Monday, August 29, 2016

Annie, the World's Best Loved Musical

YES!!! After missing it the last time, I was prepared to miss it again this time because I kept forgetting to buy the tickets and next thing I knew its near the opening show!  Then one day I happened to chance upon a contest held by KiasuParents and decided to try my luck.  I entered the contest and forgotten about it (yes, you people know I have goldfish memory so don't roll your eyes at me) until they sent me an email congratulating me for winner a pair of tickets to watch Annie, the musical!  Woohoo!!! I was so so happy!  So happy that I have forgotten the tickets for our show is in the middle of DinoBoy's CA2 exam with Maths paper the next day... my heart sank and had a discussion with DinoPapa, who think its Okay to go since there isn't much we or the boy can do to "learn more", a night of relaxation might probably help him.  And so here we are, sitting inside The MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands.

In case you are wondering why am I so excited about this musical, this is because it is one of the biggest Broadway musical hits ever!  The original production opened on 21 April, 1977 at the Alvin Theatre where it ran for 2,377 performances before closing in 1983.  The show dominated the Tony Awards that year, winning seven awards in total including Best Musical, Best Book (Thomas Meehan), Best Original Score (music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin), and Best Choreography . It also won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, seven Drama Desk Awards including Best Musical, and the Grammy for Best Cast Show Album. It has since been performed in 28 languages and has been running around the world for 37 years. The classic film musical was released in 1982.

This successful musical was based on Harold Gray's popular comic strip Little Orphan Annie. The comic strip premiered in the 1920s in the New York Daily News, and became one of the most widely read strips in the 30s and 40s.  Lyricist-director Martin Charnin bought a coffee table book called “The Life and Hard Times of Little Orphan Annie” as a Christmas gift for a friend in 1970. The clerk at the bookstore was too busy to wrap the book, so Charnin took the book home to wrap it. Instead, he read it and fell in love with the strip, and set out to secure the rights, Christmas week of 1970.  Of course the friend never got the book hahaha!

Annie (Heidi Gray), Mr Oliver Warbucks (Gilgamesh Taggett) & Ms Grace Farrell (Ashely Edler)

For a musical that is so famous and successful, there are no special effects, no wowzer acrobatic stunts, no glamorous bling bling costumes (unless you consider Lily's colorful dress one) in this musical.  Instead you have simple backdrops and props that rotates to show the orphanage, the streets of New York City, Mr Warbucks home & office, and the presidential office.  Simple does not mean unglam or boring.  Simple can speaks a thousand words too.  I personally feel that these props managed to replicate the years of economic slump of the story.

Set in the Great Depression era, things were looking pretty gloomy and sad, every one's unemployed and life is pretty hard and harsh.  One particular 11 year old girl lived in Ms Hanningan's New York City Municipal Orphanage with 6 other orphans, believing one day that her parents will be back to take her home.  Apparently, tired of waiting and also of the nasty Ms Hanningan, Annie decided to run away from the orphanage in search of her long lost parents.  Well, her little escapade didn't last long, she was soon caught and brought back to that dreaded orphanage where a turn of event awaits her.

Annie and the orphans

I absolutely love Annie or Heidi Gray, who's tremendously strong vocal brings out the positive energy of optimism when she was singing Tomorrow.  I felt myself drawn to her and believing with her that every thing is not as bad as it seems and really, Tomorrow will definitely be better.  

Annie and Sandy

As much as I love Annie, I have my heart for these 2 characters too as they injected some comical acts and laughter in the otherwise gloomy-set musical.

Ms Hanningan is a disgruntled orphanage matron who dislike her job and is ever ready to show it with her every moves, words and by the way she treated the orphan girls; working them hard on chores etc. She is always drunk, holding a bottle of liquor in her hand which she told the orphan girls that "it is medicine". Lynn Andrews has successfully portrays every thing about Ms Hanningan PLUS her exaggerating facial expressions, dance moves and acts makes Ms Hanningan seriously funny and almost loveable too.

When Garrett Deagon first made his appearance swag walking onto stage, I find him peculiar, then I found the answer and soon I found out the reason. It's his slim build body with arms and legs that seems too long to be proportionate with his body (no offence there Garrett). Garrett play Rooster Hanningan, Ms Hanningan's sleazy, cunning, despicable brother. This over confident sly character is one you might see during that era, who is ready to jump into any given opportunity to swindle some money from any one.  Garrett successfully brings out the character even when he's doing the dance scenes.  He's such a remarkable dancer who's dance moves are sleek with a hint of cunning in it, long lanky limps and all.

