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Conquering Chinese Comprehension

Okay, raise your hands if your kid scores badly for Chinese.  *sigh* we are in your shoes too. Chinese is not DinoBoy's strong subject, when he failed the subject in Primary 2 we thought he would have put in more effort to work on the subject but apparently the effort is not enough.  His score averagely 60 marks through the years.  A 2nd bomb dropped onto his lap when he failed the subject by 2 marks earlier this year in CA1.  I almost passed out and disowned him!  When I laid my hands on Paper 2, my heart stopped a second time..  he scored 7 out of 22 marks in comprehension.  How in the world does someone score that kind of marks???

I realized that we have to do something about it otherwise the consequences will be disastrous!  

We attended the PSLE Chinese workshop earlier this year; you can read about it here, I decided to put the tips we learned on that day to good use.  And I am happy to share that DinoBoy scored better on his school's Chinese practice papers and passed SA1, not in flying colors but with a good grade.

I am heartened to see that he scored more marks in his comprehension, one of his weakest section and pulling down his overall marks.  I am sharing the tips I learned with you, hope it will help your child fare better in comprehension.

*** *** *** *** ***

When tackling comprehension I am sure the students know the drill very well but not many of them do it even though it has proven that those who did score higher marks than them.

Things to do before attempting comprehension questions
1. Read the passage carefully, preferably at least 2 times during this stage.
Most of us do not like to do this because we think we understand the passage with just one reading.  Well, that is true but for comprehension we are reading the passage with a purpose.

1st time reading - understanding the passage, identifying the theme/topic
2nd time reading - identify the 4W; Why Where When What of the passage or each paragraph.

2. Regardless of the comprehension passage story line, there is only ONE main theme or topic, once you have identify that answering the questions will be easy.  Here are some of the theme/topic as shared by the trainer (my English translation may not be exact but the meaning is still about the same).

- 热与助人 Being helpful to others
- 孝顺父母 Being filial to parents
- 为别人着想 Thinking of others
- 尊敬他人 Showing respect to others
- 团结合作 Cooperation & teamwork
- 做人要诚实 Honesty

Things to do while attempting comprehension questions
1. Read the questions at least 2 times, yes even for the questions.

1st time reading - understanding the question being asked.
2nd time reading - highlight important information such as "question. type", "character" and "keywords/sentences" either with different colored highlighters or by drawing lines, squares or circles.  Use this method while reading comprehension passages and questions.

See example below where circled words are "question type", underlined words are "character" and  squared words are "keywords/sentences".

Question example for notes/email/sms writing

Question example for comprehension
2. Read the passage; this would be your 3rd time reading it, to have a rough idea where are the answers.

3. Identify the answers by highlighting or underlining it with a different colored pen and indicate question number beside it.

Here are 2 example of DinoBoy's work on the comprehension passage.  He uses different colors to represent different important information every time, depending on his mood at that moment.

If you make it a habit to do all the above, you are already half way to success in conquering comprehension.  

Next, it is the answering part that will determine whether you succeed or failed miserably.

*** *** *** *** ***

Scoring marks are as easy as 1-2-3
Frankly, it is not difficult to answer and score comprehension but students find it challenging because most of them are not strong in this language thus they have problems understanding the passage or unable to form logical answers with grammatically error free sentences. Well, I have a good news for you, unlike English comprehension, students are allowed to lift the whole sentence or paragraph when answering Chinese comprehension questions. That makes scoring so much easier!

Having said that, you must also ensure that you have written ALL the answers to get the marks. How to be sure that you have given all the answers?

Number #1 - Marks allocation
A good gauge would be by looking at the marks allocated for each question. The rule of thumb is for a 2 marks question you have to give 2 VALID points/reasons as answers, a 4 marks questions may required AT LEAST 4 points.

Now the keyword to the above bold sentence is VALID, this means the answer will have the key points, no marks will be given if unnecessary points are given.

Number #2 - Finding the answers
Kids are taught by their teachers to find answers by looking at similar words that appeared in both the passage and question, this may probably help you in getting the answer but they have to understand the context of the passage to pluck out the correct answers.

Do bear in mind that sometimes answers for a question can be found in different paragraphs, the reading & highlighting you have done during the earlier stage would have enabled you to identify all the answers.  Read the passage again; 4th time reading the passage, to be sure that you have highlighted all the answers.

If answers for a particular question are all over the passage, it will make things easier to indicate question number with an extension, e.g Q38.1, Q38.2.  Once you have written that sentence in the answer put a tick against it so that you know you did not miss out anything.

Number #3 - Answering Techniques
Now that you have highlighted all the answers, it is time to organise them and present them in a correct and orderly way to get those marks!  Since we are able to lift the whole sentence off the passage, half the remaining battle is won so try not to use your own words to reconstruct the sentence.  Also check you answer after you have written to ensure the answers are there, sentence construction makes sense etc.

Here's how to tackle a few common questions that earn u full marks if you answer them correctly.

Common Question 1
During my time I was taught to answer question in full, such as the 1st part of the following question "我认为礼貌在我的生活里很重要。" instead of just answering "重要。" but DinoBoy told me that his teachers told them it is fine to just answer the latter, on the other hand I also hear from friends that their kid's school do not accept that.  Therefore, I strongly suggest writing a full answer, it doesn't cost much to write those extra words but it will cost us precious marks if we just write the one or two word answer.

