Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trip to Ang Mo Kio

We just came back from a hearty meal at Ang Mo Kio. Met up with Wendy+Mike, Rebecca+Andy+Amber for dinner plus abit of shopping.

I was early, as the train ride took me only 25mins to reach Ang Mo Kio. Went to FOX in the Hub, walked a few rounds then came out empty handed. Firstly there were no BIG discount, only 15% discount when you pay with UOB credit card (which I dun have), secondly the boys clothes look so dull. All brownish n greenish with dull dark color pictures or wordings. Not as cheerful n colorful as their previous clothes. Well its ok, there is always GAP n Old Navy heheh~ and of course a chance for me to build up my pocket for the next FOX BIG SALE :P

Finally waited till Daniel & Rebecca+family arrives. Proceed to the cheap branded shop, there were not much clothes for boys but I managed to grab 2 tees for $3 each hehe~ After tt slowly walk to S-11 food court. Almost bought a Pooh plastic lantern for Little DinoEgg but then it cost $6.50, both me n Rebecca think its quite expensive.
After the long walk (at least for me), we finally sit down and order our dinner while waiting for Wendy+Mike to arrive. They finally did, with the 2 packets of PetPet diapers which I asked her to buy for me. ~Thanks Wendy+Mike~ I know the diapers are really heavy.

We makan n chat, chat n makan, with Amber sitting in her pram looking at us n enjoying her french fries. Then Little DinoEgg starts to get cranky n impatient. Would not let both of us finish our dinner in peace. In the end I have to quickly finish my dinner then took him for a walk around the food court. He was ok, even got a sweet from 1 of the stall owner hehe~ too bad its the Hacks sweet so cannot give him. When we return to the table he started to make noise again. After a while we made a move to go to the shop tt sells cheap children clothes like pj etc.

We went there abit late, they were already half way thru closing the shop so we proceed to the next door shop to look for my shampoo. While discussing with the ladies n deciding which foundation to get, I felt Little DinoEgg starting to slip from my arms. I thot its jus my tired arms, but when I turn around I saw Amber, seated in her pram, pulling his legs n giggling. No wonder I thot how come Little DinoEgg starts to feel heavy hahah~ this nottie ger~ beat ur bum-bum har~ hahah~

Went home after that. Dead tired. Little DinoEgg did not get to drink his milk till around 10pm, n finally fall asleep at around 1030pm....


Before I go to bed, thanks Rebecca+Andy for the kueys etc, my breakfasts for tmr~... good nite every one~

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