Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun This Week - Bubbles Bubbles, so many of them!

I've always like bubbles, love the way they float up into the sky, love the way the kids chase madly at them trying to hold them in their palms or some want to have a taste of them. 

DinoEgg love bubbles too but he seldom gets the chance to play with it because to do so that means we have to be outdoor.  I wasn't really game for it, plus where's the fun when you only play with it ALONE?

Anyway I was in Toyrus and without thinking I grabbed a small bottle of bubbles while checking out, thinking that we should have some bubble fun that evening after school.  DinoEgg was thrilled!  Since we were having bubbling fun at the common walkway downstairs, we attracted a few attentions, mainly from the kids who joined in for a few seconds to catch the bubbles.

It was kinda lonely... I tried to cheer him on to get more bubbles out flying.  He was doing all the hard work; blowing the bubbles and chasing after them (spilling some of the soapy solution at one point) trying to kick, burst, catch them. 

20mins later, he gets tired of running around and sat down to continue.  Darkness fell soon too. And guess what?  We had fun in another way!  Seeing the bubbles in their rainbow colors floating up into the air.   What a beautiful sight!  

We had fun, definitely!  He also took back "souvenirs" on his legs from them merciless mozzies... Next time we shall be better armed!  I shall get a bottle of bubbles and join in the fun.  I shall get some bug spray n keep them mozzies away!

*All photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy III.
Wish I had my Canon with me to catch more photos of the rainbow bubbles.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts - Art is "Teaching art from the heART"

A year ago, we started DinoEgg in art class for some serious learning on art techniques, drawing and knowledge.  It wasn't something that we forced onto him, it was something he shown interest after he went for the trial at that art school.  So for the next few months he was looking forward to art lessons every Saturday.  We were very happy with his progress, you can see his 1st term art work over here.

Every thing was going smoothly until the school shifted their focus of their teaching, change of admin staffs and teachers.  DinoEgg's teacher left the school, (I blogged about it here) and since then you see a drastic change in him.  He used to get upset when we were unable to go for art lessons but now he did not protest when it happened.  He used to put in more effort to do his art work in the class (even though the mouth is talking non stop), now he just do it "any-o-how" then proceed to the side table to do some doodling on the paper while the rest of the class finishes their work.  He does not feel connected with his teacher, thus he is not interested in anything in the class.  Even i do not feel connected with the teachers and the admin staff. 

One example is this craft he did.  The kids were suppose to think of a place in their house and create a clay miniature model of it.  This is suppose to be our kitchen, apart from the lady (supposedly to be Me) and the stove beside her that looks something recognizable, the rest of the things are just... something.  He even did not bother to color them properly and nicely.

That's when we know we have to intervene or risk him losing interest in something that he has passion in.  We started to look around for art school with good reviews from friends but unable to find one that suits our requirements.  Its very disheartening and despair to see DinoEgg leaving the class in foul mood or unhappiness on his face; not to mention the money we now feel are wasted as it is not yielding the result what we want.

Then we got to know that the ex teachers are now teaching in another school!  Imagine our joy and happiness!  However, I did not contact them immediately as we just renewed a term with the school, but things too a change and with 6 more lessons to go we would have bear with it till the end if not for the incident with his teacher that makes him sad.  He has always been a noisy, active boy in class, that day he was being chided by his teacher to "keep quiet or I will tell your daddy and mummy".  Ok, don't get me wrong, I am not over reacting or over protecting him.  This is an art class, which is suppose to be filled with fun and laughter, how to let their imagination run wild without sharing ideas with each other, how to share when every one is in silence?

DinoPapa was more upset then me, he is willing to forgo the remaining 6 lessons and wants DinoEgg to start in the new school immediately.

And so here we are, in the new art school.  DinoEgg was very excited to know that he will be united with his teachers; Teacher Elma and Teacher Gus again, from the screams and squeals its clear that the teachers were happy to see him too.  We know we made the right decision to switch over immediately, DinoEgg will be in good hands to continue his interest in arts.

Today's lesson - Learning about Andy Warhol and his techniques.

Some re-bonding time with his teachers.  He was the only student in the Sunday afternoon class so he was able to have both of his art teachers sitting down with him for some small talk.

While walking out we saw this outside the school "Teaching art from the heart", what an apt phrase to echo how I feel about this.  To go through motion or by the books or to impart your knowledge with fiery passion from the heart?  I'll choose one who is the latter.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Story, all 39 years of it - Dedicated to Me

I have always wanted to to sit down alone in a quiet place, thinking about the past, have a heart to heart talk with myself in my head.  There are so many things I wanted to tell Me, too many to do it in just a few hours or even a day and so that day did not materialize... until now.

