Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers for the teachers

Usually I made a little something for the teachers at Little DinoEgg's school, however this year I was busy thus not intending to give anything to them. However while window shopping this evening I saw these~ Aren't they beautiful??

Instead of just passing it out to them, I decided to wrap them up, but do not want to wrap them up individually. No time plus I fail to buy some nice wrapping paper etc. Thus I reuse the blue tissue paper wrapper I got from a gift from a friend.

And there you have it~ 15 Rose pens for 15 teachers & aunties :) I hope they like it.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Pressie

Auntie Chris gave Little DinoEgg's birthday pressie today. He pester me to open it for him once we stepped into the house buy we only do that after he bathed etc.

Wow~ a BIG pressie!

Clearly happy with his new Transformer watch

Truly happy happy with his pressie

He immediately asked me to open the watch and put it on him. And yupe, he request to have them besides him on bed.

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No mood for anything except...

We were so excited about going to the Big Playground aka Explorer Kids with Chris 7 her girls, Little DinoEgg was even upset last nite that he was unable to go "becoz he refuse to go to bed". He was impatient the minute we were on the cab, kept asking "are we at the Big Playground yet?"

The minute we are through the gantry he dashes towards the maze squealling!!!! I have to catch hold of him to make him sanitize his hands, take off his bag before he made a bee line for the maze.

45 mins later he came up to me looking sad n said he wanna go home. I was surprised, coz he was climbing up n down running around having fun. He even wanted to try the slides alone, but chicken out at the last minute despite my encouragement. I try to make him intersted again thinking maybe its coz no one accompany him to climb around (the older kids were at the other side shooting balls), we went to the toddler section where he was happy again waddling in the pool of balls, doing tumbling, rocking, rolling on the soft foams shapes.

15mins later he told me he wanna go home again, his actual words are to "take the train ride, go home, drink milk n sleep", and so I agreed, no point staying longer if he is not enjoying so we bid goodbye to Chris & Ben.

We went for the train ride at the Downtown East lobby, plus a round of carousel ride. I think its a sad day for him today coz he even took the train & carousel ride ALONE. There were a few kids in the line after he was up in the ride :(

And so I thought I let him have his favourite food; junk food that is. I saw Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, thought I try some new junk food plus I like the cartoon character Popeye. I was not disappointed :) I bought a 1 piece chicken+corn+coke for Little DinoEgg, a Fish burger+coleslaw+coke for myself. We share the corn n love it! I think they slapped in alot of butter coz it melt n makes every spoonful of corns so yummy n buttery. 1st mouth of the coleslaw and Little DinoEgg frown n say "its a little bit sour.", he did try a few more mouth after that but I decide to give it a miss coz I find it too yucky. The drumstick must be very tasty since Little DinoEgg finish it all. My fish burger tastes good too, fish platter is crunchy but not too dry. We had an enjoyable lunch, n I finally see his sunshine smile.

Little DinoEgg request for ice cream with cone, coz the last time we were here Ben treated the kids to ice cream from Mac. Well, Mac is many stores away, so we went in search of ice cream. Went into KFC n I did not see ice cream on the menu, so we went searching again. Then saw 7-Eleven!!! Thank God! Best part is they have tables n chairs INSIDE~~ Little DinoEgg took a good look inside the freezer n went for the rainbow colored Paddle Pop ice cream. We paid for it n sat down at the chairs to enjoy the ice cream, or rather he enjoy the ice cream, I only had 2-3 bite but just coz I dun want him to eat too much of it.

20mins later, we stepped out of the 7-Eleven, Little DinoEgg is really sleepy but he was very happy, with the fun n ice cream plus the latest copy of Ben10 Magazine in his hand.

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Lost my tongue

Was trying to make Little DinoEgg go to bed earlier but without success. Not even when I told him that we are going to the Big Playground the next morning with Auntie Chris. I was not happy and I told him that since he is not sleeping then he is not going to the Big Playground. He was upset, whinning n crying n kicking on the bed. I kept my silence, he calmed down but still would not close his eyes to fall asleep.

I left the room with out saying anything.

3 hours later he came out of the room to go to the toilet. I was still awake watching tv, went to the toilet to switch on the lights for him. The 1st thing he say is "Mummy I wanna go to the Big Playground." n gave me a :( face. Me, with a little bit of fuzzy brain told him "Well, you are not sleeping so how can we go?" And he replied (while trying to pull up his diaper) "How can I sleep when I have to go to the toilet to pee?"


To cover up my blunder I asked him whether he was sleeping just now. hahaha~~ its obviously he was coz he was blur eyed.


My kid just caught me tongue tied.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SSO Babies' Proms 2010

YES YES YES!! We are going to SSO Babies Prom 2010! Missed it last year coz unable to get tickets. Thanks to Nicole who helped us to get our tickets woohoo~~

Nicole says its a good one, we will sure enjoy it. Looking at the synopsis it sure does not look interesting but after she describe what is going on throughout the hour it sounds exciting (if its not then hiak hiak hiak...)

