Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration at The Plaza

Bro reserved a table at The Plaza for our birthday celebration dinner. We were in charge of getting the birthday cake. We pop by Polar to grab a cake as I have their discount card. while Daddy queue to pay, me n Little DinoEgg went outside the store as its small n abit over crowded. We took the chance to take some photos, look at this cheeky monkey.

While waiting for daddy who is getting the Birthday cake

The Birthday Cake~

Finally daddy got the cake and we made our way to the hotel. We were the 1st ones to arrive~ so we sat at the lobby waiting for the rest to arrive. At almost close to 7.30pm, they arrive almost at the same time :) And we headed to the restaurant.

Waiting for the rest to arrive

We had a sumptous din, Little DinoEgg had a fill with his favourite prawns, think he ate about 10 of them!!! He did not take much rice expcept for the 2 sushi rolls, coz the main course veggies are either spicy or fried. We subsitute his meal with prata, fruits, soup etc. We had a good time too, the oysters are really fat n yummy *slurp slurp*

Then its cake cutting time~ The kids sang in their loudest 2 version of the Happy Birthday, Granny was grinning from ear to ear.

Granny's 4 little imps

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gathering at Enry's

We planned for this gathering a month ago~ can u believe that??? Hahaha~ our March events were so packed coz we only have Sundays to bring the kids out :P

Enry booked the function room and the kids room for the occasion but we ended up only use the function room, guess no one wants to leave their kids alone. We chat n eat n eat n chat. The kids enjoy themselves tremendously especially the 2 older kids; Ervin, Francis and Little DinoEgg. Francis brought down his toys to share with the kids. Ended up they chase each other with the big bus n trucks plus quarreling coz he wants this truck or he wants tt bus =.=

Took little photos coz my digi cam battery died on me *duhz*

Next gathering~ swimming at Enry's place~~ yeah! I missed the 1st swimming gathering so can't wait to go for the next one.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Zoo Trip

Little DinoEgg's school is having an excursion to the Zoo today!

How can I miss this time when I did not managed to go Jacobs Ballas last year. Since daddy is not working, I checked with the principal whether both of us can go. She told me if there is vacancy then it is ok. Well it turns out that not many parents are keen on going to the Zoo so both of us were able to go, so happy!

We woke up at the usual time then went to have a yummy toast n eggs breakfast at RM. Parents suppose to meet at 9.15am for a briefing, we were there on the dotz! Oh ya only a handful of parents :(

Anyway since Little DinoEgg is in N1, both of us are helping teacher Violet & teacher Sue. There are 13 kids, some of them went over to their elder siblings class so there are abt 10 kids left, so each of have handles 2 kids. We set off for the zoo at around 9.45am, the whole school went; except for the babies, all 70+ kids!

It was an excursion for the school, means the other 2 branches were going too. So there are about 200 kids waiting at the Zoo entrance. It took us abt 30mins before we are able to get our tickets n going through the entrace. We made it for the Splash Safari show though. All of us enjoyed the show, the kids were squealing n giggling when they see Philip the sea lion, the penguins n the pelicans.

Then we took a slow walk over to Elephants at Work & Play, the show has already started, nevertheless the kids love the elephants. After the show we took a rest at the show area coz every one is so tired... alot of walking! Actually planned to stay back in the zoo n head off to the Kidz World after the school's excursion ends, but heard thunder :(

We rested for like 20mins, eat snacks n the teachers took photos, then we head back to the entrance. We walked passed the white tigers exhibit where the kids ooo n arrhhhh at the tigers who are sun bathing on the rock. Then walk n walk n walk pass the Tapirs. Then we walk n walk n walk n walk some more till we reach the entrace~

Woah, alot of walking ya? And u know what? Not a single younger kids wanted to be carried, not even those tired ones. They were cranky coz they were tired but they dun wanna be carried~ They walked n walked till they are up on the school bus AND most of them knocks off within mins hehe~

It was a short 3hrs plus excursion but was fun. The kids were all very well behaved surprisingly. Looking forward to their next excursion~

Oh ya, u must be wondering why there are no photos. Well our hands are full, literally~ hahahaha~ We are holding the little hands of 2 kids; one at each hand hehe~ Plus eyes have to keep a look out for the older kidds who runs freely n every where. No more free hands to take out the camera to take pictures.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter of Complain

I have commuted via taxi very frequently; both during my passed employment and now whenever I go out with Little DinoEgg. I have my fair share of meeting the different faces/types of taxi uncles. Some are good some are bad. Whenever I had a bad experience with a bad taxi driver, most of the time I will either complain to daddy, call the taxi company's customer service hotline or take down the car plate number to write a complain letter later (but I always forget/lazy to write).

