they are eating. I tell him to "hurry hurry~" he treat it that I am playing with him and start making funny faces.

Ended up we have like 10mins to chose books, queue to borrow it n out... Managed to grabbed 3 books and Little DinoEgg took 1 Farm Animals book at random which he refuse to put it back to the shelf. Asked him if he wanna borrow that book and he nodded his head n look at me with his big round eyes. So we when home with 4 books in my bag *grinz*

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New shoes...

I bought this pair of shoes through spree, like it ssooooo much~ Bought half a size bigger coz Little DinoEgg's feet is exactly 14cm, half a size bigger = will not be too tight or just nice for his feet, plus can wear longer.

When I got the shoes, I put it on his little feet and ... ... ... its too big *faintz* Even if he wear it with socks its still big. However I will NEVER let him wear socks with this pair of shoes... gosh... he will look funny hehe~

Little DinoEgg seems to like this shoes too~ can't wait for us to put it on him. He got up n tried to walk but coz it did not fit so he was kinda like dragging his feet. Even so he was happy too, tried jumping in his new shoes, we have to ask him a few times before he willingly take it off and let me keep it back into the box.

*Sigh* so now... have to wait many many months before he can wear it. And his school shoes is getting smaller n smaller by the days.... *arrrgghhhhh*
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ajisen Ramen

This afternoon went to post office to pick up a parcel, took Little DinoEgg along as I know the parcel is not big n bulky.

After queuing for like ages n Little DinoEgg throwing tantrums at the post office, I finally got my parcel, we proceed to Compass Point to haunt for food. We headed straight to Ajisen as this is the only place where its not crowded plus the food is yummy. Got seated at a 2-person table n plop Little DinoEgg on the high chair.

I decided to order 1 bowl of ramen n both of share it coz the last time I ordered a kids ramen meal for him, ended up I have to finish half his bowl of ramen.

The Ramen Kids Meal

I order the fried tofu which our all time favourite and 1 bowl of beef raman. Would have ordered my favourite volcano ramen but as its spicy so have to drop that. Anyway the beef ramen tastes yummy too.

Fried Tofu *yummy*

Spicy Volcano~ *Breath Fire*

Little DinoEgg likes to ramen very much. He would use his hands to pick up the noodle instead of using the spoon. He loves to stuff his mouth full of ramen then slowly chew n savor the sweetness of the soup+noodle. Though it messy; with his oily fingers n hand, but to eat with a spoon is no difference too. Coz the spoon is so small, noodles long; even though I cut it shorter but still too long to fit the spoon & if I cut any short then it will be bits n pieces of noodle which will not taste nice. He will put his mouth to the bowl n scope the noodle into it, most of the time will mis-aim n noodles fall onto the table, waste of food, worst right?

Anyway, so there we were, enjoying our bowl of ramen, filling our hungry stomach :)

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Get up please

We were lazing on the sofa in the afternoon, Little DinoEgg was busying himself with all his toys. Then he walked up to us, start pulling daddy's hand then say "Get up. Daddy Get up~" then he pull my hand and say "Mummy get up too pls~" We were wondering what is going on so we stood up. He then lead us to his 3 chairs which he had placed it in front of each other in a line like a choo-choo train.

He goes to the 1st chair and say "Daddy sit here", pat pat the 2nd chair and say "Mummy sit here", which of course we obliged. Then he pointed to the 3rd chair and say "Ah Zheng sit here"

After every one has seated, Little DinoEgg started to say "MOTORCYCLE~~!!!" then do the poo-poo-poo sound hehehehe~ He tried pushing us but we were too heavy and he ended up pushing his own chair backwards. He do not want to give up, got up his chair push my chair with all his might hehehehe~

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 3

We went to placed an order for a cake for Little DinoEgg's birthday celebration in his school :)

HAHA! Its not the cake above *no-no* Its a secret hahaha~

Went to this cake shop that Eunice recommended, she says their cake is nice and yummy, not so expensive too. So we decided to give it a try.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whats that spikey thing?

We reached Granny's house, Little DinoEgg walked in and straight to the kitchen searching for Granny. Granny was in the toilet, I helped him out of his shoes, turned to have a word with Granny n Little DinoEgg wondered off.

Amongst the dark corner beside the fridge, he found something. Couldn't see it clearly but that does not stop him from reaching out and touch it.

His hands shrunk back as soon as it touches the thing n came running to me, hugging my thigh so tight.

I took a peek and saw its DURIANS~ Little DinoEgg was shocked by the spikey durian. I bring him closer to the durian, switch on the light so that he can see it clearly. I made formal introduction to both of them hehehe~ Told him its DURIAN, no need to be scared, its just a fruit. He saw it, acknowledge it and clearly does not want to have anything to do with it coz he ran away hahaha~

Throughout the rest of the night, Granny took out the durian a few times n urge Little Dinoegg to touch it. He is still scared... keep saying "Scared scared... dun want 摸~ *aka touch*" and pat pat his chest.

