Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ginergerbread Man - ACE Festival 2009

Today is the day~ after a power nap at home, dragged Little DinoEgg out of the house, getting him excited with the thought of seeing Gingerbread Man. While in cab he dozed off again n refuse to wake up when we are about to reach the theater. Result - cranky, uncooperative & protesting kid. He decided to be a koala bear n refuse to come down and walk. Had a hard time looking for our seats while carrying him n my bag at the same time plus walking into a dim light theater.

After we settled down, well sort of settled down, I text Thomas who is sitting at the other end with his family. He was so nice to pop by and say Hi :) we had a brief chat n he went off back to his seat. A while later he came back with his elder son hehe~ appears that his handsome son wants to meet this cranky little boy. So sweet~ but Little DinoEgg was too cranky to be friendly.

Anyway, when we first stepped into the theater Little DinoEgg started to whine n say wanna "take taxi n go home" =.= My guess is the theater is too dark for his comfort, plus with so many kids talking, screaming, laughing at the same time in an enclosed dark place, it sort of freaks him up. I tried to distract him by getting him interested in the props on stage. That got him quiet for like 5mins then he starts again "mummy I wanna take taxi go home!"

On top of that, he decided to sit on my lap hiding his face on my chest then to sit on the chair alone. So when the show starts, he rather sit n watch in this way then to turn around. Only when the Cat, dog n duck puppets appears then he decided to turn around, coz better view of the puppets hahaha~ When Gingerbread man comes out he was so excited! Keeps telling me Gingerbread Man naughty, cannot tease pple, tie the cat with rope etc etc.

Well I enjoy the performance too~ it was lively with catchy tunes n songs which sends the kids laughing n giggling. It was interactive too, kids were excited n eager to shout out NO! YES! etc when Little Old Man asks questions. Got me all excited too haha~

Overall, despite the unhappy start of it, all ended well. Little DinoEgg enjoy the performance and in the taxi going home, he couldn't stop talking about the naughty Gingerbread Man.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

ToyBox @ National Museum

After our Boogie Class, we flew back home so that Little DinoEgg can have an early nap. At 5mins to 4pm we were at the National Musuem, sort of late coz I have actually planned to reach there early to get a good seat. Its an open space performance with free seating, thus a good seat with good view of the play is important. But alas, we reached late and have to find a spot by squeezing thru pple n view is partially blocked. Even though Little DinoEgg has to stand up to be able to see his favourite Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark he does so happily coz he can sing n dance to the music.

There were alot alot of kids of different ages... All sitting down and eager to listen to Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark singing n acting. The situation got kinda out of hand as the kids moved too near or touch the props. The duo have to keep asking them to sit back or gently take the props away fm them. The museum staffs who was suppose to ensure order did not help them but just stood by and watch instead.

I wasn't paying attention to the play at the later part coz Little DinoEgg has ran up to the front to see and hear clearly as the other kids were either standing up or kneeling down, thus blocking his view. My attention zoomed in at home lest he pushes or got pushed by some other kids. However I like the puppet :) Uncle Reuben really know how to make the orang utan look so real :)

After the play we took a slow walk to Plaza Singapura for some window shopping. Along the way we met Singa~

When we are outside Plaza Singapura I suddenly remember that they are having dinosaurs exhibitions! So I enter the building from the side door, I pointed out to Little DinoEgg about the dinosaurs and asked if he wants to go there to take a look. He immediately freeze n say NO! So I have to take the escalator up to the 2nd floor. However once we are up there, he insist on looking down on the dinosaurs, pointing to them n asking me questions, sounding so excited. I guess to see from far is ok with him haha~

After a quick round of Plaza Singapura we sat down at Secret Receipe for a Gourmet Pie and Smartie Treat *Yummy Yummy* then head out to Granny's place for another yummy dinner.

