Monday, May 28, 2007

Screaming n wailing NON-STOP!!!

Little DinoEgg was sooooo cranky this 2 days!

He is teething so understand tt his gums are feeling swollen n itchy. However he suddenly is very sticky to Daniel. He kept crying n seeking Daniels’ attention. If he leave him even for a min to go toilet, he will scream n cry till he come back. That’s not enuf! He has to carry him otherwise he will not stop screaming crying. These 2 days he was almost in tears the whole day. Even meal times n play times also will be teary, cannot raise voice a little bit loud otherwise he will be in tears again.

Gosh it was a nite mare to us!! Worst is Sunday I have a nagging headache n Little DinoEgg’s constant screaming is adding pain to it. I was going bonkers!!

Others have been telling me babies will be difficult during teething time, I thought I could handle it, but I was in for a surprise when it happen to me. OMG!!! Can make me have a mental break down!

I have given Little DinoEgg the teething gel, it helps a little, but when the effect is gone, he will feel uncomfortable and will start his wailing again…

And this is only the 3rd day since the teeth starting to come out. Wonder how long will it take for the teeth to pop out thus putting an end to this ordeal for everyone. *sigh*

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