Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Patches

Last Monday after our Marche lunch with Serene, Little DinoEgg was abit feverish. That night the fever went up to 39 deg. I knew this was coming as his upper gum was abit swollen, this means its either he is heaty or its an infection.

He had fever for 4 days, temperature shoot up usually from 11pm onwards till 5-6am. Then last Friday when I saw him at Granny's house he has got red patches all over his body! At first I thot it was heat rash, Granny's place can be very warm even at night and she does not have the habit of switching on the fan plus she feels its COLD even though the rest are perspiring! On further inspection, I noticed that the red patches are all over him, from the chest to the arms, body, buttocks, groin n legs! And as usual, Granny proclaim that he was ok this afternoon, no rash was seen...

I had a haste dinner and rush off to bring Little DinoEgg to see Dr Lawrenece only to discovered that the clinic closed at 4pm on Fridays. So we took a taxi back to our neighbourhood clinic to see Dr Ivan. Luckily daddy was there buying his dinner so I asked him to registered first while we made our way down. Alas... Dr Ivan was off duty today n we see a young doctor. Nevertheless, he was very thorough, checked Little DinoEgg's lymph nodes to see if there is any swelling, checked his throat n found ulcers! He suspects HFMD but ruled tt out coz HFMD does not give red patches of rash. Checked his lungs, no phlegm, breathing is very clear *phew*

The doctor says the rash should go away in about 3 days time, should the rash be there on Monday, we have to bring him back for further checks. No medications or cream was given since the rash does not itch nor painful.

Daddy says it may be fake measles... dunno true or not, anyway monitored his temperature and it went away on Saturday. The rashes starts to subside on Saturday too, it has faded some more on Sunday n today we can barely see them.

The ordeal finally ended... we were ok with the fever but when the reashes came out we were worried as not sure whether it was due to some food he ate or the ling yang drink that we gave him. Anyway all's well now :)

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Visit the toilet

Yesterday nite Daddy show Little DinoEgg how to go to the toilet himself. He was so proud that he ran out of the bed room eager to tell me.

This morning he needs to visit the toilet and I told him to go on his own, which he suddenly remembers that he can do it. He eagerly says "I know how to do it, mummy!" and ran to the toilet. I followed him and stood outside the toilet watching him take off his underwear, move the stool to the toilet bowl, stand on the stoll n pee, get down, move the stool to the basi, turn on the tap, wash his hands, come down from the stool, wipe his hands on the hand towel n finally put on the underwear.

After that he says "I can do it ALL by MYSELF." proudly.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puzzle Fun

I bought a box of creative puzzle from Learn-Thru-Play last week. Initially we are not sure how to play with this... creative juice have not kick in yet. So I followed the 4 designs given in the box n do it for Little DinoEgg.

Few days later, I made this, a pair of walkie talkie;

And Litte DinoEgg had a full 15mins of fun with Daddy, talking into the walkie talkies n Little DinoEgg telling Daddy what he is doing etc. He can also say "ok! bye dad!"

Then earlier on he started to build a "cage to keep the dinosaurs".

Maybe I will get another box for him, he ran out of pcs to build his "cage" n thus make do with those available. He managed to use all the pieces though :)

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Oh My...

Scene : Feeding lunch to Little DinoEgg. He keep stepping on my toes which really makes me very fed up.

Action : Smacked him on the thigh after numerous reminder NOT to step on my toes.

Result : A whinning Little DinoEgg who says "You beat me, I will tell Daddy. Tonight I will tell Daddy and Daddy will take the cane to cane u."

I challenged him, told him go ahead and tell Daddy see if Daddy will cane me or cane him. He insist that Daddy will cane me.

30mins later when Daddy come home from work, he immediately went up to Daddy and starts complaining.....

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Marche lunch

Meeting Serene today for a yummy lunch at Marche at Vivo. Passing her the baby gifts for Nicole.

The minute Serene mention Marche, I immediately think of their beef stew, Serene is craving for the rostti n daddy thinks of the pig's knuckle hehehhee~~ This show its been a long time since we last visited Marche.

We met up at 11.30am, lucky there is not much crowd but afte we settle down, the crowd starts coming in. By 12pm the place is soooo crowded n its so difficult to move around.

I ordered a bowl of chicken pasta, thinking tt its a small portion but when its done my jaws almost dropped... Its like a portion for 2 pax! And I actually intend to let Little DinoEgg eat this :( Ended up he does not want to eat n I have to finish it alone. Little DinoEgg love the broccoli soup, he is not eating much, maybe its coz of the milk and a piece of bread he had earlier.

