Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

On 28 February 2016 more than 5,000 people participated in Singapore's first My Little Pony Friendship Run, held at Sentosa Palawan Green.  It was a huge success and we were honoured to be part of this event!

When I got to know about this race I was excited because DinoBoy had been bugging me to "let's do more runs" since last year but none were happening around that time.  This run will be our first family run in 2016 and we hope it will be a start to many run/race we will be going in near future.  However, when I told the boy that "Its My Little Pony", he gave me a face like "are you kidding me MOM?!" and exclaimed "It's a GIRL cartoon MOM!  You can't possibly want me to run with the GIRLS right?"  After some explanation and persuasion he finally O-kayed after he knows that some of my friends' sons and their dad are going,  AND~  they are also wearing the Pony tee too.

There were 3 categories for the run and we went for the 4km Fun Run as its the non competitive category for parent and child.

On that day, we reached slightly early and grabbed our breakfast before we head off to the registration.  There were so many people at the Beach Station wearing the MLP race tee.  There were some who came with colorful tutus, tattoos, hairband with pony ears etc.  See the photos taken on that day at Pink Apple Events' page.

We were waiting for the 4km Fun Run to start when DinoBoy started to do his stretching exercise, no doubt a serious matter by looking at his stern face.  And that was the last time I saw him because a short while later he went off to the front of the line with Mama Amie's hubby and kids.

Can you spot the boy?

Since its a friendship run, I am running with Mama Amie & her son, we decided to be each other's run buddy.  The wacky me make sure that we pose for photos when ever we see the event's photographers along the route. We met and managed to pose for a photo with Ai Okasan too~  We saw many friends at the run too~  Truly a Friendship Run for us.

The route consisted of four fun-filled zones - Bubbles in the Air, Sparkle Zone, Rainbow Zone and the “Say Cheese” Zone - before crossing the finish line. The only zone I remembered is Bubbles in the Air and Rainbow Zone coz the bubbles are too pretty to miss and the balloons are scary to me that I have to dash under the balloon arches hoping at each seconds that no balloons will blow up above me.

I managed to finish the 4km, not a single thought of giving up crossed my mind, thanks to my running buddies, even though they have better stamina than me they accompanied me to walk/stroll most of the time.  The mini races I had with the little fella along the way helps to make me forget about the tiredness and pushed on happily.

There were some activities and game booths in the PonyVille Marketplace, we only went for this, I managed to hit all the tins off the table and won a small prize.  It was such a fun day, I looked around and every one seems to be busy doing something but every one are holding on to at least one MLP merchandise.  Its a great gathering for both young and old MLP fans.

The highlight of the day must be when Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash came onto the stage to meet their fabulous fans~  Every one went wild and cheered when they came out, they danced and had so much fun with the ponies.

As you can see, the boy is mighty pleased with himself for finishing the 4km run, even though in his own words "my stamina is still not good, I have to stop and rest for a few times before continuing.".  I am proud of his achievement though because at that time his school was just beginning to train for the students for their IPPT 1.6km run, his 4km run that day was seriously a accomplishment that deserve a shoutout.

Even though it is the first My Little Pony Run, I must say it is well organised. There were ample activities and games to keep the little ones occupy, they were also showing the M:P animated series on a tv (though next time they could use a bigger screen tv) which made some kids glued to the tv.  I also like that they placed cut-outs of the ponies around the main area, they were of average kids height and perfect for a great photo for them.  I love the 4 zone ideas (because I can take it as an excuse to rest lol), coz it creates some fun and playfulness to part of the run, very pony like i think.  Oh I love the volunteers!  Those that I meet along the run route were cheering us on, giving us high fives and throwing encouraging words to us.  That is really a morale booster!  Good job guys!  We hope you will be there cheering us in the next My Little Pony Run!

