Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Covid19, Stay Home Stay Safe - bringing wet market to your home

When Covid19 virus reached our shore and extended its fingers ferociously all over our island, our government ordered a Circuit Breaker starting from 7 April 2020 to break the chain of transmission in the community.  The citizens are advised to stay at home as much as possible, most of us started to work from home with the exception of those who works as our healthcare personnel and in the essential services business such as supermarkets, F&B, delivery etc. 

With the Covid19 escalating into a pandemic, tighter measures being dished out gradually to control the crowd in the malls, wet markets, supermarkets, food courts we find ourselves spending quite a bit of time queuing to enter these venues.   I don't know about you but I get frustrated to have to queue for even 15mins just to go into supermarket to grab some groceries and a longer time when I have to make payment for my purchases.  At least an hour and a half slipped by easily with such supermarket trips.

Later, while the number of infected cases rises slowly, the fear of contacting the virus started to creeps subconsciously causing people to make lesser trips out of the house, ordering takeaways from Foodpanda, Deliveroo or GrabFood.  For consumer it is a convenient way to order food, for F&B business who have the manpower to make online delivery or have the means to collaborate with these food delivery companies it only have great positive effects on their business.

During such trying times, it is always the small businesses, usually family business that suffered the most mainly because they rely heavily on walk in customers.  In the past, they would have suffered in silence but not now.  With tech savvy children who worry for and about their parents and their livelihood, they took to the internet to help save their family business.

One such person who acted swiftly is the 2nd generation hawker owner of an eatery stall Melvin Chew.  You can read CNA report about him and his initiative over here.  All thanks to him, a group of like minded people who become moderators/admin to help maintain the groups he set up; Hawkers United - dabao 2020, Pasar United - dabao 2020 and Delivery United, they have helped many people in so many ways.

So far I have only ordered fruits and seafood for like less than 5 times. this is because I always think that they supplier will send sub-standard (at least to me lah) food to me plus I prefer to feel and touch my food before buying them.  However, tempted by the convenience offered in the groups mentioned above, I wanted to try ordering from the platform.  I decided to order fruits which in my opinion is safer, I mean the most the fruits sent over are bruised, cut the affect area away and still can eat them.  Unlike meat and seafood, if they arrived not fresh then I have to throw them away (then complain the hell at the vendor!)

After scrolling and looking at the fruits photo, I picked Ah Sam Durian coz of the premium fruits they offered at a slightly lower price than the fruit company I patronized before.  I told Deanna, the lady in charge of taking order, that I needed to offer the fruits to God so "please try to give me fruits that are not bruised and in good shape... banana need to be ripe but not overly ripe, pineapple must have nice crown.", not a difficult request right?  I was thinking maybe they will just agree but will not take me request seriously.  Not with Ah Sam Durian, look at the photo below~ the fruits came looking fresh and with no bruising, banana looks green but it turned yellow the next day, just nice for praying.  

I got a shock when I saw these 3 HUGE coconuts in the box, the description was "small coconut" thus I was expecting those cute little palm size coconuts where the husk is opened and ready for consumption.  Seriously, I looked at these 3 and stunned... messaged Deanna asking her how to open them. She patiently told me the easy steps, assured me that I will not need to use a lot of strength to whack it open with the chopper.  True enough, the husk hard but easy to crack open, I managed to open them in under 20mins and we all had cups of chilled sweet coconut juice after that.

This is my order last week, all our favourite fruits - lychee, USA cherry, Korean strawberry and Thai logan for me, passionfruit and avocado for DinoBoy.  Look at the size of that XL Australian avocado~ It is so fat with flesh that DinoBoy felt so full after eating half of it. 

Ah Sam Durian have fruit box too, just check with them on their current affordable offer.  Alternatively, you can choose the fruits you want and send them to your family and friends.

Since this is my 2nd purchase, I felt confident with the quality of their fruits to send 2 care packages to my 2 pals.  I chose 3 types of fruits that I know they will love and true enough both were delighted to receive the package and totally enjoyed the fruits.  

Note: you have to hit SGD50 for free delivery but with their premium fruits you can easily hit the amount.  It's next day delivery if you pay for your order before 11pm.

Then on the dreadful day 29 April 2020, tragedy hit us when DinoPapa left us suddenly (no it is not Covid19 related).  Till today I still cannot believe it and misses him loads.  As with all traditional ritual, there were things that has to be done till the 49th day of his passing.  I needed a few specific things to offer to him daily and on every 7th day,  For example, I need to offer lettuce with roots to him twice a day.  You would think it is a common vegetable, easily found in supermarket and wet market.  

That was what I thought so too, till I went to hunt for it.  Yes there are lettuce BUT no roots!  Can't even find them at the neighbourhood wet market.  Of course lettuce without roots is still acceptable but if possible one with roots will be better.  Don't ask me the reason for that, I didn't ask the Taoist priest, but this is one of the Teochew custom.