*** *** ***

Dear Me,

Growing up as the 3rd child of the family was not easy, you tend to be forgotten at times, you felt neglected, unloved, unjust when you get blamed for things that were not entirely your fault.  Back then, you have difficulty identifying yourself.  You try to be as mature as sis, as smart as bro or as witty as younger bro but failed terribly.  You fought to get some love from Mum and Dad but you did not receive much of it.  This makes you dislike your siblings as you felt inferior, you felt so disappointed with yourself that you try to find some one to blame thus you started to blame Mum & Dad for showing favouritism, for neglecting you.

Remember the nightmare you had when you were 7 or 8 years old?  In the dream we were out some where, when its time to leave every one starts to walk back to the car, you were lagging behind.  Every one climbed into the car, closed the door and Dad just drove off without you.  You chased after the little white car screaming, crying and shouting for them to stop but to no avail.... You were awaken by Mum, concerned and worried, with tears streaming down your eyes.  Mum asked if you are ok, you merely just tell her that you had a nightmare and "its nothing".  It was not Nothing coz you are still haunted by that dream till this day; it was all grey except for the paper white car driving further and further away from you. the image is still so vividly clear, the feeling of abandon still so strong and real.  It will forever be a daunting sight for you.

You get most of the scoldings and beatings from Mum for being stubborn, talking back, show disrespects and the list goes on...  You were one young unhappy and bitter girl who wish you were some where else instead of in this family.  You try to change but the stubbornness in you just can't let things go, you MUST win in every situation. 

You managed to scraped through studies with a so-so "O" Levels result and ended up in ITE instead of polytechnic which you wish with all your heart and might that by some form of miracles you will be walking down that path.  For a person who failed maths since Primary school, you think that Life is playing a joke with you when the only path for you is to study Accountancy, deep inside you know your future is gone.  2 years passed with a blink of eye and you still wonder how did you managed to stayed in school... perhaps dropping out of school is not an option at all.

While your friends are going in and out of relationship, you stood by the sideline and watch, wishing that you were one of them but knowing that no one will notice you; you were used to being small, unimportant and unnoticed.  You finally met a guy, went into a relationship, ROM on the 3rd year but only to end it on a bitter note a year later.  You thought that you were destined to live your days alone.

Life do not joke or play with anyone's future, every thing Life gives, there is a reason for it.

What you have been through during your younger days makes you a stronger, tougher and independent girl.  You managed to survive the great big working world since the age of 20, I am proud of you for coming by so far.  You may lack the impressive paper qualifications but you made it up with the precious experience you learn from the harsh world and excel in it.

Starting out in a relationship later then others may have been a good thing to you, being older you were able to put more things into consideration before going into one.  That failed marriage makes you take a step back and look into every .  You were blessed with a man of your dream, who is able to take all your nonsense, bad temper, mood swings, just to name a few.  You decided to settle down with him even though both of you were together for barely 9months coz you know that he is The One.  Its been a decade but I know you are still happy & excited with the grand and lavish wedding he gave you back then.

Having a strong personality and a "never say die" attitude enables you to stand firm and brave through the 5 long years; the lowest point of your life.  Sad to say that you almost lose it when you slipped into depression, I am glad that you managed to pull yourself out of the sink hole just in time, you did not lose faith in the family and life.  Soon, the dark clouds and cold rain were gone, you heaved a big sigh of relieve, walked in the sun shine feeling the warm rays on your face, eager to challenge the new world.

Motherhood did not come easy, when it did after a long wait you were excited though lost and was glad that you have sis to seek for advice and assurance on baby issues.  Even so, with a boy who is different in so many ways from kids of his age, every day is a challenge with him.  You made an effort to know how to handle him so that life is easy for every one.  You may think that you have not done enough but look at him, he has grown to be independent and more mature then his friends.  You should feel assured as friends keep telling you that he is such a well behaved boy, both of you and DinoPapa have done a great job in nurturing him to what he is today.

Motherhood also have a magical power.  Suddenly your relationship with the siblings are better, you started to care for each other and the extend family, I know this mean a lot to you since you have pushed them away since so long ago.  You are determined to let the boy meet up with the cousins as often as possible as you wish to nurture the kids to be closely knitted instead of strangers while growing up.  More efforts have to be put in though, but I'm sure you will succeed one day.