Lily St Regis (Lucy Werner), Rooster Hanningan (Garrett Deagon) & Ms Hanningan (Lynn Andrews)

The Grand Finale

I admit that I went with high expectations, in anticipation of perfect performance, knowing well that I risked getting slapped in the face with the unbearable pain of disappointment... BUT this IS consider one of the most successful musical thus the risk. And I was spared!. The strong international cast in Annie delivered a wondrous performance! I know others watching the performance with me agrees with me too because they gave a standing ovation to the cast at the end the performance. Bravo! Bravo!

We enjoyed the musical performance and its score that includes "Maybe", "It's the Hard Knock Life", "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile", "Easy Street", "I Don't Need Anything But You" and the eternal anthem of optimism, "Tomorrow".

Every one will love Annie, the Musical for its heartwarming story about family, hope and optimism. So don't think twice any more, grab your tickets (if there are any left), some tissues and enjoy the great performance!

Annie, the Musical
Performance Dates: 24 August – 4 September 2016
Venue: The MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Performance Times
Tuesday – Friday 7:30pm;
Saturday: 2:00pm and 7:30pm
Sunday: 1:00pm and 6.00pm
Ticket Price: From $65
* Excludes the booking fee of SGD$4 per ticket
Ticketing: or
Phone: +65 6688 8826
Further Information visit:; @ANNIEonTour;

Disclaimer : We won the tickets from KiasuParents contest but decided to to share our experience watching Annie, the Musical on our own accord.  However, we got in touch with their PR company to request for some media info and photos.  All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily and Annie, the Musical, you may not take it for personal use unless you seek permission from us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I've known that there is a unique superhero themed cafe - DC Comics Super Hero Cafe at Marina Bay Sands but did not have a chance to visit it. Firstly, because I do not frequent Marina Bay Sands and even if we do we always end up having a sumptuous meal at the food court instead.  Few weeks ago, we decided to check it out but was disappointed because we were too early and they were not open for business yet, couple of weeks later we finally had a chance!  We were going there for an event and we made it a point to visit the restaurant after that.  Even though we were still early but a 30mins wait till their opening hours at 1130am is still tolerable; to the kids and to our hungry tummies.

As the time crawls nearer to their opening hour, there was a short queue that made up of both adults and kids, the restaurant manager was kind enough to let all of us in slightly early so that the younger kids can have a place to sit & settle down comfortably.  After showing us to our Green Lantern themed booth seats, the waitress politely told us that we can only place order at 1130am, but we can look at the menu first and she'll be back at that time to take our order.  Hmm... perhaps the kitchen has not started to function and needed time to do that, nevertheless, we were grateful to have a comfortable sofa seat to sit and rest our tired feet. 

We were seated near the entrance, away from the main dining area which suited us perfectly coz we tends to be quite loud and noisy a times with our nonsensical chattering and laughter (with 2 kids in tow!  Of course we will be noisy!), I don't think the early crowd would like that.  One disadvantage to me, the blogger, is that I can't really see the rest of the place nor take photos without leaving my comfortable seat (I WAS pretty tired after walking 4km earlier), so the lazy me means I can't show you how special the restaurant is.  That also mean that I will have another excuse to visit the place again!

What Caught Our Attention

However there are some interesting things at our corner too.  Our ultra cool Green Lantern themed booth has got small square pictures of this superhero around us, it also shows his bio-data.  Green Lantern fan will be thrilled to sit so "close" to their superhero.  Next, the restaurant's menu; it is not a simple few pages menu or those folding kind, its a full comic-like menu where one page is comic strips; either full colored or black & white, and the other is their menu.  For first timers like us, you'll probably start reading the comic before looking at the menu. 

We saw this at our table though I am not sure if this is the "Reserved" sign or a "This table's taken" sign but nonetheless it look so cool! I wonder if it comes in just Superman design or they have designs of different superheros. Shall check it out the next time I visit again. Look! Even the paper table mat has comic strip on it.

We were famished after our charity walk earlier so we ordered more food than we usually do, we managed to finish most of our food before we felt so stuffed up and have to leave some fries and nachos on the plates.