By this time, tighter measures were carried out every where.  There were only one entry and one exit point even at my neighbourhood wet market, we even have to queue to go into the vegetable stall (which was blocked up with only 1 entry/exit) and queue again to make payment. Strange thing is this is the only stall that has snaking queue, the other meat, poultry and fruits stall does have.  Anyway, waste of my precious time queuing under the warm environment only to come out empty handed.

Thank goodness for Pasar United - dabao 2020, I managed to link up with a family run vegetable stall Ah Yam Vegetable and my problem is solved!  Every week I will order my lettuce with roots together with some other vegetables for our own consumption.  The 2nd generation vegetable owner Hanwei is helpful and always try to ensure that the lettuce are completely dry before packing as water trapped in between the leaves will make the vegetable turn bad faster.

Here's a photo of one of my purchase from Ah Yam Vegetable.  The cost of the vegetable may not be competitive with supermarket but their quality and freshness is definitely better than those in supermarket.  

And Ah Yam Vegetable takes pride in delivering fresh vegetables.  There was once when Hanwei delivered my order, he told me that one of the vegetable I order does not look so great so he replaced with another vegetable without checking with me.  I remembered he replaced with doumiao which we don't really fancy (hahah! yes we have vegetable that all 3 of us don't like) but I accepted it because vegetables are easy to cook, even if you are not sure how to process it and cook it, you can check it out on youtube.  Best cooking solution for green leafy vegetable is to stir fry it with garlic and dash of light soy sauce.

Of course, I am easy and flexible with my purchase but if you are concern, I am sure you can let Hanwei know your preferred replacement vegetable, he will try to give them to you if they are of the same value and if they are available.

Note : Minimum order for delivery is SGD35 SGD28 (edited on 25 May 2020, just got notified that deliver fee has lowered.) and a small delivery fee of SGD5 to SGD10 depending on location.  Free delivery for order over SGD100.  They give free vegetable for every order that hit minimum order value, so far I have noticed that it is different vegetable every week.  My packet of garlic in the photo below was the free vegetable.  Delivery is 2 days after placing order, so plan your ordering carefully incase it has to be delivered 2 days later due to over whelmed orders. 

Here we have stir fried red round spinach, okra with eggs, pickled radish and stir fried spinach
Now, for DinoPapa praying ritual and according to Teochew custom, on every 7th day from the day of his passing I have to offer 五碗头 (clueless about the English name) that consist of pork belly, chicken with head and feet intact, fresh mullet (with scale n not gutted), fried taukua and a vegetable.  My challenge?  The chicken and the fish.

I don't frequent wet market but I know for sure mullet is a rare sight, I MAY be able to find chicken with head n feet. Sensing the difficulty, I turned to Pasar United - dabao 2020 again; that one is my life saver I tell you!

I wanted a vendor who can supply all meat, poultry and fish to me but most of them does not do that.  After a couple days of searching I finally found one - Market Boy - Wet Market Home Supplier.  Like the creator of Pasar United - dabao 2020, Kenny's family runs a poultry stall in the Clementi West wet market.

Kenny started the facebook page and website in April 2020 to help his parents and neighbouring stall owners to try to gather some business during this difficult period.  When I first chatted with Kenny I told him straight that I needed those 3 things and delivery has to be on Saturday only coz I needed them on Sunday morning, he okay-ed with me. 

One of the reason that I decided to order the items with Market Boy - Wet Market Home Supplier is because of a minor mullet incident that really tested everyone's patience.  When my Taoist priest told me to prepare the items, he said them in hokkien so mullet was orh-hu which direct translation literally means black fish, so I thought its any fish that is black and that is what I told Kenny too.  NO!!! I almost made a major mistake!  I think my Taoist priest almost got a heart attack hahaha~ because I really have no idea what fish is he asking for even after he patiently described the fish.  Kenny also hasn't got any clue after I conveyed the message to him BUT he told me that he will ask the fish monger uncle.  Thank goodness the uncle understood immediately what we wanted, confirmed with a voice whatsapp message and a photo.  Sent the photo to my Taoist priest who were super happy that we finally found the damn fish.

As his facebook platform took off, adjustments were made to ease the workload of himself and his small team thus they ceased weekend delivery.  I was worried and ok I admit, I was a little bit drama queen and whiny that day just to show how "upset" I was.  Kenny immediately told me that he will make special exception for me because I needed the items for specific purpose and will deliver my order personally on Saturday. This kind gesture touched my heart greatly!

Edited to add on 25 May 2020 - I was just informed by Kenny that they still do weekend delivery but only to certain area, my area is not in these area.  So check with them on their delivery schedule ok.