Disclaimer : We were invited to take part of the My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016 with a waiver of our registration fee for the purpose of this post. All opinions in this post All official photos are copyright to My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016, the other photos belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take them for personal use without permission from us. No other compensation was received.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cold Storage Kids Run 2016

We went for the run, our FIRST family run in fact last year at the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 and had a blast of time~  We said we will be back this year and WE WILL BE THERE! WOOHOOOOO~~~

Have you register yet? Just click this link to sign up for enormous fun day with your kids, remember to make use of our promo code below and enjoy 10% discount on the registration fee!  HURRY!! Registration closes this Sunday 03 April 2016!

For those who have not heard of Cold Storage Kids Run, it's ok, not too late to know this much talked about kids run.

About Cold Storage Kids Run
The Cold Storage Kids Run is back for the 9th consecutive year, it will be held at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay on 22 May 2016! This year the theme is "Eat Healthy, Get Active" because it aims to promote an active lifestyle and family bonding in a fun, engaging manner for the kids.  There are many fun filled sporting activities in the carnival for the family to enjoy and play before or after the run.  More details of the run over here.

Race Categories & Fees
It is such a pro-family run because it has different category to fit every member of the family, regardless of their age~ babies as young as 6 months can join the Stroller Family Fun where they can sit in their stroller while one of their parent push them through the race. Grand parents who are fit to run or slow jog/walk can enter the 3GEN Family Fun where the team must consist of one child, one parent and one grand parent. They have a new category this year, its the Fancy Dress Family Fun Run, come dressed in any fanciful out fit or of your favourite super hero, cartoon characters etc! More details on the categories and fees over here.

If your kids are competitive, you can sign them up for the Sprint Grading Challenge. I wanted DinoBoy to try this as he was training for his IPPT that is happening soon plus he was able to run 4km in a recent family run without much difficulty but he choose to go for the fun run instead. I secretly think that he wants to run with this "slowcoach" mum to motivate me to run faster and longer distance.

* The above table is taken from CSKR 2015 and is used as an example to illustrate the structure
* The final grading will be based on finishing times of CSKR 2016 events
* Each category will be graded individually based on distance, gender and age group

Race Route

We'll see you at the run~ Do say Hi! if you spot us~

Disclaimer : We are in no way affiliated to the staffs and management of Cold Storage or Enterprise Sports Group. We were invited to participate the Cold Storage Kids Run 2016, our registration fee was waived for the purpose of this post. No other form of compensation was received.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Connected Learning, the Online Tutor

DinoBoy's Chinese results have always been borderline and we are having a hard time trying to get him more interested in the language.  And as if the heaven heard our prayers, we were approached by a tuition school that conducts tuition online.  Yupe you heard me right!  I was curious about it too and after watching DinoBoy attended the 1st lesson, I am pretty satisfied with it. 

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the partners, Mr Kevin De Souza, to get to know more about Connected Learning.  

#1 I asked a few parents about online tuition centres, apparently they knew none existed and are not aware of Connected Learning. Could you share with us the history of the school?

Not surprising, as online "live" tuition is relatively new here. However, it is fast catching on because it offers tremendous benefits to both students and parents - the students enjoy quality lessons in the comfort of their own home, while their parents don't have to rush back from work to send them for tuition classes. Although we are a new company, we are lucky to have dedicated and experienced tutors in China in our team.

#2 As parents, we are naturally concerned with our children's academic performance. Should we have to engage tutors to coach them on their work, we are also mindful about the "quality" of the tutors. Could you share with us some of their backgrounds?

We have 11 tutors, each tutor is in charge of an educational level. They either have degree in Chinese language or Diploma in primary/pre-school education. They have years of experience in language schools, primary or secondary schools in China, some of them also have years of experience teaching Chinese online.

#3 I noticed during my son's 1st lesson with Connected Learning that the tutor is not local, is there a reason for you to seek tutors from overseas rather than engaging them locally?

You are right. Our tutors are from mainland China. What better way to learn Chinese than from native Chinese speakers? As you can imagine, the quality of the Chinese tutors is second to none!

