Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#3 Lesson#3

Today's progress =)

A little girl from Coach R's class from the previous school joined us today. She is trying all her ways n means to catch Coach R's attention, distraction all the other boys and interrupting Coach R when he is giving instruction or teaching them. She is annoying me alot! It upsets me when Coach R compares her with Little DinoEgg, saying that "both of them are very naughty"! Oh Please! My boy is mischievous but he does not jump into the water without the coach's instruction, he does not try to disturb or distract Coach or interrupt Coach when he is talking etc. He just sits there on the pool side either playing with water or disturbing the one sitting beside him while both of them waits for Coach to be done with the other kid(s). He knows discipline, he knows that I am watching him n do not do all the wrong things. So please! Do not put him together with this little ger D, he is NOT like her!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Block out the sun

Look at my face after a month of being exposed under the glaring n harsh sun during swimming lesson has made me feel sad. My facial tone is uneven and I seems to have more freckles. This is not going well for me! Even though I am sitting under the shaded seats but the sun rays reflected fm the pool n floor is doing damage too.

I asked the gang what kind/brand of sun block they are using, trying to decide or have an idea which one to get; Avene, Cle de Peau, Clarins, Neutrogena etc, aiks! so confusing! They suggest that I try abit on my wrist to see if there is any allergic reaction to the product or not. *sigh* so troublesome -.- I decided to pop by Robinson yesterday during lunch time to look see. When I entered the shop, I saw Biotherm n made a beeline to the counter. I have used their products before and is sure that it is suitable for me.

15mins later I came out of the store with their White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Make-up Base SPF 30 PA++ (Blue)

Today, I applied it on my face. Initially when I squeeze the content out n saw that its BLUE, I was hesitant... won't it make my face blue or blueish? Nevertheless, I still applied it. Immediately I fell in love with it. It glides on easily, blends into my skin well, doesn't give me a ghostly white look (as with some of the sun blocks), its non sticky or greasy too. Best of all, after I put on my make up, it gives me a more even toned face. Is my face looking abit brighter today?? hahahaa~~~

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#3 Lesson#1

As I have expected, Little DinoEgg dare not do the free style without the float on his back. He tried to bargain with Coach R, who sent him to me when he couldn't "win" him. He came to me whining "Mummy, I only wanna do 1 hand, but Coach R wants me to do 2 hands!" He got so agitated that he was raising his voice. My attempt to calm him down was unsuccessful. I finally managed to get him back to the pool, telling him to tell Coach R to let him try doing with 1 hand, then when he is ok he will do 2 hands. He went to tell Coach R who was trying to lighten things up by saying "ok, left hand = 1 hand, right hand = 1 hand, so only do 1 hand, right?" If its on normal days, Little DinoEgg would have just laugh it off but not today. Today is "Skip nap n be cranky" day. And he did the thing which he knows very well that I would not approve of; he show his temper at Coach R and shout at him.

The minute I saw that, I got up from my seat n started towards the pool, then I stopped at my track. Coach R was giving him a piece of his mind too. Good! He deserves it! However I think he is not fierce enough, perhaps he was afraid that I would disapprove of it? After lecturing him, swimming continues on with Little DinoEgg swimming with the board blowing bubbles as he swim.

At the end of the class, I took Little DinoEgg to one side, how can I let him off for this disrespect behavior? I told him patiently that Coach is also a teacher who teaches him to swim. He should show him respect just like he show respect to his teachers in school. I made him apologise to Coach R. He was unwilling to do so, choosing to stand far away fm Coach R n say out a word SORRY. He is unwilling becoz he know very well that he did something very wrong. I made him go up to Coach R and say a proper SORRY.

On the way home, I told him that I was disappointed with him. Told him that becoz he has chosen not to take a nap thus he has no energy to swim, cranky, bad tempered which leads to all the bad behavior. He looked at me in silence, knowing very well that I am right.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painted Nails

Went out with Chris & Mich earlier to AMK Hub for afternoon dessert. Actually to pass Mich our COACH shopping list =)

We went shopping at the mall, bought some stuffs, including some nail polishes at O2 Skin; $1.90 each for 3 or more. I was sitting down with my new nail polish, deciding which one to apply when Little DinoEgg saw me. He looked and ask me what are those. I told him that its nail polish; "to color mummy's nails and make it pretty." I show him my nails after I applied them, his eyes went very big and says "WOW~ So pretty! Mummy, don't clean it away ok?" Hahaha~ silly boy~

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Steamboat Khakis

We were yakking in facebook n decided to arranged for a pig out session, just the 3 of us since we were talking to each other. Actually we were talking about FOOD (glorious food!) and have a sudden crave of steam boat in super spicy 麻辣 style. You can practically see us salivating while talking hahaha~ So a date n time was set in record breaking time, and here we are at Chong Qing Hot Pot @ Suntec City.

we were on the dot, hungry n going crazy, have to keep ourselves occupied and not think of the FOOD.