Now, if a business owner does not have customer's interest in their heart, they would not bother about their request nor go the extra mile to help solve the issue with them,  This incident speaks truthfully on its own about the attitude and service level Market Boy - Wet Market Home Supplier is offering.  Don't you agree with me?

Here's photo of the fresh meat and poultry on my past purchase.  The prawns you see further down is sea prawns, cost slightly a bit more but its huge and fresh.  I took a few pieces out to stir fry it with the Australia asparagus and mushroom, they tasted sweet and crunchy.  The remaining prawns were oven baked with just sauce (no photos to share here) and they tasted equally heaven too!

Note : Free delivery available for minimum order SGD60 and above, this is easily achievable if order meat, poultry and seafood.  They just newly launched a reward system, for now every 50 Market coins earns you SGD1 discount for your next order.  If you are not able to see the items that you want from the website, drop them a note and they will try to find for you. 

Pig's tail with black bean soup, steam cod fish, stir fry asparagus with sea prawns and turmeric mid wings
And so we shared with you the trustworthy facebook groups and vendors that will help ease your grocery shopping burden.  No more worrying about making trips to supermarket only to return with half of your grocery list, or queuing to get into supermarkets.

Stay Home Stay Safe and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep from the comfort of your home!

*** *** *** *** ***

Lastly, I like to say this before I pen off.

Do keep in mind that the vendors I shared here are all family owned businesses, some of the contact person have full time job working from home, some works in essential business, some of them are one-man show; that means they handle every thing from taking order to delivery.

I did not do price comparison because it is not my habit to do so (in another word, I am lazy lah).  Their prices are within my acceptable range, of course I take into consideration the quality of the food they delivered and the level of service they provide to decide whether to order from them or not. 

Use your Ps and Qs (if you don't know they just mean Please and Thank You) loosely, no one will be offended if you over use these 2 words.

Have the courtesy to let them know days in advance if you need your order on specific date so that they have ample time to make arrangement.  

Be understanding and flexible to accept any hiccups gracefully and alternative delivery dates or compensation (if any). 

Remember that we are in this difficult situation together, show some compassion towards your fellow Singaporeans.  Let's stay #SGUnited and strive towards a better days for weeks to come.


Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, I paid for all my orders with the vendors.  All opinions are 100% ours and based on our interaction and experience with each vendors.  All photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belong to The DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our permisison.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Honey Garlic Salmon Aglio e Olio

Salmon is the easiest fish to cook.  With just salt & pepper or a little bit of marinade or sauce you can bake, pan sear, grill, steam, broil it, I guarantee you the dish will turn out delish any time of the day!  Any one who is new to cooking can try their hands on cooking a salmon dish to impress your family.

Why do we love salmon so much?  Besides being tasty (raw or cooked), it's probably because it is packed full of essential fatty acids Omega3 which could help to lower your chances of getting any cardiovascular disease, dementia or Alzheimer.

Today is Covid19 Circuit Breaker week 2, we are still working from home or having HBL (Home Based Learning), stuck together for 24/7 we have to find ways to keep ourselves occupied and try not to get into each other's throat.  What better way than to cook a simple meal together?

Since we have about 3/4 left of the almost 4kg salmon in the freezer we decided to cook salmon aglio e olio.  We want to step away from the usual Salmon with teriyaki sauce and decided to make it with honey and garlic.  If you are worry that the salmon will be too honey sweet, don't worry it goes well with the sweetness from the fresh salmon making it a taste from heaven~  The amount of minced garlic used will not give the dish a strong flavour so you can rest assure on that too.

It's a different story when we are cooking the spaghetti aglio e olio style, we want loads and loads of garlic!  DinoBoy is in charge of cooking the spaghetti.  First he boiled the spaghetti till al dante, then he took a short cut by crushing the garlic instead of slicing them thinly.  

How to make spaghetti aglio e olio - Fried the garlic with olive oil, add in the spaghetti to fry so that it can get the garlicky flavour onto it and dish it.  Simple hor.

We always buy our greens on the day we wanna cook but since today was sort of "Clear Fridge Day" to avoid going out of the house, I didn't run out to the supermarket.  Thus, no greens at the side, otherwise this will be a perfect balanced meal.

This is definitely a recipe keeper for its taste and for its short cooking time.  Recipe for Honey Garlic Salmon is further down in this post, try it and let me know what do you think of it.

* 3 Salmon fillet
* 2 teaspoons of minced garlic
* 1 teaspoon of minced ginger
* 4 tablespoon of honey
* 2 tablespoon of light soy sauce

1. Combine the minced garlic, ginger, honey and soy sauce in a container, mix them well and add in the salmon fillet to be marinated for about 15-30mins
2. Heat up your oven at 180deg
3. Line a baking pan with aluminum foil or baking paper, placed the marinated salmon fillet on top, send it into the oven to be bake for 15-20mins.  Baking time depends on the thickness of the fillet.
4. At about half way through baking, drizzle some of the marinade onto the salmon.
5. Pour the leftover marinade into a pot and bring it to boil over high heat then simmer for 3-5mins until liquid evaporates
6. Dish the salmon and drizzle the hot sauce over it and serve ti with rice or pasta.

