Friday, July 31, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Just had a wonderful dinner at the Mushroom Pot with daddy, Serene, Nicole & Thomas.

Its a funny thing that every time we arrange for dinner, all of us have NO IDEA where the dinner location is wahahha~~ This time I did a search, found out the location n tell the rest ^^ Daddy was feeling under the weather n initially said he is not joining but last minute he decided to join *yippee*. We arranged to meet up at 7pm n daddy was the 1st to reach Orchard as his appointment ends early. I linger around the office doing a bit of things (both work n personal) then join daddy after I pop by Singpost. Eunice has been shopping in town since noon!!! Shiok sia! Next to reach is Serene n Thomas says he will be late so we started without him.

The restaurant is located inside OG, atmosphere is ok, food portion... errr.... they only give 4 fishballs, 4 prawns, 2 clams etc... every portion is 4 pple's share... and we have 5 pple at the table... so have to order a few more times. We had a good time chatting n relaxing while eating the yummy food. Though the restaurant's name is Mushroom Pot, they have other things to add into the steamboat such as beef, pork, pork's liver, chicken etc. They even have fried noodles too. Daddy n I find that the food is not bad, at least we do not feel thirsty after drinking the soup.

After our yummy n filling dinner plus a few minutes of hesitation, we decided to head off Häagen-Dazs for a round of yummy ice cream.

All of us agree that the food is good, the company is great and the dinner is wonderful! Looking forward to our next makan session~

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh stinks!

Sometimes when we are at the neighbourhood mall we take the cargo lift as its nearer to the food court. However these cargo lifts are used by the cleaners to send the rubbish out, its also used by delivery men too. Thus u can imagine the stench lingering at the lifts. When I tell Little DinoEgg that we are taking the smelly lift, this is what he will do immediately.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review Failed

Went to see doctor to get a letter for Little DinoEgg's HFMD... and... failed!

Dr Lawrence (its Dr Sharon's off day, awww~ Little DinoEgg is so disappointed), checked n saw some ulcers in his mouth. He says the ulcers are healing but then better be safe then sorry. So he gave him another 2 days of MC. His letter indicates ok to go back to school on 03 Aug'09 :(

Well I am not happy but there is nothing for me to do. Little DinoEgg will be super happy coz it will be another 2 days of watching tv whole day at Granny's house!

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Whats that you say?

Due to his recent HFMD, we bought quite alot of jelly as his mouth is full of ulcers n we were afraid that he might not want to eat. Jelly can help curb his hunger for a while. Since he have recovered from his ulcer 2 days ago, he still try to get the jelly from us, here is what he did;

Little DinoEgg : Da-ddyyy~ (softly n looking so sad)
Daddy : Yes baby?
Little DinoEgg : My tummy is so sleepy... I need to wake it up with jelly.
Daddy : ???

I was doing some packing n Little DinoEgg wants to play with his Thomas train set.

Little DinoEgg : Pa-pa, can I play with the train?
Daddy : No, later coz mummy is doing things on the floor.
Little DinoEgg come up to me n whisper : Mummy u do faster ok?

And for the next 10mins or so, he keep reminding me to "do faster" =.=

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Monday, July 27, 2009

HFMD 5th day

No fever since ytd but the ulcers are still there, some of them bleeding too :( This means eating takes a longer time coz ulers makes chewing a painful affair, especially the ones at the tip of the tongue. Even speaking was a problem too, so Little DinoEgg sometimes points nn go "umm-umm". He is also keeping his saliva in his mouth too, I have to constantly remind him to swallow it, think swallowing the saliva hurts the throat.

Other then the above, he is jumping, dancing, screaming (ya I m as surprise as u too), running, playing till the max!

Review on Wednesday, hope he gets a clean bill n off to school again where there are friends and more things to burnt off his endless energy.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Mummy

Jus finished watching The Mummy 3 on HBO with Master Loh. Ya ya I know I shld hv stop him, but he was wide awake at 12am... tts for the 4hrs nap he took this afternoon. Violent show - I KNOW! But he insist on watching thou he is scared. And frankly I couldn't tear myself away fm the show too *guilty*

Anyway 5mins after i switch off the tv, he is sleeping soundly on the mattress, in the living room with a mild fever of 37.4 deg.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

HFMD 2nd day

Ytd nite fever shot up to 39.5 deg n was around that temperature till 12am+ That is after we gave him the bullet. He was feeling listless n tired, keep complaining neck hot etc. We put his mattress in the living room coz its much cooler then the bed room, all of us slept in the living room.

