Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 Little "Red Indian" *sigh*

Look at this cute little face...

NOW imagine it with 1 line of blue black on each cheek.....

Right "stripe" - Last Saturday, he woke up from his sleep, still blurry n half asleep, went to the living room, stick to the coffee table, grabbing the remotes, toys etc to play with. Walking to n fro the coffee table n TV while I am watching it, trying to irritate me lah. He walk to his bumper mat, then turn around, wanted to walk to TV, stumbled fell n his right cheeks knocked against the coffee table, he fell backwards n onto the floor. Lucky the bumper mat is there otherwise another big bump on the forehead. He cry not of pain but think more of a shocked. I hugged him for a while n he stopped crying, continue to play with his toys.

Left "stripe" - yesterday at Granny's house. He is always very naughty n does not listen to me when we are at Granny's house, coz he's got Granny as his "mountain" -_- There were some newspapers, 1 yellow pages, magazines n 1 Giant supermarket pamplets (those A3 size n with a few loose pages). This naughty fella open up the newspaper n starts tearing them into pieces, Granny was just in time to save those newspapers when he tore 1 page into 2. So he attacked the magazines; push them all to the floor, attacked the heavy yellow pages; push it down n it missed his 10 tiny toes by mm!!! He was kena shocked but that did not stop him!

He proceed to attacked the Giant pamplets. Taking the pamplets apart by taking them piece by piece and threw them onto the floor. Then he bend to pick 1 in each hand; imagine him with 1 A3 size pamplets on each hand, then he flapped his arms very happily thus making some sound with theh paper. He will show u his naughty face (giek-look) den smile happily. Suddenly, he flapped his arms abit too hard, he sort of become unbalanced n slipped, fell forward n hit the glass coffee table on the cheek real hard.

He cried a little, Granny rushed to him, hugged him, rubbed his injured cheeks. Then this naughty boy wails louder n louder.... Me? I continue to sit at the sofa n laugh at him, evil me ya? But i did warn him, and anyway he has his favorite Granny to coax him.

So now he is a little Red Indian....
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