Monday, July 18, 2011

"I buy for u"

I was browsing Zakka and happen to click on this owl pendant, Little DinoEgg saw this immediately shouted "Mummy! This is nice!! Buy!" I replied "It cost $10 and I don't have money to buy it." (give a sad face)

Little DinoEgg quickly run to get his spidy coin box, open it n dig through the box trying to find a $10 note. All he can find is $50 notes, and he looked worried. Then he went off to find daddy "Daddy! Can I take $10 from you, I'll give you $50." (hmm... not a fair "exchange") Daddy asked him and he told him that he wants to give me $10 to buy something. Daddy says to take $10 from his wallet which he did, then he really took the $50 from his spidy box n put it into daddy's wallet. He gave me the $10 and told me that now I have money to buy that pretty owl. So sweet right?

Of course the $10 eventually ends up in his spidy box hahaha~

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#7 Lesson#1

We went back to swimming class today! And I am very happy with Little DinoEgg. He did not throw temper, whine, complain, rude to Coach R etc etc. Well done!

I was afraid that he has forgotten how to swim so we went to the swimming complex early, reached there at 2.35pm and let the kids have some fun in the shallow pool. Little DinoEgg is so excited, he hit the pool immediately and was soon kicking away in the water happily. No sign of fear or hesitate.

When it was time for lesson, I reminded him on our "Swimming Class Rules";
1. No throwing temper at Coach R
2. No whining
3. No complaining
4. No stomping feet
5. If he feels upset, he has to calm down by "Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth".
6. If he feels anger, he can come out of the water to sit beside me while he calm down

If he breaks any of the above rule, it will be end of swimming class.

When doing the warm up laps, he went into the water holding on the top of the board without hesitate. However when its time to hold on the bottom of the board, he needs a little bit of encouragement n Coach R to pull him down, twice. After that he is ok.

Later on through the class, Coach R told him to do his bubble blowing, Little DinoEgg asked him how many times he has to do. Coach R says XX times, and he started bargaining with Coach. If it was last time, he will get mad, raises his voice to protest, cry then stomp his feet. Well, he did not do that this time!!!!! He simply laugh it off and agrees with Coach on the number!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!

I'm feeling all puffed up n proud with myself and Little DinoEgg. He has indeed improved in his behaviour, perhaps he has grown up a little bit thus he can remember things. Or perhaps the books that I read to him to help him deal with his emotions n anger helps too.

I'm so happy with Little DinoEgg today, besides doing the above he also manages to do the following (with a little help fm the back float) without any protest;
- did his free style right hand pulling with head turn sideway to breath in while holding on to the board.
- swim free style to Coach R w/o the board doing 4 pulls of the arms.

He was not confident in swimming free style holding on to the board and doing 4 pulls previously. Let's hope that next lesson he will do the same without the help from a small little back float.

Oh ya, he was clearly very happy to be back swimming coz he did his Chicken Dance which sends me n Catherine laughing so loudly n in an unglamorous manner. He also did this....

Clearly he is happy that he is back to the pool

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Filler & Calmness

Daily reminder of Bucket Filler and Calming Breathing have indeed make Little DinoEgg a better boy.

Whenever I have a chance, I'll asked Teacher Siti, 沙老师 and Teacher Sue about his behaviour. Of course he still goes into harmless kiddish squabbles with his handful of best pals or his sudden spur of naughtiness and mischievous acts. But no more shouting n screaming at the top of his voice to show his anger and unhappiness.

Just now I casually asked Teacher Sue when I was in the school fetching him. She paused and think for a few seconds then say "He is good, no complains from Teacher Siti." I was happy, if she paused to try to remember means Little DinoEgg definitely is behaving and was not sent to her room to calm down. I don't know why, but since he started N2, no teachers can handle him, he always ended up in Teacher Sue's room where she will talk to him quietly.

At last~ I can breath a little bit easier. And so I decided that its time for him to return to the pool.

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