Common Question  2
One of the frequently seen comprehension question is to ask the kids to give their life experience in relation to part 1 of the question; as seen in the above and following questions.
Most of the kids are stumped when they encounter such question because they are not exposed to enough life situations (let's face it, we pamper and bubble wrap them too much) to give example.  I tell DinoBoy that even if he did not experience the situation just make up some stories, if it sound logic or morally correct  he should score some marks.  Again, use the marks allocated to gauge the length of answers, take a look at DinoBoy's answer to have an idea on answering the question.

An important thing to remember while answering 2 parts questions is that both parts must correspond to each other.

Common Question 3
Sometimes the students are asked the "Before-After" question, such as the one below.  This type of question indicates that a major event happened that caused someone's behaviour/opinion/action or a situation to change drastically. 

Identify the "before" and "after" events in the passage, do take note that the answer will usually be from at least 2 paragraphs.  Pick up the points from these paragraphs and answer them in separate paragraphs; the "before" and "after" paragraphs.  For this question lift as many words as possible from the passage, even if its a whole paragraph.

Common Question 4
Passage could be written in 1st or 3rd party view, the questions will also mention the same.  When answering such questions remember to use the same character name, e.g. 作者 author or 我 I/Me or  小男孩 little boy.

If the character is 我 I/Me, when answering question remember to put apostrophe on it - "我", such as the question example below as marks will be deducted if you did not add that to the word.

With that I have come to the end of my sharing on tips for conquering Chinese comprehension.  I hope they are clear to you.  If you have any questions do leave a message either at the comments section below or in my facebook page.

*** *** *** *** ***

Last but not least, as with other subjects "practice makes perfect".  The tips looks easy to follow but to be able to identify the answer(s), lifting it and writing answers in logical sense needs practice too.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Learning from the best during Secondary School Open House @ Primary 6

Remember we went for secondary school open house last year November when DinoBoy was in Primary 5?  If not, you can read it here.

Singapore Secondary schools host their open house in April/May and October/November every year, click here to see Open House Dates of Secondary Schools 2018.

Since we missed out April/May open house last year, I was determined not to miss them this year, especially for the school that DinoBoy set his mind on since Primary 1.  

With our experience last year we did not attend the Principal's Talk in both schools coz it's a bit dry and boring we already have specific target/aim in mind - to feel the vibes of the school and it's environment thus we start off with a school tour led by the students.   After that we made a bee line to where the action and activities were; the school hall or field for various clubs and uniformed group simmersion.

We do not encourage you to follow our footsteps, we skipped the talk because we weren't interested in understanding or knowing about the school, their achievements, the curriculum they are offering etc.  We had gather all these information either through word of mouth or on their website, some schools also have goodie bags for every one who comes to their open house where they will have such information in it too.

Like before, I let DinoBoy take the lead to walk around the school to see things that attracts him, trying to gain more understanding of the CCA through interactive and hands on activities.  Besides playing a couple of Chinese chest games (again! lol), checked out the Science and Robotics club he tried his hands on some "manly" sports such as shooting and fencing, got to know a bit more about NCC or National Cadet Corps which he did not have a chance to do so last year.  It was an eye opening experience for him.

This school has a showcase filled with items about our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Wushu or martial art is DinoBoy's passion, even though this is not a niche for this school but he decided to check it out.  He did some tumbling, kicks, flips with the other boys under the instruction and guidance from the older boys and their coaches.  This is the first time I see him do those stunning wushu stuffs and I am impressed! 

I was curious about the daily schedule of students who got into the school through wushu Direct School Admission or DSA so I had a chat with the teacher in charge.  She shared that on top of the regular CCA days these students have extra training on a few certain mornings (I forgot how many days) just before the school starts.  Wow~ sure more hard work for these students.  

PS : I am not going to touch on DSA, you can click the link I provided above to read more detail about it.

DinoBoy felt wonderful after this try out, he learned something new that day and did some new stunts too.  I hope he will be able to continue pursue this passion when he is in secondary school.

WAH! He can jump so high!

Important : Information on changes to the DSA announced in March 2017 can be found here.

Learning from the best
This seems like a usual open house visitation day as before but something happened that made this an extraordinary experience.

When we reached the hall, I left DinoBoy and started to wander around the area before finding him at the same spot a while later, chatting with some students.  When I approached them, one of the boys turned to me and said "Madam, actually you don't push your son so hard.  Ya, he has to revise his work daily but he also gotta have time to rest too.  Don't stress him to much otherwise he may not do well in PSLE."

Well said boy!  

Curious by the boy's remarks, I asked DinoBoy later what were he and the boys discussing, he replied "Nothing much, just some chatting", casually mentioned that he asked them the following questions before reiterating their conversation.

How did you study to get into this school?  Was it by grades or DSA?

That small episode may seem like a normal conversation between kids but it revealed something else to me.

Raising an independent son means he gets to decide on many things, especially when the decisions are about him, so far DinoBoy has always shown us that he is clear and confident on taking such responsibilities.

The conversation with the boys showed me that DinoBoy has matured a little bit more in his thinking and planning skill.  By gathering information from those Secondary school boys who had walked the PSLE path before him, he can better plan his studying techniques and tactics. 

