Saturday, May 19, 2007

All ready to tackle PORRIDGE

Ytd got the food warmer which i asked a colleague to buy fm Isetan sales (UP $109, now selling $39, good deal ya *grinz*), after work went to Carrefour to buy a slow cooker. Gosh so excited!!! Intend to cook a pot when i reached home to test n to see how long it takes for the porridge to be ready.

Daniel did all the preparation while i attend to Little DinoEgg. He put Guo Ji Zi (a chinese herbs)& dried ikan bilis to cook with the rice. After waiting for 3 LONG hours, the porridge finally reached the texture which we want; fine n yummy. Daniel threw in an century egg n we sat down to enjoy our porridge at 2am in the morning wahahahaha~~ Luckily today is a weekend otherwise we will definately be dozing at work.

This morning ard 8am i prepare to cook porridge for Little DinoEgg. After 3hrs, wanted to feed the porridege to him BUT he is not in the mood... he was rubbing his eyes n making noise a while ago, well i thot i could make him finish his porridge before heading off to slumberland. Too bad :( He took a mere 2 mouthful n refuse to eat any more! So Daniel put him in the sarong n within secs he is asleep. Guess the porridge have to wait till he wakes up later.

Oh ya, just now Daniel cook a hard boiled egg n gave half egg yolk to Little DinoEgg. His reaction to the initial few small bite are "weird, wats tt taste", but after tt he enjoys the egg.

Ytd Daniel cooked barley water n save a flask for Little DinoEgg, his portion is without any sweetening, jus plain bland barley water. This morning i put 125ml in his milk bottle n fed to him. Wow he kept drinking n wanting more. Within an hour and a half, he already finishes half of it. So glad tt he likes it. Later will continue to give him some more.

Ok tts all for today....

Later we are going shopping and Manfred's birthday party!! So excited!!! More frens for Little DinoEgg :D

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