Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steamed Sea Bass

On leave last Friday and after I dropped off Little DinoEgg at the school, I headed off to the supermarket to do some groceries for this weekend's dinner.

Note to self; Try not to be in the supermarket during the early hours (that is between 8.30am and 11am) unless I want to fight my ways around the fresh food section with all those early-risers aka aunites or full time mummies. Regardless, after 2 hours I emerged a happy person with hands full of food.

I saw the many fresh fishes while passing the fishes counter and was thinking should I cook some fish. I took a peek at the white promfret but they were kinda small today, but the sea bass~~ wow~~ fat n fresh~

And so today is the 1st time I cook the steamed sea bass. This is not the picture of my $7.95 steamed sea bass, I was too tired and forgot to take a photo of it till its all in our stomach.

I wanted to do the Teochew styled but then I did not have all the necessary ingredients, thus its just plain steamed sea bass with steam fish sauce, sliced tomato, ginger n spring onions.

Its kinda embarrassing coz I steamed the sea bass for slightly over 10mins, checked that its cooked with some poking around with a fork & happily served it. While trying to pick the meat at the back, we realized that its not fully cooked :( So back to the wok for another 5mins of steaming. The sea bass is juicy n sweet, I am very happy that we finished the fish during the dinner.

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Swimming T4 Lesson#2

Today's sky is cloudy n dark, I was so afraid that its going to rain, worst if there is thunder! I really do not want last week's to repeat again today. Regardless, its a great cooling day for our 10mins walk to the swimming complex.

Oh, I tried to persuade Little DinoEgg to wear his swim suite at home so that we can go straight to the swimming pool when we reached. Well, I was unsuccessful :( Thus we made a beeline to the kiddie toilet to change before heading to the pool. And today, we are earlier then Coach R hahah~

Going down under n blow bubbles

"eating snake" after he's done with blowing bubbles

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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Additions

Daddy is buying new Ben10 toys for Little DinoEgg again! We let him choose which ones to buy, after serious consideration; and I mean SERIOUS coz he initially wanted the DNAlien figurine but after seeing the latest alien figurines, he look at all these new ones, think about it for like 20mins then decides to give that up (till next time, at least) and get these instead.

Do you know their names?

Its Lodestar, UpChuck, Water Hazard, Ultimate Big Chill & Armodrillo

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Finally Banana Split

Every time we dine @ Swenson's we always say to order some ice cream after our meals. However we did not managed to do so coz either we were too full after our meals or Little DinoEgg misbehaved and we ended up leaving the restaurant with no desserts (as a punishment to Little DinoEgg)

Well today we finally get to eat our ice cream~ And we decided on the famous Banana Split!

This is "WIP" of our Banana Split after the 3 of us fight for the ice creams and the bananas

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Porridge anyone?

This is my today's lunch~ Yesterday's porridge (mushroom meatballs+carrot+onion) & soup (white fungus+lotus seed+pork ribs). Still pipping hot when I eat it at 12pm+, all thanks to my Tiger lunch box. Bought the Tiger lunch box 3yrs ago when Little DinoEgg started to take solid food. I must admit that I have under use the lunch box at that time, choosing to have our lunch or dinner before we head out of the house.

Well, its useful to me again now as I usually pack leftover food to office on Mondays.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#1

No swimming lesson last week coz its term break. Today Little DinoEgg was excited about going swimming. I was determined NOT to be late starting from today, thus I asked Daddy to wake Little DinoEgg up from his nap at 3pm. By 330pm we are out of the house, walking happily towards the swimming complex. Happily coz Little DinoEgg had enough nap, woke up without much fuss, the weather is warm but no scorching sun. Walking walking hearing thunder from far away, happy happy joking on the way. Then I felt it... a BIG drop of rain drop on my shoulder! And we ran n ran n ran coz there are NO shelter till we reach the swimming complex!

We managed to reach the swimming complex without getting drenched, but we were unable to go into the swimming pool! Its closed due to the thunder & lightning :( All we can do is WAIT... wait for the life guards to announce the pool being safe. We sat inside the community centre reception area while watching tv. I tried to entertain Little DinoEgg but as the clocks keeps on ticking, his patience is running out. He keeps saying he wants to go into the pool, to find Coach R, to swim etc etc. I told him we can't go in coz the pool is close due to the rain and thunder, he is not convinced (even though he can see alot of pple waiting outside the pool).

