Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


Noticed something different about Little DinoEgg over the pass few days. He has developed a habit of closing door.

When he goes to the toilet in our bedroom, he will close the bedroom door (but not the toilet door)
When he change in his room by himself, he will close the door.

However if either myself or daddy is in the room with him, after bath or coming home from outside and need to change clothes he did not ask us to close the door.

A little bit weird but perhaps its part of growing up, which is a good thing.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Me : Baby, today is Daddy's birthday, when daddy wakes up later u give him a hug n say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him ok?
Little DinoEgg : OK!
Me : Later after your class, we are going to buy a cake for daddy.
*Little DinoEgg's eyes brighten up n keeps nodding his head*
Me : BUT its going to be our secret ok?? U cannot tell daddy, its going to be a SURPRISE!
Little DinoEgg : Ok ok! Its a secret, I will not tell daddy ssshhh~~~~ We will buy cake and surprise daddy ok??"

After a while daddy woke up, first thing Little DinoEgg shout out is "Daddy, we are going to get a ca-" and was shushed by me =.= Quickly ask him to give daddy a hug n kiss n say Happy Birthday. Too bad, daddy already heard what he said n asked about it :S So... I have to let the "secret" out...

Little DinoEgg chose the cake

We sang the birthday song

Daddy blow out the candle

and cut the cake

The cake was brought from Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie at Paragon, a very posh looking cafe. There are only 5-6 types of cakes to choose from and Little DinoEgg took a liking to the HUGE strawberries on top of the Strawberry Shortcake. For a small square cake it does not come cheap, but it was very delicious. There were cream but not too much, a pinch of coconut on top of the cake. The strawberries are fresh n crunchy though they were sour, however if u eat it together with the cake it does not taste too sour. Come to think of it, the cake taste real good if its accompanied by a cup of espresso.

Later that night, we head off to Mad Jack Cafe for a yummy dinner. As usual the place is packed, and today there is a group of pple celebrating something. Their loud voices and laughter makes it abit unbearable for us. Lucky for us they went off about 10mins later.

3 menus for 3 of us, yupe Little DinoEgg too. He flipped through the menu, look at the pictures and decided to have spagetti bolognese :) Daddy had ribeye and I had grilled fish in lemon sauce. Not sure whether its coz its a set dinner tt comes with soup n drinks, the steak portion seems to have shrink... I requested for more sauce for the spagetti and the dish came covered full with the sauce, tt was unexpected. An hour later, we left the place with full stomach and just in time too coz another big group of pple just came in....

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Pork Ribs+Bitter Gourd soup

Decided to cook lunch this afternoon so on Thursday I went to the supermarket to buy some veggies. I bought this beautiful green bitter gourd, feel so happy coz I went to the supermarket after work, by then all the good stuffs would have been gone. Anyway I forgot to put it in the fridge and the next morning its half yellow!!!! I was so sad n angry with myself :(

So I woke up at 5.30am to start the day. At 6.45am, the pork ribs are out from the freezer waiting for it to defrost. I cut & deseed the bitter gourd and soak them in salt water. Half an hour later, I threw the defrost pork ribs into water to boil for a while, this will get rid of the oil, blood etc. It will not make the soup too oily :) Then in they went to a big pot for boiling, another half an hour or so in goes the bitter gourd.

I was contemplating whether to put half or whole bitter gourd, then decides to put all since I will not be cooking during weekdays, it will probably turn spoil eventually. Threw in the bitter gourd and crossing my fingers tt the soup will not turn out toooo bitter, especially for Little DinoEgg.

After that we got ready and went out for the drama class.

Daddy do 2nd half of the cooking, there were some left over rice & veggies. So he fried the rice, heat up the cabbage & the fish, VIOLA~ a home cooked lunch for all. Well the bitter gourd soup turn out to be a little bit bitter but it tastes ok for me, but daddy say its very bitter :( I was disappointed coz this soup is mainly meant for Little DinoEgg as its cooling which helps cool his heaty body. Surprising Little DinoEgg love the soup! He did not find it too bitter, he even eat the bitter gourds! YEAH!

Therefore all is not lost, eventually my goal was met, cooling bitter gourd soup for my darling son.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneak Peek - My Room

Finally I can use the wall stickers I bought last year (^^,) Little DinoEgg is very happy to have a chance to stick things on the wall. He was very bothered with the black patch on the wall, he says its very ugly. And so the black patch was covered up by a train n he is very satisfied with it. And he was excited that he has got some fishes, star fish, trains, ambulance etc accompanying him while he goes into his dreamland.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh crumps oh crumps!

