Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012

I have been blogging since 2006, it was a quiet and peaceful blogging journey that I grew tired of and eventually put away my "pen" in October 2011.  It took a turn in 2012 and I am thankful for the burst of energy injected into my blog bringing it to a higher level.

This burst of energy came along after I joined a group of mummies who love to blog, they love sharing their experiences in their every day life from motherhood, parenting, work, love, children, family, friends just to name a few.  I am of course talking about these wonderful mummies from Singapore Mom Bloggers.  Without them to share their passion in blogging I would not come out from my shell to produce so many interesting posts, some which are so close to my heart and baring my soul for all to read.  

I took a big step with my blog by hosting Foodie Fridays linky on 17 August 2012.  I have to thanks Adeline for giving me a huge push by suggesting this and together with Regina gave me all the encouragement and the confidence I needed to start this linky party.  I was very happy to see many mummies joining the linky, some of them are even regulars since day one.

And with both Adeline and Regina's endless encouragement, I started Starting Primary One series and Festive Fare blogtrain.   Truth to be told, I owe both of them a great deals for being there when I was frustrated and unsure of the directions I want my blog to go.    Both of them helped me to jumped over every stones I stumbled upon, which otherwise I would have given up or shelf my ideas yet again.  Thank you Adeline & Regina!

I was exceptionally ecstatic on 20 September 2012 when albeit some glitches with the domaine name host, finally came "alive" taking it to a new level.

If I were to choose the best post for 2012, it will be Loving My Spot (in Singapore ) - Bras Basah Complex.  I was made to go back to the significant place in my childhood, Bras Basah Complex, with the purpose to "just take a few photos for the post" but I was caught in the memory web, though with camera on hand my mind was in the same place many years ago, over whelmed with the events that happened back then.

I have accomplished a few things in 2012 which never in my wildest dream that I will see myself doing it.  I cook regularly for the family, bought a few cookbooks, surfed the net for meals suggestions and tried out new recipes.  It was satisfying to get thumbs up from both DinoBoy and DinoPapa when they taste the dishes I prepared.  Wait, there is more!  Lo and behold!  I baked!  Goodness me!  Though my 1st attempt of Strawberry Shortcake was a failure, I persist and eventually I feel confident enough to bake my 1st mini cake recently.  I am sure that there will be more cooking and baking to come.

This December I was being roped in by Alicia to work together and produce a series of Advent Activities to share with every one.  It was something which I have no clue but with her explanation and a little bit of researching on the web, I got the idea.  Along the way, while researching the meaning of Christmas I learnt a little bit about it which I did not know before.  Thanks Alicia for the opportunity to do something different this Christmas!

I have documented my blog's significant journey under Our Score Sheet, looking at the events I am proud that my blog has evolved into something much better.  

With 2012 coming to an end in another 30mins, I am putting all the wonderful events into my Memory Box, locked up and placed in a safe place in my heart.

Thank you 2012, you have been good to me and my family.  You made the pass 12 months a memorable journey.

Starting Primary One #7 - Student Care Orientation Camp

DinoBoy had his first camp last week, not a real school camp as this is only from 7.30am till 1pm and its conducted by the student care centre.  So after washing up and a good breakfast that includes a few pieces of panda bread, he changed into his school's PE attire, armed with a back pack carrying a  wind breaker (in case it rain), a towel and a water bottle, he is all ready to go for his 1st camp~

Here is the program for the camp and yes we have to pay $20 for the camp.

I was not happy with the camp registration as it was chaotic.  No clear direction was given to the parents who arrived at the school.  No one directs me to the registration table until I walked further in and saw many parents queueing.  Well, naturally I joined too though I wasn't sure what I was queueing for.  The teenager at the table asked for DinoBoy's name, ticked it on her list, gave him a sticker with his name on it and repeats to him "You have to keep this on your tee shirt at all times so that the teacher will know your name, do not lose it." then turned to attend to the next parent in line.  I was clueless on the next step so I asked the girl who looked away from the parent, gave me an irritated expression before telling me to "Go to their respective classes." which I have NO IDEA what she meant by "respective classes" but did not have a chance to asked her.  