Finally Charmaine sms to say class is canceled due to the weather, we got ready to leave but then the pool is open. Little DinoEgg insist on going into the pool even though I told him class is canceled. He started to throw temper.... I understand his feelings so I thought maybe when we find Coach R and let him tell Little DinoEgg that there is no class, then he will be convinced and we can go home. While walking towards the covered pool area, Little DinoEgg's emotion welled up... he started to stomp his feet, tears flowing n saying "I never get to have any fun!" Then he sat down on the floor n kick his legs *sigh* I did not scold him for that, instead I told him to breath in a couple of times, calm down n tell me what is wrong. He told me he wanted to swim, which I answered that we are going to find Coach R.

We managed to find Coach R who just took his bag and leaving the pool. I told him what happened, he was nice, he told Little DinoEgg no class and say he will bring him to buy sweets, ice creams instead but Little DinoEgg only stared at him with a sad look. After few more tries n coaxing, still no reply from Little DinoEgg, he finally give in! He told him to go n change into his swimming suite and this time Little DinoEgg SMILE happily! OMG!!!!

So here he is, happily swimming n having a great time.

PS : Photo quality is bad coz it was taken using my Samsung phone with not so great camera features. Makes it worst when I zoomed in n the flash fail to help "brighten" the photo.

And you know what? His classmates were upset that the class is canceled, all of them came in after the pool is opened @ 4.45pm hoping to have class, even the kids from 5pm class. In the end every one joined in the 1 class and everyone had a great time.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


That is how high the PSI reading is earlier ard 10pm+ The air quality is so bad! Its becoz of the fire burning in Indonesia, the wind bring the ashes n everything to their neighbours, us n Malaysia :( I heard Malaysia PSI is over 200! Oh gosh!

Daddy is not feeling good, his chest hurts when he breaths. I am having scratchy throat and Little DinoEgg is not showing any signs of discomfort. Nevertheless, we decided to sleep in air conditioned room. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Me

We were doing some crazy doodling, making paper boats, cutting n pasting things when Little DinoEgg looked up from his drawing and said;

"Mummy, I want another Me! You put seed onto here (point to his right shoulder) then put water (make the watering action with his right hand) and let the sunlight shine on the seed (open and close his hand). Then the seed will grow and I will have another Me!" follow by his crazy laughter (as he calls it)

"Why would you want another You to grow from your shoulder?"

"I don't know." follow by his crazy laughter again...

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Friday, October 15, 2010


I was watching Criminal Minds on cable and at the end of the show they quoted the 1st phrase from a poem by Emily Dickinson

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

For those searching/waiting for an answer which the odds are not high, they can only cling onto Hope. They live day by day with a small Hope, that deep inside, some day a miracle will happen and one day they get what they have hope for. Hope... its out there... u can feel it but u can't touch it, u can sense it but u can't grasp it.

Here is the full verse
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

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Its a Perfect Day

A daily question I'd ask Little DinoEgg when I fetch him or see him at home; "Hows your day today?" usually he will just reply a simple "ok" or keep quiet, which is a tell tale sign that he misbehaved in school today. Today his chirpy answer is "Its a Perfect Day for me!"

"Oh wow! Why is it a perfect day for you?"

*ponders for a sec or two*

"Because every thing is fine today."

No idea what is the true meaning of this reply as I was unable to get any further explanation from him but I guess it means he has been a good boy in school today and did not get himself into any trouble.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coughing with phlegms

Both daddy n Little DinoEgg has been coughing for almost 2 weeks. The usual Chinese med is not working on Little DinoEgg, and daddy refuse to go n see doctor =.= Thus I decided to boil the tea to clear phlegm n stops cough, its a pre packed herbs sold in traditional chinese medical and super market.

The packet

Boiling boiling

The tea

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Took Emergency Half Day...

Have to settle something urgently and took afternoon off today. After finishing up my work, I left the office at 12.40pm, had my lunch n was thinking whether to cook dinner tonite or not. Since I have some time to spare I made a trip to the local supermarket.

Since I went into the supermarket without any grocery list or any idea what to cook for tonight, I walk round and round, deciding what to cook, what ingredients to buy etc. And so I came out abt 30mins later with the following;

- Silver Promfret $6.83
- Old cucumber $2.15
- 12 Tiger prawns $3.92
- 1 pack of potato $1.70
- Kau kee aka wolfberries leaves $1.05
- 1 can of stewed pork $3.70
- Pork ribs $4.52
- 1 packet of corn kernels $3.80
Total $27.67

I prepared the ingredients for the soup the minute I reached home n its boiling 20mins later, then sat down to take a rest while waiting for the contractors. I bought the corn kernels for the soup, replacing it with sweet corns, too troublesome to eat. With corn kernels, just scope n eat, no need to use hand.

