Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinner @ Buffet Town

We've been wanted to visit Buffet Town for their buffet but never has the opportunity to go, till today.  Daddy managed to get a table yesterday evening (there are usually fully booked on weekends, I thought it will be too) and I was very excited about it.

I took half day leave so that I can fetch DinoEgg home early, get ready and meet up with Daddy at the restaurant.  

When we were there at slightly over 7pm there is a long queue outside the restaurant, we managed to go in after a short while.  Daddy was already inside so we walked around to search for him.  The waiter in the front failed to tell us where is he sitting.

We settled down quickly and I went off with DinoEgg to get his food, here is his choice.

Enjoying his food

And these are our food!

Look at this HUGE sotong head with LARGE tentacles!

On his trip back from the toilet DinoEgg request to play at the indoor playground.  I said ok since he already has his fill.  Its a small playground with 4 ducks lookalike rubber bouncy thing at one side and a long table with some beads toys at the other side.  I gave him directions to go back to our table which is pretty near to the playground (go straight, turn left and you will see us) and I went back to continue my meal.  A short while later amidst the hassle of the diners I heard a familiar "Mum!  Dad!" twice, this sets my alarm ringing, I thought DinoEgg got lost while walking back to our table.  I rushed to the playground and saw him looking around fanatically.  When he saw me, he came up to hug me saying that he was worried when he couldn't see us.  I decided to stay for a while just to reassure him.  He went back to play with the other kids, 2 girls  from our neighbouring table.  And then the 2 girls's older brother joined them, sat at a corner near the rubber ducks where the kids were riding.  1 of the girls declared war on her older brother n instigate the rest to ramp their ducks onto him.  They did... and the big boy uses his leg to push the ducks away but amongst the scuffle some one was hurt.  I decided to stay on just in case the older kid gets more physical.  A few minutes later I decided that its time to leave as the older kid seems like he is not going to be very friendly.  DinoEgg left without much persuasion.

Back to the food.  We love them!  Though according to daddy the ambience is not satisfying, too noisy.  This is coz there are a few big groups of diners who are loud n impolite (when coming to getting food from the food station).  They have a wide spread of food, from sushi to local laksa to sinful sweet deserts.  I see there are grilled food, carrot cake, garlic fried rice, some cooked food, tempura, teppanyaki, pasta, the usual drinks, coffee & tea.  I skipped the usual cooked food & pasta and tried those that I seldom get to eat while daddy tried everything.  The food are fresh which is most important.

We love the fresh, fat & juicy oysters!  Its not easy to find such great oysters, between the 2 of us we had about 2 oysters *yum yum*  I was surprise to see shishamo!  Its an expensive dish if you find them on the menu of some Japanese restaurant.  Here, I can eat as many as I can, and I did!  All 5 of them (have to leave some space for other food) !  The grill prawns is sweet & tasty too, no seasoning needed, ok maybe a dip into the wasabi for the shiok stinging rush through the nose.  The sashimi is good, not thick sliced that I would love them to be but its of decent size (which is about the size of a table spoon, not teeny tiny ones u find in some buffet).  The chilli crab is too sweet for me, its not too spicy but tts ok, the crabs are fresh n juicy, the meat does not stick to the shell.

Overall we had a good time, belly satisfied.  We only pay $34.80 each, DinoEgg gets to eat free as he is below 6 year old.  Good thing too since he only have little food, not worth the child price of $20.80.  We may go back again if time permits. 

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Buffet Town or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

My 1st Letter!

A BIG envelope came in the mail today address to DinoEgg, his very first letter from a Friend!  He was so excited that he tore the envelope open the seconds he lay his hands on it.

Checking out the goodies

I told him that all these are from Auntie che che Regina, he goes "Wow!" admiring the stickers, tattoo, key chain.  The he says "Mummy, I think she must like me very much." and give me a big grin.

So here is a sweet cute post for u Regina!  This boy like u very much now hahaha~

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A Birthday surprise from my boys

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Mummy!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

I was feeling upset for reaching home late with their dinner but when I open the door they surprised me!  All the lights were off, daddy was carrying a birthday cake with lighted candles and both of them singing the birthday song to me.  I was so surprised and touched.

The father and son has conspire to give me such a wonderful surprise.

My black forest cake~ Noticed the very very short and almost finished candle?  Daddy light the candles when I told him I was nearby but a normal 10mins taxi ride home from that location takes about 20mins because my taxi was caught at practically every traffic light.  

BTW, its not my birthday today.  Nope, daddy did not made a blunder.  He decided to celebrate early for me coz my birthday falls on his weekly department meeting and he is unable to have dinner with me.

I love my wonderful surprise!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is call SERVICE

They say "Good things comes to those who wait" and so we waited... and waited...

and waited... Someone's passing the time by playing the iphone... The waitress bring forward this chair and offered it to DinoEgg.

