Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st Ever Haunted House in Punggol

Went to the event and was totally disappointed :(
Have arranged to meet the gang 6pm at Punggol Plaza for our dinner then walk over to the Halloween carnival. When we set off the sky was dark, we were hoping the wind will blow them away. No such luck, half way through dinner it rained cats and dogs. We would have gone back home but I think the kids will be disappointed especially Francis. So we sat in the food court n wait for the rain to go away. No such luck either... it merely became smaller. Anyway we spit into 2 cars n drove to the spot. When we came out from the car park we were met with 1 long long queue! At first we thought they were there to stay out of the rain, upon my further investigation, they were actually queuing up to go into the haunted house (which is actually the RCC).

The entrance to the Haunted House

And since our kids are all underage to go into the haunted house, we proceed to the tentage hoping to find some fun n excitement. To our disappointment, all we see is a small tent, a poor-lite stage n an emcee trying to make the atmosphere warm n welcoming despite the cold wind n rain. After listening to him blabbering for like 5mins or so, its the magic show. It would have been an interesting magic show which the kids will enjoy but alas... there were not enough lighting, half the time we cannot see clearly what the magician is doing....

As the rain has become smaller we thought we'd venture into the tentage. Barely 3 mins inside there n I have to leave carrying Little DinoEgg. I am not sure whether it is due to the rain that they decided to squeeze the popcorn cart, tarot reading, popsicle stand & crystal ball reading underneath the small tentage. And again, it was poorly lite... I can't see clearly what is inside there except for luminous light up deco, shadows of the popcorn cart....

Feeling truly utterly disappointed, I went back to the void deck. At least there are seats for us to sit down n get out of the rain. On top of that, they did not provide any toilet facilities! The RC members do not even allow Daddy to use their toilet in the centre, stating that "We do not open our toilet to the public." Poor Daddy have to walk all the way back to Punggol Plaza to use the toilet n back again, in the rain too...

I think the most fun time we had was the 30mins we spent sitting on the chairs under the void deck while the kids run around n the adults chit chat n take photos. Sad to say, this will be my first and last time attending any event organise by the RC or CC.

And I should have gone to the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) Halloween event! It look much more exciting fm a friend's photos *hhrrmmmppphhhh*

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Well, Halloween is actually a day away but Little DinoEgg's school is celebrating it today as it falls on a Saturday. After confirming with the Principal that there is a party today, I dressed Little DinoEgg up as a pirate~ That headgear is fm UK :) Cool right? Tee is from FOX, toy sword from party shop n the black shorts which he owes. Total cost of this outfit - approx SGD26 :)


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party or No Party?

Its already Wednesday and I did not receive any memo from school that they are having Halloween party. Its a yearly event and I was puzzled on this. Plus it will be a great disappointment to ME coz I have long prepared Little DinoEgg's costume.

So I text Teacher Sue n guess what was the reply... She said memo was sent last Friday to all parents that Halloween party on 30 Oct 2009 n we can dress up our kiddos. OMG! What is his form teacher doing????

Anyway, forgive her *haha* since I am happy to know that party is going on as usual.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on going diaperless

Its been about a week since Little DinoEgg starts his nap without diaper in school. Well... a couple of nights I open up his bag n was met with a strong pee stench LOL Quickly dump the soiled clothes in the laundry basket.

Hopefully he can do away with the diaper as soon as possible, then no need to spend money on that :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zoo trip

Planned a zoo trip with Catherine as both our kids has been making noise about going to the ZOO!

So made arrangement with Catherine n Geraldine to meet at zoo as early as 9am at zoo (we are crazy right???!!!) It was such a HOT day! Well its better then raining right :P We went for a breakfast at the toast store then headed in. Saw tt we can make it for the elephant show n we rushed there. By time we reached, it was jus starting but its FULL HOUSE! We have to stand at the back under the hot sun, 20mins into the show we decided to move coz its too hot for the kids!