I believe these boys had changed his mindset too because during the June school holiday, he did not utter a single word of protest, whined or gave any excuse when I threw him past years test papers and assessment books for revision.  He diligently did the correction by copying the model answers, he even did 2 Chinese composition and let his teachers go through (I will share this in a later post).  We got a lot of work done during that month and both of us have a sense of achievement, it was the only school holiday that we didn't feel that it went to total waste.

School has started for 3 weeks, school work has piled up and we only managed to read 2 Chinese model composition passage but its better than not able to do anything. 

With 2 weeks left till Prelim Oral, I feel my anxiety kicking in, I am trying to stay as calm as a cat but it is getting difficult to control it.  I didn't want to transfer these anxiety to DinoBoy because we know he is feeling very stressed up as the exam day draws nearer.

With my heart in my mouth I will bravely fight on with DinoBoy till we slayed this PSLE demon and emerged in victory!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Marshall Cavendish Education PSLE Students' Chinese Workshop - Comprehension and Oral

This year DinoBoy will be taking his PSLE or Primary School Leaving Exam, a crucial year for him but our friend seems to be taking it lightly, he hasn't been doing his revision like he used to too.  When CA1 or Continue Assessment was near, he told us he had revised his work, confident in scoring good marks but when he received his results and saw that he flunked his Chinese he wasn't upset (because he was 2 marks short of passing), I couldn't believe my eyes, neither can his teacher!  I almost want to hold on to his shoulders, shake him so hard that his bones rattles in order to make him wake up his idea and to put in more effort on this subject.

After going through the CA1 paper together we realized that he is still not scoring good enough for comprehension, he shared that sometimes he does not understand the passage or his sentence construction especially for the last Open-end Question is incomplete thus unable to score marks.   We agreed to work on this area and since then he has been diligent in doing at least one comprehension a day if time permits (homework and CCA takes up much of his time), we are making slow but steady progress.

Our usual strategy to perfect DinoBoy's understanding on topics and answering questions are to do revision with assessment books and past year papers, however we know that these are not enough, we have to study smart too! 

Studying hard means more than memorizing work, format or formulas, we have to grasp the concept and familiarize with the answering techniques too.  How can we do that?  We were clueless too but we managed to learn a few tricks from Marshall Cavendish workshops where their workshop trainers shared examinations tactics and great studying tips.

Recently we were back at Marshall Cavendish Education to attend their 2 days PSLE Students' Chinese workshops held on 2 Saturdays with trainer Ms Cha Pei Pei.

Ms Cha Pei Pei is one of the selected few trainers who is not an ex-MOE teacher. She is very experienced teacher with more than 10 years’ experience tutoring primary and secondary Chinese. Her students gave very positive feedback on her teaching styles, use of technology and activities to create engaging lessons. She is an accomplished scholar herself, being a former ASEAN Scholar, a top performer in HSK Certificate of Chinese Proficiency and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education.

*** *** *** *** ***

During this 2-day Chinese workshop, we touched on the following:
  • How to prepare for the oral exam
  • Comprehension answering techniques
  • How to take notes for a language subject
  • Ways to improve your command of the Chinese language and be ready for PSLE
  • Exam tactics
PS : Marshall Cavendish Education hold a separate workshop for composition because it requires a workshop on its own to learn the strategies and useful tip to score Chinese composition writing.

The first day of the workshop were spent going through the PSLE examination format and strategy in tackling comprehension.  I am sure the students know the drill very well when it comes to comprehension; things such as read the passage twice, highlight important information, read the question and try to find the answer from passage first before writing etc, but not many of them do it even though it may help them understand the passage and making it easier for them to answer the questions.   Ms Cha stressed on this "drill" and went through with the children again.  I believe that once you have make it a habit to do it,  you are already half way in conquering comprehension.

If you have been keeping close tabs on our education system, you would have come across this term "higher-order thinking" or HOT, seems like a big scary term but it is a concept education reform based on learning taxonomies.  In simple terms, it means the ability to process text at the level of evaluation, synthesis, analysis, and interpretation.  Below is an example of Bloom's Taxonomy that was being used during the workshop to help student decipher comprehension questions.

Let's take a look at a couple of the skills mention in the taxonomy and apply it on comprehension questions.

Remembering - this would refer to questions that ask about the 4W1H; Who, What, Why, Where and How.  Answers can be easily lift off the passage.

Who saved the dog?  How did the children solved the problem?

Evaluating - this would most likely refer to questions that carries more than 2 marks as they want the students to infer from the passage and derive with an answer.  Students must understand the theme or topic of the passage to answer the 1st part of the question correct.  They must be able to lift off the points to support their answer for the 2nd part of the questions.

After reading the passage, what do you think about Jack?  Why do you think of him this way?

For the above questions, it may be difficult for students who is weak in Chinese language or lack of vocabulary to describe a person's character, I know DinoBoy faces this problem.  Ms Cha gave a generous list of words for a person's character and shortcoming such as 和蔼可亲  乐于助人  坚持不懈  嫉妒   吝啬   喜欢批评别人 , the children can memorize a handful of it and use it in the answers.

The 2nd part of the day were spent putting what they had learn earlier to use by doing the situational writing and a comprehension passage.  After Ms Cha went through both the passages and questions with the children, they were given some time to complete it.  Once they have finished they can go up to her to have their work marked, just like in school they are required to do corrections and get it marked too.  All the trainers takes their job seriously so no slacking here, even if its just a workshop!

We went back the following Saturday to learn every thing that needs to know about oral.  If you are unaware, students are given 10 minutes to prepare for their oral, this includes reading the passage and watching the short video.

