Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yuletide feast with Pezzo Pizza Singapore

Recently I attended an early Christmas party at Pezzo Pizza with a group of fellow bloggers and had a blast of time!  How I wish all food tasting sessions are as fun and as relaxing as this one.  We simply sat around the table and just munch and munch and munch while they keep sending pipping hot pizza and spicy drumlets out to us~

Ok back to business, the purpose of this Christmas party is to introduce Pezzo's 2 new unique festive creations that are specially created by Pezzo’s very own chefs *WOW!*  The Carbonara and Flamethrower pizza, both under their Christmas menu.

Your Ultimate Comforting Indulgences with Pezzo Carbonara Pizza

Think an enticing medley of roasted turkey bacon and ham, oregano chicken chunks, mushroom and mozzarella, all pulled together by creamy carbonara sauce and garnished with cranberries.

My Verdict - Ooo~ I love mozzarella cheese~ and there are a good layer of it on the piece I am chomping into!  Since bacon and ham are salty, coupled with mozzarella cheese which is also on the salty side, this pizza looks like it will not be every one's favourite BUT WAIT!  The sourish cranberries balanced out the saltiness and every thing tasted HEAVENLY~

Spice Up Your Day with Pezzo Flamethrower Pizza

Topped with a potpourri of tender spiced chicken, roasted onion, fresh chilli, and mozzarella all immersed in Pezzo’s special curry sauce

My Verdict - Frankly, the first thought that comes to my mind when I read curry sauce with mozzarella cheese is HUH?  Curry spiced mozzarella pizza? Well, the overall taste is not that bad, a little bit on the salty side; do note that I am not used to eating salty food, but not as weird as I thought it would be.  The onions in the above photo looks raw but they taste soft with no raw onion after taste.  Curry spice is not spicy too, I did not get the fresh chilli so does not know how that goes with the pizza.  I enjoyed this pizza, unique taste but not too over powering taste of the curry sauce.

Spicy Drumlets to Chase the Blues Away

I so love love love  LOVE~~~ these spicy drumlets~  and that is coming from a person who prefer midwings to drumlets and big fat chicken drumstick.  Marinated on a secret blend of herbs and spices, baked in the oven (not oven oven but the pizza baking oven hor) these tiny little fella are something I would eat whole day!

The skin is baked till crispy at some parts and easily tore off from the meat which is soft and juicy.  I can handle chili of any level so did not find these drumlets spicy, DinoBoy who is still learning to handle spiciness said it was ok too but Serene from Xavvy-licious finds it too spicy for her liking.  So eat at your own risk?   Or share with friends who can take spiciness, they are sold at SGD5.60 for 6 pieces, so at least they can finish the rest if you can't take it.  

Overall Verdict

Can you see the pile of ingredients on the pizza?  Pezzo is not stingy on the ingredients nor the toppings and every bite is a mouthful of goodness.  The bread was not hard and dry, probably because they are made daily fresh on site.  We were told that the pizza slice we had on that day was cut smaller pieces as they wanted us to savour the different type of pizza.  I bought a slice of Pezzo pizza today and it was seriously larger that all the pizza slices I have seen.  I was full after I finished that Cheesy Cheese slice.  Will I patronize it again?  Definitely!  Hot pipping pizza on the go, why not?

Great Deals = Great Savings

Yupe, Mysterious Man said it right!  Both the Carbonara and Flamethrower pizza are affordably priced at SGD4.90 per slice.  In fact there are 2 prices for Pezzo Pizza, its SGD4.90 per slice for the Gala Series and at SGD4.50 per slice for the Carnival Series.  So if you are indecisive as these 2 boys; DinoBoy and Xav, grab one each!

And if you are out shopping with your 2 best friends, get 3 slices @ SGD12.90; that will be SGD4.30 per slice OR a group of you decided to gather & have a "catch-up" session, why not order 6 slices that is equivalent to a 14" full pan @ SGD24.90; that works out to SGD4.15 per slice.  Great deal right!

*Price stated are valid for all Pezzo outlets except Pezzo Sentosa.  All terms & condition applies.

About Pezzo Pizza

At Pezzo, fun is a way of life. Their pizzas are inspired by the tapestry of circus life and they go by bold monikers such as “Big Daddy”, “Meat Munchers”, “Supremo” and “BBQ Bonanza”, just to name a few. Located in prominent shopping malls around the island, Pezzo Pizza is where customers can enjoy piping hot handcrafted pizzas baked daily with fresh and premium ingredients. Best of all, customers can enjoy different kinds of pizza flavours at one go as our pizzas are sold by slices.