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Snapshots @ Boogie Bug

For once we are the first one to reach class~ And Little DinoEgg has the whole classroom to himself. See how he is enjoying it

Play with me Uncle Mark

Lets see who is faster!

Monkey Swing Swing

Fascinated by the mirror

Look at me stretch, mummy~

I noticed that Little DinoEgg is very interested in his reflection in the mirror. When he look at himself in my wardrobe's mirror he will have alot of expressions, sometimes play peek-a-boo with his reflect =.= Today he was doing some floor stretching n staring at his reflection as thou he is a dancer watching his movements. It amazes n fascinates me to see him doing those actions. Maybe should send him for some dance lessons, what do u think?? ^^

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knowing the Time

Since Little DinoEgg started to have a craze over Animal Mechanicals which is currently showing on Playhouse Disney 8pm from Mon-Fri, he's been bugging me EVERYDAY that he wants to watch that show; regardless of the time and day...

Initially no amount of explaining that the show is only on certain days and at certain time can stop his cries. When daddy managed to convinced him that AM only shows on weekdays, he started to ask for it way before the time. So last week I decided to teach him to know the TIME.

Of course he would not understand the word "O'clock", "short hand", "long hand" etc, well, I was prepared... I bought a paper clock a year ago (ya abit kia-su right??) so I took it out and showed it to him. We stood in front of our clock in the hall, I turned the hands to show 8 o'clock n tell him to compare it with the clock on the wall. I told n showed him "when the short hand move to number 8 n long hand move to number 12, its 8 o'clock. This is the time Animal Mechanicals will be showing."

First time of course he do not understand. The following days, whenever he asks for it again, I will ask him to take his paper car clock (which is fixed at 8 o'clock) n go to our clock n compare the time. I will ask him whether is ti 8 o'clock yet? And he will happily run back n tell me, not yet then will wait patiently for his favourite show.

A week have passed and this morning he showed me that he knows the time; well at least the term "o'clock". Daddy asked him to show him 1 o'clock n he moved the short hands to number One, I thot it was pure coincident so I tested him again. Asked for 5 o'clock n he gave me the correct answer~

Well done! Next step is to teach him the minutes on the clock *grinz*

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Dun Like Dinasuars!

National Museum is having an exhibition on dinosaurs (or something like tt), when we were at the Carnival, the MC said they are making appearance. We were waiting with high anticipation, coz this is the 1st time Little DinoEgg will be seeing a "real-life" dinosaurs, instead of those fm the cartoon.

When the dinosaurs appeared, it was actually human size! A man is wearing the suite and another person is holding on to a stick tt is attached to the dinosaur's head, from there he is able to control the dinosaur's expression, head n mouth movement. Little DinoEgg was excited to see the dinosaurs UNTIL the man made a low growl (there is a microphone attached near his mouth), it came so sudden n sort of loud as we were quite near the man that Little DinoEgg freaked out! He let out a loud scream and say "Mummy NO NO NO! I wanna go home! Mummy go THERE! GO THERE!!!!" No amount of coaxing could stop him from crying... and I cannot leave my spot coz we are queuing for the face painting =.= Finally the dinosaur moved away n I managed to calm him down.

Later when we are at the Chill-Out! area, a smaller dinosaurs came visiting... And Little DinoEgg goes crazy again! This time I carried him n hid at one corner, not too far away, just near enuf for him to see the dinosaurs. I wanted him to know that its a fake dinosaurs and it will not eat up children. Dunno who gave him that idea!

After the dinosaurs walked pass him, Little DinoEgg can still describe to me what did it do, how it walked etc... So at least I know he is still able to take in all the info and things I told him even while he is crying. Not too bad, ears are "open" every time hehehehee~

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National Musuem's Carnival for Children's Season 2009

Yupe, me n Little DinoEgg headed for the Carnival alone as the other friends were either not interested or have other prior arrangement.