A short ride home from Granny's house made me so unhappy that I decided to sit down n pen down my complains.

Following is the taxi company's online Feedback Form which I filled in. There are al ot of short forms, maybe sentence construction error etc coz there is number of characters limits thus cannot write too formally as it will not fit into 1 form;

Taxi Number: SHBXXXXU
Taxi Type:
Driver's Name:
Driver's Gender: Male
Driver's Race: Chinese

Me and my 2yr old son boarded taxi SHBXXXXU for a short trip home n got a stressful 10mins ride.

During the short ride;
1. When turning at a traffic light from Rivervale Drive to Seng Kang Eastway, he did not stop to let pedestrian cross the road, making a teenager n a woman jump a step back to avoid being hit by the taxi.

2. Accelerate n when nearing the car in front, instead of slowing/stopping, he just swerve into the next lane w/o checking the traffic or signal.

3. Turning fm Seng Kang Eastway to Anchorvale Road, did not slow down. The force cause both of us to fall onto the seat (son was sitting on my lap). When we managed to right ourselves up, no apologises from the driver. I told my son to hold tight in case fall down again. Driver spoke rudely "Best is to put on seat belt!"

4. When I finally reach my destination, I requested for a receipt, instead of printing it out, driver rudely say "Give me the money first!", then he prints it out.

I understand that it is my responsibility to put on seat belt but couldn't he say so nicely instead of driving recklessly? And since a child is on board, shouldn't he drive safely?

Thanks & Regards



Here's the reply I got from the taxi company;

Our ref: 20090XXXX

Dear Mdm Lim

I refer to your email as attached and am sorry about the unpleasant incident which you and your son have had

Please be assured that we will look into the matter and mete out the disciplinary action against the driver concerned. We will file this case into his service record and will closely monitor his performance.

Once again, our apologies on behalf of the driver concerned for the anxiety he may have caused you. We will reinforce measures to ensure our drivers comply with the code of service conduct as set by the company.

Yours sincerely
Customer Service Centre
C******D***** - Taxi Business


Not sure whether they will really look into this matter or not.

I have never like to complain about a specific taxi driver coz I know its really tough for some of them to earn money to feed their family. They are always racing against the clock n traffic to earn "just another dollar".

This particular taxi uncle is really too much, he is being rude, reckless & inconsiderate. I was ready to forgive him but his rude attitude to demand money fm me made me decide to complain about him.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visit to Seng Kang Fire Station

Our visit is finally here (after getting confused with the dates to go hehehe)!!! Ytd daddy told Little DinoEgg about it and he was very excited as he's very fascinated with fireman.

Woke up early today, meeting the rest at 9.45am at the station :) We were out of the house at 9.45am and reached the fire station at 9.55am. No sign of the rest. Text May and she said she has been trying to get a cab since 9.30am and still cannot get one! Madness! When u need a cab there is ALWAYS none at sight! Text Enry and she says "we're on the way"... eh... late already lor~~ hehehehe~~ she is walking here her relatives, under the HOT sun too! How to walk!!!!

Then 10mins later....

The fire men were very friendly n initiative, when we were sitting on the bench waiting for the rest, a few of them walked up to ask whether we are here for the tour. Well, different from my prospective about them being unapproachable.

I thought the fire station will be a bored place for adults, more fun for the kids but I was wrong. We get to do alot of things that even adults can enjoy n gain some knowledge.