We walked around, see a few animals n decided to head off to the Kids World to cool off! This time I let daddy accompany Little DinoEgg while I relax UNDER THE HOT SUN with Geraldine.
An hour or so later, we got ready to move off... for lunch! Its so crowded at the KFC! And~~ we suddenly wanna visit Mad Jack Cafe :P

Left the zoo with 2 sad kids n 1 tired baby boy. Why sad? Coz Charlotte did not get to see her polar bear n Little DinoEgg did not feed the giraffes. Polar bear coz we missed the feeding time n giraffes enclosure is closed... I have to bluff Little DinoEgg that giraffes are having Heat Monster so cannot come to the zoo today.... I know I am bad but then if I dun say that, he will start his whinning. Charlotte is already making noise about not seeing the polar bears... I have to tell her the same thing too. She half believe me but when Little DinoEgg finally accepted the "fact", she sort of accepted it too.

Sorry kids :( We will visit the zoo again n see these 2 animals ok?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swimmy, Frederick & Inch by Inch

Bought tickets for another play~
Swimmy is a tiny insignificant fish in the vast ocean who uses ingenuity to fend off danger. Frederick, a mouse who is a poet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, makes everyday life an artful experience. The story of Inch by Inch features a lovable inchworm who is very proud of his facility for measuring absolutely everything, including a robin’s tail, a flamingo’s necks, a toucan’s beak, a heron’s leg and a nightingale’s song.

From the performing company that brought you ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar & other Eric Carle Favourites’, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia.

Click the above poster to find out more details about the play.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meg and Mog Show

Just bought tickets to Meg and Mog Show~

A musical play.
Book, music & lyrics by David Wood
Based on Meg and Mog Books by Helen Nicholl and Jan Pienkowski.

Trick or treat! Or perhaps a bit of both with this marvellous show!

Hot off the heels of our sell-out, hit show Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, Players Theatre is thrilled to be bringing you the Meg and Mog Show! Come be enchanted by Meg, Mog and Owl, the quirky characters from the picture books you know and love so well. Five of your favourite Meg and Mog stories are ingeniously combined and brought to life in this production.

Oh Meg and her messy magic! Another one of Meg’s spells has gone terribly wrong! Instead of breakfast, she’s magicked up a Steggy Stegosaurus who’s as hungry as can be. When Steggy starts gobbling up her garden, Meg, Mog and Owl set off on an adventure to find the ingredients for a spell to rid them of the invading Stegosaurus. Join them on their spellbinding adventure as they visit a medieval castle, an exotic zoo and the moon. There are lively songs and plenty of audience participation that’s sure to keep you tickled.
Highlights of the Show

Come dressed up in your Halloween best and go trick-or-treating in the theatre with Meg and Mog after the show.

Meg and Mog is an extraordinary piece of theatre for children, young people and families. It is stimulating, creative and has social and literary breadth.

Meg and Mog was adapted for the stage by David Wood, UK’s National Children’s Dramatist, and was revived four times in a nationwide UK tour.

Meg and Mog incorporates strong visuals, inventive storytelling, catchy songs, creative staging and lots of audience participation.

Meg and Mog nurtures in your child the joy of books and reading.

Question & Answer Session. All our shows have a post-show Q&A session that helps young audience members consolidate their thoughts of the show, clarify any questions they might have on who, how, why and to ask the actors any questions about themselves or how theatre is made.

*This show is fully endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme*

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Going Diaperless n Milk-less

Co-incidentally, Little DinoEgg's school is training the N1s to nap without their diaper. Well, means I did my training with Little DinoEgg at a good time :) No clashes with the school. However with this, means the kids will not have their milk before their nap time, this is to minimize the chances of them peeing while napping.

Sad about this coz Little DinoEgg is already drinking 3 times daily and with the one in school taken away, means he is taking it twice only, which we feel that it is insufficient. Well, no choice, but we can still ensure he takes his milk 3 times or more during the weekends.