And when Her Majesty made her grand entrance~~ All "hell" breaks loose!!! The ever friendly waitress who took our order decides to make things easy for us by suggesting that she help us to order some normal dishes to start off with, then we just add in any other dish later. Good idea! Especially when you have 2 very hungry ladies who are ready to swallow the food, pot n every thing.

When the mountain of food (I am not kidding you!), we literally just dump all into the pot, more on the spicy side since its what started this pigging out session.

All in, ALL IN!

Eating n joking n sharing news... I took the opportunity to snap these 2 shots haha~ Revenge is SWEET! Chris! I've got your unglam photo! Renee, dun come after me ok! However, I'm sure you have 1 unglam photo of me inside ur little camera you brought along *^^*

*munch munch chew chew*

I can't imagine the amount of food we (the 3 ladies) ate! We had cockles, (sinful! All Renee's fault), which I never had a chance to order when having steamboat with other friends. I was surprised that these 2 ladies wanted pork bellies too. I thought I was the only one who heck care what unhealthy n fatty food I stuffed into my body hahaha~

As usual, we ate n drink till nearing closing time. I was so full so full so full that I think I'll just skip breakfast & lunch tomorrow. Hmm.... this was suppose to be a eat-while-catching-things-up session but where are the catching up? I guess the food must have chased it away.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#2 Lesson#4

Today's swimming lesson is about these~

A good start of the free style stroke without board in the 3rd video. However, while swimming back to the wall, he kinda lost his rhythm n did a... DOGGIE CRAWL~~~ He's swimming well today, all thanks to tt little yellow float at his back. Let's hope he can do the same when he is not wearing that *keeping fingers crossed*

I had a quick chat with Coach R after I pass him the next month's school fees. He says Little DinoEgg is progressing ok, he dares to swim, kick n do the strokes. Ok, now I'm happy, since he says there are some improvements.

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This is my 2nd attempt, 1st attempt was only half successful. The "abacus" was too hard. I brought some over to let mum taste, she says I did not put enough tapioca flour. So this time, I make sure I put more flour then the last round.

The "abacus seeds"

This took me half a day to prepare n finally lay it on the table. Was kneading the yam dough when its time for swimming lesson, I throw every thing into the fridge n off to the pool for an hour. Luckily daddy help me to soak the dried mushroom, black fungus n dried shrimps. He also help me to cut them into strips while I was at the pool.

I heat up the oil, throw in the dried shrimp to fry it till the fragrance comes out. Next goes in the chopped scallion. In goes the mushroom, the black fungus, shredded carrots n follow by the meat (the meat mixed with some oyster sauce & sesame oil). After boiling the "abacus seeds" into a pot of boiling water (I added some oil into the water so that the "seeds" will be coated with oil and will not stick together), I threw them in to stir fry with all the ingredients.

The process of stir frying looks like a failure. The "abacus seeds" stick together, daddy says perhaps its coz I added too much tapioca flour. I was disappointed. Daddy to the rescue~ trying to salvage the dish n help me with the cooking. Well, it looks ok n yummilicous when its done.

The dish

Daddy took a small potion to eat n he says its tasty~ I was doubtful, how can it be tasty... it gave me an "abacus seed" to taste n wow! Its better then the 1st attempt. It has the "springy" effect when you chew it. Daddy says he can taste the yam after chewing it. So I was happy, at least its not a half or total failure.

Daddy says "next time u try to steam the "abacus seeds" instead of boiling it, see hows the result." Ok.... next time... maybe few months down the road haha~

This is a fairly simple dish, the only tedious part is preparing the "abacus seeds". First have to steam the yam till its soft, after it cooled down for a while, I mash them up. After that I knead them with tapioca flour till its a firm dough. Roll them into strands n cut into small size, roll them into slightly flatten "seeds". This whole process usually takes 2 hours to finish. By time my back n arms are already aching....

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