Click here to see the locations of all Pezzo Pizza outlets.

Follow them at facebook and instagram for their latest updates and promo.

Over at the Artsy Cozy Corner

Amidst the aroma of freshly baked pizza and wings, the noisy chatty us - the food bloggers, at a corner sat a petite sweet looking lady with non food related items laid out all over the small table. Pezzo Pizza has invited Serene Wu, a talented Watercolorist and modern Calligrapher, to do a live brush calligraphy at the event where she will write out our names and we can decorate the card with drawings or washi tapes she provided.  Cool idea!  She wrote both DinoBoy and my name, its exquisite but I can't show you coz I'm don't share my boy's name publicly.

DinoBoy was intrigued by her work and kept hanging around her table watching her work.  If you brush calligraphy is easy peasy than you are wrong!  There are different strokes to use, the pressure to use on each stroke and of course color matching if mixture of color are required.  Not easy I tell you!

Serene is part of the calligrapher team from The Workroom, a place where you can find workshops for calligraphy, rubber stamp making, food painting watercolor illustration etc  Check out their workshops schedule here, this school holiday why not learn something new while taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of kid's schedule?  Beside hosting workshop or engaged in private events, The Workroom also does weddings and art commission too!  Hurry!  Contact them at info(at)theworkroom(dot)sg and engeage them for your year end Christmas and New Year parties!

Last but not least... Behind the Scene!

Others always have an idea or image that during food tasting session, food bloggers only go there to chin chai or anyhow snap photos of the food then start to eat and be merry,  You guys are so totally wrong! We really work hard for the organisors and it gets challenging when we bring our kids along because we know they are not always 100% cooperative every seconds or minute. Here's what we did at Pezzo Pizza Christmas Party.

For about 30mins before the food tasting, we "molested" the pizza and wings from each angle, up close and from far, not a side of them were spared.

Even when we finally sit down to eat, we can't sink our teeth into the food immediately, MORE photo taking!  And we tried to do welfie with the food with an ingenious idea in mind but sometimes failed terribly, like this one hahaha~

Oh, the people who invited us are not spared too sometimes hahaha~ I was in the midst of talking when I press the shutter button, ended up I look so fierce in this photo.

Have a great day every one! And Munch On!

Disclaimer : We were invited by Pezzo Pizza for a food taste session.  No compensation was received and no obligation to write about it but we decided to go ahead and post on the event because we totally enjoyed it.  All photos in this blog post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without seeking our permission.  

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas Made Perfect at Frasers Centrepoint Malls 2016

Last week we were invited to a media preview at The Centrepoint for the launched of Christmas Made Perfect that promises a series of fun-filled activities, workshops, international acts and giveaways all lined up for the coming festive season!

Alice in Wonderland: A Musical for the Family

When we think of mall shows, it is usually short and entertaining, its more for the kids to go ga-ga over their favourite cartoon or movie characters.  Well, now the tables are turned, sort of, this time when you are there to watch Alice in Wonderland in The Centrepoint I guarantee you that YOU will enjoy it MORE than your kids!

Be enthralled by the Broadway-style singing, dancing, acting and circus at during the hour of performance by an international cast.  The small stage is not limitation where the cast put in 100% effort in giving us an excellent or maybe a world class performance.  I was dazzled by their vibrant color costume and make up, nothing short of the Broadway real thing!  I strongly encourage you to join in the fun, perhaps let your hair down and dance to the music, I know I did~

Be sure to be there to watch the magical cast in their costume parades before the performance and get up close and personal with them at the meet-and-greet session after the show.

Alice in Wonderland Musical Performance
Venue : The Centrepoint, Level 1 Atrium
Dates : 11 to 20 November 2016
Times :
First Show
1.00pm – 1.30pm: Costume Parade
1.30pm – 2.10pm: Stage Performance
2.10pm – 2.40pm: Meet & Greet

Second Show
6.00pm – 6.30pm: Costume Parade
6.30pm – 7.10pm: Stage Performance
7.10pm – 7.40pm: Meet & Greet

Christmas Fun and Discovery with Hi-5

Hi-5, the award-winning children’s musical group from Australia, will be in town this month for two heart-pumping shows featuring the full cast and their talking puppet mascots, Chatter Box and Jup Jup. With the band’s catchy tunes, energetic dance moves and delightful stories, children aged between two and eight years can look forward to a vibrant mix of investigations, imagination and adventure.