I dragged DinoBoy along with me and moved around the crowd for a while before finally managed to find the correct door to go in to DinoBoy's class.  There were a few staffs from the student care but none offered help when we were wondering around, they were either too busy going about their duties or chatting with some parents.

I was directed (finally someone is helpful!) to DinoBoy's class, got him settled in, wanted to kiss him goodbye but he promptly avoided my kiss (so sad!) and I left him.  

Below is according to DinoBoy when I asked him about the camp;
"We sit in the class do connect the dots, some work, then go to the canteen -for breakfast- then go back to class to some work, then teacher bring us out to play.  We play hola hoops, frisbee then go to the canteen, I take the food but I spilled it and don't dare to eat again but teacher give me another plate so I eat then I see you."

While on the way to fetch DinoBoy, Catherine wassapp me saying that he does not want to eat his lunch. She took a photo and sent to me, DinoBoy looking sad and sulking.

When I reached school minutes later, Catherine told me that he spilled his plate of food and refuse to eat. After a teacher spoke to him, she gave him a small plate of rice with veggie and he started to eat.  A teacher approached me while I was accompanying DinoBoy back to the class room, she was concerned with his behaviour earlier.  Apparently DinoBoy spilled his plate of food and he refuse to take any food.  I explained to the teacher that we have taught him since young not to waste any food, he thought he had done something wrong when he spilled his plate of food and felt sad and unhappy.  I guess hunger and some consoling from a few teachers makes him feels better thus he ate the lunch eventually.

I wasn't paying attention to the camp de-brief due to the incident above but its about the general information like the meet up point for the students going to the centre after school dismissal etc.

DinoBoy will be starting his school in a few day's time, he of course can't wait for the day to come faster.  I'm feeling excited too, a little bit of worry mixed in it too.  Let's see how this little street smart boy will adapt to the totally different environment.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Starting Primary One #6 - Primary One Orientation

It is The Day, we have been waiting for it for so long and its finally here, Primary One Orientation!  DinoBoy was very excited and couldn't wait for the time to move faster.

On 16 November 2012 we reached the school slightly after 2.30pm.  We proceed to register DinoBoy and he was given a name tag to be pinned on his tee.  We then walked over to the assembly point where the kids will sit according to their classes.  I bid DinoBoy goodbye and said we will see him later but e was not even paying attention since he was feeling all hyped up and excited, plus Charlotte was there which adds in the fun factor in it.

We left him there and proceed to the school hall for the school's briefing for parents/guardians.  We were given a folder during registration and inside contains school's newsletter, health booklet from Health Promotion Board, Information Sheet for Parents/Guardians, date for sale of school textbooks and school uniforms and an pamphlet from Ministry of Education about Financial Assistance Scheme.

The school briefed us on the school's vision, mission, values and objectives, the school rules, introduction to their school management personnel.  The school handout clearly states important information such as general office telephone numbers, admin manager's telephone number and the school's fax number, email address and website address.  The handbook also show the school hours for Primary One students, the dismissal procedures (the school has a few gates) and also contact details of the bookshop, uniform supplier and school bus transport service. There are also information on the strict rules on school attire and hair style, payment of school & miscellaneous fees.

No excuse to say "I do not know the school's rule on hair styles"

School & Misc fees

If you are unsure what to prepare for your child's first day in school, fret not, the school will let you know the exact books to bring.  Usually the Primary One students will be dismissed slightly early then usual on the first 3 days.