While waiting in the line the waitress passed out the menu, we decided on our food in a short while.  It was 7.20pm, we were number 4 in line but it was about 30mins before we were shown to our table and told the waitress at the same time that we are ready to order. Less then 5mins later a waiter came to our table with a SMILE, pen & paper ready to take our order. He was patient, even asked DinoEgg how he wanted his steak to be done, medium raw, medium or well done. Of course DinoEgg has no clue what is he talking about, frown and says "I don't know." which sends all of us laughing. We decided for him of course.

More waiting and then our drinks & food were served.

Our drinks - Ice Melon Cooler & Erdinger Beer

Enjoying his mushroom soup

DinoEgg's Minute Steak

DinoPapa's Jack's Place Special Steak

My Surf & Turf

Half way through the meal, the same waiter came to our table and asked, in a polite & nice way if our food are ok. Plus point for flashing his SMILE again.  He even sat down beside DinoEgg and asked if he is ok with the food?  And this little fella replied "This is the BEST restaurant!", the waiter was very happy to hear that.

We couldn't agree more!

It was Sunday night, the restaurant is running on full house and a growing queue outside.  The waitress who came out to check on the customers was calm & polite.  Inside the restaurant while we were waiting for the food I took a look around.  The waiters & waitresses were busy with taking orders, serving food/ice water/drinks/serviette or bringing the bill.  Not 1 of them were quick tempered, no frown on the face when 1 table keeps asking for things, they walk around checking every table to see if any one needs anything.  They cleared our plates and then a while later bring DinoEgg's dessert without us asking for it *Impressed*

This is one dinner that despite the long queueing (legs were pretty tired after all the standing) and waiting we had an enjoyable and satisfied meal.  We were so happy with our dinning that Daddy gave them a fat tip for their excellent service (We have NEVER do this before).  When we left the restaurant an hour plus later, there is still a queue outside the restaurant!

Well done Jack's Place Compass Point Branch!  You made us feel that there is hope in the F&B service industry!  We wish that we will be able to enjoy such positive dinning experience in other restaurants in near future.

Too bad I did not managed to get the names of the waitress who checked on the customers in line & showed us to ur table or the waiter who took our order.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Loving My Spot (in Singapore) - Bras Basah Complex

When I agreed to do this post, I dated my Canon EOS where we spent an hour plus walking around and taking photos -discreetly- and having loads of fun together. Revisiting the place after 2 decades, memory floodgates were open and I smile when I remember snips and pieces of things that happened there so long ago.

I have fond memories of this place coz Mum & Dad used to have a shop selling cassette tapes & some stationery. Ya, cassette tapes... that was very long ago... We are always there after school, Mum will cook our lunch & dinner at the shop. We will hang around till its time to close the shop at around 8pm or sometimes even later to go home. I remember Mum allowed me to hold a small birthday party with cakes, friends, presents & everything in the shop when I was in Pri 5.  During those times we do not get to celebrate our birthdays lavishly except for the traditional 2 eggs+pork liver+pork+mee sua.  Can you imagine how over the moon I was?  This is a place where I spent most of my younger days, in a small shop inside Bras Basah Complex.

This is the ground floor, its empty now but there used to be 2 square raised planters on the right side. In the evening the four of us sometimes will run around the garden catching garden snails. We never crush snails, we just bring the snails out to the side to see them crawl slowly back to some where. When Mum need us back at the shop she will pop her head out above and holler, which is the exact view from this photo below.

Back then Bras Basah Complex or 书城 as it was fondly known, was THE happening place. When a singer/group launches a new album they MUST have a small concert with autographs sessions after that. There will be a small rectangle stage set up with ample space for the fans to squeeze n stand to watch their idol sing and dance. Lucky for us, we never have to squeeze with the fans coz we have the best "seat". We simply just plop ourselves right in front of the shop and stay there till the event starts. We have seen many Singapore & overseas singers that we are not as star struck as others.

During our bored-and-nothing-interesting-to-do moments, we will go shops visiting. One of the shop we like to go is Knowledge Bookstore on level 3, we will simply walks in, flip some of the books aimlessly and then come out minutes later. The Indian shop owners knows us but strangely we never talk to them or hold any conversations with them. They probably know that we are "the kids from that shop on 2nd floor" and tolerate us, since we are not causing any nuisance or disturbances. I love the shop, with its rows and rows of ceiling to floor books of every subject of interests. They practically have EVERYTHING!

I guess our favourite past time, especially in the evening when there are hardly a soul around, will be running along these stretch of long corridors. We will be chasing each other then doing a quick turn around and dash back at the other side. Looking at this photo, I can almost hear our footsteps, laughter, screaming, squealing echoing through the long empty corridors.

One day so long ago, when this area is not so developed, I was running around with younger brother S when suddenly a big stray dog came out from no where. There we are standing frozen on the spot, facing each other. I was shocked n scared but my little brother calm me down by saying "Sis, you don't move, stare at the dog, don't run otherwise the dog will chase you." Aye.... my younger brother protecting me... Then when we out stared the dog n it moved away we ran like our lives depending on it, we were even too scared to scream in fear.

The Jack's Place has been at the same location since as long as I can remember. Wow! I still vaguely remember that we always hang around the back door where the staffs comes out for a smoke, sometimes striking a conversation with them.