What We Ordered

We ordered the Hawkman's Turkey Power @ SGD19.90 as we wanted to have some bites while waiting for our main course to be served.  A thing to note about this salad is that even though the name says "turkey" it actually comes with sliced smoked duck, according to the people at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, they are reviewing the name so next time it'll probably be known as Hawkman's Duck Power hahaha!

The salad comes with the usual greens you see in salad like romaine lettuce, rocket leaves, Frisée etc, with some shredded cheese and walnuts, 1 hard boiled egg and of course the smoked duck slices, all these are drizzled with some vinaigrette dressing.  The smoke duck slices are juicy and tender, its so tasty that DinoBoy; who does not like duck cooked or prepared in any form, actually request for more when he tasted it.

Ok, who doesn't love fries?  We simply just love to munch on them even though sometimes they are badly prepared at some places.  I feel that fries are always over priced every where, be it in restaurants or in fast food chain.  With kids around, fries is a MUST and so we ordered the Batty-Batty Meltdown @ SGD9.90, not that cheap but wait!  hear me out first before you strike them off!  These lightly seasoned thick fries are crispy on the outside and soft; NOT soggy, on the inside, dip them in the melted cheese before you bite into them and they taste heavenly.  They taste almost the same 30mins after they were being served, still a little bit crispy and they are not hard like some fries served in some other places.

I'm a mushroom lover, to me they just goes well with any sauces and tastes great in any way you prepare them with.  The Flash Mushroom Linguine @ SGD20.90 cooked in aglio e olio style is no exception, however when I took a mouthful of it the strong garlic taste exploded inside my mouth.  I have to admit that I prefer my pasta to be either creamy or in tomato sauce, I do have them in aglio e olio but they do not taste anything like this.  There was a generous serving of fried garlic in the linguine, the aroma was refreshing but I was skeptical whether that will turn this dish into a disaster. Well, it didn't, instead it give the linguine a strong garlicky taste but it was not too overpowering that I got turned off by it, I actually enjoy it very much.  YUM!

The other adult main dish we had that day is Suicide Squawk @ SGD25.90, it consist of half spring chicken marinated with honey, thyme and lemon grilled to perfection; crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.  Its served with some sliced hard boiled egg, grilled pineapple, mashed potato, broccoli & cauliflower salad and mushroom sauce.  We got a shock when the waitress put this dish on our table because the plate is so huge that it took up 1/4 space of our square table.  Apparently, food presentation is of some what importance for some dishes in the restaurant.

What's with kids and fries AND hotdog????  The kids took a glimpse of the menu and arrowed in to the Superman's Metropolis Hotdog Stand @ SGD18.90.  This is NOT kid's size meal, we tried to dissuade them to order this but they said they were "so so sooooo HUNGRY!!!!" so we relented.  Well, DinoBoy did managed to finish his hotdog but C only managed slightly more than half and her Mum finished the balance.  This is just the usual hotdog bun with nachos and greens at the side, nothing fantastic to highlight though DinoBoy gave thumbs up for the hotdog and said "its delicious!".  Ok, frankly that is a huge hotdog; not the ones you see at certain home furnishing mall, which may fill a normal adult's appetite.  I like the black Superman sign on one side of the bun, beats the Batman cut out cheese or ham I see on some of the dishes.

We absolutely love our drinks!  Not because they taste great, I mean how great can Batsy Oreo Milkshake, Catwoman's Cool Cat Caramel Latte and Superman's Americano Way @ SGD9.90 each taste?  It's just simple milk shake and coffee but what excites us is the artwork on the beverages and that they are served in cute caped glasses, with 6 packs muscles and all too!  Cuteness to the max!  Oh in case you are wondering, Nope, you can't bring the cup home after you finished your drinks.  

What We Thought After The Visit

Before we visit DC Comics Super Heros Cafe, we did not read any reviews about it, we just went ahead because these 2 Mamas and their kids like superheros and the 2 Mamas just want to go there to soak themselves with all things superhero plus we thought it will be a birthday treat for the kids to try out new makan plances.  

Much like what you will do if you patronize any theme eatery and restaurants, we tuned our mindset to expect the expected; quality of food may be sub standard & service level may not be top notch. 