It will be a new experience for both myself and Little DinoEgg. Wonder how he will react. Hope he will not say "Mummy I want to go home." half way through the performance.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bath time is a nightmare

It has been a every day thing to remind, scold, reprimand Little DinoEgg for the things he do during bath time. It always started when the water splashes down onto him till he got dressed. I mean, I know how water excites him but to the extend of going crazy or defying any instructions or warning of safety is exasperating.

Today its my turn to bath Little DinoEgg, not really bath but half supervising since he knows how to do it though not perfect according to my standard.

He was, as usual, twisting, dancing, shaking his bum-bum while shampooing, washing off the shampoo, lathering his body with the shower foam. After he had done that its my turn to help him wash his feet n back. I was holding on to his right arm while washing his feet, he decides to do the Twist, forgetting that his feet are soapy n slippery and so he slipped n fell. My natural reflex is to hold on his arms tighter n lift my arms up to prevent him from getting a hard fall. This is wrong coz I would have dislocate his shoulder (ok ok I just saw my first aid knowledge flew out of the bath room window).

Other then a hard fall on his bum-bum, my thumbnail grazed against his forehead leave a 6cm deep scratch T.T I was heart pained n angry with Little DinoEgg. This fella got a shock for like 15secs then he is back to his usual self, totally thrown the slip+fall+scratched way back of his mind.

It was a bad scratch from the forehead to the area in between his eyes. No blood was drawn but its all red. Slapped a thick coat of Dr Lily's Aloe Vera gel to sooth the scar n hasten the healing.

As for my "serves you right" lecture, it too was thrown all the way to the back of his head.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pandan Custard Agar Agar

Decides to make some agar agar, did not want to do plain ones so I surfed the net for some recipes. I got this, happy with it and get started.

1 x 13g packet agar agar powder
200g sugar
60 ml thick coconut milk
875 ml water
2 egg yolks
a pinch of salt
1 tsp pandan paste or juice of 5 or 6 pandan leaves
1/2 tsp green colouring

1. Bring agar agar powder, sugar and water to a boil. Stir constantly to prevent agar agar powder from sticking to bottom of pan.

2. Beat egg yolks lightly with a pinch of salt. Add coconut milk, pandan juice and green colouring and stir till combined. Pour mixture into boiling agar agar. Stir well and turn off heat. Cover mixture for a while before pouring into rinsed mould to set.

3. When agar agar has set, chill in the fridge before cutting into serving pieces.

Blended pandan leaves juice

Pandan juice + coconut milk

Agar agar + green coloring

End products, ready for some chilling

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A Less then Perfect Lunch

Was thinking what to cook for lunch yesterday, after some suggestions from daddy n thinking, here are the dishes;

Simple lunch for 3

Gouji with 3 eggs+fish cakes

Old cucumber, sweet corn & pork ribs soup

Stir-fried black sauce prawns

Looks good right? This is the first time I am cooking the stir-fried black sauce prawns. I thought I do a prawn dish since Little DinoEgg likes to eat it. I found this recipe on the web;

* 12 medium-large tiger prawns
* 1 tablespoon oil
* 2 tablespoon dark soy sauce
* 1 tablespoon sugar (I skipped this since Little DinoEgg is eating this dish)

* Heat oil in wok.
* Saute prawns till they turn red on both sides.
* Add in the dark soy sauce and sugar.
* Cook till the prawns are done. The liquid in the wok should be now left slightly less then half and thicken too. (This only happens when you add sugar to the dish)
* Dish and serve with rice.

* I sauteed some finely chopped up garlic before adding the prawns. After adding the black sauce I throw in some spring onions.

Anyway the lunch is a failure though I successfully cooked the prawns. Turn out that some of the prawns stick to the shell as the prawns are not fresh :(

Then the gouji leaves too *sigh* It gets spoilt so easily! By the time I carry it from office to mum's place n back home 9hrs later (to save my time I bought them during lunch time) I am left with a handful of the leaves. Once it gets into the wok, it shrink into a miserable size. This was suppose to be gouji leaves with 3 eggs but I threw in fish cakes for Little DinoEgg. Plus in a state of panic, I added to much water (again) into the wok, thus the ugly egg n sauce.

Old cucumber soup is ok, to my standard, those I think its not "sweet" enough. Perhaps its coz the sweet corn was abit dry. I bought it last weekend so the fridge were slowly "sucking out" its moisture hahaha~

Anyway, most important thing is Little DinoEgg enjoy the less then perfect lunch (^^,)

Eating one of the "better quality" prawn

Happy Child!

I will try to cook the prawns again!

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