"Best Dressed Building" on Orchard Road

Every Christmas long time ago I look forward to the Best Dressed Building entries and The Centrepoint will always take my breathe away with its beautiful, sparkling, blinking Christmas themed decorations.  I was sad when the contest was removed at one period but they brought it back again couple of years ago.  Albeit  its lukewarm participation from the buildings in Orchard Road I am glad they persist and  after a year's break, The Centrepoint is back in the running for the Best Dressed Building Contest with its Christmas Clockwork Kitchen concept, a whimsical theme that runs across all 12 Frasers Centrepoint Malls.  Woohoo!!!!

Featuring the quirkiest festive kitchen, manned by life-sized Gingerbread Men up to their ears in frosting and cream, the Christmas Clockwork Kitchen at The Centrepoint comes to life every hour in a combination of vibrant colours, fantastical lights and melodies. Watch as the industrious Gingerbread Men hoist giant candy canes and cake pop onto a 10-metre Christmas Tree or enter the enormous Gumball Glasshouse for a festive photo treat.

Simply download the free "OneOrchard" Mobile App for iOS or Android and complete the entry form by following the prompts or go on to Facebook to cast your vote. Each voter is limited to 1 vote per day per building, just to make things fair of course.

20 lucky voters will stand to win $150 Gift Card each when The Centrepoint wins the "Voters' Choice Award'. The results will be announced on 9 December 2016, so once you’ve voted for The Centrepoint, vote, vote some more and then stay posted!  More details over here.

Voting period: 12 - 27 Nov 2016
Results: 9 Dec 2016

Exclusively for Frasers Rewards Members - Gingerbread Man Plushie

We were each given sets of Gingerbread Man Plushie; Chef & Noel Gingey, they are so adorable and so soft to hug~ I brought back a set, intending to have 1 for myself BUT the boy declared that both plushies are his to keep and he is NOT sharing with me.  Errmm... Can I get another set from Fraser Centrepoint??? No?  It's ok I'll redeem them from the malls below.

Redemption Period : From 17 November to 09 December 2016; except for The Centrepoint 11 November to 09 December 2016
What to do :
Spend S$50 - Bedok Point
Spend S$80 - Anchorpoint, China Square Central, Robertson Walk, Valley Point and YewTee Point)
Spend S$120 - Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Eastpoint Mall, Northpoint, Waterway Point and The Centrepoint

Limited to one plushie per shopper. All terms & conditions apply.  More about the redemption over here.

Play It Forward Finale

Remember we wrote about this last November?  Time flies and its been a year since the Play it Forward Charity Ball Pool embarked on its journey around Frasers Centrepoint Malls from Causeway Point.

This November, Causeway Point will be hosting the last stop of Singapore’s Largest Charity Ball Pool Event from 5 to 11 December, 11am to 9pm.

Participants of all ages get 15 minutes of play in the giant ball pool filled with 100,000 colourful balls with a minimum S$5 donation. Since the first round in December 2015, Play It Forward has seen over 9,500 participants and raised more than S$100,000 to date. Frasers Centrepoint Malls will present the final cheque to the Community Chest on 9 December 2016.

and many MORE...

A DIY Christmas with the Family
Drum up excitement for the family with fun DIY activities this season. Parents and children can attend workshops at Waterway Point to build, decorate and bring home their own mini Christmas Tree.

Shoppers with a sweet tooth and an eye for details get a chance to decorate their own cupcakes at Changi City Point, and receive valuable tips from experts at Twelve Cupcakes. Similar dessert decoration workshops will be held at Causeway Point and YewTee Point, where shoppers can choose from a wide range of delectable canvas such as cupcakes, donuts, cookies, candy and Gingerbread Man.

Mall-wide Christmas Giveaways and Promotions
20” cabin luggage, and cruise holidays are up for grabs this festive season at Frasers Centrepoint Malls. Frasers Rewards members can also enjoy a S$10 rebate when they shop with their Citi Credit Cards.

For more information on the full list of activities and events planned for the Christmas season across all the malls, visit

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传

This December holiday how about doing something different?  Have you expose your kids to a different of music such as the Chinese orchestra where instruments such as Erhu (二胡), Guzheng (古箏), Yangqin (楊琴) are being played to perform heart throbbing music pieces?  If they are clueless about these musical instrument this will be an opportunity for them experience something new. If they have had experience with Chinese orchestra, they will definitely enjoy this multi-sensory performance by Ding Yi Music Company that will be a feast for the eyes, mind and soul.  It is also suitable for the whole family to enjoy too.