We reach National Museum at 1115am, had some quick bites of the kueys then walk around the small Carnival. There were nothing special to look at or participate, kinda disappointed with it. Though there are things like stone painting, face painting, free popcorn, free portrait etc, its such a LONG queue! And the canvas did not managed to shield us queuing behind from the hot n glaring sun! As I am alone with Little DinoEgg, we have to stay in queue to get the face painting n the portrait. If daddy came along at least 1 of us can accompany him to walk ard.

We queue for like 25mins for the face painting, of coz Little DinoEgg was impatient etc, but when its his turn he was all excited. I told the girl to paint on his arms instead as he was perspiring and all that, scared the thing did not last pass the next 30mins. Little DinoEgg sat down patiently n quietly while the girl painted the giraffe on his arms. After tt he was extremely happy with the giraffe~

After a long time under the sun both of us need a break badly so we headed inside the museum. We went to the Chill-out section where they have a small table with 3-4 chairs, some color pencils and papers for the kids to doodle. I think the table is too small, color pencils n papers are not enuf to go around. Little DinoEgg couldn't join the fun at the table n was abit upset. Anyway I managed to distract him with the velcro flowers on the wall. They have these round board with a flower print, has a velcro behind where u can stick it to the "stems" on the wall. Some object for kids to climb n sit on. Basically plain running around n have fun.

After a while we went out as it was time for the portrait guy to start his shift. *sigh* Long queue again! Lucky I bought along my portable small fan, so while queuing still can enjoy a small amount of breeze :P This time queuing time shorter, abt 15mins. The guy took like 3mins to finish Little DinoEgg's portrait, but I was abit disappointed... coz it does not look anything like my son! *sigh* nvm lah...

Move on to balloon sculpture! Super LONG QUEUE! And can u believe it! A father n son actually join us to watch the juggler with us who was performing near the line then when the act ends he stood there pretending nothing is happening. I saw them then noticed the young parents queuing 2 spot behind me trying to stand in front of the boy. I asked them if he was here earlier then them coz I dun remember seeing them. When they replied tt he just cut queue, my alarm went off (blame it on the constant queuing n under the hot hot sun!)! Told the father did he join the queue n he has the cheek to tell me YES n that spot is the last of the queue right? I told him right off, saying that 3 family (Me, the mummy behind me and the young couple behind the mummy) are together! Then he still dare to say "ok then i will stand here." Here meaning behind the young couple. I told him off again saying the end of the queue is way way way back there! So he had no choice have to go off.

A while later a boy of 8, 9 years old came trying his luck! He came up to me as I m second in the queue to "Pls let me go first~ pls pls pls!!!!" Told him off say if I let u go first then all the uncles and aunties behind me will be very mad with me, so "you better start queuing up." I cannot believe it!

Anyway, we got our T-rex balloon n off we went toward home coz it was already 330pm+ Little DinoEgg has missed his nap n is super duper tired.... To make things worse... I chose the wrong way to walk, ended up at SMU with no taxi stands etc... Have to walk all the way to North Bridge Road before we managed to hop on to a cab. Little DinoEgg KO in a short while, guess he was really very tired with today's outing.
*See my Green T-Rex~*

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bob it is then

We went over to Polar to bought a birthday cake for Grand dad n I took a brochure on Bob the Builder cakes. Little DinoEgg saw that n immediately wanted to buy a Bob cake! Gosh! Even wanted to get a Bob cake instead of the chocolate mousse cake. Have to pull plus coax him out of the shop so tt daddy can pay for the cake.

Compromised... a Bob the Builder birthday cake for his birthday party!

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An Adventure with ToyBox

ToyBox is performing in the Children's Season 2009 festival~ Me and Little DinoEgg will not miss it~ If u are curious to see how ToyBox conduct their Boogie Bug class or how the famous duo looks like or how they interact with kids, come down and join in the fun!

