Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Visit Back @ TMC

Received the good news fm Jojo on 03 Feb 2007 afternoon that Baby Ethan has arrived! Daniel n me were so excited! Finally!! We get the chance to meet tt little fella. We finish our things in the morning n bundle our little DinoEgg to make our way to TMC. It was great to go back to TMC with our baby, everything seems so familiar, its really like going back to "home".

Went into Jojo's ward and saw Arthur there. Both looked so tired, guess must be the long hours of labour the day before. The day has come where both of us are finally married n a mother too.

Well, little DinoEgg is in happy mood n is exceptional happy when Jojo took out her camera, he is all ready with all poses etc. Look at him, so bright n happy! But alas, within the next 15mins, dunno wats eating into him, he cried non stop n the whole Ward 5 can hear him!!! In the end we have to cut short our visit otherwise other mummies n daddies are going to chase us out with a broom.

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