Tuesday, December 28, 2010

T3 for some fun

Well, I finally got to go T3 (^^,)

The 1st thing that Little DinoEgg wants to see is The Fly; thats the name he gives Daisy, the fiberglass propeller display. He will always heads off to see The Fly aka Daisy for a while before proceeding to our intended destination.

My plan is to have lunch at either Popeye's or some restaurant, its always stressful to have meals with Little DinoEgg at food court coz he will usually leave the table to look for me while I am buying the food. However when we reached there, every restaurant or small eatery just dun seems right. We ended up at the food court. It was fairly crowded, we couldn't find a seat near the noodle store and have to sit at a distance away. After instructing him to STAY PUT at the table, NEVER leave the table to look for him, I left to buy fish ball noodle for him. I kept a long distance eye at him, he was ok, sitting at the table cleaning his hands then the table with the wet tissue. Then I saw him got up the seat, looking around and calling out for me (I did not hear it but from his lips movement, it says "Mummy"). Lucky for me, its my turn to order, then i walk back to the table to lead him to an empty table near the noodle store. We share a bowl of fish ball noodle and a cup of icy cold longan. No mess, no tantrums, no argument, no high blood pressure, just an enjoyable lunch at food court.

We set off to find the Magical Teapot. It was such a majestic teapot with all its vibrate colors~ Can't resist to take some photos of it.

Little DinoEgg goes wild at the small playground at the basement. There were 2 other kids at the playground who were playing alone, Little DinoEgg's squeals n laughter gets into them and soon they were following him around.

Hello Mummy!

Can you see me???

I tried to do some shopping since Changi Airport is having the 'Flying Or Not, You Shop We Absorb' programme =) NO GST! 7% savings, why not? However, Little DinoEgg wants nothing of that *basket!*, he wants to see the water dancing around in the small fountain, he wants to go back to the playground, he even dragged me to NTUC Fairprice as he saw Lego toy inside! We did not buy any coz they have limited Lego City items.

We left about 2hrs+ later, not back home BUT to Tampine's Mall in search for this

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Monday, December 27, 2010

No climb all cycle

The weather is so unpredictable. Actually planned to go bird park in the morning but the sky starts to turn grey so the plan was held back. Mr Sun did not come out so I decided that we should go to T3 to shop n then have dinner there. While waiting for the time to pass (lazing around surfing web while Little DinoEgg watches tv), sis called and asked if I have plans to go any where. She suggested Polliwogs, for the kids to run around n have fun while we laze at the cafe next to it. Not a bad idea for a cool, gloomy day.

When we reach Polliwogs, we got a shock! There were SOOO MANY PEOPLE!!!! Its obviously over crowded and noisy :( The kids were disappointed that they could not go into Polliwogs but they got over it fairly quickly when we say we go cycling instead. The happiest of all is Little DinoEgg who wish that he could fly to the pit stop that instant.

Within minutes all 3 kids were on their bikes riding like the wind~~~ oh ok except for Han :P She's going slow n steady. Little DinoEgg zooms aheads of me so fast! I can't even catch up :( but he is still within my sight. Can't believe that this is only the 3rd time he is on the bike.

And then he fell, on the same spot like the last 2 times hahaha~ Have told him umpteen times to slow down while navigating a curve but he wouldn't listen. Well, he just have to learn it the hard way, many many times :D Thank God for Farn! Who Little DinoEgg try to catch up (and never could), Farn will turn back once he hit the end of the road and when Little DinoEgg sees him, he will turn back and follow him. At least I do not need to keep on walking, he will come back to me; or rather ride pass me hehhehe~ We walked pass sis & Han a few times too, she is still taking it slow n steady :)

I am not so lucky with Little DinoEgg, there were a couple of times he ride so fast n was so far away from me that he is only a tiny speck. At first I was worried but then I saw him turning back n ride back to me :) I was enjoying the slow walk, keeping an eye on Little DinoEgg n Farn (who zooms pass me so many times), then I saw Farn running so fast towards me. I thought "must be Little DinoEgg fall down again." and I was right. However this time (the 5th time!) its a bad fall. According to Farn, the bicycle landed on him and he was crying so loud. There was a group of teenagers crowding around him when I got to him. They helped him up, comfort him while Farn went off to look for me. One of the boy says he fell backwards n hit the back of his head on the ground while the bicycle in on him. OMG! Then Farn says he saw him riding pass him on the other direction and he wanted to follow. However, forgetting how fast he is going, he made a quick turn n thus crashes down. Aye~~~

Thats the end of the cycling, he refuse to get back on. Instead he wants me to push the bike back to the pit stop and return it. Han also wants to return the bike, so everyone returns and we head off to Burger King for some food. We pop by Polliwogs to see if its possible to go in, no such luck :( Guess we have to come again next time. We had a crazy chicken tenders with fries meal at Burger King then decides to head back to sis' house since we had no idea where to go next and its already 6pm+.