  • We rode the ladder, which when extended can reach 7 storey high.
  • We rode in the fire engine and went onto the road, took 1 round around the fire station premises.
  • Kids play with the jet hose and water gun.
  • The fireman even gave us a short demostration on how they slide down from the fireman pole. (I think all of them can become the pole dancer hehehee~)

Photos for the visit

Group Picture

The boys with the fire men

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Friday, March 20, 2009

I know my national anthem

This morning while walking to take the cab, Little DinoEgg was singing repeatedly "u~sama sama ber~su-su~"

At first i did not catch it, after a few times I realised he was singing the National Anthem hehehe~ Lyrics all out but tune is there. When I asked him what he is singing, he smile at me shyly then refuse to sing any more =.= I tried prompting him but he refuse to sing. Nvm shall try to make him sing again :P

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I miss my bed

Its pass midnight, and I am still up... only daddy n washing machine accompanying me. Why? Becoz Little DinoEgg coughed so hard that he vomited his dinner and the milk he jus had all over himself (coz he was lying down on the bed) and the bed...

Have to change his clothes, the bed sheets and some of the pillow/bolster cases. And wash the soiled stuffs in 3 different washes....

Now waiting for the last load to be done, then I can go to bed. Going to bring him to see the Chinese sinsei tonite.


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dun push me, I bite!

First of all we finally managed to reach the Boogie Bug 5mins before the class starts *applause applause*, we finally get to sing Mr Sun song after missing it for 3-4 times in a row, Little DinoEgg finally interact with Jordon & Julian. Dun get me wrong, its not that they are not in talking terms or wat, just that they never had a chance to play together. And the chance came~ when every one was playing with the musical instruments.

Then came the "tragedy"... Julian gave the eggs noise makers to Little DinoEgg who gladly accepted it coz its one of his favorite item. So he took the eggs n began running around the place with Jordon chasing him, trying to grabbed the golden egg and Julian running in between them trying to stop Jordon from getting the eggs.

Little DinoEgg ran to me n sat on my laps, hoping to keep off the boys, who knows Jordon was persistent, came up to him n wanted to snatch the golden egg from him. With his hands full of eggs n no where to retreat, Little DinoEgg screamed n cry out. Me, Jordon's maid n Uncle Rueben was trying our best to break the boys up when suddenly Jordon wailed... tts when I saw a bite mark on his arm... Seems that Little DinoEgg has bite him, I guess with his hands full n unable to fight off or push Jordon away (any way he was taught not to push pple), he decided to bite him.

I immediately told Little DinoEgg off! Was so shocked coz this is the 1st time I see him reacting this way! I made him apologise to Jordon but of course he did not want to. I reasoned with him that it is wrong to bite others n he did say sorry to Jordon who seems to have cried for 2 mins n forgotted abt it. In my heart I know that Little DinoEgg was not entirely at fault but I still have to teach him the correct behaviour & attitude.

Later when I saw Jordon's mum, I went up to apologise to her too. However she seems to me like she does not want to talk to me and gave an irritated look at me. Hey dun get me wrong, I have NEVER spoken or offend this mummy since I started the class. Maybe Little DinoEgg's outburst of energy n outspoken attitude irks some pple. In any case when I return back to class, I was told that jus before I spoke to her, Uncle Rueben has spoken to her abt the incident. Maybe she expressed her displeasure to him but kept that to herself when I went up to her.

Well, I have done my part; make my son aplogised to the child n I apologised to the mummy so I have nothing to feel guilty. However when I said sorry to her, she said ok, then said "sometimes thats the way they settle they score (or something like tt, cannot remember)." I just smile n walked away... later when I think back, I have a feeling that she is saying about my son. Does she mean that this is the way my son always do when fighting for toys etc? Hmm.... .... ....

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mosquito-borne diseases

Extracted from ST Online 11 March 2009

Expert warns against re-emerging diseases

TWO mosquito-borne diseases re-emerging in the Americas and Australia might be a concern if they spread, warned an expert in infectious diseases.
Professor Duane Gubler, head of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School's emerging infectious diseases research programme, said that yellow fever - which has a 20 per cent fatality rate and an urban transmission cycle identical to dengue's - could become a problem if not controlled quickly. Most recently, two monkeys died of it in Trinidad.

According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 200,000 cases of yellow fever, with 30,000 deaths, are reported every year, mainly in Africa. Infection causes a wide range of symptoms, and they can lead to severe illness and death.

While yellow fever has never been reported in Asia, the region is at risk because the appropriate primates and mosquitoes are present.

