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DIY then.

What do you do if you can't get the new toy that you wanted so much?

Little DinoEgg's new interest is Beyblade which he has been bugging us to buy for him since many weeks ago. We refuse to buy as we think he will not be able to play with it in the correct way (as in the case of the Bakugan). He did not even play with his Ben10 toy figurines much. So no way we are going to buy more expensive toys and let it collect dust at one corner.

For now, he is happy to play with his DIY metal fight Beyblade.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#4 Lesson#2

Today Little DinoEgg did the wailing act during the class *palms face* Coach R wants him to swim free style with the board, both hands, but he refuses. Keeps saying he can't, he's scared, he wants Coach to be with him etc etc but Coach have to attend to other kids too! I have to coax, encourage n reason with him to try to do it, then I got mad n have to scold him, barked at him to do. All went down the drain... He just keep on wailing n wailing. Coach R have to carry him while he wails away. He was clearly as unhappy as I am. He challenged him to wail as loud as he can and let the whole pool see & hear him.

He could do it without the board, from the side of the pool to Coach and back, but he just refuse to do it with the board. He could kick n swim while holding on the board either on the top or on the bottom of the board. He just couldn't do it while swimming free style.

I had my own thinking... which I shared with Coach R after class. Could it be due to the few incidents tt happened where he capsized while swimming with the board? He agrees that perhaps tts the problem, becoz he could swim very well otherwise, he mentioned that he is kicking faster n faster so he is not afraid of water or going underwater to practice blowing bubbles. Conclusion; its the board I bought for him. Coach R says its for more experienced swimmer. Geezz! Thats not what the Arena sales assistant told me! She says its for kids with NO swimming experience! Coach R says to try to use his board during the next lesson to see if its better.

Ok, I guess thats one "solution" which we can try the next week.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our 1st Adopted Pet

I've decided its time to get a hamster for Master Loh. He's been bugging me since last year after meeting Chris' Mini, Milo & Mojo. I think he is old enough to handle the hamster with care n love it with all his heart.

We went down to SPCA hoping to adopt 1 hamster, I was not having high hopes as I was unsure whether they have hamsters for adoption or not. Well, I was surprised to see at least 20+ small cages of hamsters, ready to go to new home!

The SPCA lady was really patient, bring out a few cages to let Little DinoEgg handle the hamsters. Some of them are not as docile n nipped lightly at his fingers. He finally choose one female hamster. She was calm n was not afraid of Little DinoEgg's rough handling (This is the 1st time he handles hamsters thus still need to teach him on the way he treats a small animal), no nipping or biting from her. About 45mins later, we are done with the adoption papers ^^,

The Adoption Paper and our hammie

And our new pet got her new name while we were waiting for our taxi, barely 20mins after we left SPCA. Little DinoEgg was sitting on the bench with the hamster, admiring her, playing with her then he suddenly blurt out "Joey~ come here~" Thats how she got her name.

Joey the Hamster

We head down to Serangoon North to buy some necessities for Joey at Pets Kiosk Pet Saloon. Got her a new cage, some food n treats etc.

New cage & stuffs for Joey

And here she is, looking so pretty with her big round eyes;

Ms Joey, the Pearl White Hamster

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"papa ur birthday want to buy what cake?
i buy den i hide
den give u a surprise."

This was what Little DinoEgg told daddy while on the way to school this morning. Of course daddy says no need to buy cake but he just won't let go. Keep asking him what kind of cake he wants.

I can picture the scenario if he ever did buy a cake (of course I'm the one buying). He'll probably run up to daddy when he comes in through the door after work, telling him excitedly that he bought a birthday cake for him but its a surprise for him. hahahhaa~

This little imp... full of ideas n imagination. Daddy's little Angel n Mummy's big devil. We both love you very much!

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