About the Performance

The annual Of Music Series is a platform for Ding Yi Music Company to push the boundaries of Chinese chamber music to showcase the harmonies between different art forms by incorporating different cultural influences for a unique Singapore performance.

In this 6th edition of the Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传 Ding Yi Music Company will perform their interpretation of the legend of Sisters’ Island converging Chinese chamber music with other art forms. Inspired by famous but neglected Singapore landmarks,the performance transports audience to the shores of Sisters’ Islands to relive the tale of the two fateful sisters. This is the first year Ding Yi Music Cimpany incorporates sand art and Javanese dance by collaborating with sand artist Lawrence Koh and Javanese dancer Garrett Koh.

Besides sand arts and dance, additional multimedia elements pieced with photos and videos of Sisters’ Islands will be incorporated for an immersive experience.

About the Conductor

“Rehearsing Sisters’ Islands feels like I’m carried away to a small kampong. You feel the breeze and rhythmic waves, surrounded by friendly villagers. It amazes me still, how versatile Chinese chamber music is. I hope to inspire children and adults alike.” - Principal Guest Conductor Quek Ling Kiong recalled

Mr. Quek Ling Kiong
Principal Guest Conductor

Recognised by National Arts Council (NAC) as early as 2002 winning Singapore Young Artist Award, Mr Quek Ling Kiong studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He learnt Chinese percussion from renowned master Li Min Xiong and Western classical percussion of Xue Bao Lun and was appointed the Percussion Principal of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) in 1997.
From SCO’s first Conducting Assistant in 2003, he was progressively promoted to Resident Conductor of SCO in 2013. For his work in advocating the arts, he received the COMPASS Singapore Meritorious Award in 2016.

Mr Quek Ling Kiong is currently an adjunct teacher at the Lasalle College of the Arts and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Music Director for Singapore Management University Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and Conductor for Singapore most acclaimed Chinese Chamber ensemble the Ding Yi Music Company.

More information may be found on:

About the Artists

Mr. Garrett Kam
Javanese dancer

Garrett Kam is an accomplished performer and choreographer of classical Javanese dance in the Yogyakarta court style. A native Haiwaiian, he started his dance studies in 1975 in Hawaii, before continuing in Yogyakarta with master teachers such as Sasminta Mardawa (KRT Sasmintadipura) at his prestigious Mardawa Budaya and Pamulangan Beksa Ngayogyakarta dance schools. In 2013, he became the first American male to regularly participate in dance activities at the sultan's palace since it was founded in 1756.
Garrett also adds movements from other cultures, especially from Okinawa and has created dances blending the two styles called “Oki-Jawa”. Besides performing and collaborating with artists internationally, Garrett also curates and authors books on Balinese and Indonesian art.

Mr. Lawrence Koh
Sand Artist

“I was amazed at your talent and just how good you were with your performance. It must have taken many hours of practice.” – Emeritus Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong to Sand Artist Lawrence Koh

Lawrence Koh is an international sand art virtuoso and multi-disciplinary artist specialized in both visual and performing arts. A celebrated artist in Singapore’s entertainment and arts scene, Lawrence’s career spans across theatre productions, cultural fusion performances, short films, corporate videos, television programmes, television commercials, documentaries and live concerts.
In a special collaboration with renowoned Bhaskar’s Arts Academy in their major theatre production “CHAKRA”, a fusion of Indian dance, ballet, live Indian orchestra and sand art was created. It was so well received that his performance “CHAKRA” was restaged once again at the Toa Payoh Amphitheatre with Lawrence being part of the National Arts Council’s “Arts for All” programme.

More information may be found on:

About Ding Yi Music Company

Founded in 2007, the first Chinese chamber music ensemble in Singapore, Ding Yi Music Company charms with its distinctive approach to composing and interpreting a wide repertoire that ranges from traditional Chinese music to contemporary and even cross-genre works.

Ding Yi has become an active ambassador of Singapore, performing, collaborating and winning awards at key music festivals locally and internationally. Led by principal conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong and assistant conductor Mr Dedric Wong, the 20-musician strong ensemble continues to experiment and create more unique sounds from Singapore.