While the parents are in the school hall listening to all the above, what are our kids doing?  Well according to DinoBoy, they were brought to their classroom, sat down; he of course sit with Charlotte, where they were given a work sheet to do.  The teachers then show them around the school where they played a simple game of throwing hoops at the game room and something else.  Its kinda of hard to get details from some 6 years olds; like MINE, even after several attempts he still gives me the same answer.  I think he is just giving me some info to get me off his back hahaha!  Anyway, I guess its basically bringing the kids around the school and letting them know where each facilities etc are.  

So after an hour and half, the briefing ends and the parents went to the respective classrooms to fetch our kids.  We made a dash to the school's canteen to queue up for buying school books.  Half an hour later, $200+ poorer, DinoPapa have to carry a big heavy box of books and walk from the school back to our home.

The LONG book list!

Books for Primary One!

This marks the end of the school preparation, next up will be the Student Care Orientation camp in December 2012.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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Foodie Fridays - 2012 Christmas Party!

We had a wonderful fun filled Christmas party that our friend Steve & Chris hosted on Christmas day!

There were a lot of home cooked food, some were not in the photo coz I was hungry when we reached their place and was famished when its time to start that I decided to ditched my camera for some plates & utensils and attack the food.  I was busy feeding DinoBoy who were distracted by all the activities going around the house and would not stay seated to finish his plate of bee hoon, thus no photos of any one munching on their food.

After we had our fill and was taking rest, suddenly we heard "Ho-Ho-Ho~" and Santa came visiting!  The kids were thrilled to the max!  And as you can see, the kids are not the only one who adores our Santa.

Then its the time the kids has been waiting for since the minute they step foot into the house!  Nerf War!!!!  Its shooting at every one that holds a Nerf gun and even the littlest one have a simple  single shoot gun and is "gunning" the "enemies" down!  Of course the "civilians" were "killed" many times too by straying "bullets".  It was fun even when we were just dodging bullets sitting on the sofa trying to watch TV.

Slightly more then 30mins later (sure felt like it was longer!), we stopped the game for cake cutting~  Benny & Steve's birthday are a few days away so we are celebrating it early.  Look at the 2 happy birthday boys men!

And with this post I am also closing my Festive Fare blogtrain. A big THANKS to every one who participated and linked up. You can find all the Festive Fare post here.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Advent Activities - Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I know this came a little bit late but I was feeling under the weather since Christmas eve, this post was sitting in my draft since then but only feeling better today to finish it up.

With a few years of a small table top Christmas tree, a few years with no Christmas tree and with our very special Christmas tree for the pass 2 years as photos below...

We have a REAL Christmas Tree! Ok not REAL as in one with fir tree with roots and needs watering, but a real standing-on-the-floor Christmas tree~  What's more exciting is that the tree is decorated with 90% of ornaments made by us and it is filled with many Christmas pressie for us!

Do you know that evergreen trees, such as cherry and hawthorns were used as Christmas trees in the past but the most commonly used is the Fir tree.  The triangular shape of the fir tree was suggestive of the Christian Trinity and the evergreen trees were used to symbolize the "Tree of Life."
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This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent Activities - Rainbow Christmas Kiwi Cake

Long long time ago I bought a small 6" baking tin telling myself that I will bake my 1st cake next week.  Well, next week did not really come till today, like about at least 2 months later.  Since I am hosting the Festive Fare blogtrain, I have wanted to bake a Christmas cake, after searching the web for some recipe I decided to give it up as most of them requires either stout, rum, beer or some kind of liquor in the recipe.  Ok, I'm still a noob, maybe they can be replaced with something or be omitted but I did not look or research further.  Better go for a simpler cake.  I chance upon a mini cake book and was really happy, I can try to make a mini cake instead a gigantic one.

Sound easy?  Not true!  The cake book asked for sponge mix; what in the world is that!  A check with a few baking friend and they have no idea, but they are staying in Australia so perhaps they do not have this over there?   Dear ol' Ange is ever so helpful, she gave me a link for sponge cake!  A trip to Phoon Huat for the necessary ingredients, I managed to get a packet of sponge mix (Hurray!)  It should be a breeze from this point on but its not!  Either there is something that I did not read correctly from the cake book or there is something the author is not writing clearly.  60g of sponge mix with 15ml of water DO NOT make a BIG cake!  I almost give up but I am determine to have a cake today!