Fever is like roller coaster, up n down from 39 deg to 37 deg. Around 12am when the temperature went down to 37 deg+ Little DinoEgg suddenly tell daddy that his tummy is empty n he is hungry =.= and he wants to eat macaroni! *faintz* so daddy have to cook 1 small bowl of macaroni (lucky we still have the tomato sauce), for him where he only ate half a bowl. Well better then nothing.

After his macaroni, we force him to go to bed coz its already 1am! Both me n daddy are already very tired but this little fella is still wide eyed n jumping around. I was suppose to stay up to monitor his fever but I knocked out a while after I hit the sack... oh sorry its the hard floor haha! We only have 1 small mattress so me n daddy have to sleep on the floor.

Today, the ulcers are more, covering his tongue too. It took Little DinoEgg a long long time to finish his lunch of kuay teow soup. While eating his tongue hurts n he insist that I use the tissue paper to clean the pain away... how to???

Fever still comes and go but its low one, not so much of a worry. We took a nap at 2.30pm and woke up 5hrs later! WOW! See how tired we both are... Well this creates another problem. How to make him sleep at his usual bed time at 9.30pm??? So now, at 10.30pm, Little DinoEgg is playing with his ball, his balloon, watching tv n irritating us!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caught the HFMD Virus

This morning at the school gate Teacher Adeline saw some red spots in Little DinoEgg's mouth, but he does not have fever. As he has just recovered from sore throat, Teacher Adeline thought its due to that but she say she will monitor. Off I went to work.

About an hour later, just when I made my cup of morning coffee, my phone rang... Teacher Adeline says more spots on the mouth and request me to fetch him home. I was soooooo lost, coz I am unable to take leave as the other admin colleague is on leave today, I can't locate mum (she off her HP again!), daddy is on his way to work and cannot fetch him.

So after trying to find mum for 30mins, I took morning leave n headed off to the school, all this while trying mum's Hp hoping to get hold of her. When that fails, I was hoping I am able to catch hold of her before she goes out after I fetch Little DinoEgg. No such luck... so we hang around there while Little DinoEgg watch tv n shut my eyes n think of a way out.

At 11am, we went to visit Dr Sharon who confirms that it HFMD *sigh*, there are alot of ulcers in his mouth but no red spots on his joints. I think this time its going to be a very bad one. We went off for a quick lunch at Mac then headed home where daddy says he took 1/2 day leave to take care of Little DinoEgg. Left him with FIL n went back to work.

While back to office in a cab, I text the school principal about confirmation of contracting HFMD and also Reuben to let him alert the other mummies. So much inconvenience caused! *sigh*

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Few weeks ago I bought the tickets to The Boy Who Cried Wolf. This shall be Little DinoEgg's 2nd play ^^ Hope he likes it.

Presented by SRT's The Little Company

DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
30 Jul - 12 Sep 2009

Little Petey is bored, bored, bored. It is really not much fun to sit on a little rock, on a little hill, watching a little flock of sheep all day long. So little Petey decides to hatch the perfect plan to have some fun and scare the socks off his fellow villagers. But little does poor Petey know that a very tiny lie can lead to a whole lot of trouble...

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a wonderful new production from The Little Company. Based on the classic fairy tale by Aesop, you will be delighted by how it is brought to life by an exciting script and a professional cast of actors.

This play is a heart-warming illustration of why it’s important to tell the truth, and how one lie can make a world of difference.

Dramatised by award-winning playwright Jean Tay who is best known for her plays Everything But The Brain (ST Life! Theatre Awards winner for Best Original Script 2006) and Boom. Directed by Tracie Pang (ST Life! Theatre Award nominee for Best Director in 2007 and 2008) who has directed numerous productions for The Little Company.

This comic twist to a classic tale brings home a familiar lesson in a fun and accessible way.

Recommended for 2 – 6 year-olds.

The above info was extracted from Singapore Repertory Theatre.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back Boogie & Shaking

Missed Boogie Bug class last week as Little Dinoegg is down with cough, fever n sore throat. Today he is well, no fever, abit of cough n no more sore throat. So off we went to Boogie Bug~

He was real happy to see Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark, of course able to dance n shake n see himself in the mirror haha~

OH and Uncle Reuben told me that he found our blog!

Uncle Reuben if you are reading this, We really enjoy your classes (yupe, mummy too), your Play the Instrument Time let Little DinoEgg know how to Boogie to the beat of the music. Thanks guys!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

My turn to be sick

I caught Little DinoEgg's virus :( Sore throat n flu. Went to see Dr Ivan Ong on Tuesday n he gave me some med + 2days MC, but I can only take 1 day coz I have some work to finish.

Went back to work on Wednesday n got sent back home by boss :( Asked me why I still come ino office when I am still sick... *duhz* Come to work also got questioned... simple reason right? Coz have work to do. Anyway went home after lunch feeling somewhat sad. In my 20+ yrs of working I was only being doubt when I DO NOT turn up for work, never have I been question the reason for appearing in the office. In my 20+ yrs of working, so long as I am not sick till bed ridden I am expected to be in the office.