Purchase of Tickets

Ticket to the performance is @ SGD25, you can get your tickets from the direct link at Esplanade Box Office and SISTIC

Admission Rules :
+ Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
+ Infants in arms or children below the age of 4 shall not be admitted.
+ Children age 4 years and above must purchase ticket for admission.

Late Seating Advisory
+ You are strongly advised to be seated 15 minutes before the performance start time.
+ No admission will be allowed into the venue once the performance has commenced.
+ Exceptions may be made at Esplanade's discretion depending on the nature of the performance.

Photography/Video Recording Rules
No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.

Show Details

Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传
Date : 3 Dec, Sat
Time : 7:30pm
Duration : Approximately 1 hour, without intermission
Venue : Esplanade Recital Studio
Ticket price : SGD25

Exclusive Workshop

An exclusive workshop for those who purchased 4 tickets or more you can attend an exclusive workshop that is suitable for parents and children 5 years old and up.  You will be having a up close and personal interaction with Ding Yi musicians and Javanese dancer Garrett Kam, who will bring you through Javanese dance moves and its musical influences.  For more details about the workshop please send email to

Hurry!  There are limited seats are available!

Date: 30 November 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre.

*** *** *** *** ***
Giveaway Details

Prize : 5 pair of tickets to Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传
Contest Ends : 21 November 2016 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
How to Enter :
1. By using the Rafflecopter widget below and remember to answer the question "Of Music and Art: The Legend Retold 乐。艺:传奇新传 will bring you down the journey of which famous Singapore location?" by commenting on blog post too.
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated.
- Tickets are non transferable nor exchange for cash.
- Winners with the best answers will have higher chanced to win.
- Winners will be notified via email, please ensure you have provided a valid email.
- Winners will have 48 hours to respond by replying to our notification otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Prizes will be given out by sponsor.
- Only one winner per household.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Getting Ready for Safari Zoo Run 2017

Safari Zoo Run will be back for another year! We missed this year's run because it clashes with another event that we were attending, imagine our excitement when we know the run date TODAY, I can block off the date; 18 February 2017 to ensure that we go for the run next year!

We have been to a handful of family runs since last year and this year DinoBoy went for his first competitive race, finishing a 1.2km race at 5m 19s, that was really an achievement for him.  With that he was looking forward to another chance to run competitively and the 2.5m Safari Zoo Kids Dash will be a great opportunity to test his limits.  And since he'll be running his own race, this gives me an opportunity to run my own 2.5m Safari Zoo Family Dash.

This will be my FIRST solo run!  I am excitement and scared at the same time because I am not a runner, never has been a runner.  Yupe you read it right.  During my younger days, I hated PE lessons, detested running in any form, even running forward or backward to catch a ball makes me frown.  I loathed IPPT or NAPFA or whatever they used to call it (see, I don't even remember the actual name), can't even remember if its 1.6km or 2.2km distance.  During these test while most of the students are running I will be with a group of like-mind friends strolling behind, jogging a short distance whenever a teacher urged us to move faster.

So, how come I joined so many family runs?  Well, I remember the time when I received an media invitation to our first family run, I contemplated for a couple of days whether to turn it down or bite the bullet and go for it; it was ONLY 800m dash and I have to think so much about it, you can already know how "unsporty" I am.  In the end I decided to go for it for the sake of DinoBoy, because I wanted him to be exposed to outdoor sports and activities, I was so afraid that he'll become a non sports person like me.  And years later he will have problem when he goes into the army!  I can't allow that! (ok I am thinking too far but never hurt to plan early right?).  We went for that 800m dash, he loved it so much and requested me to let him join in MORE run, thus here we are, with a handful of finisher medals under our belt.  And yes, I struggled to finish that 800m, almost tripped and fell too coz I was dragging my feet unknowingly.  However, this year, at the same race same distance I fared better (still can't catch up with the boy), not as out of breath as before and I finished it faster than I anticipated.

During the previous family run events that we participated, I will either jog/walk/run the entire route, the longest distance was 4km, it was quite amazing to see myself a new milestone at each event.  This time, for the Safari Zoo Run I want to try to run or jog the whole 2.5km, no more walking or strolling.  So how should I start training for it?  Besides getting a pair of good running shoes that supports the ankle and provide good cushioning; like my Skechers GoRun Shoes, I am looking at some basics that I need to improve, once I get them right I should looking more in depth into the Art of Running.