#4 I was initially concerned that the tutor will converse in Mandarin with a hint of their hometown accent, but was relieved to hear that she speaks with proper pronounced Mandarin. Is this a specific requirements you want from your tutors?

I am glad you noticed. We conduct stringent interviews to ensure that our tutors' spoken Mandarin is impeccable, and without the slightest hint of their hometown accent.

#5 Since the tutors are based overseas, how do you ensure that they are kept up to date with our education system, such as the tests/exams requirements, formats etc.

All syllabus and exam formats are available on the MOE website. We will keep our tutors updated if there are any changes. We will also send our local school textbooks and assessment books to our tutors. For our Secondary School tutors, they are required to read our local Chinese newspapers daily so that they are aware of current affairs and culture in Singapore which is part of the Secondary School syllabus.

#6 One of the main reason for engaging a Chinese tutor is because our kids are weak in this language. They also have problem expressing themselves in Mandarin and will always switch into the more comfortable English to converse when they can't find the correct words to use, I know because my son is one of them. Will this cause a communication problem between the tutor and student?

Not at all. Our tutors understand that their students may need to communicate with them in English sometimes, and have tools and resources to translate the child's English words into Chinese. So whilst our tutors will always encourage the child to try to express themselves in Chinese, they will be able to understand the child should the child not know the Chinese words to convey his/her thoughts.

#7 How are the lessons being conducted generally?

For the lessons, our tutor will revise what your child has learnt in school (using the school textbook) and explain the meanings of the words and their usage with examples. Your child will also be asked to do exercises (with guidance and prompting from the tutor) to ensure the child understands what he/she has learnt. These exercises include fill in the blanks, hanyinpinyin, proper character strokes etc. During the lessons, our tutor will also play some Cartoons or songs in Chinese to stimulate the child's interest. After each lesson, the student will be given spelling to round up the lesson and ensure that the lesson has been thoroughly learnt.

#8 I notice that your class sizes are up to 4 students per class. Any advantages in having more than 1 student per class?

Our tutors conduct classes ranging from 2 to 4 students and we have seen that a class size of 4 actually has certain advantages over a class size of 1 or 2. The students interact more, are more lively, and more competitive - they will actually race to answer the questions first!

#9 Last but not least, parents are struggling to help their kids improve their Chinese, sometimes it is not the strong language for themselves too. Is there any tips that you can share to make it easier for us and in turn help our kids?


For parents with Primary School children, we will recommend comics like 我们这一班, 姐妹俩. You could also read magazines such as 大拇指,小拇指 and 小小拇指. The website lists all the words your child will need to learn from P1 to P6.

For parents with Secondary School children, you may want to watch the daily news @ 10pm everyday on Channel 8 and 前线追踪 Frontline every Friday @ 8pm – 830pm on Channel 8 so as to keep up to date with current affairs and "hot" issues (part of the Secondary School curriculum). You could also read on magazines like 逗号.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Read about our review on Connected Learning over here!

*** *** *** *** *** ***
If you want to know more about Connected Learning Pte Ltd and their online tuition lessons, visit them during the SmartKids Asia fair that is happening from 18th to 20th March 2016

Deals for DinoMama fans!

While you are visiting Connected Learning Pte Ltd at their booth H08 at SmartKid Asia 2016 and decided to enroll your child to their classes (not free-trial lesson) and make full payment on the spot, quote "DinoMama" for the following perks that is available ONLY to our fans~

a) 5% discount off the first month's fees; or
b) 5% discount off 3 or 6 months fees

* You may wonder about the small discount given, this is because Connected Learning Pte Ltd tuition fees are already priced affordably. 

That's not all!  Connected Learning Pte Ltd is having a Lucky Draw during the SmartKids Asia 2016 fair for parents who enroll their children for normal lessons (not free-trial lesson). There are 100 prizes to be won, including 3 units of iPad Air 2 16GB Wi-Fi. Woohoo!