The workshop started off with the children taking turn to read aloud 2 passages, while one of them is reading the rest have to catch the mistakes that their friend made.  Mistakes such as misreading/mispronouncing words, missing out a word, tone & volume of their voice, reading fluency.  We are picking on these mistakes because during oral examination, students are assessed on the following : -
  • vocabulary
  • pronunciation
  • articulation
  • fluency
  • rhythmn
  • expressiveness
We still have to put in more effort to perfect DinoBoy's reading, he is still stammering a bit and he can't pronounce some of the words correctly.

Next, Ms Cha shared with the children the 12 broad topics that will has come out for stimulated-based conversation in the past years.  In the photo below you can see some example of broad topics with their sub-topics, here are some more example : -


I have concern on oral examination as I do not know the format nor the questions that will be given, I mean it is not Math or Science subjects where there are topics or concept that we can practice.  These 12 broad topics are definitely a great tips to us!   As DinoBoy's Chinese vocabulary is not as strong we can use these topics to practice more by having a short conversation or discussion, introducing any specific terms relating to the topics to him too, for example for 反恐演习 relating terms will be  全副武装的军人手持冲锋枪, 武装部队, 装甲.

As if the character strokes for some of the Chinese characters are not complicated enough, we also have to deal with Chinese polyphonic characters.  This is a challenge to the children and for the ones who are weak in this language it added on another level of learning challenge for them.   Ms Cha took some common examples of polyphonic characters to share with the children during the workshop so that they are familiar with it and do not mispronounce them during oral.
The last part of the workshop is a mini Chinese test that stressed all the children, this simple test is to see if they have put what they learned during the workshop to use. 

With that the workshop comes to an end.  Like before, Marshall Cavendish Education did not disappoint me, I left the workshop with new knowledge on PSLE examination format.  I am now less nervous about the oral examnination and have a vague idea how to prepare him for it.  Now that I know how the oral examination is being conducted I am also going to get the Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PSLE to help us.  You can purchase this online over here.

If you want to learn more about the strategies to help your child ace their exam I strongly suggest that you sign up and attend Marshall Cavendish Education workshop.  You can look at their workshop schedule over here.

Marshall Cavendish Education upcoming Chinese Workshops
14 April 2018 Effective Strategies for Chinese Comprehension 
21 April 2018 How Your Child Can Speak His Way to An A* in Chinese Oral Exam 

*** *** *** *** ***

Marshal Cavendish Education has generously sponsor slots in their How Your Child Can Speak His Way to An A* in Chinese Oral Exam workshop and a copy of Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PSLE to 3 lucky fans.

The trainer for the Chinese Oral workshop is Ms Shi Bin.  She is an ex-MOE teacher. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and is awarded MOE ‘Singapore Model Teacher of the Year’ in 2007.

Scroll down further to see our giveaway details.

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Disclaimer : We were invited by Marshall Cavendish Education to attend the PSLE Students' Chinese Workshop for the purpose of this post, no other compensation were received. The opinions in this post are 100% ours. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take it for personal use without permission.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Visiting Secondary School Open House @ Primary 5

On certain months every year, Secondary schools in Singapore will host open house for the 12 years old & their parents to visit so that they can take a peek at the school's facility, culture, environment, the CCA offered for DSA or Direct School Admission enrollment (there may be some changes next year so look out for the announcement from Ministry of Education), courses and options available after 4 years with the school.

Besides hosting open house we understand that different Secondary schools will visit Primary schools to introduce Secondary school life to the P6s with more in depth details where subjects, CCAs, programmes - Applied Learning or Learning for Life programme, etc will be covered.  We would like to leave this to the respective schools because I am sure they can provide all the necessary information to the kids.  Sure saves me the trouble of running around to gather the information (can slack must slack a bit hahaha!) but of course we still have to read up about it so that we can give advise to him when the time comes.  

Couple of few years ago I have heard friends with their then P6 or Primary 6 kids exclaimed that they should have went for Secondary school open house a year before because there are so many secondary schools and only a few days within the year to visit as many as possible.  

I took a mental note on that last year and THINK we probably should be a little bit kiasu and follow the crowd to attend as many Secondary school open house as possible this year since DinoBoy is in P5.  Months passed and guess what, I have forgotten about it till now!  Just shows how oblivious and forgetful Mum I am *opps!*  Luckily all is not lost coz some schools are hosting open house in November and we managed to go for it *phew!*

For those who are not familiar with Singapore education system you must be wondering why the kan cheongness or anxious feeling from the parents on selection of Secondary schools besides being a major exam for our kids and another phrase in their education journey.  With a few uncertain factors such as the deciding T-scores and COP or Cut Off Point, we really do not know where our kids will stand in the whole cohort of P6s in Singapore until the day they receive their PSLE result slip.  The feeling of uncertainty of the future can be really daunting especially when we cannot do anything to it till the very last minute.  The worse part is to shortlist 6 schools based on the result and submit the Secondary School List within a short time frame!  How not to have a nervous breakdown?

To settle this uneasy feeling of uncertainty, we create the "What-Ifs" scenario such as "What if I suay suay scored below 200?" - spend 5 years in either Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) lor, then "What if the Lord blessed or Guan Yin Ma or Tee Kong por-pi us and I scored over 290?" - the top schools will be fighting to have you in their school, the news media will want to interview you, your family and even your pet if you have one!  Errmm... the news media thingy most likely won't happen since the top scorer details are kept secret by MOE.