Oh ya now I know the story of The Gruffalo *giggles* its a cute story i would say but to read it twice in a row for a couple of nights, its kinda tiring. After a couple of times, Little DinoEgg can repeat what I am reading with me. And everytime when we get to this part of the story, he always ask me the same question;

Me : ... ... with a poisonous warts at the end of his nose.
Little DinoEgg : Mummy, whats a wart?
Me : ... ... *thinking* Its something like a pimple (I know I know! He probably dun know what a pimple)
Little DinoEgg gave me a puzzled look (see!)
Little DinoEgg : Its poisonous right? When u touch it u will die right?
Me : ermm... ya... (I hope he does not think having a pimple is going to give him super power lol)

"Mummy, whats a logpile?
Mummy, how come the fox does not have a head? (Fox is running back to his hole)
Mummy, whats roasted fox?

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wonder Pets!

My mission of cutting back TV for Little DinoEgg is going well. I have also decided to stop letting him watch Cartoon Network. Instead we let him watch certain show in Nick Junior and CBeeBees. One of his (and my) favourite show is Wonder Pets.

This photo-puppetry story is about 3 elementary school classroom pets Linny the Guinea Pig, Turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming Duckling where they goes around in their Flyboat as super heroes rescuing animals using teamwork.

Little DinoEgg love to watch their show every weekend 7.30am. He keeps singing "whats gonna work? Teamwork! whats gonna work? Teamwork!" after watching it a few times.

Good show, not violent, no punching, no kicking, no super power. Jus plain old teamwork that solves the problem.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drama Class

Today its the 4th lesson at Act3 Drama Academy and Little DinoEgg is enjoying himself. At the end of each lesson, he will have something in his hand;

Lesson#1 - A blue paper aeroplane. Not sure what was the theme of today's lesson coz we were 15mins late! I rushed him into the class n quickly left.

Lesson#2 - A pink sampan. "Mummy, Teacher Paula says its ok for boys to make pink boat." Voices loud n whispering. Whats with the sampan? We read and act out a story book all about a bear in his small boat.

PS : This pink sampan looks abit crumpled coz it went through "alot" jus minutes after leaving the school. We were trying to cross the road outside the school but the traffic just keep coming non stop. When finally there are no cars, I carried Little DinoEgg n ran across. While running, a strong gust of wind blew the pink sampan out of his hand n back to the other side of the road. Here I am (at the opposite side of the road) with a wailing boy and his 2 streaks of tears flowing down, cursing n swearing (inside of course) n wishing tt I could get back to the other side of the road. Very drama right? Add this in... I have to watch a yellow taxi go over the pink sampan n flattening it!

When we finally made it back to that side of the road, to a flatten pink sampan, Little DinoEgg wailed louder n tears flow faster, in between his sobs "Mummy, the boat is bbroooo-keeennnn~~!!!" *sigh* I have to coax him, try to salvage pink sampan by smoothing out the folds etc n lying to him tt its not broken (ok perhaps for a few tear here n there n there) n its good as new, watch out for traffic all at the same time! Tough job!

Lesson#3 - A green gramophone. Its about Loud & Soft sound today~ You can make your voice louder by using a gramophone!

Lesson#4 - Colorful Bunny Ears. Fast n slow Fast n slow Fast n slow. Hop-hop-hoppity Hop, a rabbit hops and so do I, even though my eyes are almost covered by the band.

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Chop Chop Stick Stick

I finally managed to get a training chopstick for Little DinoEgg~ I held back not becoz I think he was not ready, its coz I could not find one that is NOT Thomas the Train =.= And my wait is worth it, found one Pororo training chopstick, a character that Little DinoEgg like too.

He, of course is really excited to see the chopsticks. He's been attempting to grab our chopsticks on a few occasions to use. And daddy cooked noodles for lunch today, so I let him try it out. And look at him!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alone at last!

This morning went into Little DinoEgg's room n found him sleeping soundly on bed, not on the floor :P Thinking to myself at least not on the floor on his 1st night alone on a bed.

Later today daddy told me tt he was told by grandfather that Little DinoEgg woke up at 3am+ went into their room (which is opposite his room) looking for us. He woke grandfather up who ask him to go back to sleep, he ask him "why pa-pa did not take care of me?" then reluctantly went back to his room. 4am+ he woke up again, took his chou-chou aka bolster and proceed to sleep on the sofa. Grandfather woke him up and ask him to go back to his room.

