Thursday, September 8, 2011

Artists out at Play

I finally meet up with the troupe after my work. We went for a delicious dinner at Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central

Our sushi feast!

After that we walked around, trying to digest our sumptuous food, sis decided to let the 3 artists pose with their works.

Here is a close up of Little DinoEgg's lotus. Can you spot a frog on the lily pad? Hahaha... its not very obvious but if u look hard you will find something a little bit weird.
Little DinoEgg's work

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WowArt Sept Holiday Workshop

Sis MMS this photo to me while waiting for taxi

I'm very interested in WowArt but regret that time is not in my favour. With the PV duties, swimming lessons and moving house, my schedules are chaotic!

Sis asked me if I am interested in their September school holiday workshop, but I told her I can't take leave today. She volunteer to bring Little DinoEgg to the class!!! Thank you Sis! You are Wonderful!

So now they are out there having fun while I'm sitting in the office working and wondering how's everything. Can't wait for the time to pass quickly where I can join them for dinner later in town.

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