Okay okay, jokes aside.

Hence the hard working, ever so resourceful parents try to find out all about the Best/Better/Good/Average schools lest that small piece of paper throw us a curved ball, we will be well prepared to hit the ball back hard and move forward without breaking a sweat.

Regardless what news that small piece of paper brings, do remember that your child has did his or her best and you should celebrate the end of a tough 6 years journey you have walked through together and reaching the Finish Line together, side by side.
Why did we go ahead with Secondary School open house visiting?
During my time I didn't have the opportunity to go to any Secondary school open house, thinking back I wonder if they have such thing back then or not, anyway it was never a MUST or a concern to our parents who left it basically to us to decide.  I remember I "anyhow" picked 6 schools, clueless about the COP and every thing.  Of course I did not get into the top 3 choices and landed in my Secondary school, much to my Mum's dismay (Ya, she didn't think the school is a good school).  Fast forward to now, these open house are suddenly a matter that must not be taken lightly.

Whatever the reasons the P5s parents have for attending the open house, I believe every one of them has the best interest in their heart for their kids.  For us (IF we were able to attend the open house through the whole year) it is not to make a beeline to the schools that we want him to get in and make the decision for him.  Instead we went forth with one mentality and that is to just look-see look-see, this is because I think at the age of 11 and at this stage of his life, DinoBoy still does not know what lies in future for him.  To him its just going into another school to "study further", something that he dreaded since P1. He still does not know the importance of the 4 years secondary school life and that a good school or even a school that caters to his interest or preference will path a better way for his future. 

We wanted to let DinoBoy have a feel how Secondary school life will be for him 2 years later, to experience the different vibes & culture happening in both a SAP/elite school and a neighbourhood school, thus helping him in shortlisting a few schools that he feels strongly about and wish to further his 4 years Secondary education with in due time. 

Yes, the ultimate decision will come from DinoBoy.  We have groomed and raised him to be independent in his thinking and decision making, seeking us for advise when he is unsure.  So, as much as this school selection is a HUGE decision that can't be messed around, we still prefer to let him handle it.  We will of course provide advise and guidance or clear his doubts and queries on this issue but we will not interfere with his decision.  Wouldn't it be too much a risk for that?  Of course it is but we believe it is important that he feels comfortable and has a sense of connection with the school because he is going to spend most of the day, 6 days a week in that environment with his peers, gaining the necessary secondary school knowledge, supporting his interest and preparing for the future.

So, a few days before the open house date in November 2017, we short listed 3 schools to visit, 2 of them have wushu or martial arts as a niche CCA because DinoBoy has a passion for it and wishes to continue learning it, the other one is a reputable neighbourhood school.

What we did and noticed
It was interesting to see how the schools look so different the minute you stepped through the gate, it is not simply a building(s) that houses students for most part of the day as perceived from the outside any more.  The 3 schools that we visited were totally different from each other, from the school's environment, their students' behavior & attitude, the layout of the school.  You could say that we experienced culture shock 3 times all over again when we entered each school.

The schools hosted the open house with guided tour where their students will bring the parents and kids to designated spots around the school, introducing the school's history, the building, the size ("our school is one of the biggest in Singapore, it's about the size of 9 football fields." "O~kay~ so???" I thought to myself, me bad...), of course letting us know the school's achievements, the numerous trophies they won by different clubs and CCA.  After the tour you are free to roam around the school compound and visit any CCA rooms or booth or watch any CCA performance at the scheduled timing.

I let DinoBoy took the lead during the open house since this is all about him and his future, he asked the students questions if he has queries, tried his hands on a couple of things such as robotics, Chinese Calligraphy, science experience in a science lab etc.

What surprised me was that he actually sat down to play a game of Chinese Chess, double surprise that he beat the student in the game!  I knew he played Chinese Chest with DinoPapa these few years and since it was Father-Son bonding session I did not joined in nor know how well he played.  I told him that "the korkor pang zui lah~", which means that older boy probably did not put in 100% effort and gave him chance to beat him.  Trying not to make him get too big headed because the other boy supposedly to be way better than him.

Of course he watched the wushu performance too (how can we miss that!), he was wide eyed  and amazed by one of the school's wushu team performance, I think he would have jumped in to join them if there were no barriers separating them.

One of the school hang student's paintings on the wall along the corridors, these paintings are so exquisitely drawn with well presented specific themes that I think they are all talented painters or artists.  I understand later that school does not offer Arts as a course, too bad, I think many students would thrive in it.

At the end of the tour or before you leave the school, you will be required to do a feed back on your experience. We did ours or rather DinoBoy did his review using in iPads (so high tech), I have no idea what the questions are because I have no chance of even seeing it.

Our Conclusion
DinoBoy enjoyed all 3 school's open house, taking in every thing he saw and experienced, a few days later he told us firmly that he changed his mind about the Secondary school he wants to attend, he now wanted to go to one of the school we went to that day.  He hasn't visited the school he had his eye on since P3 though, so I will try to bring him to that school's open house if I can, see whether he will have any change of heart again or not.

Me?  "How come my secondary school don't have this back then?" "Why my secondary school not so cool as this?" "What! they have THIS (3D printer) now???"  These are some of the things that went through my mind through that day.  Ya I know, a bit mountain tortise right!  However, it has also broaden my mind and sight, allowing me to see how far secondary school and our education system has evolved.  They are more interactive, interesting and engaging as compared to my time.