Oh and they have such a dumb rule... I had to bring Little DinoEgg to the toilet, we headed to the back of the restaurant n was told to go by the front. Squeezing through the crowd we managed to reach the front only to know that we have to bring 2 cards (1 card per pax) so back we went to our table to get it. When we squeeze our way back to the front, the lady at the front ask for the cards which I gave her, THEN she ask for some ID... duhz!!!! Who the hell know have to bring ID OR bring the whole barang barang out to the toilet?!?!?! I was abit upset... imagine I dragged a 3 yr old with a pee urgency up n down the restaurant, u think how long can he hold his pee??? I raised my voice n told them "Can I just bring my son to the toilet?" Seeing me clearly upset they let me go out.

We dashed to the toilet, into the cubicle, and I pulled down Little DinoEgg's DIAPER!!!!!! I almost faint... I act rude for nothing! Daddy changed Little DinoEgg's clothes this morning and did not let me know that he put on diaper for him. Best part is, before we left the table, I told him that his son wants to go toilet =.=

When we got back to the restaurant, I apologise to the lady for being rude n impatient.

We continue our lunch for an hour plus then leave the restaurant with satisfied stomachs :) HOWEVER, I will not go back again coz the place is so cramp! Not to my liking.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

9th Wedding Anniversary

Happy ninth! A time that gathers time
And hands it to you in a bright bouquet.
Perhaps not all is roses, but the flowers
Plucked from paradise, portray all love,
Yearning for the beauty it reveals.
Nor ought you wonder, for what time conceals
In time will bloom, and scatter seed, and prove
No little portion of your future powers,
The garden that no time can take away,
Herbs and blossoms, mint and eglantine.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breakfast n Bubbles

Our breakfast gathering, this time its at Seng Kang Sculpture Park coffee shop :) May & myself bought roti prata coz tts the one which has no long queue n its the fastest to buy. We wait for a while n Enry came with Mikael, Francis is still sleeping :) Finally Lynn came with her hubby n 2 darlings.

After our hearty breakfast, we headed to the play ground for a round of bubbles blowing n chasing~

This time the kids really have a great time! Bubbles never fails to excites kids :) We went home with tired n soapy kids kekeke~

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

See the pony

No Boogie Bug today!! However, I do not want to stay at home, would like to bring Little DinoEgg out. The others either have their own programs or their kids attending classes. So~~ I decided to visit the ponies again!

Little DinoEgg is very excited when I told him that we are going to see the ponies again. He couldn't stop talking about what he did the last time we were there, pony this pony that. He was screaming when we were at the entrance, I think if the ponies are not fenced up he would have run all the way up n hug them. I told him to stay with the ponies while I went off to grab the $1 pony feed.

He was happily feeding the ponies, not as scared as the last time. However I think there were a couple of times he did not keep his fingers together n flat, the pony sort of chew lightly on them. Its not painful as he did not cry out in pain, just feel abit uncomfortable.

After feeding the ponies, we walked around the small area. He saw some one riding a horse n runing in a ring. Couldn't get his eyes off them, keep wanting to go near the bushes to get a closer look.

It was a hot day n I decided to get an ice cream for him. I let him choose n he took a sour apple ice cream, must be the colorful wrapper that attracts him. Initially it was ok, untill we get to the sour part. Being a hot day, the ice cream melts fast, so he took a mouth of it n a big chunk of the sour ice came off into his mouth... and so the look in the following photo ^^

Sour apple ice cream gives sour face

Remembering the last experience I had, I decided to walk out to the main road, do not want to waste my time directing taxi drivers to the place. I thought it will be a long long walk but I was wrong. Luckily the pavement is shaded by the trees, walk about 10mins n we reach the main road. Took us less then 3 mins to get a cab woohoo~~

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jack Digger

Remember the Ladybird Books I bought in June'09? Well Little DinoEgg took 1 of them and ask me to read to him. Its Jack Digger Helps Out. And I guess Jack Digger being an excavator is the reason why Little DinoEgg chose this book above the rest.

Anyway he did really hear me read the whole story out to him, after that he went off to bed satisfied n of course Jack Digger book besides his pillow.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food after a long walk

After our long dusty n dangerous walk out from the Animal Farm, we are all very relieve to see Mad Jack Cafe. All we want to do is get into the restaurant n get some icy cold water .
After a full 15mins of choosing our food (its very hard to choose as all their food are yummy!) we finally made a decision~ its lamb shang, grilled chickent, ribeye, green curry rice, fish n chips.
Catherine says she n Steven always wanted to come here to eat but did not have a chance. They have heard their friends mention how delicious their lamb shang is. Thus Steven ordered that n he was greatly, highly satisfied.
Daddy's chicken is ok, my green curry is tasty but the rice is very hard :( Charlotte only likes the mushroom soup, did not touch much of her fish n chips. The rest finish all their dinner *YUM YUM*
An hour later we parted ways. The restaurant is getting to noisy for my liking.