I know you were very affected when Dad passed away.  Dad has been unwell for many months, you saw it coming and was prepared for it.  However you were not prepared for him to leave suddenly when there were no symptoms of him deteriorating, who would have thought that virus infection is the deadly silent killer?  You miss him but its time to let go and move on, you know he is at a better place, enjoying his life.

In fact, try to let go of most things or burdens, its time you live for yourself.  There is only so much you can do or worry.  You would want to live your life enjoying it rather then worrying till you die.  I hope you have learn your lessons from all that has happened these 39 years.  Try to better yourself, be involved with your boy and husband, have a even better life then now with them. 

We shall speak again hopefully in a decade's time.


*** *** ***

"When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

I say "When Life gives you lemons, set up a lemonade stand, plant some lemon tree so that you have endless supply of lemons and one day your lemonade stand will become a lemonade empire!" - Inspired by Regina when I was writing this post while chatting with her.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Foodie Fridays {Linky} - Mee Hoon Kuey + others

It was our all girls night out again!  Jes, the walking food directory amongst us suggested that since we are going to shop at Far East Plaza, we should try this little place tucked in a corner that serves delicious mee hoon kuey.

The mee hoon kuey is not the same as you see in most of the handmade noodle stalls, instead of machine cut into squares that are usually too big for the mouth, the flatten dough is manually tear out into bite sized pieces.  Jes mentioned that they uses a type of green vegetables that is only available from China, wonder what kind of vegetable is that.  At first look I thought its the wolfberries or gou ji leaves but after eating it then I realised that its not.

The seafood mee hoon kuey has got 2-3 fresh prawns, fishcakes, ikan bilis, mushrooms and the mysterious vegetable.  The seafood is replaced by balls of minced meat for the pork mee hoon kuey.  The portion is big and the soup is so-so.  Jes commented that the soup that day was a little bit bland, not the usual tasty one she tasted during her previous visits.  Nevertheless, with the cut chili paddi thrown into the soup giving it a hint of spiciness, the soup tastes good..

Seafood Mee Hoon Kuey

Pork Mee Hoon Kuey

Jes' another MUST-EAT recommendation dish is the fried tang-hoon or rice vermicelli and "MUST EAT IT WHILE ITS HOT!" she keeps exclaiming.  And she is right!  Eating the pipping hot springy tang hoon with the bean sprouts, kai lan, prawns & fish cakes is heavenly!

Fried Vermicelli

Jes casually mentioned that their pork liver mee suah is delicious too, without any hesitation Chris and myself exclaimed "Ok Order!!!"  Hang on!  I am NOT a pork liver fan, I dislike the powdery texture when you bite into them, but I can tolerate it, for just 1-2 pieces.  Plus I can't miss out a chance to taste good food, even if its not my favourite ingredients.

And we are not disappointed.  The pork liver is cooked just right, not overly done that makes it rubbery or under cook which makes it bloody.   I admit I had my reservations when I took a bite out of the liver but I almost smile while chewing it.  The pork liver is chewy n does not have the powdery texture, there were traces of blood but not dripping blood.  This show how fresh the pork liver is!  And you have to finish this FAST as the mee suah will soak up the soap, you will end up with a dry pork liver mee suah if you take too long to savour the dish.

Pork Liver Mee Sua

We finished all the food!  3 obviously very hungry ladies.  Well, we got to have a full stomach if we are going to shop till our wallet's empty at Far East Plaza right?

I had wanted to pack the pork liver mee suah back for DinoPapa but by the time we are done doing our shopping at 9pm, they were closed.  

Green View Cafe is located at Far East Plaza #04-95B/96, 14 Scotts Road, (S)228213

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Green View Cafe or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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This linky is for anything that is FOOD related. It could be a restaurant you visited recently, meals you cook with your family or for your family or recipes you wish to share with every one.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - My $60 sudden crave

Its been at least 7 years since I last tasted durian. Yesterday I suddenly had a craving and went all out to buy the BEST to eat.  Cheated by the seller, bought 2 and 1 was not "Cat Moutain King" or 猫山王 grade, this will be the only time we patronize this stall.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesdays Thoughts - To camping we will go, one day

I have heard of pretend tents made out of blankets, big pieces of cloth or canvas, cardboard boxes pitched up in the living room, in the bed room, in the corridor or even on the bed. 

This is DinoEgg's tent, all polka-dottie, flowery and PINK!  Ok as usual, he just have to be different from others.