An Adventure with Toybox
By ToyBox Edu-tainment (Singapore)
Sat 30 May 2009 to Sun 31 May 2009, Sat 6 Jun 2009 to Sun 7 June 2009
4pm - 5pm
Glass Atrium, Level 2
Best for ages 3 and above

Join the famous duo from Toybox for a delightful performance about an adventurer who gets into trouble with an orangutan on his camping trip for being inconsiderate to the environment while setting up his camp. It’s entertainment for the whole family with songs and laughter for everyone!
*Extracted from National Museum Children's Season 2009: Free Events*

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Ginergerbread Man - ACE Festival 2009

Written and Directed by Brian Seward
Music: Bang Wenfu
18th May to 7th June 2009
Drama Centre Black Box.
Part of
ACE Festival 2009

Perfect for 3 to 12 year olds

Duration – 50 minute with no interval

Run; Run, As Fast As You Can! You Can’t Catch Me, I’m…
A classic tale, carefully crafted, and cooked to perfection!
Succulently served with a selection of wonderfully catchy songs, a colourful collection of crazy characters.
Seasoned with some valuable lessons to learn.
This tasty tale – the one you know so well – is presented a À la Arte, especially for the younger audience.

Once upon a time there was a little old woman and a little old man.
The little old woman decided to make a gingerbread man.
She rolled out the dough, and cut out the shape.
She put raisins for his eyes, peppermints for his teeth, and icing for the hair.
Then she put him in the oven to cook right through.
But the Little Old Man was impatient. He just could not wait… it smelled so good!
He opened the oven door - a moment too soon - to take a peek; before the Gingerbread Man was cooked right through...
And as he opened the door, out jumped the Gingerbread Man!

Can they catch him? Can ANYONE catch him?
You’ll just have to wait and see!

Watch out for:
Catchy songs!
Colourful characters!
An engaging and delightful story told in a visual physical style!
Audience interaction!

*The above is extracted from itheatre webby*

We are planning to go for this play~ I think Little DinoEgg would love this show~

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whats that you say?

We have our little game whenever we are on the road to some where or when we are just lazing around on the bed or on the sofa.

Me : Mummy is HUN-G-RYYY~~
Little DinoEgg : No-No-No~~
Me : I think... I wanna... eat... youurrr~~ EARS!!!!
Little DinoEgg will be squealing n screaming trying to get away from me.

Played the game this morning and instead of the usual reply, he turned around, wagged his pointer finger and say "You cannot eat me! I am not noodle!" *faintz*

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bags Hunted

Have been looking around for a smaller sized bag for Little DinoEgg as (1) Elmo bag is broken and fraying (2) Little DinoEgg recently likes to carry his bag n Elmo bag is too big for his small framed body.

Couple of days ago, went to Kiddy Palace to take a look at the bags, we only saw a few choices as most of them are about the same size as the Elmo bag. Then I chance upon the small trolley bags, very cute & very light. On top of it there is one with Bob the Builder ^^ However... ... ...

"Wow look, a Bob the Builder bag! You like it?"
"Its Nafa's bag~~!!!"
*... ... ...*
"Oh ok, how about the one with cars??"
"Its Ganesh's bag~~!!!!"
*at a lost*
"O-h O-kay, then can you carry same bag as either of them?" *smiling so sweetly*
"NO!" *feels like I just got slapped on the face*

SO~~ We left Kiddy Palace EMPTY-HANDED.

Yesterday went to a neighbourhood mall n pop by one of the shop selling all the cartoon characters stuffs for kids. There are ALOT of bags of different sizes~~ "Woohoo!!" you'd say... I said so inside too BUT whichever bag i pointed to Little DinoEgg will say its XXX's bag. Gosh! its so difficult to buy a bag that no kid have since the shop is near his school and almost every family will shop at that place. Then I thot, SPIDERMAN!! but was disappointed when there are NO Spiderman bag! I mean they have but its of same size as Elmo's bag *sob sob* Yupe! Little DinoEgg is into Spidy now. While expressing my disappointment to the shop owner, he suddenly remembered his 1001 Spidy bag. YEAH! Showed it to Little DinoEgg and he was jumping up with joy! Immediately carry the bag n wanted to walk out of the shop hahaha~ So paid $20 n home bound we went.