'If we see it in the Americas now, with globalisation, it will quickly move to Asian cities and if that happens, it will create a global public health emergency that will make Sars pale in comparison,' said Prof Gubler. He said health officials should be ready with the same control measures used to tackle dengue, namely eradicating mosquito breeding and checking for transmissions.

Another mosquito-borne disease from Australia, called the Ross River virus, has a similar transmission cycle to chikungunya and dengue. It has re-emerged there due to recent heavy rains and high humidity creating more mosquito-breeding sites.

Symptoms include joint swelling and stiffness and rashes, along with feelings of tiredness and weakness. The majority of people recover fully within a few weeks.

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Dengue Fever

Extracted from ST Online 11 March 2009

Dengue threat growing in Asia-Pacific
It caused more than 3,000 deaths in S-E Asia last year
By Jessica Jaganathan

DENGUE fever, an old enemy to the region, is gathering strength, with almost three times as many people in South-east Asia dying of the haemorrhagic form last year, compared with five years ago.
Far from defeated, it is fast spreading to newer areas in the Asia-Pacific region, and with more frequent outbreaks. Altogether, 1.8 billion people in the region are at risk of being infected.

The disease has also become more severe. According to latest statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO), cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever - in which uncontrollable bleeding occurs - have increased by more than 70 per cent since 2003.

Last year, 3,255 people died of it in South-east Asian countries, compared with 1,202 in 2003.

The deaths are a concern, as they reflect the medical community's inability to manage the cases, said WHO South-east Asia Region's Communicable Diseases Control coordinator Chusak Prasittisuk.

'The medical community may need more training because the younger generation of practitioners may not be aware of early detection and proper case management. This is our big concern.'

In Singapore, dengue cases were up in the first nine weeks of the year, with 1,205 people infected, compared with 951 during the same period last year. The authorities are studying if the increase is part of the normal cycle.

Last year, Singapore recorded 7,032 cases, a 20 per cent dip over the 8,826 in 2007. It bucked the trend, as the rest of the region saw an upswing in cases.

Dr Prasittisuk said dengue fever was spreading to countries that were unaffected before, such as Nepal, Bhutan and Timor Leste. Within countries, it is moving from urban to rural areas, where malaria is usually the main scourge.

A regional and international approach is essential to tackle the disease, which is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, he said.

Dr Prasittisuk was speaking at the opening yesterday of the first Asia-Pacific dengue workshop in Singapore, organised by the WHO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Environment Agency (NEA). Forty-two participants from 29 countries are taking part in the workshop, which runs till next Thursday.

It is part of the Asia-Pacific Dengue Strategic Plan, by the WHO and its member states, to eradicate the disease in the region. This trip to Singapore will comprise site visits and field experience to study Singapore's dengue programme.

NEA chief executive officer Andrew Tan said Singapore took a proactive and pre-emptive approach to reduce mosquito breeding and 'deal with the problem before it hits us'.

'The long-term goal through a workshop like this and through future workshops is to develop a regional surveillance network that will allow us to share information, such as the different genotypes of dengue and best practices not only from the laboratory, but also in the field,' he said.

The head of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School's emerging infectious diseases research programme, Professor Duane Gubler, said dengue's resurgence in the region could be due to the lack of effective mosquito controls in most countries, the movement of virus vectors around the world by air travel, and a continuous importation of new viruses to which people are not immune in the cities.

Dengue cases usually follow a six- to seven-year cyclical trend, with each year surpassing the one before. Singapore is now in the third year of a cycle that began in 2007. Mr Tan said Singapore should remain prepared for the year ahead. He said the NEA would work with the community to ensure simple measures to eradicate mosquito breeding in homes and offices are followed.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Aftermath

Me n Daddy think we are getting old, today we almost cannot get out of bed...

Yesterday night Little DinoEgg had nightmare. He was sleeping with us but he managed to toss n turn till his head is at daddy's back n legs at my back. Whole night he was head-butting daddy n kicking me!

Today both of us got backaches from his head-butting n kicking, body ache n legs pain fm the kite flying.

On top of that, daddy who hasn't been feeling well since last Friday, came down with a fever....

WOW~ 1 kite flying and it almost knock both of us out. The one who is not a bit affected is that little monster ^^

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kite Flying Gathering!