The brollies are out in the balcony to dry since the day before after our fun in the rain at the BBQ birthday party.  Haven't got around to keep it and this little fella went to "camp" outside with his ipad.  So what if the floor is rough or the weather is hot or the sun is shinning onto the balcony or he is practically sweltering underneath the brollies.  He is enjoying his "ME TIME" away from us, away from my constant reminders to "turn down the -ipad- volume, I can't hear the tv!"

And he stayed out there for a good 30mins before he surrender.  Crawling into the living room declaring that he is "Hot & thirsty!"

I remember some time ago DinoPapa told him that he will bring him to some outdoor camping when he is older.  He was very excited, asking questions about camping but the excitement lasted for like 5 mins and decided that he will not like it at all.  Reason?  DinoPapa said "When you go camping, you cannot bath for a few days.  Because you are outside, not at home so where to bath?"  After thinking for a few seconds he promptly replied that he will feel itchy all over so no camping for him.

So perhaps he has a changed of heart?  Maybe he will love camping?  I'll have to let DinoPapa try to talk to him about this again if he still wants to bring him for a camping experience.  Perhaps I will join, 3 of us sitting outside the tent counting stars, listening to the waves, enjoying the tranquility of the night.

Maybe we shall have more indoor camping fun, this time I make sure that I join in with him instead of being "shut out" by him.

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Fun This Week - BBQ Birthday Party

We were invited by Adeline to Brandon's 12th BBQ birthday party by the beach, we were looking forward to it, especially DinoEgg as he could run around in the big open space playing and having fun without much restrictions.  However the sky is not very cooperative, some dark clouds and thunder starts to show their presence around 4pm+.  By the time DinoPapa & DinoEgg woke up from their nap the clouds were darker & heavier.  We quickly get ready to go out, I decided to pack DinoEgg's windbreaker and 2 small brolly; I do not usually bring them out, even when dark clouds were looming but thought I'd better play safe today.

While on the road it started to drizzle, it did not stop when we reached Pasir Ris Park but that did not dampen our spirits.  It was quite a walk to the BBQ pit, DinoEgg keep pointing to groups of people and ask "Mummy, is that THEM????!!!"  And you can see he cannot contain his excitement as he was screaming and laughing all the while.

He can't wait to reach the pit, so he ran!  Throwing us far far behind.  He even walked up to a pit, starts waving to the people there n say "Hi!" "Hello!" despite me shouting from not so far behind that "its the wrong pit!"  The adults though confused, they were friendly enough to say hello back to him, they probably thought it was a friend's friend's kid lol.

The minute we were at the party, DinoEgg did the usual greetings then ran off (without us noticing) with the other older kids.  He came back after a while all perspiring and panting that he just chased a chicken; which is actually a rooster, at further down the road.  Not sure what is there and I was too lazy to take the long walk to find out.

While the kids were having fun playing & chasing around, we saw dark clouds looming...

The sky was not kind to us, it drizzled on and off, giving us small and big droplets of raining with occasion lightning and thunder.  While the kids were happy to run in the rain they eventually have to seek shelter under the brollies, finally settling down to have some food.  The adults were having fun too, BBQ-ing & eating under the brollies n heavy rain is a different kind of experience.

Now, how can we leave the chefs in the rain while they are hard at work cooking food for us?  Lucky for us, some one's got a huge brollie that provides shelter to the chef AND the food, hurray!

Was taking photo and caught this; DinoEgg frowning and worried face, he thought the lightning was near when he looked up, scared the hell out of him but actually it was just the flash from my camera phone.  DinoPapa is so amused with this photo keeps looking at it and laugh.

And the sky WINS! It poured!!!! We have to ditch the pit and leave!  Adeline & Edwin together with their relatives have to pack every thing in lightning speed and heads off to Adeline's house to continue the party.  We decided not to join them as DinoEgg was wet (from the perspire and the rain) plus I did not bring another set of clothes for him to change, we were afraid that he will catch a cold.

Adeline is kind enough to drive us to Elias Mall, saves us the trouble to try to get a cab in this rain.

We had some food at the coffee shop and heads off to Sheng Siong supermarket for groceries shopping.  While DinoPapa walked around buying the groceries, DinoEgg saw some live crabs and insist of taking some photos.

And we saw a huge Korea Alaska crab!!!  This is the 1st time I see a live one right in front of me, usually I only see their long feet on buffet tables or live moving ones on the tv.  It was... creepy.... 