So this explains the reason why Little DinoEgg couldn't open his eyes when I went in to wake him up at 6.30am. This little fella has been awake since 3am!

However I am still very proud of him to spend half the night (technically speaking) alone in his new bed n room. Finally, we can claim our bed back! YEAH!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Own Room

We decided to move the study table out n give the room back to Little DinoEgg. So daddy started to move things out from the room, when we reached home after dinner Little DinoEgg was very curious with the moving. Daddy told him that the "diaper room" as we always call it will become his room. He was jumping with joy and went YEAH!!! He was so happy that he actually wanted to sleep in the room ytd night. Daddy told him that he has to clean up the room before it is ok for him to sleep. Little DinoEgg was disappointed and kept asking why why why.

So today daddy kept on working on his room, moved all the "rubbish" out of the room and move all his toys etc in. By the time we are home the "diaper room" officially became Little DinoEgg's room.

Little DinoEgg was clearly happy n excited with the new room. He went to play in his room, took out the excavator and started digging. He was still not settled even after his bath n milk, took him longer then usual to fall asleep, kept talking to daddy who is accompanying him. Finally after about 30mins, he falls asleep.

Oh we are not showing his room yet kekeke~ Still have a few things to tidy up n decorate before its 100% perfect.

So stay tuned~~ Will post the pictures up once everything is ready.

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Got "lost" in a store

Went to HomeFix after dinner to look for some stuffs. Barely 5mins into the shop Little DinoEgg decides that he wants to "shop on his own", he was wandering near me then decides to walk away from me. Of coz I watched him like a hawk, the second he took a step away from me, I turned and called his name. Instead of stopping or walking back towards me, he took a look at me AND continue walking away.

By the time I reach the shelf where he disappeared to, he was no place to be found. Keeping calm to myself, I strolled out of the shop and stood in front of it... waiting...

2 mins later I caught glimpse of him walking around searching for me but he disappeared into the rolls of shelves again. 30 secs later 1 of the shop assistant was holding on to his hand and walking towards the household section; the last place he saw me. I walked towards them, Little DinoEgg saw me, no running up to me, instead he stared at me with scared eyes and still holding on to the shop assistant's hand.

Me : Hi! Thanks~
Shop Assistant : No problem *smile*
Me (looking down to Little DinoEgg : This will teach u a lesson, to think twice before you decides to wander off again.
Little DinoEgg : ... ... (he can only managed a small nod)
Me : What must you say to uncle?
Little DinoEgg : Thank you uncle.
Shop Assistant : No trouble at all. He described to me that his mummy wears a green top, but I brought him over to a wrong mummy hahaa~
Me : Oh~ well, thanks again *smile*

With that I lead Little DinoEgg out of the store, walked to a corner to talk to him. I made him understand that its dangerous to wander off on his own, he get the idea, I think. One thing is for sure, he will be sticking close to me for our next shopping trip.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Books

Bought 2 books for Little DinoEgg, Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. I thought he would enjoy the Room on the Broom coz he's been to the play couple of months ago. As for The Gruffalo, heard its a good book and with Nic saying her Joshie enjoys the book alot, I bought it too.

I was afraid that Little DinoEgg could not remember about the play and the story, he proves me wrong. He listens quietly to me reading the book, when it comes to the part where the which meet the dragon, I suddenly mix tt character up with Meg, Mog & Owl's. Before turning the page I said the witch saw a dinosaur, Little DinoEgg quickly correct me saying its "a red Dragon!" :D So my money on going to these plays are well spent, he truly enjoys them!

Have not read Gruffalo to him yet, not sure how his reaction will be. Will it be flipping the pages before I can finish reading? Sit quietly and listen to me reading? Or???

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's that you say?

Little DinoEgg has been bugging me to let me eat the sweets he bought back from school in the little green egg. There are 4 or 5 inside but only 2-3 that is suitable for him to eat.

He has been trying and asking but I do not let him have it; either distract him with other food or telling him its dinner time/bed time etc, tomorrow then eat etc. I only give him 1 after he ask for it many many times.

Earlier now he asked again and I said No, 10mins later he asked daddy and he said No. Instead getting mad or sad which sometimes he will, he sigh loudly and sad "Where got pple have sweet so difficult to eat?" and frown...

Ok its broken English but we could stop laughing and have to give him a sweet.

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Friday, April 2, 2010