Anyway since boss is so scared of me hehe~ plus I am still feeling lethargic I decided to take MC today n rest. Took my flu med n slept for a couple of hours, woke up n felt much better ^^

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Molars are out~

Well, its confirmed (after Erin's reminder), Little DinoEgg's lower 2nd set of teeth are sprouting out. No wonder he was digging his mouth when he eat, maybe the gum is swollen or makes it uncomfortable while chewing.

When I went to fetch Little DinoEgg after school ytd evening, Teacher Violet commented that he has lost some weight :(

Hopefully for the next few days his appetite comes back n gain back his weight.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

You think its gone?

NO! AArrggghhhh!!!

Yesterday night Little DinoEgg was feeling warm, took the temperature and it says 37.4Deg, mild fever. Did not gave him any medicine coz since its mild n PD advises to give only it hits over 37.4Deg

This morning he is ok... However when I fetch him fm school he was feeling warm again. Chesty cough is still there, but not coughing as frequent n breathless as last week. The TCM really helps, at least he is able to sleep through the night; well except for a couple of times he wakes up looking for his rectangle (God knows wat tt is!), his smelly aka bolster, mummy, daddy n the list goes on....

And this morning he cry when the school gate closed at him! Gosh! I think its the 4 days absence from school that suddenly gave him the fear n fright of going to school. Funny thing is for the pass week he's been telling me that he wants to go to school, dun wanna go to Granny's house (Granny looks after him while mummy goes work), and today THIS???

Anyway he was crying "I want mummy! I want MUMMY!" with the occasion "I want my bagukan!" *??????* Did I hear wrongly? Well NOPE, coz he said that a couple of times. I have to harden my heart to turn n go, with the image of him crying at the gate with arms stretched out, wanting me to hug him n bring him home. While I walk away, he cry louder n louder n louder... even when I am at the next block I can still hear his cries. Sorry son, for doing this on you...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recovering Slowly

Its been a week since Little DinoEgg got the fever and sore throat. Heat monster went and came back sometimes hitting as high as 38.8Deg. Appetite not good, think due to the swollen n sore throat, took either a few mouthful or 1/4 bowl of porridge/macaroni n says he is full. BUT still happily jumping, running, playing, shouting, irritating the whole world!

As he was still coughing badly n with mild fever we skipped Boogie Bug, which I was disappointed coz I know he will enjoy after being cooped up in the house for a week. Nevertheless, we can't risk spreading the virus to all his Boogie mates right?

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heat Monster visit

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg on Monday evening n he felt warm, later confirm tt he was having fever, slightly over 38Deg. Tue n Wed fever comes n go :( Sometimes hit high of 38.5Deg. Today he is still not well, this morning ard 2am+ his fever was 38Deg+ again. Fed him paracetamol then realized that I should feed him iburufen instead *OMG* brain was still sleeping... I keep checking on him n luckily abt 30mins later fever went down to 37Deg.

His throat must be very bad to make the heat monster to stay for so many days. His tongue is red n lips cracked. He drinks alot of water but still does not help much.

I hope he will get better today n heat monster go away for good.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to Enya~

Happy 1st Birthday to Enya~
Sweet little Angel~
Hope you are always happy n your smile melts a thousand hearts n more~

Headed off to Jo's house after Little DinoEgg woke up from his nap for Enya's birthday, time flies so fast~ This charming little Angel is turning 1 today! Its a small family n close frens affair. Auntie cooked all the dishes, the curry is super yummy~ and the kueh is delicious~ Had a chat with Jo, Meiling & Angeline, its been a long time since I meet up with them. Little DinoEgg enjoyed himself too~ playing with Ethan n sharing with him the toys. There were times where Ethan wanted the toy tt he is playing but I m proud of him coz when I told him to share with Ethan di-di, he almost immediately loosen his grip n give the toy to Ethan. Anyway kids being kids, it will not be fun if there are no fights for toys =)

I finally get to taste Pine Garden cake, like the rum n cookie (or watever its call), dun fancy the lychee one. Think Little DinoEgg also dun like the lychee favour coz after having a few mouthful he asked for the "butterfly" which is the cream.

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Soup oh my soup~

We headed off to Suntec to find daddy, a surprise visit for Little DinoEgg coz he thot we were going home straight. He was very happy to see daddy n in no time was into his mischievous self getting daddy annoyed... abit wasted my effort of bringing him there right?