1. The recipe is for 3 salmon fillet (since there are 3 of us in the family), you can use it for 4 fillets and eyeball to add the sauce ingredients accordingly to quantity you are cooking. 
2. You can also add more honey or garlic, depending on your preference.  We added 2 teaspoon of minced garlic but could add more if we are not having it with aglio e olio styled spaghetti.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Braised Wings with Napa Cabbage

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our Little Red Dot is on Circuit Breaker Mode from 07 April 2020 to 04 May 2020, many companies and business have adopted the Work From Home measure as advised by our government, only those essential business will operate as usual.

My company is one of the non essential business thus I have to work from home during this month long period.  While I welcome this "break" I have a new challenges at home; a month of cooking.  After thinking it through I reckon I will skip cooking lunch because hmm... I am lazy hahaha!

Taking out lunches, I still have to think what to cook for about 30 dinner, definitely a challenge for me.  Although I think DinoPapa and DinoBoy won't mind eating repeated dishes weekly but I will feel bored cooking same dishes.  

At such times I am glad that I hoard on recipe books coz they come to good use, I flipped through them to look for some easy to prepare food and I have a few dishes that I am planning to cook in days to come.

First on the list is this dish - Braised Wings with Napa Cabbage which is an easy recipe and you can get everything done in under 30mins, it is definitely a great one pot dish too if you and your family loves chicken.  Although this dish has a recipe I gather if you have your favourite braise recipe you can simply dump all the ingredients in for braising. If you don't have braise marinade recipe, don't worry I will share one at the end of the post.

This time I took cooking to a next level by using Song Cho Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker to make a non pressure cooker dish (see, the laziness in me strikes lol)  

I used the cooker as a normal pot (that's the beauty of Song Cho Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker) to boil the napa cabbage till its slightly soft, then I added the chicken wings plus all the necessary marinating sauce and spices.

Since this is the first time I am making this dish and using pressure cooker, I miscalculate the amount of time to let the cooker boil before turning off the fire *sigh* causing the wings to overcook thus the meat are tough.  I let it cook for 5.5mins which should be shorter; using the Magic Quick Cook formula 20mins/8  = 2.5mins.  The napa cabbage however turned out super soft and sweet!

I have my secret braising recipe but decided to follow the recipe to see how it turned out. The recipe is for 8 wings but I cooked a whole 1kg packet of 20+ wings (was feeding a village lol), adding the ingredients mentally in my head to suit the larger quantity. Turned out the taste wasn't too far off and quite flavourful too. 

Do not under estimate the napa cabbage, besides being crunch and adding a unique sweetness to your dish it is full of nutrients.  It is low in calories, high on folates; which is your folic acid that help body in producing red blood cells, and Vitamin C.  It is also a natural source of electrolytes and minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron and magnesium.  Potassium helps in regulating heart rate and blood pressure, so those with blood pressure issue can consider taking it.

During this trying time, with a lesser chance of exercise and going out for some fresh air, we have to do all the necessary to ensure we stay healthy, eat healthy and live healthy.  Start with simple dishes like this one that requires minimum preparation and cooking then venture out to others that are more challenging.

Together we can fight this Covid-19 virus and stop it from spreading further! 

* 8 pcs Chicken mid wings
* 1 Napa cabbage 
* 2 slices ginger
* 3 cloves of garlic
* some parsley

Braising Marinade
* 50ml dark soy sauce
* 50ml shaoxing wine
* 2 cloves
* half a thumb size rock sugar
* 250ml water

1. Remove outer napa cabbage leaves, rinse and cu into big chunks. 
2. Fill a pot with water, add napa cabbage in and boil till it is soft.  Remove and set aside.
3. Add the chicken wings into the same pot and blanch it.  Remove and set aside.
4. Take another pot, add in all the ingredients except parsley.  Cover the pot, bring to boil and turn down the fire to simmer for about 20mins.
5. Plate it, add parsley and serve

Monday, August 12, 2019

Healthy yet Delightful Cakes from whYZee

Every business started out with a reason, it could be social or it could be personal. For whYZee I guess it's a bit of both.  

A passion to bake and a burning desire to share their bakes to every one spurred this couple Y & Z to start a bakery and named it after their initials - whYZee.  I haven't had the honor of meeting this couple so I really do not know their full name, but that is not important, we could instead focus on their bakery creations to know something about them because as an artist every creation tells a story.

Screenshot taken from whYZee facebook
Gone are the days where shops offer only specific items or services, now its all about "one-stop" concept.  What makes whYZee stands out like a beautiful crane amongst the fowl?

