Sunday, September 23, 2007


Little DinoEgg was feeling quite warm after his swim but I thot its just the sun that he's been enjoying while swimming in the pool that is causing his body temperture to go up. However 2hours after we left the swimming pool he was still feeling hot, on top of that he was sleepy, keep dozing off in the sling. I asked Wendy to feel Little DinoEgg and she was surprise that he feels hot. Even auntie Josie feel him n immediately say he is having fever :(

So after collecting the stuff, Romi sent us back home, Little DinoEgg slept for most part of the journey. When we reached home, it is as if he knows he can finally relax n rest, thus he started to cry n make noise. Quickly give him paracetmol and his cough medicine as he was coughing after his swim. Actually this morning he was already coughing but we thought its nothing so proceed to the swim. Should have stayed home instead; but the tempation of the swimming pool is just too great to ignore.

Anyway took his temperature and it reads 40.2Deg. After his medicine we tried our very best to make him comfortable, dap damp cloth on his neck, tummy n armpit as advised by gang. Put the Kodomo cooling patch on his forehead. Forced fed him 5ml of water every 30mins as the cooled water should be able to replenish the water he lost n cool his body. Took his temperature every 5mins. It went down to 38.8Deg after taking the medicine but shot up to 39.9Deg, subsequently hovering between 38.5Deg n 39.4Deg.

Last temperature taken at 11pm was 38.3Deg, at least we can relax abit. Have to feed paracetamol @ 2am....
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