Granny gave up after that....

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Down with flu and cough again

Little DinoEgg started to have little bit of running nose on Saturday and a little cough joins the little flu on Sun. It escalate to a serious cough n sneezes with mucus flying out of the nose. It went on to turn bad till he was waking up every 10-15mins crying as his nose is blicked and he cannot breathe. We did not catch a wink too :( Afraid that the bronchitis returns, I decided to bring him to see Dr Sharon.

When I told him in granny's house that we are going to find Dr Sharon, he got so excited, keep nodding his head and cannot wait to get out of the house. All the way to Dr Sharon's clinic and all through the waiting time he was repeating "I want see Dr Sharon", like a broken record... I have to threaten him with the nottie corner just to shut him up as he was getting louder n louder.

He was so excited but when he sees Dr Sharon he gone all quiet n shy *duhz* After Dr Sharon finishes examine him, he was in his cheerful self again, starts showing his cheeky smile etc while sitting on my lap.

Dr Sharon says there are whizzing sound in his lung :( Bronchitis coming back? Well, I believe with Dr Sharon's medicine Little DinoEgg will be well again in no time. So 1 bottle of medicine for the phelgm, 1 bottle of medicine for the cough and 1 bottle of medicine to ease his airway.

And of course, he got his sweet again.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aqua Doodle Mat

I finally got the aqua doodle mat for Little DinoEgg. Has been contemplating whether to get or not, saw them in sprees n its quite expensive. Even went out to the shopping centres to search for it n still think the price is expensive. Yesterday Jessie came over for the potluck gathering after her shopping trip to TAKA, showed me this and told me she got it from the toy fair. I bought it over from her coz she says today is the last day of the toy fair, plus she have voucher so can get another one without paying a cent ^.^ Thanks Jessie~~

See how Little DinoEgg enjoy the doodle mat.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Potluck Gathering

We finally got our potluck gathering after a few unsucessful attempts *so happy* But too bad The Chua family is unable to join us :( Hope Bel get well soon, Amy& family too, all of them were down with flu and cough *hugz*

Did not managed to take picture of the yummy food but we have pig's stomach soup, kway chap, roast chicken, char siew, indian rojak, grilled chicken wings, ice cream, drinks and most importantly a birthday cake~~

Today's food must be very yummy coz we cooked one potful of rice and ITS NOT ENOUGH!!! This is the first time rice is not enough woohoo~~ Oh ya and Willie's kway chap is sssaaaaddduuuppppp~~~ So can we list it as standing order for all our future potluck gatherings??? *slurp slurp*
Oh Audrey's Twinkle came for a short visit before and at the end of the dinner. The kiddos were so excited to see her and her at them. She was happily dashing around the house exploring. She isvery obedient too, when Audrey command her to sit & stay she sat on the spot quietly, didn't mover her butt.

Its Amanda's birthday and Rebecaa wanted to give her a surprise BUT she din tell us; the HOST *duhz* No wonder me & Daniel was wondering dinner potluck bring cake?? hehhehe~ Amanda was clearly surprise and can see she is very happy :)

Yesterday we have new "member"; its Alex & Amanda and Jane's hubby Yi Feng. Next time must join our gathering more often ok.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#2 Pneumococcal Jab

Finally Little DinoEgg got to get his #2 pneumococcal jab, daddy called to reserve his dose this morning and in the evening brought him to the clinic.

Daddy says he was a good boy, when he saw the receptionist he kept shout "jie-jie HI~" n when he saw Dr Sharon he said "Hello Doctor~" with his small wave n his charming smile. Aaawwww... Dr Sharon's heart just melt hahaha~

This little fella must be thinking its just a simple check up by Dr Sharon, little that he knows its going to be a painful one... He screamed very loudly when Dr Sharon poke the needle into his left thigh, Dr Sharon has to distract n pacify him with a sweet. Usually you will think kids will ignore the person (in this case the Doctor) who caused them pain (in this case the jab) but not Little DinoEgg. When its time to leave he even gave Dr Sharon a hug and kiss, aawwww~~ Dr Sharon's heart melted again~

BTW Dr Sharon checked Little DinoEgg's lung and gave him a clear sign. Couple of weeks ago he was coughing badly n it escalated into bronchitis within 2-3 days :( With strong doses of antibiotics n some cough medicine, he was ok within a week. Dr Sharon was afraid that this has caused some damages to his lungs, BUT upon checking today, seems like Little DinoEgg has recovered fully with no damages done (except maybe the damages in Daddy n Mummy's pocket haha~)

Anyway, he went to Granny's house a happy kid. Why? Coz he got his sweet and another Pneumo sticker book.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 2

Its about a month away from Little DinoEgg's 2nd Birthday. My preparation that started in Apr/May'08 has paid off.

