Sunday, September 9, 2007

Walking Walking

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WooHoo~~~ Little DinoEgg finally walk~~!!! He actually knows how to walking without holding on to things but guess his confidence is not there yet thus he refuses to walk. Therefore he officially "promotes" to Walker Class on 07 September 2007!

Well last Thursday while at Eunice house, he was taking tiny steps as he wanted to play with Reiko and the toys. He was very wobbly n unsteady. We did not force him or praise him, just want him to do it at his own pace.

Next day, while at granny's house he deiced to stride out! We left him at the coffee table (as usual) to play with his toys while Mum n me got ready to pack some stuffs for me to bring home. I left him there with my words "Baby you stay here ok, me n granny at the kitchen packing things to go home ok, be good ya~" We walked away from him n the next minute we saw him following us! Wobbling n shaking he followed us, then was giggling all the way. When he realised he can move, he walked over to Popy (granny's dog) to say hi~ then he start to walk to the dining area. He fell a few times on his butt, but each time he got up n walk :) Mum was sooo happy.

This day have finally arrive~ So now instead of him screaming his head off when we leave him alone in the living room, he will cry (ya still cry n scream) but he will also stand up n walk to find us, less stressful for him n us.
Friends were telling me that we are happy NOW but in future we will have headache.... headache in chasing after him, making him sit down for long etc etc.... Well, we just take each day as it comes then :)
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