*** *** *** *** ***

Connected Learning Pte Ltd
80 Marine Parade Road
#10-07 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

Telephone : +65 8725 7379


Disclaimer : We were given trial Chinese lessons with Connected Learning Pte Ltd for the purpose of a series of posts. No other compensation was received.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our 1st Disney On Ice Show + pre-show pointers

*Squeals with excitement* After seeing fellow bloggers being invited to watch Disney On ice for a few years, I am so so so sooooo excited that we were finally being invited too!  This is going to be a memorable March school term break for these 2 kids.  And I think going to any Disney related events or shows are definitely every one's dream comes true!  Adults included of course~

And yes, you can expect to find a arrays of Disney characters merchandise from dolls, to cups, mugs, wands, beautiful trinkets and a whole long list.  We bought a huge packet of candy floss to shared among the 3 kids, it cost a whooping SGD18 and you have a choice to get either Olaf or chameleon hat (I sent the kids to buy the candy floss themselves so not sure who that chameleon character they mentioned).  Yes, I threw the "sugar-rush" rule out of the window, guilty as charged but I bet you will do the same and probably throw many rules out too.  

As we stepped into the indoor stadium, the first thing I look out for was the stage, it was gorgeous and breath taking.  It gave me a feeling that underneath the quietness and serenity, it is all ready to spring out of life with magic and fireworks.  I didn't have a photo of it coz my eyes were taking in all the details of the stage while I was trying not to stumble and tumble down a flight of steps.  I was so mesmerized by it that I have forgotten about whipping out my camera to take that picture.  However, you will have no problem google about that photo from my fellow bloggers' post on this show.

While waiting for the show to start, familiar Disney songs were being played at the background, I don't know about the others but it gets me happy and suddenly I feel like dancing to the songs.  Not long after, the show started, the curtain draws back and a group of skaters came "flying" towards us, making us squeal with delight!

The audience went crazy when the famous mouse couple makes their appearance! Can you hear me scream??? I waved as hard as my arms could and I think I probably blew a couple of kisses to them too.

Now, we all know that Disney On Ice is usually about Princes and Princesses, I was surprised to see the Step Sisters making their appearance, warming the show up at the start.  Well, it was a known fact that they would like to be Princess too but *wink* they really have to learn to be less clumsy and more ladylike.

This year's Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival includes The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen.  Get ready for a great 2 hours of spectacular entertainment where you will be awed by the awesome stage design and layout, the performance by the energetic, fun loving skaters, the stunning aerobatic acts by main characters.  If you are like me who likes all things bright and beautiful, feast your eyes at their beautiful and exquisite costumes and props. 

Here are some of the photos I took during the show.  There are not fantastic shots, grainy and some may be out of focus too,  That's coz my DSLR died on me 10mins into the show, apparently the charger is not working and the battery was not charged after putting it to charge for few hours.  My digital camera is at least a decade old so it does not work well under low light.  My S4 is acting a little bit ku-ku for months, definitely not reliable.  I'm left with my iPhone which I rarely use, I don't even know its camera function!  Thank goodness I managed to salvage some better photos from these devices *phew*

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast


I'm sure by now we would have enticed you to want to watch the show, well  tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via

All information is correct at the time of publishing but subject to change.
To learn more about Disney on Ice - Magical Ice Festival, please visit

*** *** *** *** ***

Before we finishes off the post, let us give you some pre-show pointers;

