Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Gingerbread Man - Act3

I sign Little DinoEgg up for this Sunday with Us workshop by Act3 International coz it was his favorite character theme and I think he will enjoy it so I let him try. Charlotte and Ervin joined us too but Ervin did not managed to join us today as he was not feeling well.

Yesterday I told Little DinoEgg that we are going for class where he will listen to the Gingerbread Man story, he was very excited. However I told him that its a class that mummy cannot join so he have to go into the class by himself, this makes him sad n he starts to protest. Well I assure him that its nothing to be afraid of, just like he goes to school himself without mummy. Loads of praises too n it sort of settle him abit.

Well, this morning meet up with Catherine, Steven & Charlotte downstairs and we took a cab to Act3. we were slightly early thus hang around the foyer to pass time. When its nearing the time I reminded Little DinoEgg again that he is going into the class alone, he gave me his worried look again when I was taking off his shoes n socks. However, once he enters the room he is a changed person. He became happy n excited... how drama... literally...

And so we left the kids with the teacher to have our breakfast at Paragon. Its an hour workshop but we barely have time to really enjoy our breakfast coz the walk to Paragon already took us 15mins! Quick bite and back to Act3 again to sit in the last 5-10mins of the class to listen to the teacher explaining/describing what they do in the class.

They acted out the story with them acting as the characters; Little DinoEgg was the oven :) He hold in his hand a straw with an oven picture attached at the top plus a few strokes of color; attempting to color i guess but got distracted haha~

Apparently he enjoyed himself alot. Not sure whether is it becoz of the play we watched some time back or due to the book of same title which he request me to read n read so many times or the workshop is really exciting. Regardless, I am glad that he had a great time.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Day for Room on the Broom

I couldn't get tickets for the weekend show so I decided to get the Friday tickets. Took half day leave, daddy says he is not working today so suggest that let Little DinoEgg stay at home instead of going to school. Rushed home to change into more comfy clothes n out of the house we go to watch the play~

I managed to find a photo of the characters from the net.

The casts were brilliant~

The performance started even without us realising :) coz the casts came out n mingled with the audience, they started with them playing hide and seek amongst the audience and of course the kids were very excited n ratted out the place where 1 of them is hiding hahaa~ They chatted, joked, teased with the audience and within minutes the play has started with them seeing a witch flying in the sky!

Here is a brief synopsis of the story written by Julia Donaldson

The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, and each animal asks for a ride on the broom. They climb on, one after the next, until the broom is so heavy that it snaps in two! What will happen next as they tumble into a bog and meet a greedy dragon?

The part puppetry part actors/actresses performance is something new to Little DinoEgg coz the plays we watched previously were either all performed by humans or very little puppets. Regardless, he enjoyed it very much, with a little "flaw"... he keep thinking this witch is the witch from Meg, Mog and Owl show hahaa~ Another "flaw" is there were too much talking for a 3yr old to absorb, he drifted away a few times but when there were excitement on the stage his attention immediately goes back to the stage.

I love the performance, especially the part where they sat on the broom n "fly" around. Their movement n expressions gives you a feeling that you are on the broom with them flying so so high up with the wind in your face n hair. Thumbs up!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bear and Chicken Get Ready for School

Presented by SRT's The Little Company
DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT
4 Mar - 10 Apr 2010

A new tale featuring lovable charaters from Bear and Chicken Go Camping.
A play about overcoming one's fears!

Directed by Michael Corbidge
Written by Katerina Tiapula

Bear and Chicken are back! They are getting ready to go to a new school. But moving from their familiar school to a new one is scary. Together Bear and Chicken decide to join the Circus. Wouldn’t it be fun to be the circus clown, acrobat or even the lion tamer?

What entails is a charming discovery that not all lessons in life are learnt in a classroom and perhaps the circus isn’t all fun and games after all.

This play illustrates how sometimes our fears can be blown out of proportion but with a good friend at your side; you can overcome a potentially daunting situation like the first day of school. Perhaps school can even be fun!

Bear and Chicken Get Ready for School is the third of a highly successful original series that began with When I Grow Up and Bear and Chicken Go Camping. You’ll get to meet the lovable Bear in his circus costumes, and Chicken who is all set for school!

Recommended for 3 – 6 year olds


This shall be our next play to watch!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Room on the Broom

Presented by BA Productions &
Tall Stories Theatre Company (UK)
27 – 31 Jan 2010
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT

This fabulously family production comes to Singapore for a strictly limited season only!