My yearly trip to the optician Kwong Shin to make my spectacles when I was a little girl. I was so surprise to see the shop is still around after so long. At that time, they have the coolest range of frames. I remembered I had a white (like paper white) color frame -that covers half of my face- which I wore to school and got the attention of the school coz it was NOT the approved color. Nevertheless I was issued The Warning, lose the frame or get some points. I ignored the warning and nothing happened to me, so much for a scare huh.

I grew up with ABBA, Richard Clayderman, Jimmy Chan, BoneyM, Michael Jackson, Carpenters, oldies & country songs, 水草三重唱、梁文福、新谣、裘海正、伊能靜、方文琳、齐豫 just to name a few.  I left my footprints in Art Friend, Popular, Sagacity, Evergreen Book Store, Saint Book Store and the list goes on.  I am surrounded with books & musics every day of my childhood days. This would probably explain my love for music, songs, dancing and books.

As I stood there with camera in my hand, it is as if time has slowed down to almost a stop, everything are moving so very slowly. 2 decades of memories of people, things and events flashes across my mind, it is as if they just happened yesterday. The latest songs/music playing from our player, attracting customers to our shop. Me standing around the shop helping out or playing with the cash register which will earn me a scolding from Mum *chuckles*

While writing I thought of Dad, my eyes just well up with tears and I can't seem to make them stop. So I took a break to have a good silent cry, remembering my dear old Dad whom I regret that we did not have a better & closer relationship.

Good memories, not so happy memories, I used to throw them to the back of my mind, now I treasure them most.

Here are the photos of our "unique" childhood playground.

If you have time, drop by Bras Basah Complex which has not change much.  You can still find books & stuffs at good prices.  Go down to immerse yourself in the aroma & feel of books.  Its bustled with people & activities but you can feel a sense of calmness in the atmosphere too.  I hope you have fond memories of this place as I do.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The August Babies of the Family

These 2 little cousins, born just 9 days apart.  Growing up together its a Love Hate relationship between them.  Most of the time they can't get along when they are young, bicker, fight, snatch, cry, they can't even share toys let alone play in peace for long.

As they grow older, they managed to develop a chemistry and suddenly able to get along fine.  Even when there is only ONE ipad on hand, they will share it, taking turns to play with it, working out a system where both will be happy.  Sometimes they exchange ipad so that both can play with the games in the other one's ipad.

At the recent family gatherings, both of them INSIST on sitting together, which is at a different table as me & daddy.  I went over to their table to check on DinoEgg, once I caught both of them whispering into each other's ear.  I asked what were they whispering, both of them eyed me, giving me the "Its none of your business" look, mumbled "nothing" then burst out laughing.  Leaving look errm... dumb.... *sigh*  I thought I'd only get this kind of treatment when DinoEgg is in his teens.

When u ask DinoEgg to pose for photo either alone or with daddy or with some one he will usually gives funny faces, monkey around and it takes a few stern words or coaxing from me to get him to cooperate. With Cousin Han, he NEVER need a 2nd word. He is always all ready to take photos with her, she is usually the one tt needs some cajoling most of the time. And DinoEgg will be upset if she refuse to take photo with him.

And so the above photo, both happy n cooperating. Another photo for keepsake.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Bad Bad Mummy!"

Something happened yesterday morning tt makes me snapped.  I was very upset and totally melted down.

Last weekend I was unpacking some of the remaining boxes and found him.  Decided to leave Mr Elephant out since he wanted it, threw it in the laundry basket waiting for its turn to go into the washing machine.  Never had a chance to wash it.  DinoEgg saw Mr Elephant when he was putting his pyjamas into the laundry basket and asked when am I going to wash it.  I told him this weekend since Mr Elephant has got stuffing inside him therefore need Mr Sun to shine on it.  Then he goes "Huh?  Bad Bad Mummy! You don't want to wash Mr Elephant."

This is the 2nd time he throw those words at me for something that, in his perspective, I did not do for him almost immediately.  And yesterday morning, despite my explanation he still uses those words on me.  I am wondering which part of my words he do not understand? Or he simply think that every one (or maybe only ME) has to do his things now/immediately.

Actually we have been on similar situations many times.  He is always asking when I will do this for him, bring him to a particular place, cook lunch/dinner etc.  We tried telling him umpteen times a specific time/day/date or some reasons for not going to certain places, it does not get into his head!  He wants it NOW, he wants to go NOW.  We get so frustrated trying to explain to him, reason with him, talk to him that our temper flare.  We do not use big words, we use simple words, patiently explain to him but still cant.

Is there something wrong with our teaching?  Is there something wrong with him? Or perhaps we are not patient enough?  Maybe he can't understand the words which we deem simple?  That cannot be the reason.  How not to understand tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, afternoon, night?

Sometimes in order for me to hold my temper, I just keep quiet, ignore him.  I know its bad but flaring up n scolding him is worst right?  How I wish I can do a scan of his brain or open up his head and see what is inside there.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012