Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first photographs

Decided to let Little DinoEgg play with my digi camera. Once he laid his hands on it he wouldn't want to let it go! I showed him how to aim, where to press etc but he was too anxious... can't blame him too as this is the 1st time I let him handle 'one of "Mummy's NO-NO things". However instead of facing the camera towards outside, he face it towards himself, so while he happily says "CHEESE~" and snapping away, the flash keeps blinding him. After a few shots I have to "confiscate" the camera coz I was afraid the flash will injure his eyes.

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Potty Training Stopped

Since Little DinoEgg was having loose diaahear for the pass week, potty training has stopped. And it worries me, coz before that he was already not being very cooperative. Teacher Gina says he keeps peeing in his underwear, maybe becoz he was so engroessed in playing that he forgots about it OR he has rejected the idea of using the toilet bowl.

Regardless, we have to assess the situation when he is feeling better.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sesame Street Musical Show

Though Little DinoEgg is still feeling a little bit unwell, I decided to bring him to watch Sesame Street Musical at Marina Square. I thought it may cheer him up a little. I even let him wear his Elmo tee :)

We are going with our new fren Auntie Enry and her 4yr old boy Francis. We were supposed to meet at 1 of the restaurant at CentreStage for lunch but she got lost. However, its becoz of this she managed to see a queue at the stage where people are collecting pass for a photo shoot later at the end of the show~ weee~~~ Lucky her~ And she is nice enough to ask me n Little DinoEgg to join them *THANKS ENRY*

The musical is really fun, we were late and thought we couldn't get into the area; it was fenced off, but we managed to get in and were lucky to get a side front seat~ Cool! The boys were abit bored with the lady who speaks so much n asked them to do so much action to a song. But when Elmo comes out, all the kids; including the 2 boys were jumping up n down! Little DinoEgg even turned around and point to his tee n say "Mummy see~ Elmo Elmo~" They were so mesmerized when Elmo sing and dance. And when Bert, Ernie & Cookie Monster comes out, Little DinoEgg was shouting "Cookie Monster!" excitedly. I was surprise he can recognise Bert and Ernie coz he was not exposed to them much; he has Elmo CDs, plush toys and Cookie Monster plush toys.

After the musical show, we went for some afternoon snack. There Little DinoEgg and Francis run around n play. Oh and Little DinoEgg pushed, shouted "GO AWAY!", boxed n beat Francis *faintz* Francis is so nice, always giving way to this little rascal! And HE TURNED A DEAF EAR TO MY SCOLDING! Wouldn't even apologise to Francis when I asked him to, so I made him hugged him instead. Even with all these fighting, when he does not see Kor-kor Francise he will keep asking me "Where kor kor? Where kor kor?", when I say he went home, he gave me a sad face and say "I want kor-kor~~~!"

And you know wat? I think he had too much fun today, he had dream and was shouting "kor-kor!" in his dreamland haha~ still playing catching with Francis ^.^

Everyone (except me) are distracted by the Sesame St characters haha~

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Caught the stomach flu

It started with a cough on Sun morning 5am+ then in the morning it was mild fever with a bit of diarrhea. So its house bound that day. Next Monday norning he seems to be ok, just some cough so I sent Little DinoEgg to school.

2pm+ school called me, said he vomitted twice within 30mins; 1st time was due to coughing, 2nd time he just threw up after his milk. He dirtied all the clothes I pack to school. I have to go down and fetch him home. When I reached school, I couldn't see him, Teacher Habsa have to go into Teacher Sue's room to fetch him. He was in the school uniform which was way too big for him. He look so comical but I dun have the mood to laff. Little DinoEgg was looking so sad n weak :(

Took him to see Dr Ivan Ong as Dr Sharon's clinic was close for the afternoon. Dr Ivan prescribed him some cough n clear airway medicine. That night he has no appetite, only had half a bowl of mee suah. Later tt night I gave him a bottle of vitagen which is good for his upset stomach. He was happily drinking and like always he wanted to throw the empty bottle away. On his way back from the kitchen he threw up... all the vitagen n mee suah! What a mess! He was very scared and upset so he cried n cried, he didn't know what is happening to him~ poor boy...