Breath Correctly
I told DinoPapa that I am always out of breath when I run, even for short distance, he said I am not breathing right.  Eh, breathing IS breathing that comes naturally, is there a right or wrong way to breathe?  I am definitely not turning purple at every other minute for lack of oxygen.

Well, apparently, there are basically 2 ways of breathing, chest or diaphragm.  It seems that I am the Chest Breather, this means I take in air to fill up my lungs, enough to bring oxygen to all cells and preventing me from turning into a purple monster.  When running, we need as much oxygen as we can and in order to achieve that we have to make full use of our lungs.  This means inhaling and exhaling fully and deeply through the mouth to the diaphragm.

To train my diaphragm muscles, I can either go for weekly swim of a few laps in the swimming pool or do the Diaphragm Exercise.

When I get that right, I can work on my breathing rhythm.

Best Strike Forward
Heel-strike, midfoot-strike or forefoot-strike?  Confusing eh?  Which one is the best strike?  Well, after reading a few websites on this topic it seems that forefoot-strike is preferred as it causes your feet hit the ground as close to your body thus preventing over striding and reduces the impact force and offload the knee.  You can read more about it at Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground?

After reading about this I suspect I am a forefoot-striker because I always feel a drag on the front of my feet when I tried running long distance (ahem! long distance like 100m for me lah).  This is probably also due to the fact that I am not bending my knees more to lift my feet further away from the ground and thus causing friction among the shoes and the ground.  I have better work on this unless I want to embarrass myself by falling flat on the ground face first in front of the other runners and the animals... the chimpanzees will laugh so hard at me that probably will fall off the tree..

There you have it, 2 things that I need to work to be a successful "serious: runner.  So, come join me in training for the Safari Zoo Run 2017!  We'll see you there!

About the Run
Safari Zoo Run was conceived to commemorate Singapore Zoo’s famous matriarch and one of Singapore’s most loved animal personalities — Ah Meng the Sumatran orang utan, who died of old age in February 2008.

The objectives of Safari Zoo Run are to encourage family bonding and raise awareness on wildlife conservation.

Safari Zoo Run 2017
Date: 18 February 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 6am
Venue: Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road S729826.
Facebook: @SafariZooRunSingapore

Meet the Animal Icons

The run’s theme is “Run for Wildlife” which focuses on raising awareness for wildlife conservation. Each animal icon team supports an endangered wildlife species that we would like to raise awareness for.

Show your support for wildlife conservation by joining Safari Zoo Run 2017 and choosing an animal team to run for and help raise more awareness about them.

Category & Fees

*Adult supervision by a registered 5.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Adult participant is required. Due to safety reasons, one 5.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Adult participant can only be paired with one 5.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Kids participant.

**Adult supervision by a registered 2.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Adult participant is required. Due to safety reasons, one 2.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Adult participant can only be paired with one 2.5km Safari Zoo Family Run (Non-Competitive) Kids participant.

^ Children below 4 as of 18 Feb 17 enter for free (without runner’s entitlements) in the non-competitive family categories.

Flag off time

Stay tuned for the update

Age Limits (As of 18 February 2017)


Stay tuned for the update

Discount Code

Here’s a unique discount code for DinoFamily's friends!  Enjoy 10% off current rates when you register via with the code SZR2017BGPDINOM10 from now till 15 Jan 2017,

Disclaimer : We were invited to join in the Safari Zoo Run 2017, no other compensation was received. All opinions in this post are 100% ours.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lemon Butter Sage Fish in Parchment Paper

This post has been sitting in the DRAFT folder for too long!  I thought I published it but darn... the brain played a trick on me again.  So a few months ago many of you saw a similar photo of the dish I posted then and has been asking questions about the dish and also for the recipe. Today I shall satisfy every one and share how to make that simple healthy spaghetti in under 30mins.

You know I have a small balcony garden with a few pots of herbs, one of them is sage.  This pot has been with us for 2 years, I bought a packet of sage from supermarket because I wanted to me make Jaime Oliver's Baked Chicken in Milk.  I have left over and I just stick a couple of them into the soil, just trying to see if they survive or not.  Did not think much about them but weeks later I found that 1 of them did not wither and die but instead grow bigger and stronger.  2 years later its a thriving plant with lotsa sage leaves.  Truth to be told I rarely use sage coz I am not familiar with this herb thus not sure what to cook with it.  Earlier this year I decided to do justice to it and searched for recipes that uses sage.  Some of them are difficult to make and some are easy such as this Lemon Butter Sage Fish in parchment paper dish which I am going to introduce to you.