The day is finally here for our kite flying gathering!

HOWEVER, sky is not being cooperative... it was sunny no doubt but it was also raining... but with few drops of rain. After discussing with Enry, we decided to go ahead with the hope that the rain clouds will be blown away.

All ready for some kite flying

We set off at 4pm though the meet up time is 4pm :P Blame it on the rain. It was sunny with bit bit of rain, dark clouds at 1 side n windy... and I mean WINDY! Little DinoEgg's hat was blown away! Daddy n me have to scurry after it while it rolls away. Ya u read it correctly, its ROLL, the hat decided to "stand up" on the rim and rolls away!

As the dark clouds looms not far away, I suggested that we go to the field next to the swimming complex in case it starts to rain we can dash into it n sit at the Mcdonald to take cover.

The sky decides to let us have fun today. The rain stays away, the sun shine fiercely n blinding us! Its difficult to take photos with the sun in our eyes. I think the sky knew that its baby Mikael's 1st birthday today and that we are celebrating for him. The sky wants us to have a good time flying the kite n celebrate Mikael's birthday~ THANK YOU SKY! hehehe~

U know wat? All of us came to fly kite knowing nuts about kite flying! And look how much fun we have!

And seeing the rainbow at the end of our tiring kite flying exercise really makes our day!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Its a Day Off

Little DinoEgg's school is close today for Teachers' Workshop, I took leave as Granny is unable to take care of him. I decided to bring him out to meet up with Diana @ Esplanda and Alice @ Suntec T3 to pass them some stuffs.

The Stuffs

While waiting for taxi

We waited for Diana at the meeting area at Esplanda, while waiting Little DinoEgg had a "run time" around the big empty space where the stage is suppose to be whenever there is a performance. I only managed to get him to stay still for a while when Diana has arrived. However off he runs again in less then 5mins... even went to play with the dustbin =.=" Anyway I let him be coz I was busy chatting with Diana. 15mins later we parted ways as she has to go back to work.

Of we went, walking our way from Esplanda to Suntec T3, its a long long long walk... luckily the weather is ok, not too hot n humid. Managed to catch Alice before she goes out to lunch.

We were both famish as we did not have any breakfast, so off we go to find some food to fill our stomach. We walked pass Souperlious n I was attracted by their soup. I asked Little DinoEgg if he like pumpkin soup and he nodded his head. So I ordered 1 Golden Pumpkin soup and a Chicked & Ham sandwich. Seeing that I am alone with a child, the supervisor was kind enough to suggest that I find a seat while he sends the food to us. I am suppose to pay at the counter n carry the food myself. Thank goodness for an understanding supervisor *thumbs up*

*Dip dip the bread into the pumpkin soup*

Enjoying the soup

From the photos above you can tell that Little DinoEgg is enjoying his pumpkin soup and a piece of bread.

After a hearty meal of healthy soup and sandwich, we went to Toy"R"Us, no intention of buying anything, just want to let Little DinoEgg play with the toys there. Well, he was so mesmerized by Thomas Train that he took 1 pack of 3 trains (Thomas, Percy & Toby) n asked me to buy. Its a hefy $39.90 for 3 small trains of abt my palm size! Not sure what they do n how to play with them. Tried to distract him with other cheaper ones but he had his eyes on it. So I said "Ok, u hold on to this toy first, lets go walk walk again." Less then 5mins later he spotted a colorful ball~ I told him he can only hold 1 toy at a time, without thinking he pushed the Thomas toy to me *phew*.

All went well till he starts to ignore my call. I told him to follow me closely (since he does not want to hold my hands) n do not wander around. I just finish telling him, turn around and he is gonez. I went around looking for him, but u know the shop, with rows n rows of shelves, he can be any where! I tried shouting out his name too, hoping to locate him when he answer back BUT the darn music in the store is SO LOUD! I finally found him and reminded him sternly again to follow me otherwise the "bad people" will catch him.

Just barely 5mins later he was so engrossed with the toys that he ignore me totally. Told him to get going but he simply refuse. Getting totally pissed n mad, I took him by his hand n off we went out of the store with him crying n wailing. Its straight to the taxi n off we went towards home. Thus ending a pleasant shopping in an unpleasant manner.

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