Monday, February 12, 2007

Hit the 6 mths Milestones & finally The Flip (not tt *ahem* flip ok)

DinoEgg is officially 6 mths old today!!! YEAH!! Well, after worrying for a couple of months n watching (with envy) HanHan n Janine flipping themselves on their tum tum n back, this little Egg finally decided to do the flip on 7 Feb 2007.

And after that there were no turning back, he was finding any opportunities to do The Flip, even on the bouncer *GOSH* There he was trying to turn n his head got stuck and couldn't turn back, so wat did he do? Scream his head off hahah~

Last week, on the 2nd day he learnt The Flip, i was changing his diaper, told him to lie there, stay put n I'll be back so tt he wun cry. I merely just turned around to walk to the cupboard to get his long pants, when i turn my head back, there he was on his tum tum at the edge of the bed with his 2 fat legs dangling in the air. He was wriggling n i think if he wriggle any more he will dropped onto the floor!! Gave me a heart attack manz!!

However the farnie thing is, he does not do The Flip while on our bed, even when he woke up in the morning, he will only either play with his fingers, make noise, cry, kick his feet, play with his toes etc, he WILL NOT flip. Its not tt there are no space for him to do tt, there are plenty of space, wonder why...

Ok now the next "task" he will do is to start sucking his toes hahaha~ He found his toes; all thanks to his Daddy, so sometimes he will play with them while sitting on our laps, lets see when he will be able to do tt acrobatic act :P