Quality of food
We were pleasantly surprised with DC Comics Super Heros Cafe food, we didn't have to wait for long for our starters to be served nor for our mains and beverages to reach us, and they reached us hot and fresh.  According to DinoBoy, his hotdog was piping-hot because he burnt his lips while taking a big bite, he had to let it cool down a bit before attacks it again.  The food were flavourful, not overly salty or nor too bland, too dry or overly done/cooked, definitely not sub standard food!  The serving portion is good enough for an adult's share, if you finish the sides and chips you'll probably be stuffed.  

Quality of service
Well, the 50-ish looking waitress who spoke to us while we were standing in the queue looks overworked, stressed and tired, even her monotonous tone screamed that she is not interested in us.  She may have her personal reason to feel that way and projected that feeling outwardly but even though she was not chirpy and friendly as a 20+ young lass, she was polite and courteous.

After she sat us down at the table, another gentleman who looks like the Manager came to take our order a while later.  He was also polite and courteous, of course chirpier looking that that waitress.  Since its our 1st visit, we couldn't decide on our food and thus taking a longer time than usual, he was patient and tried to help us by recommending some food that we may like.  In the midst of this, he had to excuse himself apologetically and left our table (remember, we were sitting near the entrance?) as a queue had formed up outside the restaurant, he has to show them to their tables but was back in a jiffy after settling them.  We took the time to look through his recommendations and placed our order when he returned to our table.

We were among the first few customers that late morning, the crowd has not gather and things were pretty much slow until it was slightly past the noon time where more customers came and things got a little bit busy.   

We think they may be short handed because we only see 3 staffs; including the Manager, through out the one hour plus dining there.  And we kept seeing this Manager walking fast around the restaurant either serving food, taking orders or whatnot, he is also the only one who served our food. and attended to us when we needed some assistance.  

So... perhaps it is best to visit during the non peak hours to ensure you have a better dining experience in the restaurant.

We spent a whopping SGD160+ (taxes and service charge included) that afternoon; 4 mains, 2 sides and 4 beverages for 2 adults and 2 kids, personally I think that its a tad too much but hey we are patronizing a themed restaurant who probably have to pay royalty for using DC Comics Super Hero names in every dishes and beverages.  Plus, going to such restaurants means we are willing to pay for the premium and lucky for us the price we paid was worth it because we had such a good time there.

Last but not least, don't forget to take photos with your favourite super hero before you leave!  Here are a couple that we took, we did not have the luxury of walking around the rest of the shop coz we were rushing off somewhere.  Next time then!

DC Comics Super Heros Cafe
2 Bayfront Avenue
Bay Level 01-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Telephone : +65 6688 7610

Operating Hours
Sun to Thu: 10:30pm to 11pm
Fri & Sat: 10:30am to 11:30pm

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our first experience at Shape Run 2016 with Skechers

Last month we participated in our first SHAPE Run 2016, it is Singapore's first all women race but they have the 1.8km Family Fun Run category.  This is our 3rd family run this year~ woohoo~ on track to run MORE this year!

On 24 July 2016, when we arrived at the event venue I got a shocked because I saw only a few groups of ladies at the carnival. My initial thought was that the participation rate is really bad, but that could not be as this is a very successful running event and it is into its 11th year already! Then I remembered... our 1.8km Family Fun Run has the latest flag off time, all the other lady participants were already running as early as 6am! So, they were all out there running their respective 5km, 10km and 15km competitive races.

And so we have the whole carnival to ourselves... ok almost to ourselves, we took a slow walk around the ground, and suddenly the kids made a beeline to this mist spraying structure.  It was a warm morning; Mr Sun was shinning brightly and isn't selfish in sharing his rays and heat with us, they felt warm and sticky after a long walk from Bayfront MRT.  We were goofing around when 2 young chaps approached us with some photo props asking if we would like to take some photos and get them printed at Biotherm booth.  Of course we would!  Gladly too!  Look at us being so supportive hahaha~  We continued to walked around

A short while later we got bored... No doubt we do not need to queue for long at every booth but "No Fight No Fun"!  There were no one to jostle elbows with and fight for our space to take photos or take drinks and snacks which basically took the thrill out of every thing.

Soon it was time to head to the holding pen to start our fun run, we took our time to stroll there coz there were not many people at the starting line thus we thought we were early.  It turned out that I was not quite right... We've participated in a few family run events, there was always a huge turn out of parents with children so it was kinda shocking for me to see a smaller turn out.  Perhaps it was not a family run to start off with thus the lukewarm turn out. Nevertheless, we hope to see bigger turn out next year!