Feeling famish I thought of Souperlicious n their yummy golden pumpkin soup *uummm~~~* Its only 10.30am n the shop is not open yet so we pop in Toys"R"Us to just walk around n waste time or so tts what my intention is. Not for this little fella... the min we were in, we were greeted by Transformer toys, robots, masks etc etc. Feeling a pinch of regret but then I told myself it should be ok. Well, Little DinoEgg started his "mummy wat is this?" n when I replied him, he will say "I want~" ... ... ... Of course I ignored him. Ok ok for a while, then I went around to find the cheapest car for him. Thought those normal pull back n let go car can satisfy him BUT NO WAY! He's got his eyes on one of the character frm Cars the movie, it cost $30+! Its a simple car, just tt when u shake it then car will sing song or say some sentences. Ok fine! Finally managed to find a remote control car where u can press the control to open n close the door, cool ya~ Anyway got him off the $30+ car haha~ And this cost half the price, $12.90 only.

After our "window" shopping in Toy"R"Us, we headed to Souperlicious~ WooHoo~~ I ordered goldne pumpkin soup n cheesy tuna sandwich for Little DinoEgg, Spicy Sze Chuan soup and fruit salad for myself. The soup comes with 4 slices of whole meal (or something) bread. So Little DinoEgg was happily drinking n dipping the bread into the soup, refuse to take the cheesy tuna sandwich. Ended up I have to find my soup, 1 sandwich, 1 bowl of fruit salad n half a bowl of pumpkin soup. Imagine how full I am! Luckily it was a satisfying meal. It took us an hour to slowly savour our soup n finally be done with it. Just in time to go home with daddy who has just knock off from work.

Home Home Home, to the comfy bed... feeling so drowsy n sleepy~

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Finally, Boogie Time!

After 3 weeks break; last lesson he was sick so cannot go, then class break for 2 weeks, we are finally going back to Boogie Bug!

And Little DinoEgg was very excited, jump right out of the bed this morning when I told him we are going to Uncle Reuben's place.

And he enjoy every bits of it! Was very well behaved too, sing the songs n doing the actions. Today we saw 3 frens and 2 new frens, wonder where did the rest go. Maybe still on holiday or they have gone to the older kids class. Hope to see more kids in the next lesson, 6 kids are a little bit too small a group to create serious noise n music!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

One little monkey

"5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
1 fell down n bump his head... ..."

Well in this case its One Little Naughty Monkey!

We were having dinner at Ajisen, this little monkey keeps standing up n jumping on the sofa. I have been telling him "sit down, dun jump! Later u will fall down!" etc etc, all fallen to deaf ears. Give up on him! He was still playing while eating too. I was trying to finish my noodles so tt I can make him sit down n I feed his noodle to him. Then I heard a loud knock! Apparently this little monkey was swinging his legs while supporting onto the table at one hand n the sofa at the other hand, his left hand slipped n he fell forward. Head bang the table real hard, of course he immediately cry "Ouch... mummy pain~" *tears start rolling down*

And of course the diners at the tables opposite us all turned n look at us. Some must have feel very heart pain for this little monkey, some definitely thinks he deserves it. Well I think he deserves it. Told this little monkey that he hurt himself becoz he did not listen to my warnings, told him to shushed since he misbehave thus cannot make noise. Almost immediately his tears stop but I still hug him tight n kiss his bump on the head.

When we are done with our dinner another table of mummy, daughter n grandma left together. The grandma saw him n the bump felt so heart pain. Ask him "pain or not?" He gave the grandma a cheeky smile. I told grandma, "not pain lah, if pain he will not be so happy."

This little fella... maybe his pain tolerance level is high...

Monkeying around while waiting for our food

See the bump and see his expression

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whats that you say?

Little DinoEgg is getting more creative in his speech...

During our recent trip to Mac Mac, we were talking n Little DinoEgg was busy eating his french fries with the ketchap. He was trying to get as much ketchap onto his fries as possible. Then daddy need to ask him something, call his name a few times but he ignore. I was not happy with his attitude,

Me : Daddy is calling you.
Little DinoEgg : I am busy ok!

Then I think he realised he just made a mistake coz immediately he look up n smile so sweetly at his daddy.


Was playing with Little DinoEgg when suddenly he says in between his giggles "My here very itchy, I better go n scratch it first."

*before any of u misunderstood, his "here" means the mossie bite on his chest*


Little DinoEgg was playing with his toys in the living room, I need him to take his shower;

Me : Pls put ur toys down, at the chair.
Little DinoEgg : Huh?
Me : put ur toys on the chair then let's go pom-pom.
Little DinoEgg : Chair?
Me : Ya (answer w/o thinking much)
Little DinoEgg : This is not a chair, this is a SOFA. Mummy wrong." *giggles giggles*
Me : *stunned*

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