Friday, February 19, 2016

Foodie Fridays - Korean Fried Chicken Wings

As far as I can remember whenever I walked past a certain fried chicken fast food joint in Plaza Singapura there is always a long queue at the counter.  I know that the shop sells Korean style fried chicken but I was not impressed.  I mean, fried chicken is... well...  fried chicken, how fantastic can it be?

Then a queue sprouted out at their latest outlet at 313@Somerset, I rolled my eyes when I walked past the shop and couldn't believe my eyes.  A month plus ago, my colleague went to them and bought a set meal that consist of 3 chicken wings, 3 drumlettes, a coleslaw and a drink for $10+.  She wasn't happy about the price but she wanted to try the wings.  She was kind enough to share a small mid wing with me.  After I tasted the chicken I finally understand what the craze was about.  It's all gotta do with the crispiness of the chicken and the spiciness of the sauce. Did I mention that the midget chicken with its little meat was a tad dry?  I pat pat my chest in my mind and thought to myself "Heng arh or Luckily, I did not pay for these expensive wings."

Having said that, I have to admit I couldn't get those damn wings out of my mind! I salivates as I remember the crunch while I bite into the wings and the spicy sauce that meet my tongue. MMmmm~~~ However, I will never pay such prices for those wings, ever!

So I turned to the internet and search for copycat recipes, I was not disappointed.  I found a few but I decided to go with The Talentadong Chef's Korean Fried Chicken recipe.  

Even though the recipe calls for wings and drumlettes I made mine using only mid wings because I'm not a drumlette fan.  The wings are mixed and seasoned with onion, garlic, soy sauce, salt and pepper and thrown into the fridge to be marinated overnight.  I hate to admit it but the cooking of these fried chicken was made with a few blunders.  

Blunder #1 
I was supposed to remove them from the fridge like 30mins before cooking but I was so caught up with the preparation & cooking of other dishes that it slipped my mine till the very minute I need to cook it.

I let the wings sit on the kitchen counter top while I took my own sweet time to prepare the breading and the sauce.  The reason that I picked this recipe is because it calls for ketchap in the sauce, which is great for the kids. I added a tablespoon of Korean chili paste in the bowl for the adults for that fiery taste.  

Blunder #2
I have a pot of oil that DinoPapa used to fried something (I forgot what was it), I decided not to waste the oil and used it to fry my wings.  Wrong choice... after double frying my wings turned out to be overly tanned with uneven color.  *Sigh* My only consolation is - No one will see it after I coat it with the sauce HA!

Blunder #3
It was slightly past our usual dinner time, I sort of panicked a little bit (I rarely panick though) and missed out a step, I almost sit in the kitchen and cry!  I was supposed to saute the garlic and ginger plus simmer the sauce till it thickens before coating the wings with it. That's why you see the rare garlic in the photo.  Luckily the sauce tasted fantastic, thicken or not.  *Phew*

I sent the dishes out to the dining table with 7 famished adults & kids, without telling them that its a "failed" dish.  They started dinner, while they sink their teeth into the chicken wings I held my breathe and only able to breath again when they showed me the thumbs up.

Although the secret to the yummilicious chicken wings lies on the double frying and the sauce, the seasoning plays a part too. The meat has a garlicky taste when I bite into it and I guarantee you that my wings has more juice than those sold in that store.  Next time perhaps I will try to see if I can get the same result by using the air fryer to fry the wings.

Try the Talentadong Chef's recipe and let me know if they taste the same or better than the ones bought from that famous store.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Disney on Ice 2016 - Magical Ice Festival!

I have always been fascinated by ice skaters and especially like to watch figure skaters in competitions on tv performing their acts/stunts with such graceful style doing the twirls, jumps, spins or does deadly spirals or throws of their partner effortlessly, without missing a beat or breathe.  I did not try ice skating but did the roller skating a few times when I was younger.  Trust me, gracefulness does not comes naturally to every one *ahem* my bum-bum gets to kiss the ground so many times that I swear they were in love and most likely inseparable if I did not stop roller skating.  

Anyway, that was me back then, let's fast forward to this day.  Today I want to bring your attention to a wonderful production by Feld Entertainment.  Yes, I am talking about Disney On Ice, which is happening during March 2016 school term break! (Everybody scream!!!!) 

Join Mickey, Minnie and the gang as they present a new twist on fairytale fun, comical segments from everyone’s favorite Disney characters set the scene for the show stopping on-ice stories of princesses Ariel, Rapunzel and Belle.

Experience Disney’s The Little Mermaid with a show stopping performance by Sebastian as he breaks out of his shell to make waves with Ariel “Under The Sea!”

Get tangled up with a chorus of harmless hooligans when they get a visit from the sassy and spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally Flynn from Disney’s Tangled.