#1 Arrive early because there will probably be a traffic jam as many cars will try to come into the car park at the same time.  After that you will need to queue outside each entrance as there will be security checks before you enter into Indoor Stadium.
#2 Arrive REAL early IF you want to browse at the merchandise stalls to grab your favourite Disney characters items.  There are bound to be a crowd at the stall so make sure you have ample time to browse and make purchase.  If you really do not have time, don't fret coz you still can buy them during the 15mins interval.
#3 Watch your kids because its dark and there are steps, kids have a tendency of walking without watching where they are going especially when they are attracted by things; in this case -  Elsa and Anna.  You won't want your kids to fall and get injured.
#4 The show is filled with special effects, lighting and sound, some times they can be loud too to your kids. So warn them, especially the younger ones, and prepared them mentally.  There's this little girl sitting in front of us (VVIP Seats), barely 10mins into the show something made her jumped that she screamed and cried so loud constantly for probably the first 30mins.
#5 Do sing along!  Don't be shy!  Everyone's a Disney fan there and I bet no one will be judging your voice. I sang all the songs that I know and was surprised that I knew the full lyrics to Beauty and the Beast songs after so many years!  And yes I even sang Let it Go though I was not thrilled with the song after being bombard with it non stop by the kids singing it years ago.
#6 Do let your inner child come out and have a blast of time! Scream and Ooo~ at your favourite Prince or Princess.  Wave to them, blow kisses to them if you want too because with Disney, you suddenly transform back to little boy or girl at that instant.
#7 Bring along a camera (make sure its fully charged, don't end up like me) to take loads of pictures, just remember NO FLASH is allowed.  You wouldn't want to startled your favourite Belle or Anna with that flash and make them miss their footing while doing some leaping or spinning stunts right?
#8 Last but not least, if you think the performers did a great stunt or dance performance, cheer and clap as loud as you can!  I am sure these will be the best rewards for them, knowing that they have put up their best for a great show to every one.

Alright, NOW you can dash off (with your fingers) to get your tickets online to watch Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival. Enjoy and have fun during the show!

Disclaimer : We received 4 tickets to Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival from Disney for the purpose of this blog post, no other compensation was received.  All opinions in this post are made by us based on our experience during the show.  All photos in this post, unless otherwise stated, belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use it without our permission. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cold Storage Easter Egg-Citing Race 2016!

Think Easter and we think about cute fluffy bunnies hopping around, colorful eggs, the egg hunting and feasting on some delicious cute bunnies candies or chocolate. This Easter how about getting a loadful of family fun with Cold Storage at their first Easter EGG-citing Race?

Race Route
Starting from our Jelita store along Holland Road, make your way down to other Easter Race hotspots in Sime Darby, Guthrie House, Cluny Court, to play an ‘egg-citing’ array of games and challenges, and earn points. Circle back to Jelita at the end, where top teams will compete in a final challenge to win a grand prize!

Store Locations for the Race
Cold Storage (Jelita)
293 Holland Rd
#01-01 Jelita Shopping Centre
Singapore 278628
Bus: 7, 61, 75, 156, 165

Cold Storage (Sime Darby)
896 Dunearn Road
#02-01 Sime Darby Centre
Singapore 589472
Nearest MRT: King Albert Park

Cold Storage (Guthrie House)
1 Fifth Ave
#01-05 Guthrie House
Singapore 268802
Nearest MRT: Sixth Avenue

Cold Storage (Cluny Court)
501 Bukit Timah Rd
#01-02 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
Nearest MRT: Botanic Gardens

The free pre-registration has started on 5th March 2016!  Hop over to the Cold Storage Facebook page and pre-register your team for the Cold Storage Easter Egg-Citing Race. There is no age restriction but each team must comprise two to four participants with at least one team member aged 18 years or above.

Hurry! Slots are limited to the first 30 teams only!

That's not all!
Not the competitive ones?  It's ok, from 2pm to 5pm you can join in the Egg-Citing fun too with these Family Fun activities on Level 2 of Jelita Shopping Centre.  Be sure to catch and take a photo with Cold Storage’s adorable mascot Appleton who will also be on the roving around the store from 1pm to 7pm.

Easter Egg Search
Kids will have 1 minute to find as many Easter eggs as possible in a pool of balls

Easter Craft Workshop
There'll be craft activities where kids can piece together their very own fluffy bunnies and chicks.