You can use any fish as long as the meat is firm, we used tilapia fillet which can be found easily at the frozen seafood section in supermarket.  They don't cost a bomb too, I have bought 2 brands so far costing $4.95 and $6.50 respectively, the only difference between the 2 brands are the size of the fillet, both fillet tasted fresh and sweet with no muddy taste.  Just take a look at them, freshly out of the oven and into the serving pot (I don't have a big enough bowl to hold 8 fillets thus have to use my corning ware), fishes are broken into pieces because I was clumsy when removing them from parchment paper.

While I love the lemon buttery taste of the sauce, from their feed back on the dishes I prepared I secretly think that the rest of the family does not share the same sentiments.  Well, too bad for them, they have to eat whatever I bring out from the kitchen, that's the great part of being the one doing the cooking.  No one will ever have any opinions on the food you dished out, also partly because I cook decent food that taste good.  Can you feel that I am praising myself? Yes and not shy about it too hahaha!

This dish takes about 10mins to prepare for the fast hand (of course defrosting of the fish does not count lol)  and another 10mins (approx) to cook, great for weekdays dinner.  Since fish goes well with anything, we decided to have it with cream sauce spaghetti.  No greens on the side coz no one wanted them, its ok, lesser work for me.

*** *** *** *** ***

* 2 fish fillets (such as salmon, tilapia, halibut or barramundi)
* 1 lemon, sliced
* 2 tablespoon of butter
* 5 to 6 sage leaves
* sea salt
* ground pepper

1. Preheat oven at 200Deg
2. Lay a piece of parchment paper big enough to wrap up the fish fillets, fold it into half and make a crease line in the middle, open it up.
3. Place the fillets on the parchment paper, slightly off centered.
4. Put the butter on top of the fillets, add in the sliced lemon, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper to taste.
5. Bring the other side of the parchment paper over to cover the fillets, start folding the sides in and ensure that it is tightly folded.
6. Put into the fish on a baking tray and into the oven to bake for 10mins.  baking time depends on the thickness of the fillet.
7. When its done, cut open the parchment paper and serve the fish.

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This linky is for anything that is FOOD related. It could be a restaurant you visited recently, meals you cook with your family or for your family or recipes you wish to share with every one.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Day in a Life (DIAL) of a Mum 2016

As if you guys are still not familiar with our life today I am going to write a post about it again.  2 years ago, I wrote about the After Work Hours of a FTWM, so has things changed 2 years later?  Oh, definitely!  Besides being a full time working mum and a mum blogger, I am also a crafter now, on top of that I cook "ferociously" on weekday nights for a healthy home cooked dinner for the family.  Adding on to the one hour coaching the boy on his school work and revision too.  All these are new routine that requires time to adjust and I am glad that I persisted, the result is tremendously great!  So read on and find out about a typical day of our household.

*** *** ***

My day still starts early as the alarm went off at 515am (usually at 4am+ on weekend mornings) where the snooze button will be hit a couple of times till its 530am; yes I need time to get myself wide awake.

After washing up, I'll go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of instant kopi-O, sometimes I put laundry to wash and off to the study room I go to do stuffs to do before the rest of the family rises.  What stuffs?  Stuffs like blogging (like now) and finishing orders for my online shop.

An hour plus later it's Rise and Shine for the boy who jumped out of the bed almost immediately (I always wonder how he does that!) to wash up.  Breakfast for him is usually a cup of Enfagrow formula milk, he rarely eats anything coz according to him "my system has not wake up yet.".  I am not the least worried because the milk keeps him full and gave him energy for the morning till his recess later in the morning.

While he takes 15mins or so to finish his cup of milk, I went off to either hang up the laundry or get ready for work.  After I'm done, he will heads off to the bathroom for a quick shower too and get ready for school. We are out of the house 45mins later (oh before that I have to kick DinoPapa up from his comfy sleep hahahaha!)

School is a stone's throw away, but sometimes we still manage to make him late for school *opps* but this year we are doing great in this area, only late for school ONCE back in August.

We parted our ways at the school gate and I continue my journey to my workplace in town.  I love the morning train ride to work because I get to do my crafts, its therapeutic and wakes my mind slowly (yupe still feeling sleepy).

I reach office on time and starts to settle down to begin my busy day.  As I woke up real early, by this time I will be famished, I'll either make myself a cup of instant cereal or milo but recently I've been having a better & healthier breakfast; banana nut crunch cereal with milk is one of them.

