Monday, July 23, 2007

I did a FOX Trot today

FOX is having up to 40% discounts on all items~~ and if you buy 3 items or more, additional 10% discount will be given~~~
How can I let this opportunity go by without even flying down to FOX to shop wahahaha!!!

So I made a mad dash to FOX @ Suntec during my lunch time, took a bus and walk to FOX as fast as my feet can carry me. Thought of having a quick browse, grab some clothes for Little DinoEgg and go back office within tt 1hour. TOO B AD!! How wrong I was!! I was stuck inside there for more then half an hour!!! SO many nice clothes to buy!!! SO little time and most importantly SOOO little VitM!!! How I wish I can buy the whole store down!!!!

After chosing n re-chosing n changing my mind about some of the clothes, I decided on 2 tops n 2 bottoms. Guess how much they cost??? $56.70!! Cool!!! Way below my budget or expectation, I was thinking maybe I will be spending $100. DARN!! Should have get tt white long pants then! *ggrrrrr*

Nevermind, since our dear AJ will be popping by maybe I'll get a chance to go with her heheheh~ THEN maybe I will get tt white long pants *rubbing hands together* muahahahaha~~~

Too bad I did not managed to find any nice jacket for Little DinoEgg. The cold weather is just round the corner. Hopefully after the Great Singapore Sale, FOX will bring in new designs n this time a nice handsome jacket.

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