How the cat purred and how the witch grinned,
As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind…

The witch and her cat are flying happily on their broomstick – until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat, bow and wand. A helpful dog, bird and frog find the witch’s lost things, and they all hop on the broom for a ride. But this broomstick’s not meant for five and – CRACK – the broom snaps in two! When a hungry dragon appears, who will save the poor witch? And will there ever be room on the broom for everyone?

Let your imagination run wild with songs, laughs and lots of fun for everyone aged 1 to 101 from Tall Stories, the company that brought The Gruffalo to the stage. Ideally suitable for ages three and up.

“A magical spell of really enjoyable family fun!"


Was looking for Ollie & the Slurge in Sistic when I chance upon this show by SRT. It looks interesting and I thought Little DinoEgg will like it; since he's been chanting Meg Mog n Cat occasionally since we watched the play last October. Also its by the author who wrote The Gruffalo and according to Nicole its a good book so I think this one should be a good one too.

All the weekend shows are fully booked! Therefore I decided to buy a weekday ticket, take leave n watch it together with him.

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Ollie and the Slurge


Original, Fun and Interactive Performance for ALL Ages with wonderful puppets and music!

Ollie & The Slurge manages to tackle two important issues - Bullying and Caring for our precious environment - without preaching, but with loads of laughs, and maybe even a tear or two.

Ollie is bullied at school, because of his appearance, and his ideas on caring for the environment. The boss bullies Ollie’s father at work, because times are hard. The boss’s wife bullies the boss at home, because she always wants more money. And none of them know how to change things. One day, the boss orders Ollie’s father to dump some unwanted waste into the sea to save money. The consequences are far greater than anyone can imagine! From the rubbish and creatures on the beach, the Slurge monsters are created. They eat anything! But as they eat, they grow and transform… And soon they begin to terrify the city as they devour everything in their path. One of these creatures, Spudge, has a conscience, and an accidental meeting with Ollie. Their friendship grows, and together they learn how to deal with bullies – and also how to destroy the Slurge Monsters… but with tragic consequences - and possibly the ultimate sacrifice - for one of them.



Was hesitating whether to bring Little DinoEgg to watch this show then

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Resolution

Its a brand new year, and almost every one have a new year resolution(s). I have never made any new year resolutions coz I know jolly well that I will not be able to keep it. However this year I decided to make one n is going to keep it.

So here goes~ My 2010 New Year Resolutions are~~~~

1. Lesser TV time for Little DinoEgg
2. Earlier bed time for Little DinoEgg

I think I have enough of his ignorant when we are talking to him n his eyes are glued to the box, most of the time not answering us. I am tired of having to scold him early in the morning or rather most morning coz he did not have a good night sleep thus feeling cranky n uncorperative.

So I carried out my resolution plan on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning while on our way to school I told him that tonite when we get home we will not watch any tv. We will rest a while, bath, read a book or two then drink milk and go to bed. He nodded his head, uncertainly. Well I was feeling kinda uncertain too, whether he will listen to me tonite or I have to endure some tears n whine n cries. Before we reach home I reminded him again on our agreement. Surprisingly when we reached home, Little DinoEgg did not request for the tv as he usually would. He took our his paper and start doodling, toys to play etc. We really went through everything~ best part is, no tears, no begging, no whinning! Nothing! Just an obedient boy doing what he is told. And we enjoyed a short 10mins of quiet reading. So happy for both of us! In bed at 9.30pm~

However, Little DinoEgg makes daddy angry as he refuse to fall asleep immediately. Instead, he tossed n turned, try to make small talk with daddy. An hour later he is still wide awake! Daddy's patient is wearing off, so I took over. A while later he is asleep, perhaps from trying to stay awake for the pass hour.

Come Wednesday n its back to TV time coz we went over to Granny's house after school. A different routine then thus I did not enforce the no TV rule. In fact I do not need to, coz he was busy playing with little nephew Wei Yuan to even miss TV :)

Today, I did the No TV routine again n it went well! It is even a success coz Little DinoEgg fell asleep 15mins after he goes to bed! By 9pm he is already in dreamland!

I am so proud of myself, daddy and Little DinoEgg!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whats that you said?

Scenario #1
This morning while changing Little DinoEgg, I saw a mossie bit on his leg n told him that I am going to the aloe vera gel on it. The mossie bite is red n abit swollen. He said ok, then he saw face n said "Mummy, u too, here also have to put aloe vera gel." I laugh out loud, coz he saw the blusher on my face.

Scenario #2
After I bathed Little DinoEgg I sent him to his room where Daddy is waiting for him. While changing Little DinoEgg saw daddy's belt.

