Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ribbon off

Remember the 2 pairs of shoes I bought from spree? Well today I wore the black pair, so happy coz finally have a chance to wear it as I was lazy to take it out from the shoe box *excuse lah*

ANYWAY, wore the shoe to bring Little DinoEgg to child care etc. Throughout the whole journey he was very clingy a.k.a koala bear, keep hugging my legs when I put him down to stand as my arms are tired from carrying him. He keep stepping n kicking my shoes...

Upon reaching the child care door, his 1 kick n off the ribbon came.... together with a little bit of the shoe "skin". Makes my heart sink.... so I bent down to take the ribbon, pass Little DinoEgg to the teacher n made my way to the LRT station. All this while i was looking down at my naked right shoe n hoping n praying that the ma-ma shop at the LRT station sells the super glue.

I was very happy to see the super glue at the ma-ma shop!! Bought 1 @ $1 (lucky its only $1) tore the package out n quickly stick the ribbon back to my shoe. In my haste (I was late for work!!!) I stuck the ribbon abit croaked... but not too much so u cannot really tell.

Off I went to work praying tt the ribbon dun drop out on the way to office...

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