That nite he was sleeping then then he woke up n vomitted out his milk. Then he went back to sleep but we have to clean up the mess. A while later he starts to cough n couldn't get back to sleep. As he is disturbing daddy, I have to get him to sleep on the matress in the living room. He waited his milk and I gave him, only about 180ml as I was afraid he will throw up, lucky he din. He went back to sleep after the milk. I follow him too... and decided to take the day off so tt I can take care of him.

At 7am+ Tuesday morning, he woke up, 1st thing he did was to throw out the milk he had earlier :( Its off to Dr Ivan Ong's later that morning, he was not around, the relieve Dr gave him the anti-vomitting n clear stomach wind medicine. The rest of the day was a daze coz the anti-vomit medicine causes drowsiniess. Little DinoEgg falls asleep shortly after the medicine. One thing good is, he still wanna sit on the toilet bowl to poo though it was watery poo. And he did not have bad diarrhea, just about 4 times since Sunday and it is not alot, only a teeny weeny bit.

I din sleep a wink last nite so I bought Little DinoEgg to Granny's house so tt I can zzz abit while she takes care of him. Who knows ended up I could only sleep abt an hour before he starts making noise n woke me up. He vomitted once tt night while eating his porridge, cough n threw everything up.

Ytd sent him to Granny's house, tt night Granny told me he din cough or complain tummy pain etc. However he did have diarrhea once n it over flow the diaper. That day no vomitting too *phew*

I thot he was recovering so today sent him to school. Who knows afternoon 4pm+ Teacher Sue called me, says Little DinoEgg vomitted again, both triggered by coughing... no clothes to change... I have no choice but to ask Granny to fetch him home :( I went to Granny's house to find him playing happily with Granny, but later while he was having his porridge he cough n vomited again...

*sigh* Now I am so paranoid of him coughing... Eveytime he cough I will tell him to stop immediately otherwise he will vomit n smell so stinko. Hopefully he gets well soon... He has lost some weight, can see tt he has slimmed down as he has not been eating well, maybe half a bowl of plain noodle or porridge.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its Food Month!

Received a letter from the school telling us that they will be teaching the kids about different kind of food. The food song they are going to sing, stuffs they are going to do etc. They wanted us to let the kids bring a pack of cereal to school today. So I packed a small box of Kellogs Honey Star into Little DinoEgg's bag this morning.

When I fetched him later in the evening, I saw him clutching to a small plastic bag of "black black thing" refusing to let it go even when I asked for it. Teacher Gina says its his bag of chocolate, the food they made this afternoon. Then he showed it to me n say "Chocolate!"

This little fella dun even want to let it go when we reached home. I have to tell him to put it there, have his dinner then he can eat his chocolate. He willingly put it down on the dinning table. However after his meal he forgot about it totally hee~

Here's the picture of the Chocolate;

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MPH Warehouse sale

I went to the sale thinking that I may not be able to get any books. In my mind, books warehouse sale means all the old n yellowish books will be put out for a cheap sale. How wrong was I! Not only there are a good variety of books, 98% of them are in good conditions plus some of them are still in the shrink wrap!
I managed to grabbed a few of my favourite author's latest novel all in good conditions. I think my best buy is Marley & Me, not only it was selling @ SGD10, it was still in shrink wrap~~ I saw the book at TIMES few months ago and though it was having sale, this book still cost SGD20+
However there were not alot of books for 2yrs old. Only managed to get 6 books for Little DinoEgg. There were some Eric Carle's books too but you really have to dig n find. I found his Do You Want To Be My Friend and decided to get it since Little DinoEgg is an Eric Carle's fan. I found another book 12 Little Ducks but it was going for SGD12 plus the *Press Me* was not working. After lugging it around for 2 hours I decided to let that book go. It would have been a good buy if the *Press Me* works... Too bad....