Last but not least...
Join the Cold Storage Easter Colouring Contest that is happening from 4th to 26th March 2016.  With every minimum spend of SGD25 in a single receipt you will receive a Cold Storage Easter Colouring book.

To participate, simply have to design and colour the Easter egg template found in the Cold Storage Easter Colouring book, upload your photo submission to Instagram, tag Cold Storage @coldstoragesg and include the hashtag #cssgwin.  Your photos must be made to "Public" so that every one can view it.

We love the coloring book that is filled pages suitable for all ages, they have simple designs for the younger kids and the more complicated ones for older kids or even adults to enjoy.

Remember to follow the Cold Storage Instagram (@coldstoragesg) for contest highlights and updates.

Check out these colorful eggs treats to include in your Easter Party this year!

Credits : Cold Storage

We will be having a Colorful Easter with Cold Storage, we hope that you will join us too! See you at the Cold Storage Easter Egg-Citing Race on 27th March 2016!

Disclaimer : We received a cute little Easter hamper from Cold Storage for the purpose of this post. All photographs, unless otherwise mentioned, belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without our permission.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

MegaZip - The Flight of Your Life

Last Week we took our outdoor adventure to another level by going for another challenging sport, something that really challenged MY courage and MY fear of height.  I am not exactly an acrophobia but things that requires me to travel in the air with my feet dangling makes me very nervous.  However, being a good Mama as I always am (ok I self proclaimed that I am good hahaha!) I bite the bullet and went ahead, showing no fear in front of DinoBoy while my stomach is flipping all over inside.  So far its been rewarding and I am glad that after a few tries I managed to get over the fear and enjoy the sports tremendously with DinoBoy.

We were in Sentosa for another event and dropped by Mega Adventure Park after a quick lunch.  We took Sentosa Bus 1 from Beach Station and alighted at Imbiah Lookout Station, there were no buggy at sight so we took a slow walk up to Imbiah Hill.  It was a long walk but the path is covered by the tress so its cooling plus we heard many interesting insects sounds which we don't get many chance to hear them.  Do remember to try to walk by the side of the path and beware of buggy travelling on it.

We finally reached the ticketing counter 10mins later, we were greeted warmly by this pretty lady who was with all smile and friendliness when she saw us approaching.  We got our wristband from her and proceed further in to get geared up with the harness to be ready for our adventure!

The crew took our weight because there is a weight requirement for all of their activities. For MegaZip, even though DinoBoy meets the minimum height requirements of 120cm to do the zip unaccompanied, he weighs less than the minimum weight of 30kg thus he has to "zippity-zip" with me.  The maximum weight for Megazip is 140kg, luckily our combined weight is way below that. 

All geared up and ready to go!

After a short walk up a path we came to a green tower and have to climb 5 storey up to the top for our Megazip!  DinoBoy dashed up the stairs in lightning speed, its not so fun for me coz my feet were tired after a 4km run earlier.  Oh my gawd!  I almost climbed up on all fours when I was reaching the top, I swear that I can't feel my feet at that moment.

Now, remember the fear I mentioned earlier?  I thought it would be a fast one, go up, get ready, zip down and get over with it.  Oh no!  Fat hope!  First there was a long queue so we have to sit on the metal steps to wait for the queue to clear before we get to step onto the platform.  At first I thought my brain is playing tricks on me as I had a feeling that the tower was swaying, I brushed that thoughts away thinking that its my imagination (Later I got confirmation from a friend that the tower is REALLY swaying due to the wind!).  As I sat nervously on the steps waiting, it started to drizzle and the crew announced that they have to stop for 10mins to wait it out and get clearance that it is safe to zip down the line.  Urrgghh!!!  Luckily the drizzle stopped a few minutes later and we've got clearance to continue, woohoo!

Finally at the front of the queue, waiting for our turn

The long wait sort of settled my nervousness but looking at the scenery in front of me at the front of the line gives me butterflies in the stomach again.  The 3 Megazip lines are 75 metres high and 450 metres long, a person can expect to "fly" down the line at a whooping heart pounding speed of 60km/hr. And get this, the heavier you are the faster you "fly" down, so if you want the fast and furious thrill, get your friend or kid to "buddy buddy" with you. 