Do I encourage Primary 5 kids to attend these open house?

Sure!  It is always better to be prepared and plan early for a new chapter in your life, to set your sights far enough so that you have a goal in near future to fight for.  A peep into the secondary school(s) your child is interested may provide more information than their pamphlets, website or that dreadful COP (the higher the marks does not mean the school culture and environment is good).  

You can revisit the school again a year later to see if you still feel the same as before or take the opportunity to visit other schools that you may have interest now.

Useful Links
If you and your child are clueless on the secondary school that he or she would like to attend, I find that the following websites helps to give an insight on the schools and helps to narrow down a handful for consideration at later date.

School Information Service - It is a website run by MOE, over here you can find all the basic information about all the schools in Singapore; primary, secondary and junior college.  You can search to find out the schools that are within certain distance from your house or based on the CCA available in the schools etc.

Secondary School Ranking (based on cut-off for 2017 intake) - Unsure of the school's COP? Click this link to find out the rank as at November 2017. There are some minor changes on the COP after the secondary 1 posting exercise but it there should not be a huge different, if you want to know the exact COP of a particular school(s), do a search on the web and you will probably get it.  Or you could wait till the school distribute the Secondary Schools handbook by MOE (or whatever they are being called) to the students sometime during the later half of the year,

Secondary School's Open House Dates
Besides the major open house exercise in November every year, the secondary schools will host their open house on individual dates too.  You can either check the school's website or join a forum or facebook group to be kept informed of the dates.

*** *** *** *** ***

Last but not least, primary school journey is not an easy one, PSLE should be viewed as important examination as it's a "test" to further separate the kids into different path, a start of another chapter in your kid's life.   I shall stress once again that as parents, we should stand by our kids, support them in every way we could.

And please try to set a realistic target for your kids to achieve based on their academic.  If for the past 5 years they are the above average score student please do not try to pump them with more tuition in hope to push them to be A-Star students within the next few months, I agree that it works on some kids but it also do not work on some kids.  Know your kid's ability before wasting precious time and money unnecessarily.

With so many kids suicide cases we have heard or read in the newspaper these couple of years, we really have to be mindful of our actions and words, we even have to keep our emotions in check too because kids can pick up our negative emotions like with a snap of the fingers.  Do keep an open communication channel with your kid, involve them in every decision that has to do with their study and education, listen to them when they voice out their worries or concerns, let them know that you are there for them.

Before I end off, I have a couple of things to say...

To all kids taking PSLE this year, do you best, don't let that small slip of paper beat you down!  If you did not do well, move forward and make it better in the next chapter.  Perhaps Fate seen a potential inside you that you are unaware and has planned out something for you.  

To all the parents with kids taking PSLE this year, be nervous, be unsettling, be lost but allow these negative feelings to invade your heart and mind for a short period of time.  After that, cast them out of your body, get out from that dark corner and brace yourself to face the challenges that this crucial year will throw at your way.  Fight them with your child!

All the best to 2018 PSLE Parents and Kids!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017, A Year of Thankfulness

2017 is an eventful year for The DinoFamily, it could very well be an unlucky year for us.  There weren't many bad stuffs that happened to us but they caused a catastrophe reactions that knocked the wind out of us.

One of them is the sudden turn of DinoPapa's health, we have been visiting the hospital so often that I even joked with my friends that we are having excursion to hospital that day.  

As such, 2017 is also a year of thankfulness for us, to the different group of people in our life that stayed by our side while we tackle these issues.  This post is dedicate to these people, to YOU, whom we thank our lucky star and guardian angels daily for bringing you into our life.

Thankful to Family
We do not have the habit of asking family and friends for help, choosing instead to work things out between us because we do not want to trouble others and like most Chinese, we do not like to "owe favours to others" 欠别人人情.  However, we are glad that we have supportive family members who never fail to lend us a hand, sometimes without us asking for it.

My father-in-law has been coming over to our house to buy brunch for DinoPapa and when my mother-in-law is not working she will drop by in the afternoon to ensure every thing's ok.  At least I know that some one will be checking on DinoPapa when I am away at work.

December was a tough month for us as DinoPapa has to undergo an emergency operation and he has to stay in the hospital for a few days.  My siblings asked if we would like to let them care for DinoBoy but I declined  My elder brother drove us to the hospital and later that day he whisked DinoBoy away from us without giving us a chance to turn down his offer.  DinoBoy spent the next few days at his house which was a good thing because he probably will be spending the whole day in the hospital worried about DinoPapa or being bored to death or get addicted with electronic gadgets.  All these are unhealthy to his young mind and body.

Let's face it, I am also a human being, there are only so many things that I can do or put my attention to.  Without my family I think I will be more stressed up to try to make things work in a some what orderly manner, to juggle work and family at the same time while ensuring that both DinoPapa and DinoBoy are well taken and well fed.

Thankful to Friends
Human beings are not hermits, they cannot live in isolation, they need to interact with people so as to balance their mind and soul.  Friends have such magical power, they can share big dreams with you and they are able to bring you back to the ground when you strayed.

I realized years ago that if I want to prevent myself from slipping into depression I needed to let go of my pent up frustrations, anger, helplessness, hopelessness to some one.  It wasn't an easy task for me because I cared too much on how others will see or judge me, but slowly and surely I opened up to a handful of friends whom I trusted most.  

