Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Future... does it look bright??

One of the traditional thing we did on Little DinoEgg's birthday is for him to pick some stuffs. This is to see whether in his future will he become successful or not.

When Grand-ma hold him and let him step on the ang ku, he was so interested in it, keep wanting to bend down n touch it. When its picking the stuffs time, he keep wanting to touch n grab the ang ku too... GOSH!!! Greedy Boy!!.

Here is the sequence and the meaning of the stuffs;
1. Ruler - future designer or architect
2. Calculator - future accountant or businessman
3. Scissor - fashion designer
4. Pen - writer or artist
5. Cash - will be rich
6. Book - knows how to study or becomes professional
7. Chicken drumstick - means no need to worry for food (BUT he did not touch it so means he will have food problem???? *faintz*)

hehe according to the first 3 items Daniel conclude; he will become rich designer/architect and owns his own company :D
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