Friday, June 29, 2007

Can't Sleep.... Oh Dear!

Its 2.37am, n here I am, sitting in front of the pc, surfing n reading friends' blog. Dunno why I can't go to sleep even though I am sleepy. Maybe its the tummyache :( Ran toilet twice....

Hmm... just thinking to myself, should I get another sling? The current one have lotsa "bumps" on it; hehe~ cloth have pimples :P Maybe I surf through the net and see who is selling it real cheap.

My glasses is gonez... after falling asleep with it since Little DinoEgg was born, it is now officially SLANTED. I have to go down to the optical shop and get them to adjust it for me, BUT I am lazy coz the shop is @ Hougang Mall! So out of the way *hhrrmmpphhhh*

Have been joining quite a number of sprees fm SMH, everytime have to tell myself to STOP BUYING!!! BUT I just can't!!!! However I only buy essential things for son n Daddy hee~ so far did not buy anything for myself.

Well I will be soon! Coz 2 days ago, while going down the escalator, I saw another lady wearing the same skirt as me!!! How I wish there is a hole for me to hide!!! I tried to avoid walking too close to her BUT alas, it was too crowded n I ended up walking 2 person away from her. And when the chance came, I quickly walk the other direction. Thus, I will start to see any clothes spree then start to buy them. Its so embarassing to see another person wearing the same clothes as myself!! This has already happened to me TWICE THIS YEAR! *ggrrrrr*

Another thing I am going to buy via spree is shoes! Its so difficult to find nice low heels cheap shoes here! All are so X or not worth the price. And the designs... looks almost the same in every different shops!

So I will slowly build up my funds since currently there are no clothes n shoes spree. Waiting waiting waiting patiently...........................

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