Well, with a full stomach I am ready to tackle the day's work that includes handling phone calls, courier guys, attending to bosses (I have 7 of them!) requests and work instructions, doing accounts and admin work.  Some days it's a mad day where I don't even have time to visit the little girl's room, some days it's peace and quiet that I feel like falling asleep on my table.... Of course NOT!  

During such times I busy myself on the social media (who doesn't hehehe~) or I'll take out the stack of assessment books or past year test papers which I lugged to work that day to mark.  Yupe, I've been more persistent in getting him to do his revisions coz I am more worried about his school work as he progresses towards P5. Things will get a little bit tougher and more challenging as the school gears them towards PSLE, knowing my son I know he will do well but there may be chances that he is over confident with himself.  Thus I want to keep his feet on the ground and ensure that he practice & revise his school work.  So far our arrangement has gone well, in the morning I will mark them out and leave the books on his study table, he will finish them diligently when he comes home from school. Now, its the marking by this mama that still needs some improvement, that is why I bring them to office.

The most important part of a work day for all working adults is LUNCH, the same goes to me too.  Working in town does means that every thing costs slightly more, a bowl of ban mian 版面, sliced fish noodle can easily cost SGD5 to SGD6, a plate of chicken or char siew rice is SGD5 with miserable pieces of meat.  So a year plus ago I started to cook my own lunch in the office, thank goodness my bosses and colleagues has no objections about that.  I don't do the whole stir frying, deep frying or anything, I just use my Electric Lunch Box or ELB to steam my food.  Sometimes I'll bring last night's left over dinner to heat up and eat with rice or noodle but most of the time I cook them fresh because I am able to buy fresh ingredients from the nearby supermarket and keep them in the office's fridge to cook for the rest of the week (Lucky me eh?) 

Here are some of the food that I cooked in the office.  A friend once mentioned that my lunch is always very exciting because I get to cook different food almost every day.

Despite my busy workload I was able to knock off on the dot daily, its a mad rush n squeeze in the train back home, sometimes with that day's dinner ingredients in my hand.  Dinner time in the family is a serious affair.  I will take turn with DinoPapa to cook and as we probably have about an hour to get everything served on the table, things can get a little bit chaotic in the kitchen.  Sometimes temper flares because of reasons like getting into each other's way.  Some days things are smoother, DinoBoy has started to help out more in the kitchen since last year so we can let him do some cutting and cooking of the food under our supervision.  This boy really like to learn cooking, I think he takes over the dad plus he sees both of us made great food in the kitchen and it inspires him into wanting to follow us too.

It's usually 3 dishes + a soup but sometimes we make do with 2 dishes and no soup.  Most important thing is we have healthy home cooked food to end our day.  As you can see from the follow photos, we have moved on from simple one pot dish dinner to more lavish sumptuous dishes.

R&R time after dinner will usually see me sticking my nose at my mobile phone playing games, sometimes if our pet hamsters are out from their slumber early I will play with them together with DinoBoy. We adore both Russel and Bacon, they may be brothers be but their character are totally different.  Guess who is the tam jiak or gluttonous one?

In a short while we either proceed to the study room to do our stuffs; DinoBoy continue with his revision or he will grab a book to read while I sit down to do my craft work.  If he's doing revision it will take him about 30mins, after that it's reading time.  We do not have screen time; exceptional case to DinoPapa (dads always do not fall into the Rule thingy) on weekdays, now that he is older, he is able to plan out his time, keep himself occupied instead of bugging me to play or entertain him.

Things are getting slower at home for me, especially the night.  Although I do not have After Work Happy Hours I am starting to meet up with my girl friends recently.  We agreed that it is going to be at least a monthly meet up so we shall see how things turned out.

Bed time is 10pm for DinoBoy, I will stay in the study room to finish up my craft or a little bit of blogging before turning in for the night about an hour later, that also marks the end of the day for us.

*** *** ***

This post was written as part of the Day in a Life (DIAL) blog train that is being hosted by Mum in the Making. Please click on the button above to read more DIAL posts. It's been so interesting taking a peek into the lives of other mums!

Next up on the blog train is Lynn, a SAHM to her two young children, Faith and Daniel. She spends each day designing and carrying out homelearning activities for her children, on top of managing household chores. Through the blog, she hopes to share motherhood stories and resources with fellow moms, along with her other interests such as baking and health & fitness.

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