Bakes for all occasions & season
At whYZee they specialize in cakes for all occasions; bachelor/bachelorette party,wedding, birthday, graduation, Mum's Day, Dad's Day, you name it, they can get that cake for that special celebration.  They do seasonal bakes too; Christmas, Chinese New Year and I hear they are making mooncakes too.  Check out their cheese cakes, swiss rolls and cupcakes too!

All ingredients used are of premium quality to guarantee not only the freshness of their cakes but their delicious taste as well.  All cakes are made from scratch in the bakery and sold fresh daily.

Celebrating someone's birthday soon?  Check out whYZee's birthday cakes~

Customization to Perfection
Years passed, changes occurred to every thing big and small, us included. We no longer wish to have a cake design that has been chosen by others to celebrate that special occasion, we want a unique cake design that speaks about our love for the special person.  Speak to whYZee, I read that their staffs are friendly and helpful so they should answer all you gazzillion questions, requests and requirements.  Take a look at their photo in their facebook page to catch glimpse of a few customized cakes.

Do remember to treat them with the same respect and manner they have shown you because sometimes discussion gets miscommunication or misunderstood and friction arises.  Take a breather and start again.  Happy cakes for happy celebrations!

Eggless? No problem!
For those who simply adore cakes but with the dreaded egg allergy or have a special dietary restriction, look here~ You can start enjoying them without any worries.  whYZee promised that they will not shortchange nor compromise the taste of their eggless cakes thus you will taste an eggless cake that has both light and moist texture, with buttery or choclatey or other flavour of your choice.

OMG!!! I love to sink my teeth into that Triple Dark Chocolate Eggless Vegan cake!  See more about their eggless cakes here.

Screenshot taken from whYZee website
Plus Point - Islandwide Last Minute Cake Delivery*
Forgot someone special's birthday, an anniversary, important event?  Never mind, whYZee is here to rescue you.  Place a last minute cake delivery order online here and get them delivered to you 4 hours later.  

Tight on time?  Don't panic, give whYZee a call at 9773 2434 and have them deliver your cake 2 hours later.  

Still short on time?  Aiyoh, so busy??!! Quickly head down to their shop at 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109 Singapore 120352 to pick up one of their beautiful cake for your party.

So far every one's giving thumbs up for this service.

*Not applicable for customized cakes. Delivery fees apply*

Major Major MAJOR PLUS POINT - Healthy yet Delightful
Let's admit it, we love cakes but hate the sweetness that sometimes comes with it.  Most of the time we have "internal argument" with ourselves saying "that little bit of sweetness won't cause any harm." or "just a few mouthful should be ok", however every time we do that we expose ourselves to health risks.

At whYZee, one of their goal is creating healthy cakes that are low in sugar but yet taste as delightful for all.  The sugar for their cakes and buttercream are reduced by about 60%-70% of the original amount required, they do not replace sugar by adding more artificial flavors or essence.

Having said that, do note about the sugar can be found naturally in food in other forms such as glucose, fructose, galactose, lactose, maltose and sucrose too.  That is why some customers feedback that whYZee banana loaf is sweet but that's due to the natural sweetness from banana.  So do exercise care when choosing the cakes if you need to control your sugar intake.

Here's a look at their healthy bakes.

Note : If you are still concern check with whYZee on the exact ingredients used in making your cake.

Taste Test
Enough of the introduction *excitement* let's tuck into whYZee cake!!!

I didn't request for any particular cake, instead I just tell them to send one my way for my birthday and I received a rustic 6" Vanilla Cream Cheese Cake (approx 1.3kg, UP SGD45.50, prices varies with each cake depending on size and decoration) in peachy-pink hue! 

Here's looking at the "inside" of the cake.  A three-tier cake with vanilla filling in between.  The cream cheese buttercream coating looks just right, we were expecting to see a thicker layer like we usually see on other cakes.

The vanilla sponge cake was spongy, light and moist.  The buttercream does not feel heavy, I purposely took a mouthful of the frosting flower to see if I have that jelak or overwhelmed feeling but I did not experience that.  It was quite pleasant tasting the buttercream, plus it sends a tinge taste of cream cheese at the back of my tongue as I run it around my mouth.

As for sweetness, I find it just right and to my liking but DinoPapa and DinoBoy said its sweet for them.  That is perfectly right because every one's got different taste bud and preference.  Don't let my comment turn you away from whYZee, I read that whYZee allows you to do a tasting of their cake at their shop.   Take this opportunity and head down to their shop to taste it, let them the level of sweetness you prefer for the cake you will be ordering from them.

The next time you have a celebration that needs a cake that is easy on the pocket and better for your health, order that cake from whYZee, so that every one can indulge in that cake without any worries.