I took a break, study the link that my friend Ange gave me on sponge cake, search the web some more and decided on a very simple sponge cake recipe by Kitchenscookshop.  By this time I was tired to the bones with all those whipping & beating of the batter, I swear my arms are bigger with muscles.

Basic Sponge Cake Recipe for 6” round or 5" square tin
• 110g / 4oz Butter or soft margarine
• 110g / 4oz Caster sugar
• 2 Eggs, lightly beaten
• 110g / 4oz Self raising flour, sifted

Cream fat and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs a little at a time, beat well after each addition.  Carefully fold in the flour. Add a little milk if necessary to create a dropping consistency (the mixture falls off the spoon when lifted above the bowl). Spoon in to the prepared tin and spread evenly.  Bake for 20 - 35min at 180Deg in the oven.

So 3 tries later, 3 cakes that did not rise up to half of my 3" tin, my cake is finally done at the 4th try!  My very first cake!  Hip-hip Hurray!!!! My wish to bake a cake for DinoPapa and DinoBoy for Christmas came true!

Its a kiwi cake with a twist, so to say, I "cheated" a bit by putting a little Santa Claus and Frosty on top of the cake with those rainbow sprinkles.  No white cream for me, its too plain, and green is the color of kiwi.  Love this cake, its so cheerful to the max!  I was suppose to place the cake on the cardboard thing (not sure what its called, lazy to google) but couldn't find the size I want in Phoon Huat.  Now its sitting on my very nice Ikea plate inside the fridge at this moment, I refuse to think how we are going to cut the cake later.

In the meantime, the sponge mix is going to be banished into the dark dark corner of the cabinet.

Ho~ Ho~ Ho~ Merry Christmas Everyone!

*** *** ***

We finally cut the cake later that day, DinoPapa and DinoBoy put up their thumbs after tasting it.  DinoPapa, who is not a cake lover, says that the cake is very delicious, not too sweet though the cake is a bit hard coz it was in the fridge for so long.  There wasn't much cream in the middle as I do not like too much of it in the cake, I think I should put more kiwis in the cake.  Anyway, 1st try and I receive thumbs up from my family which makes me float to 7th heaven.  2nd cake coming up soon~

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Foodie Friday - Grilled Chicken Thigh

A friend shared a photo of a nicely grilled chicken drum sticks on facebook which immediately caught my attention. I look at the recipe and was grinning straight away as its a simple recipe which I want to try my hands on as I know DinoPapa will love it.  A few days later, I managed to make this and even though it was half success I am determine to try to do it again.

* 5 chicken thigh
* 3-4 tablespoon of basil leaves
* Some salt
* 5 tablespoon of minced garlic
* 150g of butter, cut into small pieces
* 3 lemons; 2 juiced and 1 sliced
* 1 onion, diced
* Some honey

1. Rub salt on the chicken thigh, leave for 5mins.
2. Mix the basil leaves, minced garlic & butter and stuff them in between the meat and skin.
3. Pour the lemon juice on top of the chicken thigh, add in the diced onions, set aside to marinate for an hour.
4. Pre-heat your oven to 220Deg.
5. Brush some butter onto the chicken thigh.
6. Put the sliced lemon and some onions onto a baking tray.
7. Grill the chicken thigh for 35 -  40 mins.
8. At the last 8 mins, brush some honey onto the chicken thigh.
9. Continue to grill but have to monitor the chicken thigh to prevent it from charring.  The chicken thigh is ready when the chicken skin turns golden brown.