My favourite author

Few good books

For Little DinoEgg

Though its a warehouse sale, there were not a lot of people. I was expecting elbow to elbow snatching of books but I could walk around the whole hall without having to show some angry face, shove my wat around etc. While browsing, I keep hearing people saying things like "Dun buy lah~ Look at the QUEUE!!!" Seems like the queue is preventing them from buying some good quality books at amazing price. Nevertheless, I took 2 hours browsing and about 45mins queueing to pay for my books. I spent a total of SGD88 for the books~ But I am very happy!
Next target... Popular sale at Suntec~~

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Friday, November 14, 2008

I did it in the bowl~

Its Daddy & Son bonding time again~ While mummy goes out with girl friends hahaha~

Daddy text me to tell me that Little DinoEgg poop using the toilet bowl, YIPPEEEE!!!! This little fella is such a show off! For the pass weeks I tried to ask him to poo in the toilet bowl but he doesn't wanna do it. When he is with daddy he just wanna show him he can do it. Daddy says he pooped alot too...

Regardless, show off or not, we are really glad that he is finally willing to do it in the bowl.

After he came out of the toilet, his business all done, he went to Grandpa n say "Ye-ye, I ng-ng in the toilet~" then tells daddy n on n on n on... so proud with himself.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caught in the act

I was not feeling well so took the day's off. I decided to fetch Little DinoEgg earlier then usual.

Usually I will sneak up to the window to peek in n see what this rascal is up to. I peeped in and Little DinoEgg was at the table just below the window. Guess what he is trying to do? He was leaning against the table and about to put his leg on top of it when I said sternly "What do you think you are trying to do?!"

First - shocked look
Follow by - Confused look
Then - burst out laughing when he sees me at the window

He quickly ran off to take his bag n wear his shoes, pretending nothing has happened.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Museum Workshop - Museum Toddler

Sis arranged for the two 2 yrs old to attend Musuem Toddlers, a workshop by National Museum and ToyBox Edu-Tainment.

When sis told me about it, I thot its something different and interesting to me and Little DinoEgg, so I decided give it a try. And it did not let me down~ It was filled with fun, Mark is very good in engaging the kids in the songs, actions and small talk. However the kids are not very enthusiatic... only Little DinoEgg and Cousin Han was happily singing, doing the actions, clapping n shouting "YEAH~", the rest were either too shy or dunno wat to make of this noise group wahahaha~

Here's the pictures~

The workshop started off with some play time to let the kids warm up and to wait for some parents who are late.

Then every one sat down on the mat and sing songs~ then we stood up and walk around the workshop to go to the "studio" to take "family photo". Uncle Mark put on his cameraman's hat, took out a camera and snapped some photos of the kids. And we really did have a group photos~ parents n kids~ U may find it weird but coz this is the Photo Gallery session :)

Then we proceed to the museum's photo gallery to take a look at some old old OLD antique photos... Little DinoEgg was very interested in the BIG camera, almost wanted to climb over the barrier to get close to it but lucky the step is quite high so he gave up the idea before I can stop him.

Little DinoEgg's photo frame~

It has got lesser stickers then all the other kids coz the parents sticks the stickers on the frame while I let Little DinoEgg chose what he wants n where he wants to stick them. He takes longer to decides and before we know it, its time to go back to the mat. Its ok, at least he decorates it himself :)

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Potty Training - Extending to School

For the pass two days Little DinoEgg has been off diaper from 3pm till I fetch him from school at 7pm. Teacher Gina says he is able to tell her if he needs to go to the toilet. And then when he is at Granny's place he is still without diaper and will tell me if he wants to pee.


HOWEVER~ seems like he does not like to poo using the toilet bowl. Coz yesterday at Granny's house he showed his "I-am-pooing" expression but when I ask him if he is pooing he said NO then hurried away. I even asked him to do it in the toilet but was met with strong protest. In the end, I let him wear the diaper and he pooped on it.

Wonder why he have such strong reaction on doing it using the toilet bowl... must encourage him more often over the weekends.

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