Some days things get hard for me to get by and you bear the brunt of it, some of you suffered in silence, choosing to let me cool down after I vent off all the anger & frustration, some of you scolded me back and to "snap out of it!" (you know who you are lol), which I did and realizing that I am torturing my friends unfairly.

So those that I let into the personal part of my life, please know that I cherish you with all my heart and all of you are my support pillars, I am glad to have you to share my joy and frustrations, my ups and downs.  Love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Thankful to Bosses
I serves not one, not two but 7 bosses.  Every day I thank my lucky star that I have them as my bosses.  They deserve the Best Bosses Awards!

2 years ago when I let them know about the situation at home they were very concerned, even asked if I needed financial help which I assured them that every thing's fine.  I kept them updated on the things at home, they have been very patient and understanding since then.

We know most of the time bosses and companies do not tolerate employees who keep taking leave and being absent from work for too many times in a month, they probably will ask that employee to leave the company.  My bosses gives me one lesser thing to worry about - not losing my rice bowl, among all the stressful stuffs that I am handling all these months.  Of course being away the office so frequently means I have to buck up to maintain the same level of work expectations they require from me.

Thankful to the Doctors and Nurses
We do not have any friends whose profession is a doctor or nurse, so we visited the polyclinic for the initial check up and get referred to hospital for specialist.  We were able to get doctors who are skillful in their respective specialized area and were able to give accurate diagnose and treatment.  Thanks to them, DinoPapa's health condition was controlled at the nick of time, preventing it from turning bad or worse.  

The nurses were angels too, they are patient, caring, friendly and understanding, no more Nurse from Hell that we heard about eons ago.  Our visits to the hospital for appointments were less stressful and almost hassle free because we could always approach any nurse for help or point us to the right direction (hospital is so big with so many levels, can be a maze to some people).  During the recent hospital stay the nurses in the ward were kept informed about DinoPapa's condition and would check on him every few hours to ensure that he is ok.

So the next time you are in the hospital for what ever reason, show the nurses some respect and be friendly towards them, it does not cost you a thing but you receives much more than you expected.

Thankful to Social Media
To the 2544 "likes" in my facebook page, thank you for sticking with me.  I know I haven't been blogging as much as I should nor sharing as many stuffs as I would love to but I am so grateful that you stayed on despite that.  When I posted about the hospital visits and the operation, I received prayers and encouraging words from you, I am so touched that I teared.  I have never met 98% of you but you are my support in social media, words cannot describe the gratitude I have for all of you.  What did I do to deserve your endless support?

Through facebook, I found the Fun Hats Group, where a group of crocheters and knitters got together to make hats for cancer patients in KKH and NUH, to the orphanage in Asian regions.  This group enable me to put my crochet skills to good use, to contribute to a good cause during my spare time.  While doing the beanie or hats it also helps me to wind down after a busy day at work and sometimes it distracts me from being too stressed up during difficult times.  Because of them, I am happier and did not slip into depression as often as before.

Thankful to Me
If last year was bad, this year was worse.  I am thankful to myself for not giving it up and having faith that things will work out fine some way or other.  No one can be in my shoes to understand how hard it is and how many times I have wanted to just pack up and leave. 

I am positive that next year will be better, didn't they said once you have hit rock bottom the only way out is UP?  Well, J K Rowling took it further and I think that might be my 2018 motto.

With that, I shall end this post.  Thank you for being there for me, for us. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Keep Eczema under control with Theo10® Moisturize and Eczema cream

** WARNING - Gross Photos in this post **
My Story
While pregnancy brings joy to the whole family, it also bring changes on the Mum both emotionally and physically.  Let's talk about physical changes, these includes the pretty and beautiful ones such as nicer skin, thicker & healthier hair, expanding belly, fuller breasts, then there are the not so pleasant ones such as leg cramps, swollen feet, frequent pee breaks, stretch marks, pigmentation on the face, joint pains etc.  Of course different women experience different changes.

For me it was eczema, a very bad eczema on my left feet that has been with me since I was pregnant 12 years ago.  Initially it was a small patch and itches on some days but it got a little bit worse after I gave birth.   As years goes by it spread a little bit and got bigger, it's now has a noticeable white flaky patch on my feet that tends to draw attention from others.  Worse of all, it gets dry and itchy most of the days now, some days it is so itchy that I can't stop myself from scratching and before I knew it, the skin broke and it bleeds.  It is not a pretty sight when that happens.

I have tried various creams that did little help to ease my agony, I even tried creams with steroids but I stopped using it after a week because I didn't like putting steroids in my body even though there were some improvement on the eczema.  

Why the emphasis on natural ingredients?  Friends of mine knows that due to my health issue, I refrained from taking medicines and keep steroids as far away as possible so for me to use "steroided" creams would mean that I am in a desperate situation.  Due to this reason, I am in constant look out for natural remedies for every day ailments.  Through the years I found a couple of all natural & organic products that are my go-to solutions (if you follow my Instagram you will know which are the ones), reaching out for them without fearing of putting harmful stuffs into my body.  Now, I can add this brand into my collection!  Woohoo~

My Singapore Treasure Found
I am talking about our very own, made in Singapore brand - Theo10®.  I got to know about this brand by chance earlier this year, I was looking for some organic greens in a fair when I see this young chap standing at the booth blabbering off, trying to introduce his products to the small group of people.  This 乳臭未干 or callow looking young chap is actually the founder Theodore Khng (opps! 有眼不识or-yee-or!!!).  So, long story short, Theodore let every one did a sample try/test on his products on the spot and I could immediately feel the minty, warm feeling from Theo10® Heat (Retail Price SGD8) minutes after application.