And get swept away by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the Beast and his castle’s enchanted entourage take center stage in a spectacular show for Belle.

That's not all! Disney on Ice continues to surprise with a special appearance by Anna and Elsa from the Academy Award® winning and Number One Animated Feature Film of All Time, Disney’s Frozen! Audiences will journey up the North Mountain with the hilarious snowman Olaf, rugged mountain-man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven as they help the sisters along the way in a story full of action, adventure, magic and unforgettable characters.

Do you know why Disney On Ice is such a spectacular show?  Well, besides the huge cast on every show that makes it possible, let me share with you 10 Magical Moments that you didn't know of prior to this.

It will be a magical mix of royalty when Disney On Ice brings this winsome wonderland Singapore during the school holidays!

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via

All information is correct at the time of publishing but subject to change.
To learn more about Disney on Ice - Magical Ice Festival, please visit

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Q1. Who likes “warm hugs”?
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Q3. Who kidnapped Rapunzel from her castle when she was a baby?

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Let NTUC FairPrice Celebrates Lunar New Year with You

Ever since I started to cook on weekdays I frequent the supermarket on a weekly basis to try to find healthy and tasty food to cook for the family, one of my favourite place is NTUC FairPrice as they always have fresh meat and vegetables daily.  As there is one at a stone throw away from both my home and my workplace, I could swing by the store after work to grab the ingredients for that day's dinner and still be able to serve dinner cooked with fresh ingredients.

Do you know that on every Thursdays NTUC FairPrice will have the Buy 2 promo or some special discounts on certain items?  If you did not know, mark it down somewhere to remind yourself so that you can get some savings on groceries, like me~

With the lunar new year approaching, you can expect more promotion and discounts on some of the hot items in NTUC FairPrice! Check out their Chinese New Year catalogue where you can find deals for both reunion dinner and Chinese New Year.

Follow their facebook to be informed of special daily offers from now till lunar new year, take a look today's offer.  The auntie inside me wants to rush down to the store now to grab the prawns and drinks because its really a steal!

Last week we received some goodies from NTUC FairPrice, we are keeping them till later. The shrimp wanton and cuttlefish ball will add to the other ingredients we bought recently, to be consumed during our reunion steamboat dinner.

We usually think thrice before grabbing a pack of yu sheng as we were afraid that we may not be able to finish it after our had our fill at the reunion dinner. This year, my siblings will be coming over for reunion dinner and we can lou hei with the Spring Toss Yu Sheng in the goodie bag. Lou hei is more fun when doing it together with family and friends, don't you agree?

I am sure some of you have seen the unglam photo of the chicken I posted last Friday, I shall not give you folks another round of visual nightmare, I am sharing a much appetizing photo of it.

Well, to correct my post in the instagram, this is not the soy sauce chicken, it is actually the Braised French Chicken Poulet.  Sorry for the confusion, I reached home late and dinner was long ready, the 2 kids are hungry and impatient thus I have to take the photo and post it on instagram at lightning speed before sitting down to join them for dinner.

The chicken is really tasty, as mentioned in my instagram post, no MSG (a friend asked me after she seen the post lol) cause we are sensitive to it and plus we don't feel extremely thirsty after the meal.  The meat is so tender that even the breast portion is not as tough and dry as we expected.  We really finished the chicken till its left with clean bones, no bluff!

If you are interested to order the Braised French Chicken Poulet @ SGD23.80, head down to any of the NTUC FairPrice store  to place an order for it.  (All orders should be placed 3 days before collection, terms & conditions apply)  Alternatively, check out their Chinese New Year Deli section for more choices and let them help you save some cooking time during reunion dinner preparation.

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FairPrice Fortune Draw

Stand to win S$100,000 FairPrice Gift Vouchers from the FairPrice Fortune Draw held from 31 December 2015 to 29 February 2016, when you spend a minimum of S$30 in one receipt. Double your lucky draw chances with OCBC Plus! Visa cards. 200 winners stand to receive a S$500 FairPrice Gift Voucher each!

In addition, receive a free CNY bag with a minimum purchase of $58 with VISA payWave or $48 on Visa payWave with OCBC Plus! Visa, while stocks last. Limited to 1 bag per cardholder per day.

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Set 1
FairPrice Fruit & Nuts Set
Spring Toss Yu Sheng
FairPrice Shrimp Wonton

Set 2
FairPrice Octagonal Box Nuts
Spring Toss Yu Sheng
FairPrice Shrimp Wonton
FairPrice Gold Cuttlefish ball

Set 3
FairPrice Octagonal Box Nuts
Spring Toss Yu Sheng
Casahana Cashew Nut Cookies

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