*** *** ***
About whYZee
whYZee Pte Ltd was established in 2017 by a couple who are extreme cake enthusiasts from young. Their initials were Y and Z thus the name of the company. As both their parents were diabetic, one main focus of the company is to create healthier bakes while not compromising on the taste. 

whYZee specializes in seasonal cakes and different occasion of cakes ranging from our famous Swiss Rolls to Birthday Cakes and Eggless Cakes. All ingredients used are of premium quality with no artificial flavoring or coloring.  We guarantee not only the freshness of our cakes but their delicious taste as well.

Location : 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109 Singapore 120352
Telephone : +65 9773 2434
Operating Hours :8.30am – 6.30pm (weekdays), 8.30am – 12.30pm (weekends), 24 hours for online purchase

*** *** ***

Alright good friends of The DinoFamily, we are honored that whYZee choose us to share their yet to launch product - Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes with you in our giveaway.  You will be able to get them online and in store sometime in mid August 2019.  

Scroll further to see ways to enter our giveaway and strictly adhere to the requirements if you want those Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes.

*** *** *** *** ***
Giveaway Details
Prize : 6 red velvet cream cheese cupcakes to 3 lucky winners
Collection of Prize : Cupcakes to be collected within a month from 18 August 2019
Contest Ends : 18 August 2019 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated;
- Winners will be picked randomly.
- Winners will be notified in their Facebook and Instagram shared post so remember to share your posts as "Public".
- Winners will have 48 hours to respond by replying to our notification otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Only one winner per household.
- Prize is fixed and cannot be change nor transferable.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and Instagram.

How to Enter:
1. Like our facebook DinoMamaSG
2. Like whYZee facebook whYZee.SG
3. Share our facebook post on YOUR facebook with "Healthy yet Delightful whYZee cakes!"
4. Tag 3 friends on YOUR facebook post (not our post ok~)
5. Tag us at your facebook post (so that we know about your entry and LIKE the post)

Bonus Chance:
1. Follow our IG din0mama
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4. Tag 3 friends
5. Tag us at your instagram post (so that we know about your entry and LIKE the post)

Disclaimer : whYZee sent their delicious cake for my birthday for the purpose of this post, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and based on our taste test of their cake. All photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our approval.

Friday, June 7, 2019

HST Medical's Supplements designed for Children – Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks and Flu Resist Sachets

I don't usually do supplements review because some contains ingredients that have names or terms that I am not familiar with (okay... I am lazy to do a deep dive research) and some may not be as natural as they claimed to be.

However, when HST Medical approached me to ask if I am interest to try out their 2 new products - Zoo-Vite Jelly Sticks - Immune and Zoo-Vite Sachet - Flu Resist, I told them to send them my way~  

Why the suddenly change?  Well, firstly it is developed by HST Medical in Singapore, manufactured in Taiwan exclusively for HST Medical. Secondly they contains only natural ingredients so there won't be any worries about allergic reaction, it also contains no added preservatives nor artificial coloring.  Goodness till the last drop.

I love that the small individual sachets are small enough to be conveniently put into DinoBoy's lunch box bag so that he can have it after his meal.

I think every parent should consider these 2 supplements as an essential item when they are on family trip overseas.  All the excitement and fun time means lack of proper rest which can lower their  immunity resistant, making them feeling under the weather.  A Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly a day will keep them immunity system level up and keep those nasty bugs and virus away.

You can buy the Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks and Flu Resist Sachets online at Heritage, they are also available at authorised retailers including Essentials Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons, Mustafa Singapore, and Nishino.

Zoo-Vite Jelly Sticks - Immune (30 sachets) @ SGD39.90

Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks are great strawberry tasting jellies that are fun and easy for kids to consume on their own. It tastes like a jelly snack with the additional benefit of supporting kids’ healthy immune system and easing the symptoms of mild to moderate allergic eruptions. Containing perilla seed extract, it counteracts inflammation associated with allergic response. At the same time, the formula is enhanced with probiotics, vitamins C, E and zinc to strengthen the immune system and prevent cell damage.

Active Ingredient - Perilla Seed Extract, Beta-Glucan, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
Note : 100% vegan, free from gelatin, yeast and gluten.

Zoo-Vite Sachet - Flu Resist (15 sachets) @ SGD39.90

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Chinese Chamber Music of Excellence - DingYi Music Company

Chinese orchestra or 華樂 has been around for a long time, providing musical entertainment since ancient times.  Decades ago the modern Chinese orchestra was "born".  Much akin to the Western orchestra, Chinese orchestra is also made up of different sections - percussion, bow strings, plucked strings and wind, the combination of these musical instruments enables the musicians to perform either the traditional/modernized Chinese orchestral music or adaptions of Western orchestra pieces.  Uniquely to Singapore, we have heard contemporary songs being played by our Chinese orchestra groups.

