Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery SG

Covid19 has created so many new normal and we are starting to incorporate them in our daily life comfortably.  One of the new normal is of course home delivery of food.  I like the idea of receiving my purchases at my door step.  It started off with household items & groceries then went on to receiving hot food at my door step.  Now, I can even receive next day delivered fruits.  Aren't we spoilt for choices?

These past months we have tried delivery of food, dessert and pillow, today we are trying out fruits from Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery SG.

Our Unboxing Experience
I have been looking around for a reliable fresh fruits online supplier for the longest time, sadly I have yet to find one after months.  I need to buy 5 types of fruits twice a month for praying on every 1st and 15th of the lunar month.  The fruits in my neighbourhood supermarket sometimes can be quiet sad with rotten or badly bruised fruits.  Plus, these fruits can be quite heavy to hand carry them and walk 10mins back home.  

Collaboration aside, I gave Fruit Hut, Fruits Delivery SG a try because I was hoping they are the one that I can finally rely on supplying fresh fruits to me.  

Their no frill website is easy to navigate, they have categorized fruits into different sub-sections for easy browsing.  Besides fresh fruits, they also have cut fruits and fruit baskets.  If you need vegetables, they also supply too, I haven't try that yet so can't comment on that.

I like that they stick these little notes on sensitive fruits that requires specific storing temperature and of course the best before consumed date.

When I was looking at their banana I like that there was an option for banana's ripeness, since 15th of the month is next day on 31 October 2020, I have selected "Somewhat Ripe (yellow with hints of green)". Hmm... the banana I received does not look like that, instead it looked ripe leaning towards overly ripe. When I used it for praying the next day, there were more black spots on the banana skin.

The 3 pcs of USA Rose Blush Apple @ SGD8.90 was a total disappointment.  They were so bruised that none of them could be used.

I got a surprise when I open the box of Australia Sapphire Moon Drop Grapes (500g) @ SGD13.90 I had a shock - 1 grape with white mould growing on it.  There were also a few over ripe grapes that has started to rot too.  Luckily thing is I could just pick them out and trash it, washed the rest of the grapes with ETL No 9 all purpose green cleaning solution that ensure all nasty bacteria are removed.

It wasn't all bad, at least the "centre piece" for the praying - Sarawak Honey Extra Large Pineapple @ SGD7.90, is good, fresh and taste sweet too.

Our Conclusion
We placed the order a day before in late afternoon.  I am not sure whether they take it in as a last minute order and rushed it out the next day, packed with the leftover fruits they have on hand (???)  Otherwise, how would you explain the sub-quality fruits that they sent to me?  At the minimum, they should have do a quick quality check to ensure that the fruits has no mold, are not rotten or bruised till a sad state.

On the other hand the rest of the fruits such as strawberry, longan, oranges and passion fruits were fresh and sweet.  Therefore it was not a total disappointment for us (at least I still have fruits to offer to my God lol)

I didn't check the fruits the moment I receive them otherwise I would have request for replacement, then again I won't have any fruits for praying the next day.  Lesson learnt - never arrange delivery a day before just in case such things happened again.

Fruits Delivery SG has their own cold room facilities, 8 Storage Units & Order Packing Stations Island-wide, fruits are guaranteed to be fresh and delivered chilled to your doorstep.  They also offer 80+ variety of fruits, sourced from all over the world so you will have a chance to taste exotic fruits from some faraway part of the world.

Don't let our experience stop you from trying Fruits Delivery SG because reading reviews from other bloggers I think we are just one of the rare unlucky one.

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What happened to the rest of the fruits?  Well, some of them went into the 2 boxes of fruit salads that I prepared, kept in the fridge so that DinoBoy can just grab a box to eat as snacks anytime of the day.

How to prepare the fruit salad?  Easy peasy!  Cut your favourite fruits into bite size, find a container, dump every thing in, slap a heap teaspoonful of sour cream and mix them up.  Chuck into the fridge and enjoy it an hour or so later.

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Disclaimer : We received a store credit of SGD40 from Fruit Hut solely for the purpose of reviewing and this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are based on our experience with Fruit Hut. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without asking for our permission.


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