I start preparing and cooking the dinner around 5.45pm, took me about 2hours to finished cooking. I asked daddy to do the prawns coz I am not sure how long to steam them. The prawns are fresh, I wouldn't want to over cook them n spoil a perfect dish.

The "spread"

Old cucumber soup

Steam prawn

Kau Kee with eggs

Steam silver promfret

Stewed Pork with potato

Today is the 1st time after... hmm... maybe a decade or so, that I steam a whole fish. Of course I steamed cod fish before but that one is easy, just put some fish steaming sauce n steam it for 7mins or so. A whole fish? Its kinda tricky, to me kekek~ coz I forgot how to see to ensure that the fish is cooked. I have to ask daddy to check the fish before switching off the fire and serving it.

Dinner was ready 2hours later @ 7.30pm~ earlier then I expected. I thought we'll be having dinner @ 8pm.

It really feel good to have home cooked meals. And daddy says my cooking has improved hahaha~ *blush blush*

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daddy's cooking

The weather is so warm that we decided not to go to Granny's house for dinner. I decided to cook the Nuts & Lily Bulb soup and daddy says he will cook the other dishes.

Someone can't wait to eat!

Half a roast duck

Pig's liver with spring onion

Nuts & Lily Bulb soup

French beans with shrimp

Its the first time I cook the soup and surprisingly its very tasty. I was skeptical about the soup as there were nothing that could "flavour" the soup. Soup is not too oily too, Little DinoEgg love it very much. Oh, daddy threw in the mushroom meatballs which I bought ytd to cook with the pasta.

I am not a pig's liver fan but daddy cooked it with sesame oil and it does not have the yucky liver taste.

We had a very filling n satisfying dinner~

PS : We bought the roast duck, no way we have the time or skill to cook that in short time (^^,)

The soup's instructions say 3oz each for the cashew nuts, red beans, lotus seeds and lily bulb but I thought its too much for my small pot of soup for 3. Instead I just put a handful for each ingredients.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swimming Lesson#4

I forgot to pack Little DinoEgg's towel and have to try to find a towel from the 7-11 =.= No more last minute packing for me. I pop by to MacMac to grab a packet of Apple Dippers but they were OUT! I'm so "lucky"!

Today I stayed throughout almost the whole class (minus out the 15 mins or so trying to find a towel n getting the Apple Dippers). Little DinoEgg has improved =) He was able to hang on to the side of the pool, hold on to his breath n submerge himself while breathing out. His kicking is still no good... toes not pointed, legs not straighten... but he was having alot of fun~

Before the end of the class, Coach R asked them to stand up and then jump into the pool, same as what they did last week. Dunno what happened, Little DinoEgg frozen when its his turn to jump.... Totally different from what he shown last week. When we count 1-2-3-JUMP! he just squat there... frozen... After much encouragement, he jumped in, not as far as Coach R expected him to be. His Indian classmate did a BIG leap into the water today! Wow~ he must have been practicing heheheh~

We have a new friend today. JH is same age as Little DinoEgg, he's an April boy, but he is 1 head taller n 1 size bigger then Little DinoEgg! And JH's dad is about same height as me, unless his mum is really tall which will explain JH's size, otherwise I think something is wrong with Little DinoEgg. Daddy is consider tall; 1.7+m and bigger built, I am not that skinny or short too... how come his size is so small?

Lucky Little DinoEgg did not make a huge fuss when I told him Apple Dippers are out. He was ok to choose something to munch from 7-11, and we came out of 7-11 5mins later with a small cup of mixed berries yogurt.

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Nuts & Lily Bulb Soup 腰果百和汤

We love soup, so I thought I should start cooking soup in the weekends. Furthermore I bought 2 soup recipe books some years back, better put them into use :) Here is one from the book.

Nuts & Lily Bulb Soup

  • 3oz cashew nuts
  • 3oz red beans
  • 3oz lotus seeds
  • 3oz lily bulbs
  • 8oz shin of pork (but I use pork ribs instead)
  • some table salt (I did not use, I never add in any unnecessary seasoning)
  • Wash n scald the shin of pork (or pork ribs), take out n rinse well
  • Wash cashew nuts, red beans, lotus seeds and lily bulbs
  • Bring a suitable amount of water to boil. Throw in cashew nuts, red beans, lotus seeds, lily bulbs and pork (or pork ribs).
  • Bring to boil then turn to low heat to parboil for 2 hours.
  • Season with salt (optional) and serve.
According to the recipe book;
“这汤非常有益健康,因为红豆和莲子有补气血之功效,百合有利大小便和清热,而腰果则含有丰富的蛋白质、肪脂质和维他命A、B。 ”

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Monday, October 4, 2010