Little DinoEgg : Daddy, your belt spoil.
Daddy : Yeah (pretend to sounds sad), how?
Little DinoEgg : Buy new one ok?
Daddy : But daddy don't have money. Can daddy take the money from your spiderman n buy a new belt?
Little DinoEgg : Ok sure~ (almost immediately)

And when he is done putting on his clothes, he ran out, take his spiderman coin bank and wanted to give to daddy. Sweet little boy~~~

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brush my teeth

Ever since ytd I told Little DinoEgg that I will be putting his toothbrush, toothpaste n a small plastic cup in his bag for him to bring to school, he has been bugging me to let him brush his own teeth.

This morning he request it from me but I was lazy to take out the stuffs, so I sort of distracted him with something else. Just now he bugged me again, not once, not twice but thrice n while I was having my dinner! OMG! When I finished my dinner n washed up the utensils he was actually shouting YEAH! then come up to me and say "Mummy now u can take out my toothbrush and toothpaste for me to brush my teeth right?" I agreed half laughing.

We sat at the sofa, while I am taking out the stuffs from the plastic bag he was mumbling to himself n doing the action. "I will take the toothbrush (he hold on to an imaginary toothbrush) and then put the toothpaste on it (putting imaginary toothpaste on the imaginary toothbrush) and then brush my teeth like this (brush his teeth with the imaginary toothbursh)." After I got the stuffs out, he insisted on doing that, he tried to squeeze the toothpaste out but unable to do it. We squeeze the toothpaste together onto the toothbrush. Then he happily brushes his teeth on his own. I only have to give verbal instructions :)

Its ok that we only managed to cover have the bristle with toothpaste, its perfectly all right that he keep brushing the front teeth, its alright that he cannot manoeuver the toothbrush properly. The important thing is HE BRUSHED HIS TEETH HIMSELF. Great job son!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to school!

After staying at home due to stomach wind; thats what the doctor says, with vomitting on Tues and fever till Wednesday (lucky he did not have diarrhea) Little DinoEgg is well and going back to school today! I was thinking whether to keep him at home or not since its Friday, just 1 day away from the weekend, maybe just let him rest more. However I changed my mind as I think daddy needs a break after looking after him for 3 whole days this week :P Plus I wouldn't want Little DinoEgg to forget about school as last week he only attended 1 day school due to school closure and public holidays.

So off to school today! To reconnect back with the teachers and friends!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Stomach Flu?

At dinner time Little DinoEgg complained of tummyache n headache but we thought maybe he needs to poo and he is tired. However when we are going home, he felt warm, the minute we reached home I took his temperature and its shows 37.4deg... mild fever.

We thought nothing of it, gave him paracetamol n let him laze on the sofa. A while later he requested me to hug him which I did, little did I know that 2 secs later he threw up his dinner on both himself n me :( I thought perhaps the sushi does not agree with his tummy. Later when its his bed time, he threw up his milk just secs after finish drinking it. Then it hits us, he may have stomach flu as that was the same symptons as the last time he got it.

We cleaned up the mess, pacify him abit n managed to make him sleep. It was not a peaceful sleep as he was tossing n turning, occasionally telling Daddy that his tummy pain. I just hope that his fever will not shoot rocket high as and tomorrow he will feel better after seeing the doctor.

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I want to sleep some more~

First day of school in 2010! Little DinoEgg had a week's break last week except for Wednesday where he went to school. Ytd I had to remind him that he is going to school today. he sounded excited, which is good to hear.

This morning, its a different story =.=

After his milk usually I will let him lie down for 5mins before getting up n wash up. This morning, after the 5mins, he got up and request me to read to him. I told him I will read to him when we get home tonite, now its time to get changed. His replied me "No mummy, read to me now so that I can go back and sleep." Stunned by his reply, it took me 2 secs to recover hahaha~

Me : Why would you want to go back to sleep? Don't you want to go to school?
Little DinoEgg : No
Me : Why? U don't wanna play with your friends?
Little DinoEgg : No
Me : How come? You don't wanna play with Nathan? Or Ethan?
Little DinoEgg : *silence*
Me : How about Darren?
Little DinoEgg : NO! Coz Darren wants to take my purple tree!

OMG! Still harping on the purple tree incident that happened on 11 Dec 2009!

Ok Ok, change strategy.

Me : Alright since you don't wanna play with them, then how about Clara? Or Cheranne?
Little DinoEgg : No cannot! The Water Witch has catched Cheranne away!

*faintz* That happened in October 2009 during the Halloween Party!

Getting a little bit impatient, I told him to get up n switch off the fan or I will do it (this always works), he scrambled to get up from the bed n dashes to the fan. After that he follow me out of the bed room and into his room to get ready for school.

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