And that is when I shamelessly asked if he is interested to work with us (hahaha!), half jokingly but he got serious and asked me tons of questions about it.  Couple of weeks later, a nice package with the full range of Theo10® products arrived at my humble house.

Theo10® Full Range of Products
  1. Theo10® Skin – Mouth Ulcers, Insect bites, Minor Cuts & Burns, Rashes & Allergies
  2. Theo10® Heat – Headache, Tired Shoulders, Muscular aches, Joint pains & Arthritis
  3. Theo10® Eczema – Eczema
  4. Theo10® Repels – Repels Mosquitoes & Ants, Moisturize skin
  5. Theo10® Moisturize – Super Hydrates & moisturize skin
My Review
I started off using Theo10® Moisturize (Retail Price SGD45) on my eczema, this ubberly moisturizing cream with a faint citrus smell that I love~   I applied generously on the patch and it got absorbed in by the skin fairly quickly, plus it does not leaves a sticky or oily residue on the skin after application.

How can it be so moisturizing?  This is because of the organic cold pressed French Jojoba oil and Thai Virgin Coconut Oil in it.  The result can be seen almost immediately as you can see from my photos below, the patch does not look as fierce nor as itchy as before and I felt so much relieved.

3 days after I diligently apply the moisturizer day & night, the broken skin had healed. the brown patches near the ankle also looks lighter and not so dry.

I continued to apply the moisturizer for the weeks though some days I missed the night application. About 1 week ago I suddenly remember that I can apply Theo10® Eczema (Retail Price SGD12) non steroid cream together with the moisturizer.  Like the moisturizer, the cream is also easily absorbed by the skin.

With these 2 creams working on my eczema for nearly 2 months, you can see from the photo below that the patch is less swollen and skin condition around it is so much better!

Do you know why? Besides the organic Jojoba and coconut oil I mentioned earlier, inside the moisturizer there are these ingredients that aids the skin repair and recovery. The certified organic essential oil such as Geranium that has antiseptic, antibacterial properties, Chamomile that soothes red, dry and irritated skin and has a calming effect on allergies, psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions. Aloe vera that are well know for its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.

The organic Peppermint essential oil in the eczema cream gives a minty feeling that prevents the itch thus I do not have the urge to scratch and aggravate it further. Neem oil has a high level of antioxidant that helps improve the skin condition.

Word of caution : Your fingers may have the eczema cream residue, even after a few washes with soap, so be careful not to let your fingers come in contact with eyes coz the peppermint or the minty sensation will irritate or sting the hell out of you.

Below are the full list of ingredients for Theo10® Moisturize and Theo10® Eczema

Theo10® Moisturize active ingredients
  • Organic Cold pressed French Jojoba Oil 
  • Organic Cold Pressed Thai Virgin Coconut Oil 
  • Natural Glycerine 
  • Italian Chamomile Essential Oil 
  • Grapefruit Seed Essential Oil 
  • French Geranium Essential Oil 
  • Madagasar Lyang Lyang Essential Oil 
  • Valencia Sweet Orange Essential Oil 
  • Aloe Barbensis Miller (200x concentrate) 
  • Purified water 
Theo10® Eczema active Ingredients include:
  • Organic American Peppermint Essential oil
  • Organic Indian Neem seed oil
  • Italian Triple filtered Beeswax
  • New Zealand Propolis
  • No Steroids
  • Organic ingredients
  • Smells like mint honey
Suitable for:
  • 6 years old and above
  • Sensitive skin
Our Conclusion
First and foremost, eczema is triggered by our ever changing hormones and by the food we consumed. So to fully recover from eczema we really have to strike a balance in our emotional state of mind and well being of our body, finding out the food causes the flare up and avoid them like the plague, while we are doing that we need ointment and cream to ease our discomfort.

Does the product works? Well, you can see from the photos in this post that it absolutely works! After more than a decade I am happy to share that my agony has finally ended!  Best part of the find is the products are affordable  and made with only 100% natural ingredients.

Much as I wished that my eczema miraculously disappeared over night, it didn't but instead the cream helps keep it under control and improve it significantly.  And if I am able to keep my itchy fingers from scratching it on day(s) that I forgot to apply the cream, I believe the condition will be much better than the photo shown above.  If you have eczema issue, I strongly suggest that you get these 2 products to try.

Of course, like any other remedies it also takes a lot of effort to diligently apply the cream on the affect area; something I have to work harder on, and patience to wait for the the result to show in weeks or even months time. So don't be disappointed or despair when you see no great leap of improvement, there may be already some just that it is not noticeable yet.

Deals for You
Theo10® has come out with an affordable Christmas Gift set, retailing at only SGD22. The set comes in a beautiful mason jar containing x2 Theo10® Skin, x1 Theo10® Heat and x1 limited edition 30ml Theo10® Moisturize.

Great gift set for gift exchange with friends or colleagues! Grab them now before they are gone!

Disclaimer : We received Theo10® products for the purpose of reviewing and this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are based on our usage and experience with the products. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without asking for our permission.