Stuffed with basil leaves, minced garlic and butter
Marinating the chicken thigh
32 mins into grilling
40 mins into grilling, see the skin, so shiny and golden

- The recipe I saw on fb did not indicate the measurement unit for each of the ingredients used, thus I only use 1 lemon, 1 onion, 1 small packet of basil leaves and about 50g of butter for 5 chicken thighs.  That was clearly not enough as the chicken thighs taste "Ok' only.
- I have inserted the numbers in the recipe above base on the amount I used and made a little bit of adjustment.  I think this is a very flexible recipe (perhaps that's the reason why the measuring units is being omitted in the first place), you can add more or less of any of the ingredient to suit your taste.
- Our brush went missing, DinoPapa rationale that since the heat will melt the butter and honey, they will flow down onto the rest of the chicken so he suggests that we place small pieces of butter on top of the chicken and use a teaspoon to drip the honey on.  Reasonable, but this resulted in patchy chicken thighs.  Nonetheless, it still taste good and the 3 of us enjoy it a lot as a late night supper.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Activities - Read Aloud, Flowers for the Snowman

I chance upon the book Flowers for the Snowman by by Gerda Marie Scheidl, Jozef Wilkon (Illustrator) a few weeks ago while shopping at the event hall in the neighbourhood mall after our dinner.  While browsing at a stall selling books, the sad looking snowman on the cover caught my attention, I've never seen anyone draw or make snowman look sad or unhappy, I just have to find out the reason.

The Snowman is in a pure bright white snowy world, he had imagined the world to be full of color.  He thinks he is at the wrong place so one day he sets out to search for the flowers, flowers in all the colors of the rainbow.  Along the way he met a hare, a crow and a cat who discourages him from this impossible search for flowers.

Snowman dear, it's sad, I know
but since you're only made of snow,
you'll never see the flowers grow."

Snowman ignores them and did not give up, he continue his journey and when he indeed found the flowers, flowers in all the colors of the rainbow in a greenhouse, something happened.

Snowman dear, it's sad I know,
but you were only made of snow....

Look at the Snowman at the back of the book to get a clue on how the story ends.

We enjoy the book, with me reading to DinoBoy, we even discuss the moral of the story of not giving up when the whole world tells you that you cannot succeed and to follow your dreams when ever its possible.

~ ~ ~

This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We do not need to be the Grinch of the Society

"Clean up that spill!  You think I'm your ah sum (aka maid) to clean after you?"

"Don't you know how to put in a new roll of toilet paper after you finished the last one?"

"Put the water into the kettle and boil water when you see that there are no more water in the jug.  Don't wait for me to do it every time!"

These are some of the things my dear mum barked at us when we were young, usually it will be followed by a string of nagging verbal disciplining & teaching.  We used to detest it, frown when she starts her scolding or show our displeasure by giving her an irritated look or banging things loudly (which will earn us MORE scolding or sometimes some beating from her) when she demand us to do the things immediately and expect us to do it willingly because that's the way it should be.  Now that we are older, I really appreciate what my mum and I believe many mothers out there, did and preach.  She has mould the four of us into a better person, well mannered, reasonable, considerate, mindful, graciousness, just to name a few.  We are also teaching our own kids the same too and of course mum expects none the less from her 5 grand kids.

I have worked with people who shares the same attitude, every one looks out for each other (of course other then those who likes to play office politics), trying to make office a better place to work in.  I have friends who agrees with the way I discipline my child, the demands and expectations I have for him.  I've met strangers on the street who would not think twice in lending a helping hand, where "Excuse me" or "Please" or "Thank you" was said in a tone where you can feel that it comes straight from the heart.   It used to be a much peaceful and easier life.