Can you see our landing point? Its.. its... its sooo tiny and sooo far away!!!!!!!

When the nice muscular crew hooked us up onto the zip line I got cold feet, my instincts told me to turn around and run away, quick!  I started to panic and talked nonsensically, I asked the crew to trade places with me and HE zip down with DinoBoy.  He was kind enough not to roll his eyes at me for being ridiculous (which I KNOW I am hahaha!), he simply just smile at me and gave me some words of encouragement, which of course did not set my mind at ease.  I even try to get the photographer to swoop place with me!  How pathetic!  I know right!!! Look at my worried face in this photo... gosh.. am so not proud about myself.

Now, before we start to fly down, we have to hang outside the gate, relying on the harness, the rope and the hook to hold our weight on the line.  After the count down of 3-2-1 you will hear a loud click that indicates that the brake is released and the "flying" starts.  I am not exaggerating in the photos below, that was exactly how I felt during the initial 5 seconds.

After that, I calmed down little bit and took in the mighty view from the top looking down at the canopy of trees below us.  I felt exhilarating with the fast speed together with the strong wind slapping against my face!  It was so overwhelmed that I let out a series of loud "Woo~ hoo~".  I was so mad loud that those at the beach looked up to see what the commotion was about.

Credits : Mega Adventure Park

Shortly after, it was over *sigh* way too fast for such thrill.  It was a long walk from Fox Finish Point to MegaZip booth at Siloso beach to get off our gear but the cool breeze and warm sun makes the walk quite enjoyable.  Plus we get to see people zipping down above us and get an idea of how we look like when we were up there.  Interesting to see people zipping down in different pose but with the same adrenaline high feeling.

So, my after thoughts on MegaZip experience?

Before I was there I thought we have to jump out of the platform ourselves like bungee jumping (ok I admit that I did not check out their website prior to the visit.), that freaks me out a little bit.  After I see the real thing I breath a sigh or relieve but only to get nervous again at the thought of hanging outside the platform for few seconds.  The loud clicking sound by the braking system gives me chills every time it releases and sends some one down the line, it makes me feel like "dooms day" is near and mine will be in a short while.  Okay okay, not a very positive thoughts but I'm not a very brave person when it comes to height and jumping off buildings, me no Jane you know.

Frankly, I never dreamed that I will do something as daring and crazy as this but am sure that I did it, together with DinoBoy too!  I am sure it will be a precious memory for both of us.  

Will I go back again?  100% Definitely!  I like the adrenaline rush and the freedom of flight feeling.  I think they are good for the mind and body because I felt refreshed after that 1 minute plus "flight",  it felt that a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I am ready to taken on anything that comes my way.

Now, let's plan for our next trip to Mega Adventure Park!  Oh, before that, read further for something great for you guys out there~

*** *** *** *** *** 

Besides MegaZip, Mega Adventure Park offers 4 other attractions to test your mind, body and courage, be sure to try all attractions out when you are there.  They offers different types of combi tickets at reasonable price to suit every one. 

Opening Times
Mega Adventure Opens everyday from 11am-7pm

Team Building:

(+65) 6884 5602

Park Address
Megazip Adventure Park Imbiah Hill Road Sentosa Island Singapore

*** *** *** *** ***

Giveaway Details

Prize : 2 tickets to MegaZip
Contest Ends : 09 March 2016 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
How to Enter : Please answer the question by commenting on blog post and also by using the Rafflecopter widget below.
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated.
- Tickets are non transferable nor exchange for cash.
- Winners will be picked randomly.
- Winners will be notified via email, please ensure you have provided a valid email.
- Winners will have 24 hours to respond by replying to our notification otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Prizes will be given out by sponsor.
- Only one winner per household.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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