This morning Little DinoEgg was so excited that he could get to use the new Spidy bag, I was packing his bag when I discovered that the ZIP IS FAULTY!!!! Arrgghhhh!!! How difficult is it to get a decide bag for my son?!?!?!?! I have to explain to Little DinoEgg that the zip is faulty and have to go back n exchange it later today. Have to persuade him to use his Elmo bag just for today only. He protested for like 3mins and I managed to distract him with something else, n 5mins later out of the housen to school *PHEW*

However I can feel a good "war brewing" tonite coz that Spidy bag is the LAST ONE! How am I suppose to go back with another SAME bag??

Nevertheless, finally went back to the shop, the shop owner tried to mend the zip by putting vaseline on it, hopeing it will "smoothen" the track. Well it does not work... I started to look around the bags section, very few options for the smaller sized bags until Batman caught my eye! Ok ok! Since dunn have this hero, subsitute it with another hero.... still HERO right?? To do damage control, I also bought 1 Batman coloring book, 2 Spidy stickers, 1 Thomas sticker booklet n 1 Barney sticker booklet. All these dun cost much, plus I got a teeny weeny bit of discount from shop owner since I told him I must "pacify" Little DinoEgg lest he went for major meltdown...

Went to Granny house n just nice, he had finished his dinner and taking a rest. I told him to go to the plastic bag n see what surprise I have for him. That got him excited... he simple loves surprises~~ He saw the Batman bag n was happy then he asked;

"Mummy where is the spiderman bag?" *my heart cringes*
"Oh Spiderman bag is faulty, no more le so mummy got u a Batman bag."

He gave that a thought for like few seconds then runs off to imerse himself with the tons of stickers i just bought. *PHEW*

No crying
No meltdown
No nothing... just PEACE~~

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Lunch

We decided to go for an early Mother's Day celebration with mum as it will be crowded and the restuarant usually will raise up their prices on the actual day.

We arranged to meet up at T3 Dian Xiao Er for a lunch. Sis had a fever due to the flu n cough so she was unable to join us. Daddy had a training that over runs n he too was unable to join us.

While waiting for our food, I told SIL tt if I know there is a Crystal Jade @ T3, I would have suggested lunching there, SIL agreed with me too hahaha~ Anyway the food at Dian Xiao Er was sumptous too. Though the portion was a wee bit much for 5 adults n 2 kids.

After our lunch we went down to T3 basement to walk around as everyone is feeling too full to sit in the car n go home. The kids had a good time playing with the "money-eating" machines. This is also the 1st time Little DinoEgg sat on one that actually moves. I was afraid he will be crying n wailing but he did not... though he tried a few times to get down from the moving "car" as he usually will once he had enough "driving", gave all of us, especially Granny.

After all the screaming n squealing we went shop shop abit. SIL wanted to go Mini Toons to get some stuffs for Megan, plus T3 is having NO GST Promo. She wanted to buy something for Little DinoEgg but as he has not asked for gifts from anyone plus we do not practice demanding of toys when shopping since he was young so he doesn't want anything. However when SIL was asking Megan to chose a water bottle for herself, he got interested hehe~ but still does not dare to request for it. He only grab a few n look at them. When SIL was about to pay for her stuffs, she asked Little DinoEgg the last time "You sure you do not want anything??" He shaked his head but went back to look at the water bottle. I was with him n asked if he wants one, he nodded. I said "ok mummy buy for u." Instead he grab one n dash to the counter n pass it to SIL *OMG* So SIL bought the water bottle for him.
Little DinoEgg liked the water bottle so much that he insist on hugging it to bed =.=

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