I am very frustrated about what happened this morning in the office.  There is an empty bottle of water on the water dispenser, the tissue box is empty, empty biscuit wrapper in the container.  This is the umpteen times I see such things in the office pantry.  What is so difficult to change the bottled water?  C'mon if I; an average size woman, can change it I do not see why a man cannot do it?  The dustbin is in the pantry, you do not need to walk out of the office to throw rubbish, so why are the empty tissue box and wrapper lying around?  The staffs have worked here long enough to know where the tissue boxes are kept, even if they are not sure, what is so difficult to approach me to ask?  They'd rather remain thirsty or go to the wash room outside the office to wash their hands then to do the necessary.  Don't they feel ashamed that the Managing Director or the Directors have to change the bottled water?  Or the CEO complain that the tissue box is empty -again-?  Or perhaps they are away from home for so long that they have learn to keep their heads down, their ears shut and mind their own business?

Such indifferent attitude can be seen and feel in the society too.  We are no longer the courteous, mindful lots.  Not because our younger generations are brought up to be like that, it has to do with some outside elements.  We turned into the Grinch because we were forced to be one.  We turned into the Grinch because this is the only way to survive in the society now.

Nevertheless, I will still insist DinoBoy follows and observes the virtues moral excellence and righteousness so that he is of a better person, to hold his head up high.  I will also try to teach him the ways to survive and fight the "enemies".  We do not need to join the crowd just to make a way out of our life!

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Starting Primary One #5 - Form Filling & Student Care

In early September 2012 we received a letter from the school informing us to go down to the school for some form filling exercise.  Since the school will start to have a student care facility in 2013, there will also be an introduction talk by the student care vendor. 

Since the talk starts at 3.30pm, we planned to reach the school around 2pm for the form filling exercise then proceed to buy the school uniforms, PE attires etc and make it just in time for the talk.  From the letter we have to fill in these forms;

1. Pupil's Data Form 
2. Interbank GIRO Application Form
3. Dental Treatment Form
4. Pupil's Particular Form

Only 4 forms but there are a lot of information to fill in!  It took longer then we anticipated, we have to rush down to the bookshop to squeeze with the other parents to get the school uniforms etc.  We barely made it in time and managed to get the stuffs just before the bookshop closes for the day.  We lugged our "loots" up to the assembly hall on the 2nd floor and waited patiently for the talk to start.

There was a little "commotion" while buying the school uniforms etc.  We met a friend and she asked me how many sets am I getting?  I said 5 sets coz I am working full day so only have weekends to do my laundry, I'd like to have enough uniforms to last the week.  She looked at me; wide eyed, open mouth and every thing, in disbelief.  Anyway I stood my ground, bought 5 sets of uniforms & school socks plus 2 sets of PE attires.  Call me kia-su but I do not want my child to have no uniform to go to school.  

Later that week I was chatting with Mum and told her about this, I got chided off by her... she said DinoBoy will grow up very fast and perhaps he can't fit in the uniforms few months later.  *sigh* So? I can always buy new ones in bigger size right?  Not that I am splurging or waste money or out of my mind but I just want to be prepared and have a peace of mind then to worry or try to remember to wash his uniform on certain days of the week.

It was an informative talk by the student care vendor.  Besides sharing with us the programs they are using to teach and nuture the kids, they also share their daily schedule and I am very happy that the teachers will be supervising the kids on their home work, it means one load off my mine.  However, since the student care will only start operating next year there is a great demand thus not every Primary 1 students are automatically accepted in, we have to submit their Schoolcare Request form and they will inform us whether we have a slot in the school or not.

Daily School Term Schedule
1pm - Pick up/Change/Lunch
2.15pm - School homework + spelling
3.30pm - Tea break
4.15pm - Student care teaching programme
5.45pm - Home sweet home
7pm - Student care closed

Here is our student care's fees structure for info only.

I immediately send in our Schoolcare Request form the next day and about a week later I received a good news through the email that DinoBoy is being accepted into the student care!  Another load off my mind!

With his uniforms settled and a confirmed place in the student care, we are very happy every thing are falling into places.  We only need to wait for the Primary One Orientation in November 2012.  Excited!

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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