About Us

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by my blog, my name is Jennifer aka DinoMama (hence the blog link).  I am a full time working mum from Singapore, a tiny country near the equator, it's so small that we are called The Little Red Dot or otherwise fondly known as The Garden City. 

I started this blog in 2007 under the blog augdinoegg.blogspot.com after welcoming DinoBoy into our family to document his milestones but the passion started to died off in 2010 only to be revived in 2012 when I met a group of blogging mummies who encouraged me to start writing again.  So here I am today still writing and it has become my passion.

Since 2012 my blog has moved forward, the first major step I took was to get my own domain name dinomama.com, the direction of the blog also changed to include more about our family life, parenting experience, a little bit of art & crafts, DinoBoy's school days, recommendations of great books and our photography skills.

I started the Starting Primary One series when DinoBoy enters Primary One to share the curriculum, school work and expectations so that other parents can have an idea on primary school life.  After DinoBoy moved on to Primary Two I decided to keep it going and perhaps till he graduate from primary school.  

Both DinoPapa & myself love to cook just as much as we love to eat, I think we have passed on these love to the boy too!  In the vast of 2 years I have emerged from an occasionally cook to a pro cook (or so I shamelessly called myself) who is able to whip up a simple dinner in an hour but I am still learning the art of baking.  The pure joy of tasting the food we prepared; sometimes even of restaurant standard, is so great that no words can describe it.  And hence the birth of my weekly Foodie Fridays Linky where I not only share recipes but also recommendations of the good food we had when we dine out.  So far we have not sent any of our friends to the hospital after eating our food (CHOY!) instead they have been giving us the thumbs up after tasting them, if you would like to find out how to prepare the dishes we featured, here are the recipes.

I'll be very happy to hear from you, leave a comment here or send an email to me at jennlimbh(at)gmail.com.

If you like to connect with me besides my blog, find me at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+.


  1. Wow...we tried for six years and had to eventually go with IVF. Anthony is our miracle, though my heart wants more, I know my body just can't do it or survive another rough pregnancy and labor.

    1. Same Karen! We wanted #2 or #3 but I think age will not allow me to have that kind of energy to chase around babies or toddlers.