Chinese chamber music is similar to Chinese orchestra only it is of smaller scale, but lesser musicians does not mean their performance will be compromised.  An excellent group will be able to perform any piece of music that will stir and excite the audience just like a full scale orchestra.

We were first introduced to one of the Chinese chamber music group - DingYi Music Company in 2016.  They approached a group of bloggers to help to spread awareness of their annual Of Music Series performance, where they push the boundaries of Chinese chamber music to showcase the harmonies between different art formsOf Music Series integrate music with famous but neglected Singapore landmarks and trades.

Since then we have been captivated by their unique performing style and we have been attending their concert or performance whenever we are able to.  They have never disappoint us with their ingenious music composition to bring us a different musical experience every single time.

Earlier this year, DinoBoy showed an interest in them and have requested me to bring him to more of their concerts.  I definitely will do so!  And this time I think it is time to introduce him to the other side of Chinese orchestra, the traditional side.  He is looking forward to the Masterpieces by Peng Wenxiu concert in April 2019 (scroll down to see details of this concert).

And if you want to introduce to Chinese orchestra, chamber music, Chinese musical instrument and music, you should start them off with DingYi simply because their performance are never dull and is always intriguing enough to arouse interest from the young mind.

I never did a post performance blog post (opps!), mostly on our instagram or facebook.  I thought I should document those wonderful time spent with DingYi.  Here goes~

*** *** *** *** ***
Of Music and Art . The Legend Retold - Sisters' Island
DingYi presents the first Chinese chamber music collaboration with sand arts and Javanese dance to bring the audience to the folklore of Singapore's Sister's Island.

Together with Javanese dancer Mr Garrett Kam and sand artist Mr Lawrence Koh, they transported audience to the shores of Sisters’ Islands to relive the tale of the two fateful sisters.  Photos and videos of Sisters’ Islands was also incorporated for an immersive experience.

The concert showcase a new arrangement of the award winning composition “The Sisters’ Islands” by young Singapore composer, Wang Chen Wei.

Sadly, we didn't managed to catch the concert because I was feeling under the weather but according to my other blogging mummies, it was a superb performance which both they and their kids enjoyed immensely.

We did however attended the exclusive workshop by DingYi where we got up close and personal with 3 of their musicians and Mr Garette Kam.  DingYi musicians did an introduction of their musical instruments and a short solo performance while Mr Kam shared some of the Javanese dance moves.

The expressive Javanese dance is usually slow with graceful movements, as you can see from the video below.  Mr Kam taught us the dance movement of the whale, seaweed, seabird and some simple dance steps.  It was such a joyous and eye opening experience for all.

Songs of the Dragon Kiln
DingYi Music Company and Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle came together to present to the audience another unique performance to pay tribute to one of Singapore's dying trade, the wood fired pottery using a dragon kiln.

This multidisciplinary concert featured music composed by Singaporean composer and National Arts Council Youth Artist award recipient Dr Zechariah Goh Toh Chai, documentary film by David Yap and ceramics by Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.

Accompanied by the nostalgia and some what sad scores were a series of documentaries, starting with a little bit of introduction on Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle which was followed by sharing the history of pottery, the structure of the dragon kiln and the most intrigue part - the rituals & procedures in firing up the dragon kiln.

We were so memorized by it that I told DinoBoy that we gotta see it with our own eyes, which we did months later (will share post link here later).  It is even more captivating to see the firing process in real life, the intense heat, the labour of adding the wood at the right moment with the right amount,  I was really a priceless experience which both of us will never forget.

DingYi musicians used some ceramic pots and cups made by Thow Kwang Pottery as instruments during their performance too. The audience were also invited to play a tune with DingYi musicians with the several ceramic pots, plates and bowls you see in the photo below.





Video credit - DingYi Music Company

Of Music and Photography . Bridge
This performance brings our attention to our bridges, six of them in fact., namely the overhead bridge we see so commonly in Singapore, then there were the iconic bridges at Anderson, Causeway, Sugei Road, Changi Footbridge and Helix at Marina Bay.

DingYi performed music composed by Chen Zhangyi, Chong Kee Yong, Phang Kok Jun, Simon Kong, Syafiqah ‘Adha Mohamed Sallehin and Yuan Peiying, each piece representing one of the bridge.

Photography works by Andrew Bi Qiang, Lee Leng Kiong and Lui Hock Seng features the bridges and the daily activities around the bridges.

As I closed my eyes and listen to the music pieces, I could resonate it with my memories of a couple of the bridges, especially the hustle n bustle of the Sungei Road Flea market.  

Time for Opera! Monkey King
Time for Opera! – Monkey King sees DingYi working together with Chinese Opera Traditional Arts Centre and Indian dance Bhaskar’s Arts Academy to bring us a unique and awesome performance for all ages.

