Saturday, September 19, 2020

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

This collage first appeared in the blog on 19 September 2012

It was love at first sight when I saw you in 1999.

Your charisma coupled with the level of confidence you portrayed and the way you carry yourself attracted me.

You didn't pay much attention at me, but I went after you nonetheless.

I won your heart.

*** *** ***

We exchanged our wedding vows on 19 September 2000.

It wasn't smooth, my mum was not in favour and her worries were understandable.  We have known each other for barely 9 months and decided to start a new chapter of our life together.  To her, it is foolish and too risky.

You assured her that your feelings towards me were true and promise her that you will take care of me forever.

You won her trust.

*** *** ***

We held our customary wedding on 19 September 2002.

Again, it wasn't a smooth sailing event, it almost did not happen because of your mum.  You stood firm, told her off to stop her nonsense.

You gave us a grand wedding reception, I dare say that it was the best among our friends,  Even though we ended up not "earning" from the reception and had to fork out cash to top up the difference, we had the best time of our life.

That night, you won my heart again and my love for you grew even more, excited to start a new journey with you. 

*** *** ***

Our son was born in 2006.

I can see the joy in your eyes, your love for him was greater than anything in the world.

I was battling postpartum depression, instead of brushing it off as something that will go away sooner or later, you did every thing you could to help me.  You tried to schedule work to end early so that you can be home to take over the care of our newborn son.

I wasn't appreciative, blaming you for everything and anything.

I broke your heart but you lead me out of my illness with your love.

*** *** ***

Your health took a drastic turn in 2013.

Suddenly my pillar of support was gone.  I was burdened with too many worries and financial obligations to notice that you are suffering too.

Both of us needed each other, instead of turning to each other, we pushed each other further apart.  

We broke each other's heart and trust.

Our love has gone cold on the outside but deep inside we love each other so so much.

*** *** ***

Today is 19 September 2020.

It would have been our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

It would have been...

Missing you dearly...


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