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Animal Farm

After our short visit to the mushroom farm, we took a long walk to the Animal Farm next door. Ok ok "next door" is jus a description... it took us 15-20mins to walk there! On top of that there were mossies every where!!!! They attack every one except me (hahaha!), I was killing them while walking, slapping Little DinoEgg's arms, legs or Steven's arms (he was walking in front of me) who thought I am crazy to suddenly slapped him LOL I have to show him the crashed mossies bodies to let him know tt I am not crazy.

Oh and I discourage you to walk from the mushroom farm to the animal farm coz we met a pack of 5 big dogs. They came running out from the bushes towards us, eyeing n sizing us... Me n Little DinoEgg was walking in front, I practically freeze on my tracks and pulled him behind me. Then Steven walked up, him being bigger build n all, stared at the leader of the pack and walk towards it. Being threaten, he turned n ran off into the bushes, the rest of the pack running after it *phew*

After a long walk, we finally reached Animal Farm! The kids were delighted to see horse, goat, the bunnies, guinea pigs, roaster, hen n a stork!

We stayed for about half an hour and left the place. As there are no public transport n we do not drive, we decided to walk out. May & Enry drove off as they are not joining us for dinner.

Its such dangerous walk out to the main road. There are no path way on the road n there are alot of cement mixers coming out. The road was super dusty so when the heavy vehicles pass by a gust of dust n dirt will be blown up n onto our faces. In the end for safety reason, we have to carry the kids. And after FOREVER! ok ok 30mins later we finally reach the main road and towards our dinning place!

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Mushroom Farm Visit

Our mushroom visit organise by ME! haha~ Thought it will be something interesting for the kids but was kinda disappointed. The "tour" is only to one of the cold growing house where we jus walk the whole a sparsely lighted area aimlessly n seeing the mushroom. It was after we walk the whole house that the person in charge did a brief introduction of the growing house etc. It was over in like 15mins (including walking in the growing house). The kids are abit confused though, wondering why they are in this semi dark room walking up n down the rows of shelves.

Well I guess the adults or the mummies are the happiest haha~ At the end of the tour, we laid our hands on their different flavour mushroom soups. I bought a pack of 3 mushroom sauages, a pack of 6 mushroom n meat patty, 1 clam chowder mushroom soup n 1 mushroom soup.

~ Group Photo~

~Frozen soup, patty n sausages~

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Boogie Bug - Moving on

Today is the last day at the toddlers class~ Initially Reuben told me that the older class is full thus there may not be a place for Little DinoEgg, I was so disappointed! Then after the class, while sending out the toddlers and the older kids starts arriving he saw a little Japanese girl, then he remembered that she will be going back to home town SOOOO there is a place for Little DinoEgg afterall! Woohooo!!!!

I think Little DinoEgg's toddlers classmates will be happy to see him graduate haha~ coz he is too active, too loud, n since he is older he can respond to Rueben & Mark's questions faster.

Lets hope the new class which is starting 2 weeks later (Boogie Bug taking a week break as its school holiday) will be more challenging for us.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Intro to Usborne

I decided to show 1 of the Usborne First Reading books I bought last week as a surprise to Little DinoEgg for being such a good n well behaved boy.

I showed him The Fox and the Crow book and he was delighted! Of course I made it clear to him that becoz he is such a good boy today, mummy is giving him a surprise :) And Little DinoEgg is truly a book lover n couldn't wait to finish his milk then for me to read it to him.

As this is also the first time I am seeing the book (they were shrink wrapped at the book store so I could not browse it), I have no idea how to go about reading to him.

Well the book is simple, VERY SIMPLE, only few words per page. Little DinoEgg is used to books with bright colored pictures, when he saw the pastel colored pages, he looked at me confused. I have to describe the pages with my words, using exaggerating words n different tone.

There are some activities at then back of the but its too difficult for Little DinoEgg so I skipped it.

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Dim Sum Dim Sum

We got our cravings settled! Well at least for Nicole :P Our date at Red Star Restaurant is here! We met at 11am at the restaurant n while waiting for Nicole, Alvin n Little DinoEgg got themselves acquainted.

Even though its a weekday but its Teacher's day, which means no school for the kids thus the parents took leave to bring them out. Restaurant is crowded~~ When Nicole arrives we started to order our Dim Sum~ soon, our table is filled with food!

Due to the heavy down fall, we stayed for a good 3hrs! And all thanks to Alvin who entertain Little DinoEgg, the I can gossip n chat with Serene n Nicole without any worries. He even bring him to the toilet! *THANKS ALVIN*

Well I did not eat my fill coz have to feed Little DinoEgg but I had a wonderful time, and I can vouch for Little DinoEgg that he enjoyed himself too! Especially when he get 2 packets of jelly from his favourite Auntie Serene *giggles*

So ladies, where will be our next dinner gatherings be?

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