Sunday, February 25, 2007

Feeling Under the Weather

Little DinoEgg is sick, down with running nose n cough :( Whole day he has been sneezing very frequently, cough n watery eyes. So poor thing!! His chubby cheeks finally came back after MIA for a month plus n looks like it is not here to stay for long.

Pass 2 days he was unable to sleep due to blocked nose n cough, keep waking up, can see his panda eyes. Feeling so sad for him. Also giving me problem when drinking milk milk, takes more time then usual to finish his feed, think blocked nose so cannot breathe so have to suck n rest to catch breath.

This afternoon put him to sleep in his sarong beside me while i finish my work, i can hear the mucus in his nose! When he woke up, i use the suction kit to suck the mucus out. BUT i guess its very uncomfy cause Little DinoEgg made such a huge fuss, screamed his head off and put his hands to his nose to prevent me from inserting the suction kit into his nose. After fighting with him, i managed to get some of the mucus out of his nose, he seems to be breathing easily. However after a while mucus build up again :(

Now he is sleeping in his sarong, hopefully he will have better sleep, dun keep waking up so tt both me & Daniel can rest.
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