This program is presented by National Arts Council and Our Tampines Hub as part of Festive Arts @ Our Tampines Hub, part of the NAC’s Arts and Culture Nodes initiative which aims to bring people together to participate and enjoy arts in the neighbourhood.

Think of Monkey God we only know the famous Sun Wu Kong 孙悟空 but in Hindu mythology there is also a Monkey God known as Hanuman.  Like our Sun Wu Kong, Hanuman was a handful and created trouble in both the human and deity world too.

Time of Opera! presented to us the traditional Chinese and Indian musical drama that has been around for centuries.  The younger generations probably do not know much about them and it probably stirred some interest in the dance.  Great performance from Chinese Opera Traditional Arts Centre and Indian dance Bhaskar’s Arts Academy!

Watching the performance brought back fond memories of my younger days where I will sit in front of the then black & white TV with my grandmother.  We will enjoy an afternoon at each other's company watching an hour or two of either the Chinese opera or Indian dance show.  Even though I didn't understand a word that was being sang Chinese opera, their exaggerated painted face with their acrobatic stunts captured my attention.   

Arts in Your Neighbourhood - Music on the Move
Arts in Your Neighbourhood is an initiative by National Arts Council with the aim of bringing engaging arts experience to different neighbourhood in Singapore in the month of November and March. You can expect a month long of fun, interactive and enriching art experiences such as music and dance, theater and visual art, there is something for everyone!

This March, Arts in Your Neighbourhood was in Tampines, once home to sand quarries, prowling tigers, and coconut plantations.

DingYi heads out to Tampines in their musical truck with a pop up stage to present another great performance to the residents.  

Prior to this performance, a group of Tampines residents together with historian, composer and students from Temasek Junior College (Info Club) took a trip around Tampines to take in the sights and sound of their neighbourhood for the composition Sounds of Tampines.  Photos taken by Temasek Junior Colleage (Info Club) was shown on the big screen while storyteller 

While Historian and Storyteller Mr Lee Lok Leong and Mr Lee Yong Tick shared the audience about the history of Tampines, its folklore, the hidden beauty of this neighbourhood etc, photos taken by Temasek Junior Colleage (Info Club) was shown on the big screen.

I didn't record the performance of that musical piece that day, because I didn't managed to catch the opening part, hope it will be available for every one to enjoy some where in near future.

I did record Ding Yi and students from Temasek Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra performing the theme song of one of our earlier TV drama series 红头巾. (Spot the VIP and students from Temasek Junior College (Info Club) in the video)

We went down on both weekends and we saw how much joy they brought to the audience, especially when they invited them to sing along to the tune 往事只能回味.  Different group of audience on both days, different ambiance and interaction but maximum enjoyment for all!

DingYi 2019 Special Season Pass

This year, as an appreciation to all the support they received, the Ding art group launch the special season pass.

Enjoy up to 30% discount over DingYi Music Company's regular concert ticket pricing, the Season Pass entitles you to watch three different Ding Yi presented ticketed concerts of your choice!

DING YI 2019 SPECIAL SEASON PASS is a special limited package, grab yours today! Promotion lasts for three months and ends on 13 May 2019.

Grab the season pass here.

Upcoming Performance

Demonstrating the dynamic characteristics of Chinese bamboo instruments dizi, sheng and the versatility of Chinese percussion, this is an energetic chamber performance led by Ding Yi Music Company's virtuosos Ng Hsien Han, Soh Swee Kiat and Low Yik Hang, while performing your favourite Chinese classics. For its finale, the talented trio will also be premiering The Grass - a specially commissioned work by renowned composer Wang Jue.

Purchase tickets to this performance here.

Peng Xiuwen, one of the prominent and notable figures in the development of the Chinese music scene. This concert revisits some of his masterworks, showcasing the artistic prowess of renowned Chinese music husband and wife duo, yangqin virtuoso Zhang Gao Xiang and huqin doyenne Jiang Ke Mei, and reputable huqin musician Xu Wen Jing; with special percussion solo by Ding Yi conductor Quek Ling Kiong in the piece Harvest Drums

Purchase tickets to this performance here.

About Ding Yi
Established in 2007, Ding Yi is Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensembles. The ensemble has captivated audiences with its distinctive approach to music making and dedication to showcasing a vast repertoire that ranges from traditional Chinese music to contemporary interpretations and cross-genre works, and collaborated with prominent Chinese musicians including Min Huifen and Lu Chunling in many concerts, receiving accolades from critics and audiences alike.

Since emerging first at the National Chinese Music Competition organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore in 2008, Ding Yi continues to advocate and promote its unique Singapore sound – Ding Yi Chinese chamber music locally and overseas, such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Uzbekistan. Ding Yi is also a proud recipient of the NAC Major Company Scheme in 2016. 

For more information, please visit their facebook page or website.

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