Little DinoEgg had a fun time playing n quarrelling n snatching (only once though) toys with Han, while I laze ard and watch tv :P Its a tiring day for both of us, a painful one for Little Dinoegg fm all those falls off the bike. Hope he gets better at it and no more falls.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unwrapping the Pressies

Ok finally he decides; or rather he suddenly remember (even though the pressies are just besides him while he plays with his Lego) the Christmas pressies.

Some pressies are from daddy's colleagues to Little DinoEgg, its easy to see which ones coz they are all his favourite food~ Chocolates! Cookies!

The gifts according to the photo sequence above; 1st 5 yummy gifts are from daddy's colleagues, fossil kit fm Daddy, Lego set from Mummy, chocolates fm daddy's colleague, coloring book from Alphie and Transformer toy from Auntie Koh.

And its pretty clear which one is his favourite gift =)

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Lego vehicle

Kids can't wait to open up the pressies the minute they wake up on Christmas day. Not our Little DinoEgg... he wanted his gingerbread cookie, request for his tv, watched it for like 5mins then bug me to open up the new Lego toy I bought for him ytd =.= I told him that he can only open up the Lego after Auntie Koh vacuumed and mopped the floor. And what did this little boy do?? He went up to Auntie Koh and keep asking her when is she going home... OMG!! He wanted to play with the Lego so much that he is "chasing" Auntie Koh home!

I bought this for him while waiting for Sis.

Lego Repair Truck

The minute I told Little DinoEgg that I am ready to open up the new Lego n help him fix it up, he was jumping up with joy. He fixed up the lamp post, then I told him I will fix up the repair truck. He happily went to his room to take out his box of Lego, took out the vehicles, houses etc and starts playing. Of coz in between he will be asking if the truck is ready. Impatient little fella =)

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree~ Oh Christmas Tree~

I love Christmas tree but not a fan of putting it up and decorating it (the thoughts of taking down the deco n keep the tree does not excite me). Not to dampen the Christmas spirits for Little DinoEgg I decided to DIY a Christmas tree.

I bought a big piece of green paper from Urban Write @ $8+, cut it into Christmas tree shape while Little DinoEgg was napping and put it up on the wall. After we came back from our Hippo tour, I told Little DinoEgg that we will starts decorating the Christmas tree after he bath. Later, when I was busy getting all the stuffs out, he decides to draw on the Christmas tree!!!! I was so upset :( Luckily he uses pencil to draw, daddy has to use an eraser to clean off the drawings.

When its all cleaned up we started to decorate the tree with the Christmas foam stickers, streamers and glitter pom poms. Little DinoEgg was very happy to do all the decorating, I only help to stick a couple of the stickers, I prefer to let him do the job himself. I actually wanted Little DinoEgg to draw a big star but he just couldn't get it big enough, so I have to draw it and cut it out. The snowman; or Frosty as Little DinoEgg calls it, was a left over foam craft from last year.

Our Christmas tree for Year 2010!

I hope one day we could have a real Christmas tree in our house.

While climbing onto the bed, Little DinoEgg says to me "Mummy, Santa Clause will come tonight and put some presents under the tree right?" I replied "Oh I don't know, maybe he will. Were you a good boy this year?" and of course the answer is "YES~ I am a good boy!"

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Smell Xmas for Mummy

I reached home from my Christmas shopping to find Little DinoEgg and daddy having their dinner. Then Little DinoEgg was gone and came out from his room carrying a wrapped gifts saying "Mummy, we have a surprise for you!" Its a Christmas gift from him & daddy for me~~~

A big SMOOCH for Mummy

The Gift

The Gift Card

He insist on opening the gift for me

Gift unwrapped

Perfume & Body lotion

Daddy says Little DinoEgg chose the scent. He said he ask the sales assistant to spray the perfume on the strip and let him smell. After smelling a few, he decides on this scent which he confidently told daddy that I will like it. And indeed I do~ Versace perfumes scent are usually very strong n overwhelming which I do not fancy, this one is light and I love it.

And the gift card with a drawing, Little DinoEgg says its me spraying the perfume ^^,

Thanks daddy & son~ *MUACKZ MUACKZ*

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