Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Root of the Problem

Yupe... we finally confirm that the cause for Little DinoEgg's roller coaster temperature since Sunday. ITS THE LOWER TEETH!!!

Yesterday noticed he has been chewing on his pacifier and last night he did not go to sleep. Whole night he kept chewing the pacifier then make the "eee-eee", "ahhh-ahhh" n "yah-yah-yah" sound, eyes big big either looking around, watching tv or looking at me. No amount of patting n cooing n singing can make him close his eyes n zzzzz.... This went on till wee hours....

Luckily today I took leave to take care of him, so I do not need to wake up early to go to work. Nevertheless, Little DinoEgg finally dozed off at around 5am+ n so did I, but I was awaken by him at 8.30am -_- NOT ENOUGH BEAUTY SLEEP! Only managed to catch an hour n a half of sleep later in the afternoon when Little DinoEgg finally decided he is tired enough for a nap.

His temperature still hovers around 37-38Deg+, once I have to sponge bath him as the temperature climbs up to 39.6Deg. On top of that he has diarrhea, one of the teething symptoms. Hopefully tomorrow he will feel better...

Now he is happily sleeping n dreaming about something :)

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