It's always fun to go for such run with fellow blogging parents~  here we are taking welfie with the SengkangBabies family before doing a warm up exercise proudly brought to us by Salonpas (sorry no photo coz busy chatting).  And then it was flag off time by the flag off party (again, sorry no photos and I did not catch their names, busy chatting lah!)

Here's looking at the 1.8km route, its a simple route without too many turns or slopes, thumbs up for the organisor because family run usually will includes babies in prams or on mummies, young toddlers and kids.  Lesser obstacles will mean that it will not be too tiring for both parent and child.

The first part of the route sees us running past some cafes and bistro along Marina Bay Sands, where the food smells heavenly! And makes my tummy growl coz I did not have any breakfast that morning *cries with tummy*  There are many people running, exercising or on bicycle in this area so we have to run in care though they generally gave way to us.  What's amazing with fellow sports people is they cheer you on!  Even those sitting down and enjoying their cuppa after their work out.

We took a loop back near the Helix Bridge and ran along Marina Bay, the calm water and soft breeze is relaxing to the eyes, mind and body thus I walked most of the way here.  Plus the fact that I did not eat breakfast so am lacking of strength & energy.  *Smack self* MUST remember to have a good breakfast before every running event!

Along the way we saw a few younger kids who got tired and was either complaining or sitting down refusing to move, we encouraged and urged them to continue.  They jumped right up upon hearing, perhaps surprised that stranger auntie talked to them lol.  I remember there was this lady participant doing her after run stretch on one of the bench along Marina Bay, she cheered us on enthusiastically and whole-heartedly that made us ran a little bit faster.  

Photo Credits : Shape Run office site

While we were strolling or jogging along (I've got proof, see photo below lol) by the water, DinoBoy was way way in front of us, giving all he got and running with all his might!  I think he finished the run in way under 30mins, great job son!

Can you see the other ladies running at the far opposite side?

At the end of the race, cups of cold H2O were provided for us to hydrate ourselves, bottles of mineral water were handed out too. We were given our medal and a Uncle Toby's energy bar at the same time.  It was such a relieve to see the drinks that I went back to take another cup coz I needed them and couldn't wait to twist open the mineral water cap.  

This is a great event, not surprising since it's been around for a decade thus consider a pioneer in running events so we expect every thing to be in orderly and well organised.  Having said that, I do feel a little bit left out coz all the excitement was gone together with the other participants for the other competitive categories *cries*.  The carnival in a huge spacious area with the lack of crowd (coz all out running already) filling the empty space makes it look so desolated.  There wasn't much entertainment for us too and we are pretty much left alone to wander around aimlessly with our kids, I do wish they have more games to entertain the kids.

We saw some little girls and mums wearing a pink cape and wondered if we missed that in our race pack, it was only after the event that I know this was purchased separately for a good cause.  This year's Shape Run is supporting Life Community Services Society to raise funds for their educational and welfare programe.  Wow!  I wasn't aware of that, otherwise I would have gotten a couple of those cute pink capes and run like a Super Hero that day!

Nonetheless, cape or no cape, we ran, jogged n walked all 1.8km and we enjoyed it to the fullest!  We hope to be back to the run again next year! 

*** *** *** *** ***

We have written couple of weeks ago on the importance of choosing a good pair of shoes for ourselves, if you missed that post, you can read it here.  The same goes for running shoes, besides comfort the shoes must fit properly from heel to toe.  

Tips on choosing a good pair of running shoes
* Always buy your shoes, any shoes actually, near the end of the day because that's when your feet has fully swell up, fitting shoes at that time will mean that it will fit comfortably all day.
* You should be able to wriggle your toes freely.
* You are able to move your feet side to side without them crossing over the edge of the insole.  
* There is a reason why our mums told us that there should be some space between the tip of your longest toe to the shoe because our feet tends to swell due to walking and in this case running so the space should be at least a thumbs's width to allow feet to expand and still fit in our running shoes comfortably.
* The sole of the shoes should be flexible too, most importantly it should bend and crease where your feet flexes.  If it does not it will lead to calf strains, pulled tendons etc.
* Lace up the shoes properly and walk in them for a bit to ensure that they are comfortable and fit your feet's contour and shape.

