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Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Serves him right!"

Just received a call from Teacher Sue about Little DinoEgg. I thought he had misbehaved and bully his friends again. Turn out that its him this time... he fell and injured his upper lip.

And did he fell? No one pushed him or bumped into him. He made himself fall =.= He was sitting down, bend his knees n pulled his shirt to cover them. Before Teacher Lili can go up to him to pull up the shirt, he stood up. Guess he forgot about the shirt, it pulled him off balance n thus he kissed the floor.

"Serves him right!" I told Teacher Sue & daddy. I have been telling/scolding him about this, all fall to deaf ears!!! I was pretty upset with it. Now that this has happened, I can guarantee that he will never ever do it again.

Tell him in the nice way or harsh tone he ignore me completely and so he learnt it the painful way.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet the Transformers!

Its the start of the June school holidays and the malls are having some performances. Transformers performance starts yesterday through the weekend, I decided to bring Little DinoEgg today instead of the weekend coz I really dun have feel like squeezing with the people.

So I took 1/2 day leave n went to fetch Little DinoEgg from his school. I have told the teachers not to let him take his nap otherwise it will be to disruptive should I pull him out of his nap. When I reached the school, took peep at the gate n I started to laugh~ There he is, standing by the door, 1 hand holding his black Batman bag and other hand holding the gate, his nose against the gate n staring at something outside n day dreaming haha~ When i called out to him, his eyes immediately light up and smile at me~~ so heart warming!

Well, we headed off to granny's place to change n dump his school bag then flew out to Plaza Singapura 2 hours before the show time. Very KS right? But I need to spend $30 in order to exchange for a Meet & Greet pass~ I got my $30 receipt before I head off to fetch Little DinoEgg so only left with getting my hands on the PASS! By hook or by crook I shall get one for Little DinoEgg~!

The official time to queue for the pass starts at 3pm but we were ther at 2.30pm, half an hour early. I panicked! Was so afraid that there is already a queue forming, you dun know jus how KS some parents can be! However when I reached the information counter, no queue hahaha! Then I got kinda stuck, wha am I suppose to do with the remaining 30mins before the official queue time starts???? So~~~ I decided to let Little DinoEgg do this... which cost me $10...


And so I accompanied Little DinoEgg while he fill the birthday cake with all the available colors there is, ok ok MOST of the colors. I kept 1 eye at the information counter, lest a queue starts to form without my notice. At 3.05pm (I have to pretend NOT to be KS haha) I casually walked over to the information counter and TA-DAR~~~~


So 4pm came and we are in front of the stage. It was kinda disappointing coz the fenced off area is so small! I have to let Little DinoEgg go in alone, lucky he is ok with it, I never an issue with him to do things by himself (^^,). I stand behind him outside the fence keep an watchful eye on him. The stage is sooo tall! I do not think the kids will be able to see anything unless they stand up, especially those younger n shorter ones. And true enough when the Transformers come out, almost all the kids stood up to wow~ n yeah~~ them.

Anyway, honestly... personally... frankly... I think the performance SUX! The worst performance i ever watched since I started mall hopping to watch such performances.



And this is what I get back for my $30 (which make up of a FOX bucket hat & pants), beautiful memory!


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