We left after DinoPapa gathered the food for the next day's breakfast, it was getting too cold to stay in the chilling supermarket in our wet clothes and shoes.  After a hot shower we feel comfortable and cozy, this little fella is putting up his feet enjoying watching Wild Kratts on youtube.

I even get these yellow lilies from Sheng Siong, its been some time since we have fresh cut flowers in our house.

It was a fun day, with a few misbehaviour by DinoEgg but that's expected from him. He was too excited to stay calm and in all his good behaviour.  Most important thing is we had a blast of time! 

Others have commented that we should let our kids have some pure & simple fun in the rain, I always wanted to let DinoEgg have that experience too but the logical side of me always takes over the fun part of me. Well, now I can say that he did that! Though he was not very happy after having to leave the party early. He was clearly very angry with the rain as he grumbled and complained to me while we were walking out to the car park.

The rain and the huddling under the brollies while BBQ-ing and eating the BBQ food brings back memories of younger days.  Those carefree and wild days!  Did you have such experience too?

Remarks : We saw at Sheng Siong's entrance that No Photography is allowed *ooppsss* we didn't know that.  So please remember, DO NOT whip out your camera and starts snapping away the next time you are there.

All photos are taken with my Samsung GalaxyIII, I am very happy with this camera phone.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

He is washing the dishes!

Earlier this month I posted in my facebook that DinoEgg washed his own utensils though did not use the liquid dishwasher.  I did not see him in action, only get to know it when he told me after that, grinning proudly.

Yesterday after breakfast, he brought his plate & utensils to the kitchen sink as usual.  When we heard some clattering in the kitchen we know that he is doing the washing, I quickly whip out my camera and sneaked into the kitchen to find him hunched over the kitchen sink.

I start clicking away, zooming in for fear that I would startle him or he will request me not to take his photo if he sees me with the camera.  So, this time I documented every thing!

Washing the plate & utensils with liquid dishwasher...  he could barely reach the sponge but he stretched his arms to the max to grabbed it.  He stretched his arms again to put the utensils into the holder.

And all these while he was doing it on his tippy-toes!  Must be tiring for his little feet after that.

We have never trained him or demand him to wash up the bowls & plates after every meal, our only requirement is for him to bring his empty plate (Yes empty, otherwise he is not allowed to leave the table, read my post here to know the reason), fork & spoons to the kitchen sink after every meal.  We do not know what sparks him to start washing, perhaps he think it is the right thing to do?  Or maybe my 6 year old has simply just grown up all mature and every thing, trying to do his part in the household? 

Regardless the reason, we are truly very proud of him, all praises, hugs and kisses for him after that.  it does not even matter to us that he did not wash off all the suds from the plate.  It wasn't something big or fantastic but the fact that he did it on his own initiatives at the age of 6 is already a big achievement for him and for us! 

We hope that from all the teachings & disciplines (plus all the nagging, shouting, scream from the mummy) we gave him, all the demands we expected from him, he is able to become a better boy and a better person in future.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Foodie Fridays {Linky} - Steam Ham & Winter Melon

WARNING - This dish is a test of your skill in handling the knife and patience, but at the end you will be rewarded with a healthy tasty dish.

* approx 300g winter melon
* 60g picnic ham 
* 2 slices ginger

* Stock
* 1 teaspoon rice wine
* 1 teaspoon sesame oil
* 1 tablesppoon cornflour
* 1 teaspoon  honey

1. Remove the melon skin and seeds.  Cut up the melon in big thick piece as you need to slit them in the middle.
2. Cut the hams to about the size of the melon.  Brush on honey and steam it for about 2 minutes.
3. Put the ham in between the slits on the melon, lay them nicely on a plate, add in the stock, rice wine & sliced ginger.  Steam till the melon becomes transparent.
4. Pour the stock from the plate into a pot, bring it to boil.
5. In the mean time mix the cornflour with some water, mix it well and stir into the pot.
6. Drip some sesame oil, stir it and pour the sauce onto the melon.

- As both the ham and stock already has salt in them, you can choose not to add in any more salt.
- The steaming time depends on the thickness of the melon, if the melon pieces are thicker then it requires longer time.
- Do not over steam the winter melon as it will become too soft and soggy which will breaks up easily.
- Do not cut the slit too deep as the melon will become very soft and it may break into half easily.  I made this mistake when I cook this (the above photo are taken when DinoPapa cook this), the melon breaks and the hams"broke loose".

~ ~ ~

I am hosting a weekly Foodie Fridays linky, join me if you can, I'll be very happy to welcome you on board.

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