Guests list - CHECKED
Goodies bags - CHECKED
Buffet - CHECKED
Party deco - CHECKED

Now waiting for my last batch of stuffs to arrive from USA then I can start to pack the goodie bags hehehe~ Can't wait!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

To the airport again~

This time its to Terminal 2 so that the kiddos can see the aeroplanes

We had late lunch at Swenson's where me n son shared a plate of fried omelet with mushroom n cheese. Oh we have a scoop of ice cream with half a slice of banana too~ yummy~ Its been a while since I last ate ice cream.

We took the skytrain to T3 to buy shoes for Little DinoEgg as I noticed that he was walking on tip toes. Felt his shoes and realised its a bit tight (last week there were still a small allowance wor~), Jessie says theres a Colettee shop in T3 so off we go. Saw this pair of shoes and immediately fell in love with it but was hesitating coz not sure whether its easy to match clothes. After going through in my mind the colors of Little DinoEgg's wardrobe, I decided to buy it as it can match with most of his clothes. I put the new shoes on for Little DinoEgg and he also immediately love it, went to the mirror and kept jumping up n down laughing. I decided to let him continue to wear it since his current shoes makes walking difficult.

This pair of Colettee shoes cost $32.90 but with AMEX comes 10% discount and a $5 Colettee voucher, so I paid $29.61 for it, worth it right?

The kiddos were excited to see the aeroplanes take off and lands, 3 of them shouted loudly especially Little DinoEgg. He points at the plane n shout "eh-plane~ eh-plane!!" While auntie Gina accompanies the 3 of them, me n Jessie sit at the chair relaxing, shaking legs n chat. Then we heard a loud "G-O-N-G!" followed by Zenson's wailing. Seems like he was walking backwards and did not see the metal barrier at the floor, tripped n fell backwards thus hitting his head on the window *heartpain* He cried so loudly but was pacified within minutes with biscuits; his favorite...

Then I guess it was due to the lack of naps today, Little DinoEgg started to act up. I have to punish him by sending him to stand at a corner. He was crying with tears and everything but quieten down after I told him to keep quiet. He knows better to obey me hehe~ After explaining to him what he had done wrong, we hugged n kissed n off we go.

Left the airport around 5pm, taking the bus home. However 1/2 way through I thought I call sis to have dinner together. Alighted at Tampines and took a cab to her place. Had a yucky noodle while Little DinoEgg had a yummy fish soup rice. Reach home at around 7.30pm, bath, milk milk then both of us knocked out at around 8.30pm.... So super tired!

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Parents-Teacher Session

Meet the teacher time!

Had a chat with Teacher Sue and Teacher Gina, we even meet his Chinese Teacher for the 1st time. All along we thought Teacher Adeline teaches Chinese but now we know its not, they have a Chinese teacher which we never get a chance to meet for the pass 1 year.

Got to know from Chinese teacher that Little DinoEgg is very obedient, loves to sing song and listen attentively when its story-telling time. He knows alot of animals in Mandarin, even the sound they made, he also knows some simple chinese, even can have a small conversation in Mandarin with Teacher. Wow all these we dunno... most of the time we speak English to him, a little bit of Chinese which he understands but we thought he understands more on English. So he is bilingual hee~

Teacher Gina & Teacher Sue says Little DinoEgg is very good, he will stands up for other kids when a more rowdy child snatched their toys or crayons etc. He will either go up to that "bully" and say "NO NO NO!" follow by some blah-blah scolding, or he will go to the "victim" n talk some sense into him/her, as if like saying "Must not let pple snatch ur things! Must fight back!" etc etc haha~ Then they say Little DinoEgg has a weird habit, if its early in the morning when school just start or nearing the end of the day, he DO NOT like the older kids or even his classmates to touch him or help him to take out/put on shoes, carry his bag etc. Other time of the day he is ok, can play n have fun with all of them. So the teachers know his pattern and will avoid letting other kids go too near him. They say Little DinoEgg learns things very fast, he is ahead of some of the slightly older kids. He is one of the few who can converse in short English sentence; woah~ so my son can speak English n Chinese! They say he is very polite, he is one of the few who greeted the teachers in the morning and he is the persistent one. If he greets you "Good Morning!" and u did not respond, he will keep repeating till u respond.

It was suppose to be a 15-20mins talk but we chat for almost 45mins coz the next group of parents are not here yet hehe~ so yak abit n get to understand more about the teachers too.

All through the 45mins, Little DinoEgg was conscious, he knows we are talking about him but was unsure whether talking about the good or bad things about him. Teacher Gina try to tease him but he just won't smile, keeps a stern face.... Think he can sense something is not right, coz its the 1st time he goes to school on a Saturday and inside Teacher Sue's office together with Daddy, Mummy n Teacher Gina; something out of the ordinary n his "radar" is up ^.^ Only when we were about to leave the office did he try to hide his smile when Teacher Gina tease him again, silly boy.

We bid bye-bye to Teacher Sue & Teacher Gina at 1115am and went to have our late breakkie.

Later while on the way to T2, I tested Little DinoEgg by saying out the different parts of our body in Chinese, and he knows each and every one of it even the word 颈项 aka neck *surprise surprise*

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