Skechers shoes for added support, stability and comfort
And if you want to ensure your feet stays happy (like ours) every time you goes out for some sports activity you have to get them a pair or two or three of Skechers GoRun shoes!  These light weight shoes together with Skechers most advance high performance technology will definitely give you an ergonomics experience that you have never felt before.

Apparently there are many like-minded ladies too!  They were flocking to Skechers booth to take advantage of the SHAPE Run 2016 Carnival exclusive offer of 20% discount to get new Skechers footware and apparel for themselves.  Look at the crowd!

Skechers concept stores are located in the shopping malls all over the island, they also have counters in shopping stores or hotels, check the list over here.  Skechers recently open their new concept stall in Bishan Junction 8!  Pay them a visit if you are around the area, I guarantee you that their friendly and helpful staffs will be there to greet you and help you with any questions you have on their shoes.  We know because we've been to their Takashimaya & Waterway Point concept stores and received equally warm and helpful services from them.  Read about our experience at Skechers Waterway Point over here.

Photo Credit : Skechers Singapore

Disclaimer : We were invited by Skechers to participate in SHAPE Run 2016, they have also graciously sponsored our shoes for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are ours and all photos in this post, unless otherwise credited, belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take them for your personal use without seeking our permission.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This is how I celebrate my birthday

Yes, I know I declared that I don't like to celebrate my birthday because it's a waste of money (to spend on me), I am usually doing the planning and celebrating FOR others so it gets kinda awkward when the attention is on me.  However, its exceptional this year as I am celebrating it with 3 other August babies on the same day~

01 Aug - ME!
03 Aug - little niece
12 Aug - DinoBoy 
17 Aug - C

Days before DinoPapa said he will cook dinner for all of us and asked me "What do you want to eat?  I'll cook for you."  I wanted to say "CHILLI CRAB!!!" but decided not too coz it's just too much work! I told him that I will think about it and let him know, well it slipped our mind till that very day where the dinner was supposed to be!  Gosh~ So we sat down and did a quick meal planning and 20mins later, with a grocery list in phone, I headed off to the supermarket to gather all the necessary ingredients.

All the dishes below, except for the curry chicken and stir fried veggie are done by me and my brother respectively, the rest are cooked by DinoPapa (told you #myhusbandisagreatcook already).  Oh there is one dish that is missing, I forgot to take photo of the fruit salad prawns.  So you see, we really had a feast that day.

I mentioned once long time ago that my Mum's Sichuan veggie soup is "red red in color and its not too salty nor spicy".  He tried to re-create it but was not successful coz we did not have a chance to ask Mum the steps to cook that soup when she was around.  Even if we had asked she would have said "just wash, soak a bit, put into the pot to boil with pork ribs lah."  You know how Mums are like the Ultimate Goddess of Chef who cook the best yummiest dishes in our life and they never really have a recipe with exact ingredients and measuring to pass on to us?  Sigh...  nevertheless, the Sichuan veggie soup is still tasty in its DinoPapa's way.

Photo of half eaten dish coz forgot to take photo when it was served earlier

All the guests had a great time digging into the lip smacking, finger linking food, I caught them off guard with an welfie request, every one scrambled to try to fit into the frame (plus ensuring no food in or around mouth lol).

Old School birthday girl prefer old school bakery brand Swee Heng (as of 11 July 2016, they are Halal certified eatery) and The Friend bought it just for me hahaha~  

Such a beautiful chocolate cake and they wants to "destroy" it by insisting on putting 40 candles; 3 big candles and 10 small candles, onto the cake....  Sorry cake for "defacing" you but this makes blowing out the candles so much more fun for 1 Big kid and 3 kids!

Why funny faces means sticking out tongue huh?

Judging from every one's look while eating the cake, you can tell that every one approves of it. The Older Nephew is the happiest coz that's his favourite kind of cake; chocolate, double chocolate or even triple chocolate cake, needless to say he had 2 slices of it.

Ask me how do I feel at the end of that day and I will tell you "of course happy lah!", would you be too?  Doesn't matter that I look unglam with messy hair and sweaty face, what's most important is that I shared that special day with 3 Fs - Food, Family, Friends.  What's more, the ingredients for the feast is only SGD70.42, the cake probably about SGD38, SGD100+ for a birthday celebrate for so many people, so worth it!

I was stuffed full with satisfaction from the delish food, exploding from the love from family and friends, what more can an old auntie ask for?