Spoke to his teacher and she is starting with the kiddos this Friday. Keeping fingers crossed~

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Progress at Boogie Bug

Well done! Well done!! Today's class ends well! He listens to Uncle Reuben and Uncle Mark, stray abit n still insist I sit with him. Still rooms for improvements but I am just glad that he still remembers what he is suppose to do while in class.

And he even remember the instruments names! He only get to know their names last week while Uncle Mark uses them to teach the class.





I realized that Little DinoEgg is able to follow the songs' actions while shaking his bottoms to the beat of the music, though a few times his tempo is off hahaha~ I definitely think he enjoys the class ALOT! Next, perhaps I should find some hip-hop dance class for him?? ^^

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kick n Kick

I am very mad with Little DinoEgg! Teacher Violet told me that he has gone around kicking other kids, luckily the kick was either not hard or he missed. He did not stop even when he was told to do so.

I scolded him in front of the teacher, made him explain the reason for his kicking. All he says was "No! No! Its Kristan (one of the older kid)!" Regardless the reason; most likely toys snatching or something similar, I have told him million of times that kicking is NOT ALLOWED!

We went home immediately and the minute we reach home, I grabbed the cane n wanted an answer from him. He bawled out loudly before I even strike him, anyway my intention is to use the cane to scare him.

Well, message sent across, point noted n remembered. He will not do any kicking any more in school or any where.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lantern Festival 2009

My dragon lantern!

Actually planned to bring Little DinoEgg to participate in a lantern festival celebration but the neighbourhood school but it was raining thus decided to stay home. So~ he played with the dragon lantern for like 10-15 mins n lose interst in it haha~ Cannot blame him coz he dunno what to do with it, n its kinda heavy for him to keep holding it :P Next year ok :) We go some where with ur pretty dragon lantern.

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In Love with Boogie Bug~

Missed Boogie Bug class last Saturday as Little DinoEgg was feeling under the weather.

While on the way, besides telling Little DinoEgg to behave himself, no running, no climbing onto the bar, I also reminded him that he must "listen to Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark" *point to my ear*, "look at Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark n follow instructions" *point to my eye*. I find that this helps him to remember my basic requirements from him.

We were slightly late... ok ok 15mins late to be exact coz there was a jam on CTE *next week we will come out early OR take the train*.

Class went well. He strayed once n was being "brought back to earth" by me. When I sense tt he is drifting again, I reminded him by pointing to my eye n ear, which sent the msg instantly n clearly, he was able to control himself. Class was conducted without parents sitting with the kids, unlike the younger class, however I still sits with Little DinoEgg as he is still new to the class. There was once the kids were supposed to move to sit by the mirror, I did not follow, quietly move to the side. He was so engrossed n paying attention to Uncle Mark that he did not realized till a while later. He waved to me to go sit with him but I just signal him to stay there, Uncle Reuben saw and distracted him *Thumbsup*

I am very satisfied with his performance during class *Good work son!*

After the class, we stayed back as I need to pay for his school fees. There were a couple other parents who wants to pay too so I waited for my turn. While waiting I let Little DinoEgg play with the next class kids and irritate Uncle Mark for a while (haha~ me bad, I know :P). Suddenly he shouted something n ah bu neh-neh! I was shocked! Oh ya you can sense the other parents n the 2 guys were shocked too coz suddenly everyone stops talking n try to look busy silently... ... Of course I will not tolerate such language and I made him apologise to Uncle Mark.

When we are out of the room I made it very clear to him that the word "ah bu neh-neh" is unacceptable n its very rude to call pple that. I warned him that I do not want to hear him says this ever again. At such times, I will hate the child care centre coz this is the place where he picks up all the nonsense behaviours, rude words n language. More of such things to come so I must brace myself for it.

Note : (1) Remind Little DinoEgg to stay on the circle mat at all times unless Uncle Reuben or Uncle Mark says otherwise. (2) Try to sit by himself without me sitting behind him.

Remarks : the word "ah bu neh-neh" or "ah bu neh" was used in olden days where the Chinese call the Indians. Not sure about the origin of this word but in recent years its considered rude to call pple (regardless the race) such word.

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